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11:00 PM
Makes an array of strings shell-friendly, basically
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ What I do with arguments, basically.
It needs to be require'd, but it's insanely useful
Escaping reserved characters?
@Doorknob The Julia package for vim is nicer than the one for Atom. ._.
I blame you
11:01 PM
@AlexA. 'tis a sign
Bye guys
A: The alphanumeric spiral

David CarraherMathematica 156 bytes Converts initial string of letters, "ABCDEFTUVWXGS567YHR498ZIQ3210JPONMLK", into an array. Nest applies f to that array n-1times, where n is the input number. f works by Transpose-ing the array followed by Reverseapplied to each row. g converts the final array into a str...

wait Mathematica doesn't have an alphabet builtin?
@SuperJedi224 Goodbye, sweet Jedi knight.
@SuperJedi224 peace!
@Doorknob Is there a way to get vim to support tab completion of function names, etc? Or LaTeX tab completions? (Atom has the latter but and kind of the former, but the former is too buggy to use)
11:03 PM
@AlexA. YouCompleteMe
or the millions of other plugins that do that
or just use builtin <C-n>/<C-p>/<C-x>
@Doorknob Awwww, you complete me too. <3
I just knew you would say something like that haha :P
But... but Alex... I thought... I thought what we had was special...
No reason one can't have multiple completers...
11:06 PM
Owl, you auto-complete meet two.
@BrainSteel You've been gone so long. Did you expect me to wait for you forever?
Uhhh... Lag?
Lag. That's my excuse. I, uh, am lagging. Yeah. That's why it's been so long.
11:09 PM
So it has nothing to do with finals and moving and stuff? :P
> When in doubt, blame lag. 2475 years ago @Sockrates
oh by the way, on a slightly related note, my friend and I at school discovered the most fantastic thing
and "spocrates" is the best name I've heard in a very, very long time
> Sockrates
^ 'Twas a happy accident.
@AlexA. Haven't moved just yet.
@FlagAsSpam I just knew Socrates had a sock account...
@BrainSteel Next month?
11:11 PM
@Doorknob I don't mean to pry, but how does one discover something like that?
I mean to pry. Wtf were you guys doing.
By visiting arbitrary URLs for no particular reason
@AlexA. Indeed. I'm home for christmas, at least :D
Whose idea was "llamafarming.com"?
@Doorknob Because logic.
11:12 PM
@AlexA. Mine :P
(don't ask why)
He was thinking about @Optimizer.
@Doorknob I would never have guessed! :P
(wrong emoji fail rolf)
"I wonder if I can farm code-golfers..."
11:13 PM
Harvest golfers for their meat.
We're all his socks anyways :D
@BrainSteel It's not like you're going that far anyway though, right?
Code golfers are actually a MineCraft mob.
You mean Nethack monster?
11:14 PM
@AlexA. Nah, it's about a 2 hour drive. Pretty comfortable.
Speaking of which...
 p - / an uncursed fireproof wand called sleep (0:6)
How did my wand become fireproof? O_o
@BrainSteel That's further than I thought, actually. Won't that be a hefty commute to and from school?
@Doorknob Why did you name your uncursed fireproof wand "sleep"?
I'm not going to school next semester. I'll be working full-time, so it's not a problem.
@AlexA. Because it's a wand of sleep
@Doorknob MC will always be superior.
11:15 PM
@BrainSteel Oh have you graduated? What will you be doing for work?
@Doorknob ono so sleep
@FlagAsSpam lies
@Doorknob truths
@AlexA. It's a co-op position, I'm still a sophomore :) It's a software dev internship position.
@BrainSteel I'm not familiar with co-op positions. Congrats on getting an internship! :D
@Doorknob Ralph
11:17 PM
As far as I can tell, it's just a full-time internship with some college credit attached.
Thank you :D
Oooh college credit. That's great. :)
So I assume that you'll be living close to where you'll be working?
Yes indeed. Still trying to find the right place.
Will that just be for the semester while you aren't attending classes?
Yeah, then I come back.
Side note: I actually calculated Sockrates quote possible date.
11:20 PM
@BrainSteel Oh, okay. So the moving out isn't permanent at this point.
@FlagAsSpam ?
> 470/469 – 399 BC
Except he would've been 10. :P
Which makes sense...
I was a philosopher at the age of 10. But I think my greatest revelation was that people should use toilets instead of car seats so they can just go as they drive.
It should at least be an option.
11:25 PM
Luxury sedan, fully loaded with all the newest features, including heated mirrors and toilet seats.
You know, I bet Socrates never thought about putting toilet seats in a luxury sedan.
That's true.
11:37 PM
how do you make tags like that?
[tag: this-is-your-tag] without the space.
case "flatten":
	for (int i = 0; i < stac.get(currstac).size();) {
	currstac = (currstac-1+stac.size())%stac.size();
^ This is logical, yes?
For flattening a stack to the previous.
I’m not sure what “flattening a stack” means
11:39 PM
Do you mean just add all the elements from one stack to another stack?
Concatenating the stacks.
Or do you mean turning a stack of stacks into a single stack?
^ But only with 2 stacks.
So stac is a Stack[] and currstac is an int?
11:40 PM
Where does the result of flatten go? Is it put into the current stack, or pushed to a new stack?
What do top() and rmtop() do?
Put into the previous stack.
This would be so easy in Python.
I think our questions strongly suggest that the code is confusing.
Have you tested the code?
11:41 PM
top() is the top item of the current stack, rmtop() removes it.
A = [1,2,3]
B = [4,5,6]
In C#, if you have two stacks and you want to turn them into a single stack, I’d just go stack1.AddRange(stack2).
@BrainSteel I can't think of a good way to do it.
@El'endiaStarman Ah - these aren't arrays, these are variable length array lists.
Still, I would expect there to be something similar.
Also, those are variable-length lists...
@Timwi You're Alex, I'm Alex, we're all Alex.
11:42 PM
Here's how flatten is implemented in mine
var list = $; for(var i=0;i< list.length;i++)stack.push(list[i])
@AlexA. Quite the deduction, Sockrates!
$ gets replaced by stack.pop()
A: How do I join two lists in Java?

