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12:07 AM
12:27 AM
My inner OCD can't stand the patch of color between his arms.
My inner OCD is telling me chkdsk needs to hurry up after 2 hours, and let me do my homework
@SimonSheehan lol. Two hours? Is that usual for your setup?
@iglvzx Well its doing a full check for corrupted data and stuff to recover bad sectors, etc.
Since I had some issues with this drive.
@SimonSheehan Ah. That would explain why
chkdsk /r
65% done on Stage 5 of 5..
12:34 AM
@SimonSheehan 10 minutes later: 64% Stage 5 of 5.
68 now. Its "verifying free space"
12:48 AM
I think this might be too localized:
Q: Linux Firefox 8 Flash plugin doesn't play any sound?

JitamaroOn my Linux box my flash plugin doesn't play any sound? I've updated firefox with zypper up and I have the newest OpenSuse 11.4 but I'm using a custom and updated kernel from zen-kernel.org and usually I compile my kernel myself with a custom config file. How can I get flash to play any sound?

It sounds... like a bizarre issue xD
Hard to know what went wrong, when they have their customized kernel
90 percent, come on ...
@iglvzx We have a Vote to close room, you can post possible questions there, and 3k+ users take a look :)
1:05 AM
@SimonSheehan Thanks.
@iglvzx No problem! I love when people use it :p
@SimonSheehan Haha. Well, that is what the room is for.
It's strange that this bug is still around after 2 years:
Q: Favorite tags in Chrome isn't displaying correctly

SgtOJ Possible Duplicate: SuperUser bug: badge border is cut off in Chrome, fine in Firefox Chrome displays Favorite Tag on home page like this: I have confirm this on Chrome v12, v13, and v14 on two different computers.

