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1:24 AM
@Memor-X seems like ps store is having a few VNs on sale
@ton.yeung like what? i can assume Amnesia given it was on sale on Steam before but i don't know too many Visual Novels outside that
unless Neptunia and Agarest counts
@Memor-X i dunno, i just skimmed through it
just hop on the store and see if there's anything of interest\
@ton.yeung currently my cash is being saved for when i get my Playstation TV and i start playing Neptunia, before i start playing i'm getting all the DLC
ahh okay
and i need at least $200 saved on my card when the Limited Edition of Neptunia V II's pre-order start, Neptunia Re;Birth 3 Limited Edition was sold out on the European IF Store in a day
1:31 AM
wow seven of the manga series i'm reading have releases today, sweeeeet
1 hour later…
2:55 AM
feature request - if a user posts an question but does not include the tag then the question should be deleted by a bot
the bot's name should be called "Shimigami-sama" (from soul eater) and the deleting should make reference to his Reaper Chop
Q: Do you know a dad and his son's friend yaoi manga

retchardDo you know a dad and his son's friend yaoi manga? Please can you help me to find it? i saw it once but i forget its name. The story of it is : One day when a boy called keita bring his friend to his dad's coffee bar , his friend meet keita's father and loved him , but in one day when he was seei...

user image
3:30 AM
His reaper chop never really killed anyone
daily lives of boys lmao
4:22 AM
@Tyhja are you watching that masterpiece?
i didnt get into it
i mentioned it cos that was the tag for the id request for a yaoi manga
though i think i might go rewatch it
4:37 AM
O hi yo/
@mirroroftruth yo/
4:51 AM
3 hours later…
7:29 AM
@SeptianPrimadewa i think i know them but i can't confirm
@SeptianPrimadewa who are they
then i don't know them
8:21 AM
8:39 AM
slow week for AMSE
i blame @ʞɹɐzǝɹ
i can't even leave snide comments when questions actually disappear so fast
2 hours later…
10:24 AM
10:38 AM
signs of life spotted
Q: about the second season

sarali**the second season is so near in 2016 attack on titan ** I REALLY DONT KNOW WHAT TO SAY, OMG ,the first thing there is many people ask what will happen there I think that your questions is what will happens to annie , what about that titan coming from the wall and what eren's key secret this thi...

10:53 AM
wtf did i just read
i did not read at all, OMG I REALLY DONT KNOW WHAT TO SAY
i read it 3 times
1 min silence for @Tyhja for reading it 3 times
and don't forget to write commend
my first time
10:59 AM
11:13 AM
@mirroroftruth Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai. It seems that the seiyuus are newbie or something, but I don't like their acting, especially Ootori
i spy a lurker @ʞɹɐzǝɹ
11:47 AM
@nhahtdh how is the plot
@mirroroftruth The plot is the generic harem type, where there is one episode for each of the main girls.
There are some fighting and magic, but they are not especially spectacular
12:07 PM
@Sakamoto because reading the tour does matter
@HamtaroWarrior i think this one needs language classes
12:43 PM
Q: Anime about a disabled gamer

ShereenWhat is an anime about a disabled girl on a wheelchair who plays a computer video game and shows in the game world as a strong character (I think she doesn't reveal her gender in the game) and meets another female player and a connection between the two players start.. I don't remember any detail...

1:24 PM
Yo ('ω')ノ
@Chinatsu-creepy-chan Yosh >:3
Is there going to be a new tag for Steins;Gate 0 or not? :o
doubt it
1:40 PM
Our tag policies are very inconsistent.
@Tosh ^
What are the policies?
No tag for the sequel of an anime?
Well, this isn't exactly a sequel but you get my point ._.
meta.anime.stackexchange.com/questions/2673/… heres a discussion in the comments about it
Based on that discussion, there should be a separate tag for S;G 0 given that the anime isn't going to be a reboot and is not even based on the same visual novel. I mean it would even help with filtering the tags, as I'll most probably add it to my "ignored tags" to prevent getting spoiled, while still being able to answer any S;G questions posted henceforth.
1:56 PM
Q: Should multiple continuities have individual tags?

KilluaSome anime and manga series have multiple continuities, such as Fullmetal Alchemist (the manga and Brotherhood follow the same story while the original was only partly based on the manga) and Evangelion (the Rebuild continuity has strayed completely from the original anime, and the manga is compl...

