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9:00 AM
edna is too cute
from tales of zestiria
9:15 AM
how long does the hats run for
January 3rd
i lost my keys
and it is ~200€ to replace them
tosh is fast
question up closed already >_>
man 200E is steep
9:20 AM
yeah :(
i mean, your house has locks for vaults
I think it's because the system is really bad and they have to replace everything
you should keep your keys in your shoe so you'll always know when you're missing them
I had my keys in a little plastic folder along with my passport
then i opened it when i got back and it wasn't there :(
le gasp
did yew losers yewr passuporuto too
9:22 AM
^ you know where she kept hers
in her shoe, like I suggested
no i have my passport and my folder
the keys must have climbed out :(
9:24 AM
what did i say about not tending to those pesky weeds
hey did you like check everywhere
like maybe you dropped it somewhere..... on the way or left it in office?
wow that guy was desperate
but also simultaneously very lazy
people gotta learn to be polite
@Tyhja yep, i have checked as many places as i can think
rang lots of lost & founds too
maybe he was just uh... in real need...
oh man, i miss something didn't i
man... losing keys is pretty terrible
my sis lost her keys with her ID card once (with address) I'm like so facepalm
9:32 AM
is the worst time to lose it too because of housemate & me going away for xmas and etc
Can't we do something about this user: anime.stackexchange.com/users/19702/ritchard
He has posted the same question thrice in 15 minutes
@AshishGupta i assume also it is the same user who posted this one
if it's the same user he just hasn't learned
It is
I am trying to find the correct mod button but i cannot see it
List of secret hats at : meta.stackexchange.com/questions/270789/…. Madara is also wearing one xD
Just out of curiousity, what do they mean by dupe hammering a post?
9:41 AM
@AshishGupta i assume it's related to closing as duplicate
"I believe you get it when you use the dupe hammer super power to close a duplicate question" Wut?
gold tag badge
meta.stackexchange.com/questions/237834/… A moderator here said that god tag badges indicate dupe hammers
Ohhh. That gold tag badge. Okay thanks @Unihedron
@AshishGupta if your talking about the Odinson hat i assume you need to vote to close as duplicate before a gold badge user closes it as duplicate as gold badge users and close vote by themselves when a question had a tag where they have the gold badge
i think id requests are the only question which will get you that hat here on anime and manga
Noone has a gold badge on AMSE, right? Not even for Identification :(
9:46 AM
a gold tag badge?
@AshishGupta i think someone does as they indicated they were only a rare few who had one during the elections
@AshishGupta you mean gold tag badge?
@Memor-X But who? The highest rated user on Identification is Jon Lin who is 400+ away from a gold tag badge
Isn't that the one needed for the Odinson hat @ToshinouKyouko @Unihedron
when even Jon doesn't have that badge
no one has gold tag badge, no one has dupehammer
@AshishGupta ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Lol yeah xD
@Unihedron unless you are a mod :^)
9:48 AM
@Unihedron doesn't mean we should stop trying
@ToshinouKyouko that's a close hammer, not a dupehammer :P
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ I think we should identify the difficult hats first and try to optimize a hats plan for it
awwww, no @HoiHoi-san
9:50 AM
@Unihedron the gold tag badge one is prob at the top of the list
it's a bit prohibitive for smaller sites
95% of SE
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ I'm fairly certain you can get it by having someone else dupehammer after you dupe vote.
Makes it more reasonable, but still impossible here
9:52 AM
when will they discover the secret tomato hat~
I think you guys got your user of the year
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ exactly...... i think
@LoganM no one has a dupehammer?
not here, no
only one person even has a silver tag badge
we need to fix that
9:54 AM
@LoganM 2 users, right?
is it 2 now?
I have 3 bronze ones
silver so many
i has... nones ,________,
Madara in Naruto has silver :o
9:55 AM
when a madara is not gold
I didn't notice it, but I don't follow naruto so not surprised
and jon lin too
Jon Lin has had his for a while
There aren't many series that you could get badges for
Even Madara. 1.5 years xD
9:56 AM
I have a silver meta tag badge, but that doesn't help
use up all them votes
watch moar animu
There's a hat for voting a lot
discuss moar anime stuffs
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ @_____@~~
Yeah. 270 votes needed
9:57 AM
Actually, how many users here even have 200 answers?
I know I don't
how does one check
@Tyhja check their profile
No wait. 250 votes on 7 consecutive days.
I see 5 total users
I have 248 answers
9:58 AM
That's 36 votes per day. Borderline limit of voting.
39 answers 0 questions ~7k people reached
Memor-X, senshin, krazer, TK, and Jon Lin have >200 answers
@AshishGupta downvote all the bad id-reqs
only 142 questions though
need to be more curious
9:59 AM
39 answers 0 questions ~7k people reached
i'm not curious at all :0
no one answered my one about ketchup though
@Tyhja where is this question
in...chat >_>;;;
a question in a message, a message in a bottle
10:03 AM
a bottle in a factory, a factory in china
wait wut
a china in a cupboard, a cupboard in a room
Okay, new secret hat found
> (VII, 2) The instrument to write with can be anything, e.g. cosmetics, blood, etc. as long as it can write directly onto the note and remains as legible letters.
@LoganM Post in the secret hats catalogue to get the hat about finding secret hats!
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ :000000
10:04 AM
@Unihedron I don't do MSE. It's too annoying.
how did you find that so fast >_>~~
so, you can write in the death note with ketchup :D
@LoganM teacher's lounge?
What secret hat? Tell me. I MUST KNOW
I guess I could post it in TL
But the hat is usually for figuring out what a secret hat is for, not just finding one
I need to figure it out first
10:05 AM
I can read it in TL....hurrraaay
That said, I've already figured out 2 other secret hats (one I'm not sure of, the other I am) so theoretically I should already qualify
I didn't got any secret hat yet :/
@LoganM oh :[
I want a tomato hat :(
There's an onion hat, which is almost the same thing
that's what I'm figuring out right now
10:09 AM
hmm, that could be okay
I currently have a delicious cake
@ToshinouKyouko pix or it's not delicious
it's beside my avatar
Honestly I don't know what this hat is for. The only thing I'm relatively sure of is that it was generated by this post, which isn't something I can reasonably duplicate and is way too extreme in several ways to determine what generated the hat.
Q: Alex-style Addition

