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4:33 AM
room topic changed to SE Podcast Live Chat: Watch Live: s.tk/livestream / Next Episode: Wednesday 12/7 @ 4:00pm ET w/ Robert Cartaino and Rebecca Chernoff (no tags)
So change of plans - we're actually doing a podcast on Wednesday @ 4pm - tune in!
16 hours later…
8:27 PM
Is this where I speak to the RCs live?
In about half an 'rs time.
I have never heard rchern's voice this should be fun
8:43 PM
Is this the "mock the RCs mercilessly" room? :P
@Aarthi For now. We move it around so they can't shut it down
@MichaelMrozek like a falun gong broadcast, nice. I like it.
Tomorrow's password is "(:"
So today's password is "oy"?
should we be broadcasting these passphrases?
8:52 PM
Hey, bossman. :D
I was going to ask if Alex could flip the video around so that we'd be able to view the podcast as rchern does, but I'll consider this new camera angle backwards enough.
Evening all
It's the podcast so good they named a sodapop after it!
An RC Cola joke, well-played.
8:58 PM
Where is the background music.
I need my background music.
@phwd dooby, dooby, dah, di, dah :)
@phwd ♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫
they're singing hannuka songs in the office for you
unfortunately there is no mic to pick them up
when is this starting and who is the guest?
16 hours ago, by Alex Miller
room topic changed to SE Podcast Live Chat: Watch Live: http://s.tk/livestream / Next Episode: Wednesday 12/7 @ 4:00pm ET w/ Robert Cartaino and Rebecca Chernoff (no tags)
9:00 PM
Some people who made RC Cola.
I know the RC stands for Royal Crown, but part of me still wants to believe it stands for "RC Cola".
@Don I know -- the Rebecca Chernoff? It's hard to believe
can you hear us?
9:02 PM
Very well.
Maybe I havent gotten enough sleep but the camera is so out of focus!
The point is leaking more passwords out of RC
QUESTION FOR JEFF: What is your topic?
Speak up @Joel
9:05 PM
joel's volume is very low.
Question: Is it a problem ERROR: QUESTION REJECTED
we clearly require joelonhuskies.com
go there and be crazy.
that long-ass story is directly relevant to a certain chat room on SE. I am going to use it to avoid spending another hour there today.
(and therein convince them to go start their own site and clone SE chat or something)
9:11 PM
@phwd Not what I expected
cowers from @Aarthi
How do you identify the poorer performing communities?
@MichaelMrozek I like it. I expected a deeper voice
@MichaelMrozek pfft that was one time. :D i don't care what you think rchern sounds like.
@Alex Who do we ping to ensure a question gets asked to the guests?
Is it just me or is there frequent clicking and wild changes in volume?
9:13 PM
There is some of that.
I'm getting clicks and @JoelSpolsky is really, really quiet
@MichaelMrozek I'm noting the audio cutting out entirely
I'm getting some occasional pops
@phwd Robert is exactly what I imagined. But I may have heard his voice before
Now every time I read a post from a RC I am going to hear these voices in my head.
9:16 PM
I hear @GraceNote's for GN's posts.
So why not ask sites on their Meta how they feel about it?
It's funny; it gives the posts more depth.
So far Japanese has been pretty decent in the reviews
Perhaps rather than trying to analyze questions yourself, why not ask the users to 'judge' 10 random questions on Meta. The answers from the users will tell you a lot about the site as well (especially if you disagree with them)
Q: Self-evaluation: how is the site working out?

Shog9At Stack Exchange, we stop in now and then to check on how each site is doing. As part of this, we like to take a few questions and compare them against the wisdom of The Greater Internet. This gives us a pretty good idea of which sites are progressing, and which are struggling... But it doesn't ...

9:18 PM
@IvoFlipse Like this? Bah, beaten to the punch by @GraceNote.
@GraceNote Direct questions to @Joel
@Shog9 Like that ;)
@Shog9 Just because I haven't done it for a while, doesn't mean I have lost my charm on that ♪
I get you guys are just trying this stuff out, but would it hurt to just try the same on most 'old' beta sites? I mean what do you have to lose? And you could always ask again in a couple of months
They don't want to pay people to create content, but giving people games in exchange for them asking questions about them is ok? That's an interesting distinction
9:20 PM
@IvoFlipse If you want us to do a session on Fitness, you can just ask us. ♪
@IvoFlipse We do these on all beta sites. We just don't do them all simultaneously
@michael that's a little bit off topic otherwise I'd answer it on the podcast
You're more than welcome, I honestly don't think the site is doing as good as it could do
short answer: we'll spend money to jumpstart a site that can then grow on its own
cough cough movies cough
9:22 PM
I don't think we're phoning it in but I do think that, as the network grows, the Community team just isn't going to have the time to do the kind of work they do best.
I didn't know about these evaluations. I feel judged
@MichaelMrozek You are.
@MichaelMrozek Me neither
You're judged independently of U&L
9:25 PM
@Aarthi I think the fact that we have over 200 moderators also means we're not exactly spread thin
And I could swear I've mentioned these before to the moderators at least...
@MichaelMrozek Well, technically it's giving people games with the expectation that they'll ask questions about them (and provide answers). The hope would be that by providing something to ask questions about, the questions come more organically than someone being paid to directly come up with content. Whether that's always true in practice is up for debate, of course.
@Shog9 Not to me
Mods know this @ChrisF is messing with you.
9:26 PM
Q: How can I listen to a webcast while reading or programming?