@JNat How does that go against my suggestion of having a different tag for S;G 0? The visual novels on which the two anime are based are different, so there won't be any confusion regarding that. As for the plot-difference, if the special episode of S;G is anything to go by, there's going to be a big plot difference.
@AshishGupta Just showing you there's been ongoing debate on this since the beginning of the site.
I don't think it makes sense to have separate tags
But that's me
Bring it up on meta, if you're unsure
Okay. If the tag is not made when questions related to S;G 0 are posted, I'll bring it up. Since there are no questions yet regarding S;G 0, I don't think it would make sense to make a meta topic on it. Just came here to know what the plan was for the tag
2:16 PM
@JNat yus, we need to decide a better one
mods are currenlty split on this afaics
as is the community
I agree with @JNat fwiw
this is what I mean~
I will talk to the mods and maybe we will make a definitive meta post
back to work I go~
2:34 PM
@Memor-X yeah, I never finished Ar Tonelico 2, but I have it sitting on my shelf to complete eventually.
silently pings ToshinouKyouko for fun >_>~~~
dem boob physics
2:52 PM
@Tyhja get used to it I guess, I'm sure this will be the next show that attracts a million clones =.=
@CuddleBunny le gasp! say it isnt so!
I guess that mindset is okay though, I sometimes wonder if they would have considered animating Log Horizon if SAO wasn't so popular.
as you might have noticed, I stopped appearing here
this is because chat has been eating up too much of my attention
I haven't been able to do the things I wanted to do because of that
so the problem is mostly in my lack of self-control :p
it's been fun but I won't be appearing here often
if you think you have the same problem as I described, try not visiting chat for a few weeks and see if it helps you become more productive
if not, you can always come back
for me it worked miracles
if Taisho gets stuck, poke me in steam so I would restart him
if issues with Taisho get serious, maybe take him off my hands, it's very easy to run him
Q: Hellsing Ultimate VIII OST

LuluafkI've in the research of the theme at 3:17 to 6:00 https://youtu.be/GTtZcPLvsxw?t=202 it's come with the trailer too at the beginning http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xk4n5x_hellsing-ultimate-ova-08-trailer-hd_shortfilms Thanks c: !

oh, and for a motivational speech
I know most of you guys have great potential, but I haven't seen a lot of you do something impressive
maybe it's my limited vision, maybe you didn't want to boast
but try to figure out if there are things that you do routinely, which prevent you from realizing your great potential
3:10 PM
@Hakase does Taisho run on a VM?
@Taisho what
@Hakase we dont really talk that much though
4:09 PM
@Hakase Can you teach me?
@JNat for the first time you gotta enter SE account login and password for the chat bot account and then you just set it on autorun
@Hakase So... basically I don't need to do anything?
Unless it borks
sometimes you may need to restart the app if it gets weird connectivity issues
it's set to reconnect automatically but once a month it may not work
@Hakase so taisho is a gurl
@Tyhja That's... not cool
4:20 PM
its a joke :0
be happy!
I get to do more fun stuff
you should too
I'll miss Hakase
fun stuff without us to share it with though D:
you should look forward to a better me instead
don't be sad, get a cake!
4:29 PM
@Hakase cakes are lies
you can't possibly feel fine surrounded only by truth
4:40 PM
@Hakase And where would I get those?
@JNat create a new account and allow it to post in this room in the permissions
you might wanna get the current state of posted/unposted images from me when you(or somebody) decide to take over Taishoing
you can still reach me via steam when that happens
I'll keep hosting him for now tho so no rush
1 hour later…
6:04 PM
6:59 PM
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ @Hakase you guys think this is worth it? bundlestars.com/en/bundle/ultimate-game-makers-bundle
ack.. ruby
not worth it i guess, everything but the top tier is pretty old
ack, just noticed hakase went bye bye
@ton.yeung I think it would still be worth it for all those assets
7:15 PM
@CuddleBunny are the new versions compatible with old assets? the only thing i've ever messed with is unity3d
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ Is he going somewhere?
@MadaraUchiha to productive land
@ton.yeung lies.
@ton.yeung I'm sure you can pull the raw sounds/sprites/models out somehow
@CuddleBunny meh, i have too many things backlogged
i liked your old icon better
7:17 PM
it was cute, but it wasn't mine
@CuddleBunny it wasn't?
as in you didn't draw it?
nope, stole it from someone else in a forum like 12 years ago
@CuddleBunny i don't think many of us drew our own
I didn't draw this one either, but it is a caricature of me
@CuddleBunny LOL did you get it at an anime convention?
7:19 PM
nope, was actually an official profile picture of me at a game company startup I worked for
one of the designers made them for the whole team
I wish the page was still live
@CuddleBunny did they get shutdown for copyright infringement :D
^that guy looks like the guy in gundam
no, the founder got married and was forced to get a real job
then found his passion hosting conferences and hackathons
we were the number one kids game in the app store for a few weeks though
he does look like the guy from Gundam though, lol
nice, what did you guys use?
those siblings getting named after food... its kinda sad
native ObjC and cocos2d /wrists
never again
7:34 PM
@CuddleBunny wooooow
why does hershey's cookies and cream bars have to taste soo good
i get stomach aches eating them
the only way to stop is to only buy one
@CuddleBunny i only buy them in bundles cuz they're cheaper :D
@ton.yeung I used to buy candy at Sam's Club... Sometimes I like to live dangerously
@CuddleBunny lol, i do that sometimes, the only problem with sams club is that they sell variety packs and there are always flavors that i dont like
i almost bought a 3 pack of 48 count ferrero roche
man... i would have gotten such a bad stomach ache
my gf was wit me and told me to put it back though
7:49 PM
yay histy
8:30 PM
@Frosteeze what's a histy?
@ton.yeung Histoire
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ what's a histoire?
Name of depicted character
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ o i c
8:49 PM
Q: Anime/Manga-that has to do with L-DK

Marcela ZeaI would like to read and watch more anime/manga during vacation, so can you suggest me any.