quartataInspired by Alex's glorious Learn you an R for great good, we are going to humbly recreate Alex's "one true R program" -- but with a twist. Alex-style Addition works like this -- it has a 90% chance of simply returning the sum of the two numbers given and a 10% chance of recursively Alex-adding ...

10:14 AM
maybe it's a post that includes jQuery, but that would be too site-specific surely
doesn't help that the name of the hat "onion knight" doesn't mean anything to me
It could be snippets, but I doubt it
well, what does the ff char do
More likely it has something to do with the fact that the question got 7 edits, 22 upvotes, and 26 answers in 8 hours.
already read that, but I don't have any clue what it's referencing
10:16 AM
could just be that it was a 'secret class'
If I had another case I'd have a better shot at figuring it out
Apparently it's a class with high stats. If all you have to do is post a question with a high score and a lot of answers, we'll get plenty of cases in the next couple days
Maybe the condition is a question with certain amount of answers within a certain amount of them and a certain rep count. or have X amount of ppl perfrom Y amount of action within Z time
it could really be a lot of things given how unusual that question is
10:18 AM
@ToshinouKyouko I want kiwi hat
I got a floating cake \o/
in The Screening Room, Dec 10 at 9:12, by Ankit Sharma
There should be a kiwi hat this time.
Morning @Chinatsu-creepy-chan!
10:26 AM
Q: One Piece episode 722 : name that song?

Tony Tony C.Question is similar but the song I'm looking for is different, I'm looking at the song that started approximately at 12:06 in this episode ... It is so damn good ... can't stop listening to it, but voices cover some parts :-/ Thanks for your help.