AdamCOff the top of my head, I can shorten it by one line: List<String> newList = new ArrayList<String>(listOne); newList.addAll(listTwo);

@FlagAsSpam s/\t/ / then yes
Spaces FTW
11:45 PM
@Timwi YES
case "flatten":
	currstac = (currstac-1+stac.size())%stac.size();
I guess not
:26125368 No. There are still tabs.
@AlexA. I did not get pinged by this.
11:48 PM
I did by that.
out of curiosity, why the 8-space tab length?
@Cyoce Because stack exchange does that. :P
My tabs are 4 spaces.
Does it? I don’t think it’s Stack Exchange doing that. I think it’s the browser.
My spaces are 1 space
11:48 PM
4 is obviously the correct number.
@FlagAsSpam That's odd.
@BrainSteel Yes
@Doorknob My spaces are 1.5 spaces. I like to invoke Zeno's paradox whenever I hit the space bar.
@Cyoce As far as I know, both Stack Exchange and GitHub render tabs as 8 spaces wide.
Well, this chat doesn’t render tabs as spaces. It outputs actual tabs and leaves the rendering to the browser.
11:51 PM
Right. I think "render" was probably the wrong word on my part.
So I would assume SE Q&A sites and GitHub do the same.
When it comes to things, I know not what I say.
> When it comes to things
> When it comes
11:53 PM
`+` <- function(a, b) {
    if (sample(c(TRUE, FALSE), size = 1, prob = c(0.9, 0.1)))
        .Primitive("+")(a, b)
        .Primitive("+")(.Primitive("+")(a, b), 1)
... what language is that?
There is now a 10% chance that any time you add two numbers in R, it will be off by 1.
I'm guessing the evil one.
@Doorknob R.
11:54 PM
@Doorknob R == GNU S
@BrainSteel No
11:54 PM
@Doorknob W
Y u do dis?
11:55 PM
double ninja'd
Ninja of order 2
We're here on PPCG, learning the alphabet...
Why you all stop at Z?
= n⁴i²j²a²
11:55 PM
Life stops at Z, @Timwi.
= n^4a^2?
Scooby @Doo, where are you? I have a vim question for you now.
And suddenly I'm singing in my head.
@AlexA. haha, what is it?
@Doorknob When I put let g:latex_to_unicode_tab = 1 in my .vimrc, it doesn't do anything. However, if I execute :let g:latex_to_unicode_tab = 1 then :call LaTeXtoUnicode#Init() within a session, it works.
Why would the behavior be different in .vimrc?
11:58 PM
... do you call LaTeXtoUnicode#Init() in your vimrc?
No. Should I?
uh probably
I'm going from the instructions here
It doesn't say anything about putting that in the .vimrc, it only says it's required if you make the change in a running session.
Exactly one day until Winter Bash!
(completely off-topic)

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