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12:08 AM
Maybe an option to serialize game state to JSON though?
I'm thinking of an example where the game needs to be temporarily interrupted and resumed later.
It would also help in debugging.
Possibly as a save state option. Maybe something like GNUChess where the whole game can be saved, so you can replay a game later. It would help with building AI.
I'm trying to only send interactions through JSON instead of actual.game-state traversing from server to client though. That way, you can't write a tricky client that lets you see the whole board instead of just your cards though.
It wouldn't really be tricky. Just mean.
It's frustrating to play games online that can be exploited that way.
1 hour later…
nuke dropped
I saw it explode! :=)
1:35 AM
@NathanOsman around?
1 hour later…
2:38 AM
Sorry, about to have dinner.
Maybe ping me tomorrow?
2:56 AM
@NathanOsman It's no biggie :)
Sorry, I kinda forgot it was a busy day for most people :)
3:18 AM
@Takkat remember you had a question about the "old" dialog ? I found this askubuntu.com/q/283984/295286 Maybe will be useful
1 hour later…
4:22 AM
I'm back in California!
5:01 AM
@ParanoidPanda still no images?
Apparently, we are not flagging spam quickly enough? Filtering SPAM on AskUbuntu
5:19 AM
Q: Filtering SPAM on AskUbuntu

RaphaelWhy are beauty products spam being constantly posted on AskUbuntu? Its very irritating. I know that this cannot be filtered by bots but aren't there a faster way to delete these spams? There had always been a spam or two every 15 mins or so and then, it takes another 10-15 mins or so before its r...

5:43 AM
On that note, should be a synonym of
6:15 AM
where can I get numbers representing color contrast ? RGB
Red 1.000, Green 1.000, Blue 1.000
like: 0 1 0 --> Green
[ SmokeDetector ] Pattern-matching website in body, pattern-matching website in title: How to download movies from hdmoviespoint.com in Ubuntu? by sudharshan k on askubuntu.com
2 hours later…
8:18 AM
Nevermind. Just noticed it's the same one.
8:28 AM
Today, I discovered a new skill I didn't know I had. https://t.co/6J1drE9Cvs
Always fun to learn new things.
@NathanOsman seems like an unicorn..
Hi @Rinzwind ..
It was supposed to be a giraffe but if you think it looks like a unicorn, I'll go with that :)
8:46 AM
/me thought it was a giraffe
9:14 AM
Q: Verify a hash once a distro is installed?

FijwdniqwjdnqwokmsqowkmsI also do not have the original ISO file, which is what I'd need. I kept this file on a Windows machine and may be able to retrieve it through recovery software like Recuva. Will this change the hash in any way? Also, it'd be better if I could do this from INSIDE my distro. I know it might be a s...