@ʞɹɐzǝɹ more like...ryhming?
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ le wutface
10:37 AM
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ gee look at this nose
you could cut paper with this
or fish
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ woof
10:52 AM
@Chinatsu-creepy-chan NOWAI
I need a cheap ear-in headphone with microphone included
I took a look at Sennheiser but they all were more than 100 reais.
actually 100 reais is not too much in dollars, but think it as 100 bucks and we're fine e_e
I want a CX 2.0 u_u. It's 130 reais.
$90USD on amazon
oh you want 100 reais.
@Tyhja about 100 out of my 500 songs have 3d audio and like 200 are EDM, is it stil a worth buy?
11:06 AM
I dunno. I dont own it. the reviewer seems to like it. Do you have an audio shop in your country?
Lots of, but I don't think I have many in my city.
@Chinatsu-creepy-chan head-fi.org/products/category/in-line-microphone maybe this list is more helpful
personally i dont do the mic part because i think usually its not worth it (i answer my calls holding my phone)
@Tyhja Would they work as expected?
@Chinatsu-creepy-chan would what work as expected?
because the built in microphone of my Lumia is so great I didn't expect
11:10 AM
actually some of the built in mic on stock earphones are pretty good
@Tyhja You know, out audio -> headphone, in audio -> smartphone
how i do mine is i have the out -> earphone, and just use the normal voice input for the phone if i have call
The out audio of Lumia is great. TBH it's the first smartphone I had with such great audio
it works as expected, but you have to hold it
11:11 AM
I dont have alot of calls so that solution is fine for me
i prefer audio quality
it might not be so great if you move alot/drive and have lotsa calls
It would be best of course to test the setup at an audio shop. they're probably willing to help and let you test which ones you like
user image
So I think I gonna take a look at A151P, Sony MH1 and Sennheiser MX80 and alike
The art is not that good btw e_e
@Taisho was about to do what before i recognized Flan from Touhou. things wings of hers are really unique
@Memor-X maybe cuz Remillia's color is weird lol
11:16 AM
@Memor-X you already had hat
@Chinatsu-creepy-chan weird color? i dont get how that affects the uniqueness of Flan's wings
@mirroroftruth yeh but i had to wait till after work to get it now that all entertainment stack exchnages have been blocked
@Memor-X Maybe you could not identify the image because of Remillia color. Then you saw Flandre
It's been 12 hours since I ate something. Better get my breakfast before I puke
@Chinatsu-creepy-chan why you didnt do that first before coming here i beyond me
@Memor-X because most of the time I forget to eat. Then I just realize I need to when I'm having headaches or stuff like this
except when I'm anxious, then I eat the entire fridge
@Memor-X now you have hat on hat
11:23 AM
@mirroroftruth he he i didnt realize that
@Chinatsu-creepy-chan expensive to keep consuming fridges
Yay! Nut/chocolate cake for breakfast <3
@Tyhja Sometimes I eat my entire house
@Chinatsu-creepy-chan you need to live in that gingerbread thingy
@MadaraUchiha how to buy?
wow it's shizuku
anyway I guess I finally need to get steam
I think I saw this before a few months ago actually. Forget why I didn't look into it then.
one more reason to go 2D
11:42 AM
@MadaraUchiha take her to hospital ASAP
it seems like there's versions of facerig that aren't on steam, so maybe I won't need to get it.
@mirroroftruth There won't be anything left of her to rush her to the hospital..
x'( phone.. Y u do dis
@EroSɘnnin may be or she may fly toward hospital, but it is slap not punch so there might be some remaining :D
Yeah. some
11:56 AM
facerig seems cool~
I want someone to make an MMO with it
Woah. Hakase haven't come online since Dec 9
@EroSɘnnin I thought "He's gone insane? We're in november". Then I realized we're in December e_e
Please someone explain what this guy has done here
12:17 PM
@Chinatsu-creepy-chan What don't you understand about it? Probably not the best application of calculus though.
Update: 007 doesn't require a new asker.
using calc to prove the quadratic formula?
I prefer proving the quadratic formula with the graphical method (completing the square)
@berserk \osu
12:18 PM
I can't understand why $\int_0^x 2at + b$ becomes $\int_b^2x+b \frac{1}{2a}w \mathrm{d}w$
@Unihedron KISS applies in most cases
public abstract boolean isCakeAHat();
I think I have enough data to solve 007 now
@Tyhja umm.. from HxH?
12:18 PM
@berserk what @_@
@Tyhja exactly why I prefer the graphical, it's like drawing out the pyth theorem with cutting squares
I heard this word in that anime only.
KISS is an acronym for "Keep it simple, stupid" as a design principle noted by the U.S. Navy in 1960. The KISS principle states that most systems work best if they are kept simple rather than made complicated; therefore simplicity should be a key goal in design and unnecessary complexity should be avoided. The phrase has been associated with aircraft engineer Kelly Johnson (1910–1990). The term "KISS principle" was in popular use by 1970. Variations on the phrase include "Keep it Simple, Silly", "keep it short and simple", "keep it simple and straightforward" and "keep it small and simple". ...
I meant OSU lol.
12:20 PM
Osu is like a greeting
@China ^
@Unihedron I know this one.
12:20 PM
@berserk don't cheer when you have nothing to cheer for
umm.. trains?
@Unihedron fuck china? DDDD:
@berserk i like trains
12:23 PM
alright time to leave gaize
user image
seeya in a bit
@Taisho no taisho that's not going to make me stay you perveted fool
Rewriting my message with the right LaTeX: IDK why $\int_0^x 2at + b \mathrm{d}t$ becomes $\int_b^{2x + b} \frac{1}{2a}w \mathrm{d}w$
bye @Tyhja
12:24 PM
@Taisho Reimu-san or just random shrine maiden?
12:42 PM
Okay, I'm beginning to think that all you need for 007 is to get the answer to score +7. If there is anything else, it's relatively easy.
There is definitely something else though beyond that
Okay I think it's pretty safe to say you need to post the answer quickly as well, say in <30 minutes. But even those two together don't guarantee the hat.
those are all the example cases I've found. If there's a clear similarity between all of those beyond +7, <30 minutes, and no comments, I'm missing it.
12:58 PM
My random guess right now is that the answer needs to be relatively short (not counting code characters) but I don't know the character limit and it's probably wrong anyway.
The 7 votes thing is definite though. I found a post at +6, no hat, and after I upvoted he got the hat immediately.
1:15 PM
Randomly hit another 007 question: physics.stackexchange.com/questions/223935
I'm now almost positive the requirement is 7 score with no comments on the question or answer, possibly <30 minutes required as well.
1:34 PM
Q: Why are ghouls' eyes red?