tyoc213Since I have a full-time job, I find difficult to do things I like, such as starting personal projects. For example, I'm trying to listen to a webcast, which from time-to-time requires me to switch to the application to the slides, while reading and programming at the computer. But I often find ...

@IvoFlipse Sure, but with 77 sites and 5 community team members? 12+ sites per person is too much; two sites per CHAOS person was hard enough.
@phwd Seriously I didn't - I must have missed that day.
@Aarthi Just means we have to shove more work onto the mods... Who are a bit closer to topic experts anyway
@Shog9 Yes, but as AnnaLear is quick to point out: more things that mods weren't aware of when they took on the job.
I don't say it's a bad thing
I'm just saying: there could be resistance.
@Shog9 I heard a whip cracking in the background when I read that post, weird...
9:29 PM
@Shog9 Me, I love delegating. I'll delegate til the cows come home.
@Aarthi Pfft. We just tell them to delegate it to the community.
@Shog9 But then we get a QC issue....about a QC issue. This feels too meta.
@Aarthi Careful about delegating to cows. Cows are lazy...
@Shog9 Cows are holy thank you. :P
@Aarthi meta meta. Discuss on meta.
@Aarthi Holy and lazy.
9:30 PM
@Shog9 Lazy? Them cows gave you cheese. Be thankful, fool.
Missed that bit about what a site needs to get out of private beta.
@Shog9 Also that's what you need 200 users who are already a user on SE, so hopefully each new community can self-relegate itself
@Aarthi I used to work with cows. Just try turning your back for a minute, see how much cheese you get.
@ChrisF balls and lots of meta questions
@phwd Oversimplification is overly simple. :|
9:31 PM
Miscommunication in the proposal stage - Hmm.
"Miscommunication in the proposal process" -- I'll say. It confuses the mind how often an area 51 site has a discussion on area 51, and then the same question comes up on their meta and they decide something different
@Shog9 Fun fact: my grandmother milked a buffalo once.
@Aarthi Which kind?
Let's make a list
@MichaelMrozek That sounds very familiar coming from you, haha ♪
9:33 PM
I only have like seven comments, I just repeat them in various forms
We don't like if new mods have to repeat our mistakes as well @Jeff :P
Every community is doomed to make the same mistakes again - otherwise they don't learn.
@MichaelMrozek A51 is packed full of kibitzers
@Shog9 ...the milkable kind? :| It's India.
Someone's asking a list question?
9:34 PM
@Aarthi Ok. 'Cause... American Buffalo... Bison... That'd be something to see.
mmm... turkey cake
@ChrisF Only programmers are obsessed with eliminating duplicated mistakes. Just because something was a mistake for programming questions doesn't mean it's a mistake for a more subjective topic.
when did the sports car/truck metaphor turn into a cookie/turkey metaphor?
@Shog9 Yeah, it wasn't a bison.
@balpha It's Jeff; much like cakes, his metaphors mix into a whole new item that exceeds the sum of its axels and wheels.
@SteveJackson Perhaps - I was trying to point out that people think "this time it will work for us." and have to fail for themselves
Also true
9:36 PM
It currently takes a year to build up an Area 51 site proposal. Reboot doesn't really sound possible.
@SteveJackson Only programmers think programmers' problems are truly exceptional. Or non-subjective.
So if the engine struggles between subjective subject matter and more factual based content why not provide a way to distinguish the two?
How Things Work
9:38 PM
that was an accident.
So I gathered
still fascinating
freudian slip
@GraceNote See that? He doesn't even know who you are
...? What no.
Please reboot AI, so next time Stanford launches the course, I can ask my questions on a decent Q&A site
9:39 PM
@IvoFlipse Follow it!
And it'll launch IN A YEAR. JUST IN TIME.
@MichaelMrozek I know, isn't it great? ♪
@MichaelMrozek class.stackexchange.com in that case
@MichaelMrozek I like this
9:40 PM
!srewsnA oohaY
@Joel Question for Robert: Wouldn't it be simpler to just create a catch-all site, answers.stackexchange.com, and split off topics as they grow large enough for their own sites?
@Shog9 Though it doesn't really look open to people learning about AI, wasn't that part of what was supposedly wrong the last time around?
@Shog9 Where do the experts come in?
So they just sit in Area 51 for a year?
Provided there is leadership... argh...
Specifically, 5000 reputation
@RebeccaChernoff I think SharePoint was the one before SO
@JoelSpolsky bicycles had an election before SO.
yet, bicycles was launched without a 10k user (still), and only 4 5k+ users other than the mods
And DBA before that.
Web Applications
9:51 PM
@ChrisF Web Applications is the forgotten child. Don't worry about it
Go vote on Android! damn you @Shog9
@phwd Oh I realise that.
@Shog9 where's the Q&A part we asked for? :P
@IvoFlipse We talked about that...
9:52 PM
What's the definition of an election "failing"? 2.0 elections get like 50-100 votes; that seems crazy low
@Joel Question for Rebecca: Is it true you once made a man cry merely by typing, "oy"? Was it Mrozek?
@Shog9 meeh that's where the plebs pitch in, I want my pose to answer
Hooray Town Hall Digests!
@MichaelMrozek I think an election failing is more like when there aren't even enough candidates to have an election phase
9:53 PM
Ah, ok
Moreso than people who vote, you need the people who are willing to take the leadership role. Otherwise... bad things happen.
Cooking just barely squeaked by I recall.
@GraceNote Heh, I was committed to that site, but I bailed after I decided that there wasn't likely to be a lot of questions related to specifically what I do (and when I checked, it seemed I was right)
Whenever I worry that I'm not getting down-voted enough, answering a question on Math.SE quickly sets me right.
Haha, yeah, the two most active Metas are the feistiest ones.
9:58 PM
So its a bad single if Meta.Fitness.SE has less than 4 visits/day? :P
Give mods access to the Twitter accounts
@IvoFlipse s/single/signal/
@IvoFlipse You get 4/day? I'm intensely jealous
@IvoFlipse It's worse than "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini"
@phwd Yes!
9:59 PM
@IvoFlipse Yes, technically. But you do have community leaders, at least.
And that was a baaad single
@Shog9 visits != posts, to make matters worse
Can we split meta.SO into meta.SO and meta.SE?
@Joel Question for Robert: Didn't you used to have another C in your name? Whatever happened to that? Did Stack Exchange amputate your C?
Can I get an OY OY?
10:01 PM
Q: Stop special-casing Stack Overflow's meta