9:26 AM
Good morning :)
@NathanOsman :D :D :D
@cl-netbox o/
@Fabby Good morning my friend - nice answer ... the bounty will be yours ! :)
@cl-netbox I dunno: there is someone else competing! (and Rinzwind doesn't think my answer is good enough...) ;-)
@Fabby What ??? This cute thingie not good enough ? Please @Rinzwind check your humoristic side and give @Fabby an upvote for askubuntu.com/questions/702156/…! =)
Morning all! \o :)
9:33 AM
@ParanoidPanda Morning!
care to upvote my latest answer? ---------------^
@Ravan: All I see is this.
@ParanoidPanda Good morning - guess what ... cl-netbox-panda-firewall-special-edition reported : blocked @ParanoidPanda spreading chocolate over my keyboard on port 22 at 8.00 UTC ! :D
@Fabby: Sure. :)
@ParanoidPanda Thanks!
Let's do a rain dance...
9:37 AM
@cl-netbox: Ah, well my special Panda Chocolate Spreading System just reported: Chocolate invasion on port 666 completed without tripping alarm. ;P
@ParanoidPanda HaHaHa :D
@ParanoidPanda I just misread that as "Panda Chocolate Sperm System"... >:)
@Fabby :D
@cl-netbox You recently got a bounty too!
@ParanoidPanda Ah?
9:42 AM
@Fabby yes I saw this some moments ago ... this was unexpected because I answered the question yesterday ... :)
@ParanoidPanda ^^
@cl-netbox @Fabby o/
@cl-netbox are you able to see images here
@Ravan 6K! Ubuntu-Elementary combined! You're climbing through the ranks!
How is Elementary compared to Ubuntu?
OS or site? :P
@Ravan Hello :)
@Ravan: Strange...
9:45 AM
;P @ParanoidPanda
@Fabby AU = nice theater ... EOS = horror show ! =)
@Ravan OS!
2 mins ago, by Ravan
@cl-netbox are you able to see images here
Anyway, I have to drive my mum home...
See you around later!
@Ravan yes - why ?
9:47 AM
\o Fabby
@Fabby see you later :)
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade&&sudo shutdown
@ParanoidPanda it seems only for you, images not visible!
@Ravan weird ...
@cl-netbox half of that he stole from ME >:-D
9:49 AM
@Ravan: Well, I don't know what you did to it before, but I've edited your question so that I can see it now... :P
@Rinzwind Really ? @Fabby the stealer ? =)
@ParanoidPanda hehe,
Just forgot to say : good morning and merry Xmas @Rinzwind ! :)
@cl-netbox youcan check the chatlog! I had it as a comment but removed it :X
@Rinzwind Do you think it happened accidentally or on purpose ? :)
9:55 AM
I fell under the pressure :=S
@Rinzwind =)
@Rinzwind: Oh dear... You don't know what you've done to me by introducing me to BABYMETAL... I'm even thinking about moving to Japan now... :P
now start playing disgaea 5 :=D I have 3 babymetal styled chars
9:57 AM
1 more throphy and I have D5 platinum <3
stupid thing.... it is freaking hidden so no idea WHAT to do exept cheating
@ParanoidPanda instead of babymetal you better should check the diary of a madman ! =)
@Rinzwind: I have even downloaded most of their music videos... And play them all the time... :P
Like right now I'm listening to one... :D
@cl-netbox: Ok, when this song has finished. :P
I stole the chars from a dude who made them :D
9:59 AM
Hi bunch
hey one
@JacobVlijm Hi ! :)
@cl-netbox: Oh dear... :D
@ParanoidPanda good ?
Uhm... Well, it's not the best I've listened to, but it wasn't that bad either... :P
10:11 AM
@cl-netbox: I don't know, my computer did something strange to his voice... :P
@ParanoidPanda : Don't forget this was your father many years ago ... so the sound is not as good as it would be if he recorded this today ! :D
@ParanoidPanda but the songs are great - check out Ozzy and Randy Rhoads (RIP) at their best : Blizzard Of Ozz | Diary Of A Madman ! :)
Ok :D
10:34 AM
I haven't missed anything out in my answer here have I? :)
@ParanoidPanda you missed everything - so +1 ! :D
Oh good! :D
@ParanoidPanda Do you think I missed everything in my answers as well ? :D
@cl-netbox: Probably! :P
@ParanoidPanda MOST probably ... but sometimes not ! HaHaHa :D
10:58 AM
@ParanoidPanda sorry about that. :P
Q: Why no extra downvote with spam flag any more?

Paranoid PandaWhen I flag an answer as spam, it simply flags it up and doesn't add an extra downvote, previously though I would downvote the question/answer, and then upon the spam flag the system would give it another downvote, was this a bug which has been fixed? Something which has been decided against? Or ...