Indeed, very odd.
It seems to be a bug with Webkit. However, that shouldn't stop the web developers from using a workaround (think IE 6)
Indeed, but...I guess things happen
Also, hello @JosephWeissman, welcome to Root Access.
1:35 AM
Welcome back @studiohack
thanks @SimonSheehan - just dropping in and checking things out
@studiohack All's quiet :p
all's quiet on the superuser front :P
Not a geek was stirring
1:39 AM
hahaha @SimonSheehan - that fits!
haha :P
@studiohack Because everythings fine on Wednesdays... until something explodes ;)
for me, that's on mondays at work :P
@SimonSheehan Earlier, Boris was asking about lithium batteries exploding...
@iglvzx Oh dear.
@studiohack I miss science class, blowing things up was always a joy.
@iglvzx ironic
1:42 AM
While we wait for said explosion, amuse yourselves with this @studiohack @iglvzx
Skip to 0:40 for action!
there, fixed one geek is stirring
@SimonSheehan: back in the old days... i accidentally made H2S by dumping stuff i had used to do experiments in the sink
they had to evacuate the lab
good times :)
@SimonSheehan That poor washing machine. You can almost feel the sounds
@SimonSheehan haha, that's way good!
@studiohack Everything must go in style!
1:45 AM
my washing machine is at least 30 years old - if not 40 :P
Ever seen that episode of Mythbusters where they blow up the cement truck?
@studiohack At my old apartment, We had an old dryer which required you to turn the power knob, similar to starting a lawn mower.
@SimonSheehan no? sounds scary
@iglvzx like a pull start?
1:47 AM
@studiohack It sounded like a lawn mower. I suppose a better description is turning your key to start a car
ah, I see @iglvzx sounds interesting lol
@SimonSheehan whoa!
@studiohack This show is amazing.
Anyways, gotta go for a bit. Cya all later!
@SimonSheehan Bye!
laters @SimonSheehan!
2:20 AM
FAIL Newegg sent me a coffee sample with my new SATA drive. seriously?!
i hope it didn't leak?
lol no @JourneymanGeek - just really weird :P
my brother is getting a new laptop
Yay, i get to do research once these exams are over ;p
2:40 AM
Hey there
guys, I got a q about wifi, can anyone help me?
if its something quick and basic, presumably
but its a better idea to ask questions that arn't about buying stuff on the main site ;p
Currently I'm on wifi network with no security (i mean without pass)
can I do something, to access this network, even If some day the network "owner" will set pass?
sorry for my "awesome" english))
yes and no
explain ))
but generally its no - assuming its WPA
2:44 AM
> To enact an immediate ban on the videogame known as "SkyRim" produced by Blizzard Entertainment.
TIL that Skyrim's by Blizzard
there's ways to break into a network, but most of them are more trouble than its worth, and potentially illegal
Listen, I'm currently on this network
so I can do whatever I want
fetch data packets... etc
@TuralTeyyuboglu: you can access the network, and thats pretty much it
if the person who owns the system secures it properly, it would be non trivial to get in
ok. I'm going to ask this q more detailed to community
@TuralTeyyuboglu: you will get answers very similar to mine
2:47 AM
I can explain details
I'd suggest looking at aircrack and backtrack, should you want to learn how to get into a secured wireless network
(for educational reasons, of course)
1. Other side is sharing wimax network, to wifi.
2. He has windows 7
3. For now it's unsecured wifi network
a unsecured wireless network works like a hub
a secured one is secured between you and the AP
btw Steve Woz is in Bangalore >_>
2:48 AM
also, using someone elses wireless is unethical ;p
.. and I need to rush to work, laters
(if its open, its sort of ok. but secured... not ethical)
@JourneymanGeek rofl
I know him. It's just interesting
someone quit over the video card giveaway? ._. Thats rather sad
2:57 AM
hm, i might be able to hack together a old spare PSU to one i can use on the dell, assuming it has enough grunt. Which means i should probably smuggle in a new video card next month :)
(PSU has one SATA power connector, lots of molex. I just add a molex to sata and molex to PCI-E adaptor)
then move the 8800 into the dell, and get something reasonably priced for the desktop
3:27 AM
Hiya all
heya @Moshe
Hey, working on a paper.
Any reliable websites for history of the PC?
I'm looking to find references to computers being military and business until the PC revolution.
The paper is called "Apple as a Social Movement", but I need some background to fill 8-10 pages.
I have the SJ bio and a 3 page outline that I wrote, but I need more sources.
And some verification honestly.
@studiohack So, what's a reputable website for info?
@Moshe sorry, wouldn't know :(
an encylopedia
Lol, ok, thanks.
Eh, I came late to the giveaway party. Oh well. :-)
Was a zillion votes behind the winners, but eh.
Actually think that the giveaway is very much not related to SU at all.
oh that's fine for Meta questions. don't worry about it
3:33 AM
Heh, ok.
OMG, I can't believe there is so much friggin drama over the giveaway.
@surfasb Lol, haha. What drama? I just noticed it in passing.
@Moshe The international shipping
Ah, heh.
@Moshe My father is in the import/export business
Jeff does not lie. Customs is a big pain in the rear to deal with.
3:37 AM
I gotta run actually. Getting too tired to be productive, so it's bedtime.
Good night!
Just when you think you somehow get the equipment out of one country, another county is being a pain in the rear
Or when you manage to get past customs, they call you and say, "Ughh, ya. The dudes added up the cost wrong. You still owe us money."
@moshe: ars technica might be useful
they have a load of cool articles
Or look for the articles about the first "computers"
@surfasb: we've never really had issues with shipping nearly anything out here. I pulled out of the contest cause i'd feel a little guilty had i won ;p
It was amusing to learn that back in WWII, the title "computer" was given to someone who, literally, 8 hours a day, did math.
3:40 AM
nowadays, we call them 'obsessive' ;p
@JourneymanGeek Meh, to the victors belong them spoils.
@JourneymanGeek Or nerds.
@surfasb: I'm just odd like that. I want to win fair when it matters. I want what matters to win ;p
and no. I do not want clippy to bloody help ><
Back in WWII, the tables that artillery units used to aim their weapons were hand calculated by a bunch of people in the DoD.
@JourneymanGeek Luv ze Clippy!
In the SU contest i think i voted for everyone who was above me. and below me. (as long as i thought they were good sports... which is nearly everyone ;p)
Yeah, I put in votes also.
But I had no reservations if I won.
Especially considering the first couple of days, only two people posted.
There were few people participating in the begin of the contest and in views. I did feel bad about that.
On top of that, he builds and administers websites and moderates part-time.
3:51 AM
But ya. Customs can be unpredictable.
It's not worth the time.
the local ones are ok cause there's pretty much no risk of theft, and the only applicable sales tax is only for items worth more than a certain amount
My father deals with customs for a living.
depends on the country i suppose
He always jokes about how the easy days are " . . . when you can bribe em."
3:54 AM
singapore is pretty efficient public service wise
East Asian countries are real easy.
well, you do have some pilferage elsewhere supposedly
@JourneymanGeek It also depends on what you are shipping too.
Surprisingly, plain brown cardboard boxes draw too much attention.
3:57 AM
You need writing on the outside. Makes it look more official
most stuff we get seems to be plain cardboard boxen ;p
This is mostly shipping to East Asia
My father doesn't ship to Europe all that much anymore.
Germany if he ever does.
If he does, he ships it to Canada first for some reason.
No idea why.
My dad's company gets spares from out there and else where...
though those are often couriered, i think
4:28 AM
4:47 AM
though i switched over to highlighting what i am trying to show and making it duller tho
2 hours later…
7:03 AM
Q: What do you call a disk drive that is not solid state?

kojiroI tried searching for things like opposite of solid-state, but most of what I've found suggest things like liquid-state. I'm pretty sure a drive that is not solid-state contains no liquid to speak of. Is there a one word antonym for the use of solid-state in this context?

