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2:12 AM
You might also want to remind Gilles of unix.stackexchange.com/a/177361/5132 . It's almost 4 years, now. ☺ — JdeBP 5 mins ago
11 hours later…
1:03 PM
@muru Gilles had nothing to do with that, he'd just edited the Q.
1:21 PM
@terdon he's talking of Gilles' assertion that the reaper is pid 1 on Unix systems, which the linked post shows to be outdated.
@muru Gilles hasn't written a single word anywhere on that Q&A. What do you mean?
The post on which the comment is, it's about init reaping orphans. Gilles mentioned in a comment to my post that the reaper process is pid 1, and JdeBP linked to his answer in another post which shows that is not necessarily the case.
2 hours later…
3:06 PM
Hello. I am asking this question on ubuntu chat as well,,, but I think it is more gneral linux related.
I am running a xubuntu vm. Default bashrc and everything. My PS1 is gray in the form of `user@host:rel_path$` . However, if I do `. ~/.bashrc` it changes colors.
Why does this happen? Shouldn't my local bashrc take precedent over the ones set in `/etc` ?
3:22 PM
If you know the answer, please ping me
@HunterStevens I'm not sure I understand the question - but it sounds like a reasonable one for the site. If you source .bashrc then it will have an effect if it was not already sourced. More context, please.
Need help: I can't understand/justify : Is the question like this on-topic?
 My PS1 is gray in the form of `user@host:rel_path$` .
Where was this defined, please?
@FaheemMitha check cat .bashrc | grep PS ?
3:39 PM
@Pandya Pardon?
for what?
@Pandya You don't think it's a reasonable question?
@Pandya I don't understand what you just addressed to me.
should that question be closed?
@Pandya Why should it be closed?
I addressed where PS1 is defined
@FaheemMitha Help me to determine the on-topicness of such question
3:44 PM
@Pandya It might be defined in a different file.
@Pandya Do you think the question is off-topic? If so, why?
@FaheemMitha I know it is very helpful question but I was not clear about it's on-topicness. Thanks for clearing.
4:00 PM
@Pandya Whether it is on-topic or not is subjective. Different people might have different views.
If you think it's off-topic you could vote to close.
I think we can consider such question as on-topic for 2nd or 3rd point? @FaheemMitha am I right?
@terdon ? ^^^
What question are you talking about @Pandya
The one in your deleted message?
Q: Why isn't Linux embraced as the official GNU kernel?

NlightNFotisWhile I knew for quite some time the existence of Hurd, and its mission as the official GNU Operating System kernel, I was wondering how come Linux is not embraced as the official GNU kernel over the years, seeing as it is in a much better state than the Hurd? Linux has been, more or less, servi...

btw, my favourite one!
@Pandya OK, so what about it?
@terdon That's I want to know and discuss/understand it's on-topicness (scroll-up to see my talk with Faheem Mitha)
4:15 PM
I did scroll up and you never explained why it would be off topic.
It seems OK to me.
Granted, it's not about *nix itself and more about GNU but Faheem's answer is not very opinion based so, personally, I'd let it stand. I would understand why others might vote to close it though.
Feel free to do so if you feel it's not on topic.
@terdon OK. So, can you help me to explain our helppage regarding this?
In other word which point on-topics this?
@Pandya Nothing there. However, there is an agreement that questions about *nix history are on topic and I guess that would qualify.
Q: Are history questions on topic?

David ThornleyUnix has quite a bit of history, and a lot of things with historical roots. Should questions primarily about the history of Unix be on topic?

@terdon Thanks!
Got it
@FaheemMitha I am getting help in the ubuntu room, but thank you
And what do you think about such justification on help-centre ? (necessary or not)
4:25 PM
@HunterStevens Happy to do it here if you prefer :)
@Pandya Might be a good idea, sure. Ask on meta.
@terdon Done!
Q: Justify whether history questions are on-topic or not @ help > on-topic

PandyaCurrent [on-topic] page has no clarification about whether historical questions like this are on-topic or not. While discussing about this on chat-room, I found that there is no problem with such question and we can allow this type question. So, I am asking for changing the on-topic pag...

Cool, +1
Thank you very much for co-operation and help.
1 hour later…
5:42 PM
@terdon Actually, the don't ask section in help is woefully unspecific.
Who has permission to change this stuff, do you know?
That could usefully be made more specific, I think.

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