@muru: Hmm? About what? :D
Le spam flag on your question.
@muru: Oh right, you will never be forgiven! :P
11:09 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body: The best option to observe product? by janimeyfry on askubuntu.com
@ParanoidPanda Please just answer yes or no: when you noticed what you're reporting as an issue, did you both downvote and flag?
@kos waiting for a spam post. Finally a reason to welcome one of those
@SmokeDetector Thank you!
@kos stiil no-repro: askubuntu.com/questions/713582
I downvoted and then flagged
Score went from -6 to -8
@muru What if someone flagged it as well in between though?
@kos: Yes, and both of them cast their own downvotes, so the downvote gave a downvote, and the flag as spam also gave an additional downvote.
But that no longer happens so I was wondering why...
11:15 AM
@muru: So you managed to cast two downvotes by downvoting and flagging as spam?
@kos unlikely. I'd be more inclined to think that whatever Panda saw was a race condition
@ParanoidPanda AFAICT, yes.
As far as I can tell.
Ok, well that doesn't happen for me any more, the flag does not cast an additional flag.
@ParanoidPanda how many times have you observed that behaviour?
11:16 AM
Hi I just wanna learn Linux it is OK to start from ubuntu
@Markberg yes.
And also I have Ubuntu version 13
Should I download Ubuntu 15
@muru: Many many many many times... I have dealt with a lot of spam in the last few months, and it's been around for about 5-3 months...
I kind of thought that the design had just been changed...
@muru May be. In any case I couldn't vote again.
11:18 AM
@ParanoidPanda I rarely downvote spam, but I have never seen the flag not apply a downvote.
@Markberg Choose between 14.04 LTS or 15.10 :)
I mean, I want something easy to learn which version of Ubuntu is stable and have no problem
@Markberg 14.04 LTS :)
@Markberg 14.04.3 is probably "the most mature of the most recents".
@ParanoidPanda Well, I downvoted your question, and now it has a score of -2. (+0,-2)
One from my spam flag
11:20 AM
Strange, well if I downvote something, and then cast a spam flag, it will go from 0 to -1.
Let's see in Meta, I'll flag something of yours up! ;P
@muru o.O that was way more easy to check than it looked, wasn't it? :D
@kos Yep. :P
@kos why u suggest Ubuntu 14.04.3 Lts
The answer should be deleted anyway.
11:22 AM
@ParanoidPanda Do you want me to test (on your question) as well?
@Markberg Why not?
@kos: Hmm... Ok, but it would be nice if you could then give me an upvote to reverse it... :P
Because my question is getting rather unpopular with all those downvotes... :D
@muru because the new version is 15!!!
@ParanoidPanda thanks for reminding, undownvoted.
@Markberg So?
11:24 AM
@muru you mean version. 15 isn't stable yet
And can cause me several problem as a beginnrt
Sorry beginner
@Markberg I am not saying anything either way. But why do you want 15.10? 15.10, mind, not 15.
On the contrary, Ars Technica says 15.10 is one of the most polished versions in recent times.
@muru: Ok, I've downvoted your answer and flagged it up as spam and yet still only 1 downvote cast:
A: Why is this comment not obsolete?

muruProbably because nobody bothered to flag it as obsolete. People don't usually bother to go back and delete comments voluntarily unless there are too many comments. You can flag it if you want.