9:15 PM
Q: An anime I saw on tv as a kid

WOuldbegratfulI really dont remember much of it. Just the intro. The kids in the anime took a train to some magic land. It was like that every time. Should be older than 8 years or so.

9:32 PM
@CuddleBunny if you intent to play the third game on the PS3 i would suggest completing it. i can already see how the second game sets up the events of the third game
do you have the NTSC version? (US Version)
@Hakase can i get you to confrim the run time and status on this
@Memor-X yeah, I have the US version
I probably will finish this before I play the third one
@CuddleBunny then be aware that near the end there is a game crashing bug, you can get passed it but it's kind of a pain and may need Cloche's Replika to do it
yeah, my room mate back in college hit that
GUST's game engine is garbage
if it wasn't for this bug i would have played the game 3 times each time focusing on one of the girls however the bug makes it a pain given Replika is only usable if Cloche so i'm going to have to stop on the 5th level of the Cosmosphere for Cloche and Mir until i get to where the bug occurs and finish it off there
@CuddleBunny it's not that it's garbage, the US localization of it was garbage and the testers both at NISA and Sony was just more powerful than Raki so they OPed her but as i have said before that's just shit debugging
you test a boss and beat it before it can use every skill it has, how the hell do you know that the skill still works with the localization done?
should point out that apparently the PAL version doesn't have the reported bugs the NTSC version has. and i doubt the Japanese version has them otherwise the US Localization would have known about them and fixed it
@LoganM just double checking. in Japanese there is no L or R so when you have a name like Leo in Japanese it can also be Reo
9:48 PM
More accurately, there's one sound in Japanese which is somewhere between L and R, though probably closer to R.
@Memor-X even in the Asian versions there is some crazy lag during battles though
in most GUST games
!!google language click sound
@CuddleBunny i did notice that in Ar Tonelico 2 with larger attacks and it's kind of a pain when the attack is full party and your trying to defend against it. so many times i get lower ranking from those Blue Angels because of their Divine Punishment skill
and there's also Raki's which has more hits
@LoganM ok, thanks
Q: Where did it became known that Rin's and Len's names have different first letters?

Memor-XAccording to the answers here and this chat post there's one sound in Japanese which is somewhere between L and R, though probably closer to R. Luffy/Ruffy (One Peice) Leo/Reo (Kara no Kyoukai) 2 of the Vocaloids are the twins Rin and Len but given the above they names could be Rin and R...

10:06 PM
@Memor-X uhm but Leo Shirazumi can't be Reo, because his name was meant to be "almost lion"
@Abyx but Lion = Raion
10:26 PM
@Abyx in the subtitles of the English release they have it show up as Reo/Rio and i even asked about it here
i wonder when people are going to start tying the loss of middle class to our country's poor education
@ton.yeung when Donald Trump becomes president
@Memor-X I see. But since we use English and Latin letters here, wouldn't "Leo" or "Lio" be more logical?
@Memor-X haha! sad, but true
Q: Anime movie identification request - Aired on MTV anime Night

KeyI remember this full length post-apocalyptic anime movie in the early 2000s. It was showing late one night on MTV when they would feature anime movies from Japan. It was about a young man named Leon (he had white hair and a pained face most of the time, that's all I can remember) and he was to g...

10:44 PM
@Abyx Leo yes but i do remember that subs showing up as an R instead of an L
But these are English Subs and English sucks
10:55 PM
Q: What character is missing from Lio Shirazumi's name to allow him be called Lion?

Memor-Xin Kara no Kyoukai Araya comments to Lio saying that he just needed one character to be called a lion. English wise this would be very correct but given that these characters are talking in Japanese i doubt that Lio needed an ン and according to the Wikia Shirazumi Lio's name in Japanese is 白純里緒 ...

anyone know of any method to screenshot entire web pages regardless of height with doesn't involve taking multiple images? if so what is it?
@Memor-X yes
@Memor-X snagit
@ton.yeung i take it that's an addon?
11:11 PM
@Memor-X i dunno if the addon will do it, but the full program does
11:33 PM
Q: lost memory of an anime. request help to find it

Richardhey im trying to find an anime/cartoon (dont remember wich) and its bugging me like crazy since i cant remember it so il say some stuff i remember and please help me. its either an anime or cartoon mostlikely an anime (tv-show) its probably in the genre of mecha since i remember it as an futuri...

^bit early
xD right
11:55 PM
@LoganM proably still learning

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