shinIs there a particular reason why ghouls' eyes are red? (called 'kakugan' based on my research). There might be a reason provided by the writer, which I cannot research as it may only be available in Japanese. (I am thinking that it may be due to the color of blood?)

1:55 PM
@ToshinouKyouko op KISS
@LoganM Will you be hat hunting this year?
@MadaraUchiha why are you even asking :P
@Tyhja Because he only has 2 so far.
He said he's only starting on tuesday though
but he's "researching" now methinks
see above
2:02 PM
@LoganM you should probably hurry up for the "guess a secret hat" one though
Q: Anime about a boy getting chased through a school?

foxmom85This is what I do remember about it: I saw it either in 2013/2014 on either Anime Network or Funimation Channel. It was a free preview episode. I remember the main character was a guy, and he was fighting/running his way through a corridor that I think was part of a school/academy. The bu...

2:23 PM
Q: Are there prequels to 5 Centimeter per Second?

AnonI plan on watching this movie after it has been recommended to me by online friends but it confuses me a bit. Are there prequels to this movie? If there are what order should I watch them in and what titles are the prequels?

3:17 PM
I got a Hat!
14 hours ago, by Mysticial
The closest I am to a new gold badge is another Steward badge. I'm 600+ close vote reviews.
^^ lol, I just got a passive gold badge on Anime.SE.
Totally wasn't expecting that.
Or should I say, grhats
10k views question! congrats!
I don't even have that on SO.
hands of fate.
3:20 PM
My 10k view question is dumb, it just trips every noob's Google search about Android...
3:56 PM
@Matt gratz
I have got no job inquires from anime companies sadly
@ton.yeung lol, nice. Because of this question Android is my top tag... /sob
@Taisho what
4:16 PM
@ToshinouKyouko me neither D:
my top tag is android
back in 2.1 android or something
i only have 200rep on SO
most rep?
companies that want your SO profile link on your cv
ask about A&M
one recruiter put me down for a translation job
presumed because they were Japanese cartoons, that I spoke Japanese :P
@LoganM You can send a ticket to team@
4:31 PM
@ToshinouKyouko NANI KORE
@ton.yeung Yeah, I tried a couple months ago to find questions in other fields to answer to try to shake it off... But all the good stuff gets answered quickly.
yeah, I've doubled my rep in the last few months with some stuff on npm packages and ASP.NET vNext stuff
some of the more obscure things I find and answer never get accepted or upvotes though...
Another hat that cannot be earned by AMSE users
Hairboat's revenge
gotta love the "Cool, thanks! I'll try it out later tonight" never comes back
Simply because Jon Ericson has asked no questions, or answered any on AMSE :(

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