@ParanoidPanda I see a score of -2
@Markberg I suggest that one because of your requirement: you want a stable version, so I suggested one which is not too old / not too new and which (in theory) could be more stable, but on that note I myself use 15.10. Not sure if facts could prove me wrong.
11:26 AM
@muru so u suggest version 15.1
What? Did someone else cast the other downvote?
@kos I agree - the same with me - 15.10 runs without any issues. :) so @Markberg : you can choose this as well ... anyway in April 16.04 LTS will be released. :)
@ParanoidPanda Nope, it was 0 before.
I'm guessing something's wrong on your end.
Maybe it's different for answers or on Meta or something, because this definitely wasn't the case with some previous spam on the main site?
Maybe you need to try refreshing.
11:27 AM
For me it's a PEBKAC.
@kos: Is that a type of dinosaur? :D
@ParanoidPanda No, in this case a kind of bear.
Or maybe a problem with the browser / page combo, or again a problem with bandwidth saturation, which breaks AJAX requests for me.
I don't know, well on the main pages with lists of questions they no longer load automatically and I have to refresh to page, as well as my rep updates and new notifications, they don't come up unless I refresh the page... :(
Any idea why I could be getting these issues?
@ParanoidPanda Then connection problem, same here if I saturate my bandwidth: anything AJAX (or whatever they're using) breaks, and I can't see new questions, vote updates on questions, notifications, rep changes etc
11:47 AM
@ParanoidPanda you are wrong here : askubuntu.com/questions/713574/…
VTC this as duplicate.
@Rinzwind: Oh, well good to know the real answer then! I've deleted mine and given you a +1! :)
yay victory \o/
@ParanoidPanda thing is. I assumed it was NO too til I searched for it _O-
Well, I also searched for it, and that's all DDG got me... :D
@ParanoidPanda upvote needed here superuser.com/a/816004/276585
That command is amazing and I am the only way that upvoted it just now.
11:57 AM
@Rinzwind: And you are "the only way"?
Anyway, upgoated. :)
only one ;=)
@JacobVlijm stop commenting 9 seconds before me :=D
and make it an answer. it is as valid as it gets
12:19 PM
@ParanoidPanda would you mind if I remove my +1 from your deleted answer and give it to @Rinzwind as well ? :)
@cl-netbox: I'm not sure if you can remove a downvote from a deleted answer... And I think upon deletion it should remove the rep at least from me. :)
@cl-netbox: But if you can remove it from there, then sure. :)
@ParanoidPanda Shall I test it ? ... but only if you are not angry then ... :)
If it's wrong, it doesn't deserve an upvote.
@ParanoidPanda Are you sure it is wrong ?
12:23 PM
@ParanoidPanda You lost that rep already by the way. :P
@kos: I know, but I've got over 10k rep now so I don't really mind, anyway, if it's wrong, then I shouldn't be getting rep for it.
@cl-netbox: Well, it is mostly because as we can see from @Rinzwind's answer, it can be done. :)
@ParanoidPanda I mean that you don't have the rep for that post no more already, because you deleted it; rep earned for a post is removed if you remove the post
@kos: I know, that's why I don't think there's any point in him trying to remove the downvote, because other than the deleted post saying it has one upvote, I don't get anything else from it.
But I don't mind, the answer is gone, the rep is gone, can we forget about it now? :P
12:27 PM
I thought @cl-netbox was out of votes and wanted to give one to Rinzwind?
@ParanoidPanda : Interesting ... it's not in my votes list anymore :)
@kos: Oh, is he out of votes? Well, if he can remove his vote on my one and give it to Rinzwind instead that's fine. :)
@ParanoidPanda Yeah, I thought that was the point of the request
@kos no - I am still learning about these things on AU - I mainly concentrate on answering questions. :)
@ParanoidPanda Ah right but the deleted post also invalids the vote. Silly me. :D
12:29 PM
@Rinzwind : I upgoated your answer ! :)
@kos: Yes, all is well and this conversation is pointless, I know! :P
@ParanoidPanda Similar to what it is most of the times in this room: everything is well and conversation is off-topic :D
@ParanoidPanda the same conversation as the one on your meta thing ... learning about how the system works ... :D
Anyone using opera?
@kos o/
@Ravan no - Heavy Metal ! =)
12:33 PM
Hi @Ravan!
@cl-netbox I improved it after @Rinzwind didn't like my orginal answer
@Fabby so @Rinzwind please upvote the answer from @Fabby now ! =)
He already has a minute after you told him...
I really love telling people to upgrade! >:D
@Fabby okay - then everything is good ... :)
@ParanoidPanda : I upvoted another one for you - so now you have the reps back ! :)
12:39 PM
@cl-netbox: Ok, thanks! :)
@ParanoidPanda You're welcome ! :) by the way ... I still can see my upvote on your deleted answer ...
@cl-netbox: It's probably just to show what people thought of it at the time, for instance imagine if someone got 10 downvotes, and then when the post was deleted it went back to 0 on the post, I think it might be more informative for future readers if it showed the original amount it got while it was still alive.
@ParanoidPanda okay - understand
@ParanoidPanda: shall I now ask a question on meta too so you can flag me as spam there?
12:48 PM
@ParanoidPanda will you try askubuntu.com/questions/713610/…
@Ravan: Yeah, sure, and make it spammy! ;P
@ParanoidPanda Better to have a duplicate then a closed question!
@ParanoidPanda Was that a response to me? (you've sent it to the wrong alien)
@Ravan: Woops! Sorry! Don't know how that happened! I meant to do that at @Fabby! :D
@ParanoidPanda ok :D
Well, I realized,
@ParanoidPanda here you go
12:54 PM
even the logo is missing, the options appear on top left
@ParanoidPanda you've got one more minute and then I delete...
It lives =)
@ParanoidPanda instead of making such nonsense ... better upvote an useful answer from me ! :D
Q: Dear Panda, please downvote and flag as spam

FabbyTest for Paranoid Panda to downvote and flag as spam and see whether this gets -2.