Laurence GonsalvesQuestions about why Stack Overflow does not share rep with Meta Stack Overflow are met with the response that meta.stackoverflow and stackoverflow do not share a "parent-child relationship" like the other meta sites. For example, this response: Stack Overflow isn't in a parent-child relations...

I got a fever, and the only prescription is more oy
Clearly they don't pay rchern by the word
While this room is full I'd like to plug gaming.SE's next event.
10:03 PM
Oh hey, it's @RonanForman :D
How do you like the hat I sent? I was tempted to send it to you in order to troll your dad a bit :P
That would have been funny. I'm wearing it now as Chris left it unattended :)
@RonanForman I have no idea what any of that was about, but I did like the music
@RonanForman Bahahaha! :D
10:05 PM
It ruins my hair though.
Photo? :D
@Michael Read the meta post.
@RonanForman Does your hair look like it does in pictures? All, like, Neil Gaiman?
@Aarthi Yes
10:06 PM
My dads got the web cam out.
Is he taking pics of you? :D This is gonna be awesome.
@ChrisF flags
@RonanForman you're adorable.
10:08 PM
saves picture for future blackmail social media usage
I look startled in that picture. It's scary
Hee hee.
The hat doesn't fit of chris' huge head.
@RonanForman Only cos you adjusted it
10:12 PM
hee hee hee
kk. As always, a pleasure to see you, @RonanForman :) /waves
@MichaelMrozek oy. though, tis true! (:
@RonanForman is there a minecraft server that gaming.SE users can just pop into?
I don't think we actually got an oy during that podcast, did we?
Yes check the minecraft talk room. It's not used that often though.
10:21 PM

 Minecraft Talk

Everything Minecraft. Warning: Exposure may cause insanity and...
@RonanForman Good I will check it nearer to Christmas, my brother and I have not played together since summer
@phwd We also have a mumble server (mumble.stackgaming.com)
Oh darn, I missed the podcast again, didn't I.
@Brant It wasn't exactly well-advertised this time
10:27 PM
@GraceNote ya know, I don't keep an internal count...I don't mentally clap whenever I say oy... (;
11:05 PM
@RebeccaChernoff Oh, but we do.
Well, I would've if I could follow the entirety of the podcast. Oh well
@badp I'm well aware. |:
It's all about the metrics, yo|oy.
@TimStone Absoluteloy.

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