12:56 PM
@Fabby: Done, and it seems it's a refreshing issue my end and that it is actually casting the additional downvote but I just don't see it until I refresh...
@ParanoidPanda thanks for the acceptance, but have another laugh at my latest edit
@fossfreedom I don't see opera logo, but I can access menu options
I deleted the post, so leaving comment here
@A.B. What's that?
@Fabby Raspberry Pi with a bread board and a blinking LED
@Fabby: :D
1:03 PM
Has my son tinkered.
@A.B. O_o How old is he?
@JacobVlijm o/
@A.B. Congrats to him ! Very well done ! :)
@Fabby 10
@cl-netbox Ok, not the Pi =)
Wow! He'll be building nuclear bombs by the time he's 15!
But he has soldered it together.
1:05 PM
@Fabby which will blow pandas into pieces ! =)
@Fabby: Well, let's hope not... :P
@cl-netbox: No, by then we will have used our biological weapons to turn the world into bamboo and eat it! >:D
@Fabby he will not do. But he will build robots. Boston Electronics =)
a smoke
Hi @Fabby and all! @Rinzwind thanks! The reason I didn't post it as an answer was mainly that it were indeed, as muru mentioned, two questions... and that I fell asleep immediately after the comment :)
@JacobVlijm You fell asleep on the keyboard???
1:07 PM
Nuclear fusion reactors have always interested me though... I think that's a better nuclear path to go in rather than the weapons one... :P
(Or did you take the PC to bed and fell asleep next to it?)
@A.B.: If smoke starts coming out of the robots you should run away. :P
@ParanoidPanda Build one and power the entire neighbourhood!
@Fabby actually under it (my tablet)
@JacobVlijm :D :D :D
1:08 PM
@Fabby: Yeah, and then accidentally blow it up... :P
@Fabby yours ? :)
@Fabby: Cool! Is that you wearing it? :)
@ParanoidPanda cannot see any changes ... nothing useful found ? :D
@cl-netbox yes
1:12 PM
@cl-netbox: What?
@ParanoidPanda yes
I also got this backpack
@Fabby what did I say the other day ? nothing to see ... 3 digit ... remember ? =)
@cl-netbox yeah... It's an XXL!
1:15 PM
@Fabby I need XXL ! =)
@Fabby nice as well ! :)
@cl-netbox: Oh right, forgot about that... :P
+1 :)
@ParanoidPanda Thank you very much ! :)
You're welcome! :)
Merry Xmas @fossfreedom ! :)
1:20 PM
happy hols to you @cl-netbox
@fossfreedom Thank you :)
Frohe Weinachten!
(or Fröhe?)
@Fabby Frohe oder fröhliche
Ah! That's why I'm confused!
@Fabby both is correct
1:22 PM
I find a german speaks and write english better than the english ... and forget asking for an englishman to speak and write german !!
@Fabby Typical german language nonsense ... :)
@fossfreedom :)
@fossfreedom I'm not an Englishman... >:-)
@Fabby You're an alien ... an Englishman in ... =)
I need some meta upvotes
@Fabby Was this fast ? :D
1:30 PM
@cl-netbox :D
Extremely so!
@Fabby always ready to serve you ! :D
@Fabby Did you ever use this crouton thing ?
@cl-netbox: That sounds like a tasty food... Is it edible? :P
@ParanoidPanda when boot loaders taste like chocolate ... YES ! :D
@cl-netbox crouton is to boot Ubuntu on ChromeOS tablets, and the shot answer is: "NO!" ;-)
1:34 PM
@Fabby learned something new - thanx :)
@ParanoidPanda How tall are you and what's your weight???
(You do seem to be obsessed with food)
(not only chocolate cake!)
@Fabby I guess 100 kilos on 100 height ... :D
@cl-netbox that's a snow ball... :P
@Fabby yes pandas ARE snowballs ... rolling through the chat room ... :D - right @ParanoidPanda ? :D
@cl-netbox Do you know why panda's are nearly extinct?
They obsess more about food then about sex...
(too much eating, not enough sex)
1:39 PM
@Fabby so @ParanoidPanda is less tall than 100 then ? :D ... or weighs more than 100 then ? :D
No clue! Let me run to the scales!
I weigh 110Kg! O_o
I need to lose 25Kg fast!
@Fabby ah - that's reasonable - nothing to worry about ... =)
@cl-netbox I said: "Last time I weighed myself!"
That was 9 months ago!
All I know is I'm overly tall and apparently underweight for my height (though that's kind of unbelievable if you know how much food I eat all the time, I guess once I've finished growing up I'll start growing outwards though)... :P
Yeah, it's kind of sad, I want to get fat but it's not working, I guess I've just got a fast metabolism.
1:43 PM
@ParanoidPanda HA - same with me ! :D not overly tall ... but thin anyway ... doesn't matter how much I eat ... :D
@ParanoidPanda better not ...
About 5 months ago I measured my height and I was over 6 foot, but I don't know how tall I am now... Must find the really really really long ruler that I'm not taller than and check! :D
Ooh! And must have some chocolate too... :P
1:49 PM
I have a question :\
Q: Bind mouse to a concrete monitor in a dual screen setup

A.B.Scenario is, bind my Wacom Bamboo to my second monitor and my mouse to the first monitor. The binding for Wacom Bamboo works perfect with the settings for the tablet But how can I do that to bind my mouse to the other monitor?

@ParanoidPanda Yup! Happened to me too! Once I stopped growing in length, I started growing in girth!
@A.B. reading
@A.B. Hah! That's one for @JacobVlijm!!!
@Fabby Oh yes =)
(part of the solution would be in the question, i.e. splitting the devices into two xinput groups)
But I have to edit the xorg.conf :\
I know. :(
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