sigh Have hard drives been scarce that long?
@JourneymanGeek whaaa? I can't keep up with anything anymore lol
erg. only one chapter done today, and i totally can't seem to concentrate right now
7:26 AM
@slhck Yeah, noticed; thanks. Version 2 of the API has built-in idiot protection -- which unfortunately means more work for people who know what they're doing
8:06 AM
fortunately the "more work" is only one checkbox away in the v2 documentation / API-exploration-thing
you just tick the box marked "I'm not crazy"
@MarcGravell ah, the enable-safe-mode-checkbox
no, the enable-unsafe-mode checkbox
potato-potahto, no? :p
not really; it would have to be a disable-safe-mode
I worry that if, from the default, you enabled safe mode, it would then be double-encoded by the API, potentially making it triple-encoded at the client
8:25 AM
potato potahto pettatoh?
why are all the devs here?
@balpha Didn't know you were using v2 already, makes sense after reading the draft.
8:32 AM
best answer ever... (sorry, 10k only)
> Windows doesn't even support auto sign-in by itself. It just magically happens under certain circumstances.
@JourneymanGeek, I think it would be better as the 1024 kb metric
@nhinkle, yup, its amazing what people post
@nhinkle: superuser.com/q/33103/10165 i think this is better
Ahaha. Yes, that too @JourneymanGeek. Man... I delete all the good answers.
@soandos: in that case, if i was saying 1000 kb bytes i wouldn't have said the
Its a minor thing, but it looked off with the the in it ;p
8:37 AM
btw, just because i am confused, isn't 1024 kb an mb, not a gb?
yeah ;p
THAT is definately an error on my part
I mean it might be a valid way of describing it, but it just a tad confusing ;)
actually, 1024kb would be 128kB :P
well, the 'proper' term for the 1024 multiple units are kibibytes and so on...
8:40 AM
right, its valid and clear, but still possibly misleading
then again, that's true @JourneymanGeek
right. edited with those thricedamned newfangled names
Out of curiosity, why does community get +2 rep for every edit it makes?
community makes edits?
@soandos Because in the backend, you have to have somebody make the edits
Yeah, if there's an anonymous edit approved @JourneymanGeek
8:47 AM
and since community is <2k rep, it gets +2 for every edit approved
but there is a cap on that no?
like 200 or something i think
a cap?
200 edits? or getting 200 rep from edits?
second one
oh you mean the daily rep cap of 200, I don't think that applies to edits
it only applies to upvotes
8:48 AM
no i dont
i think you keep getting rep until you hit a certain number of rep i think
o0... if someone did 200 edits in a day...
something is odd.
I mean that there is a limited amount of rep you can gain this way
hm, wouldn't have heard of that
ya. only low rep users get rep from edits
'The other way to gain reputation is by suggesting edits to existing posts as a new registered user. Each edit will be peer reviewed, and if it is accepted, you will earn +2 reputation. You can only earn a maximum of +1000 total reputation through suggested edits, however' + at 2k rep, you edit on your own rights
Ah, so thats what the cap is
8:55 AM
Dear $Name,
You are approaching the end of your mail forwarding period.

The U.S. Postal Service mail forwarding service is valid for one year from your move date. Your mail stop forwarding date is $MailFwdEndDt.
yes, that's the actual mail from USPS.
speaking of mail..
any word on when the non voucher SU contest stuff ships?
no, I have no clue on that..
no, Rebecca still hasn't got an ETA (see ask a SU mod chatroom)
9:19 AM
ahh ok
2 hours later…
11:08 AM
The v2 API needs to ship with idiot-proof potatoes.
Is there a definite answer to "what was the first personal computer?" If so, what was it?
11:39 AM
anyone here
@SPK Hello!
@tombull89 One small doubt
Q: Changing Google Chrome lanugage?

SPKSuddenly, my chrome language have been changed to Tamil. I didn't done this. I don't know how to change this to English. Anyone Guide me to do this?

@SPK Odd. Maybe it's auto detected your location and changed the language.
Hold on a bit, it's only been 10 minutes.
I got it. Now, it's changed into English
@tombull89 Y U DELETE POST?
11:44 AM
@Linker3000, I know you've made the desicison to go and I don't even know if you'll get this but I've got a Radeon HD 5450 1GB card avalible if you want it. Granted, it's not in the same league as the cards Jeff was offering, but it's better than nothing. Ping or e-mail me (website and email link can be found in profile).
@Sathya Because I accidentally something.
@tombull89 heh
Also, can I have his rep? 15k would be nice...whatever the 15k benefits are, I would make use of them :P
@tombull89 LOL
you may have, if he wants to merge his accnt into yours :p
Mod tools, and question protection? I'll fly with that.
will be the fastest 3k -> 15k jump :p
12:04 PM
@SPK: if you need any help saying what it says...
Wow, the blog room got quiet
12:27 PM
@JourneymanGeek No, i've cleared my question.
Ahh, ok
@JourneymanGeek You know anything about Outlook Messenger
er.. the e mail programme?
we use it on some office systems, but i don't really use it much myself
No, it's a lan messenger
then no
12:31 PM
2 hours later…
2:09 PM
How does one normally comment on a post if said post has just been deleted by the owner, and the owner does not publish any contact information absolutely anywhere?
2:25 PM
@grawity Well, you're kinda stuck. Post it on meta and hope someone notices?
2:56 PM
hi there
does anybody know how to configure vpnc?
@fl00r May be better asking a question on the sister ServerFault site.
3:43 PM
dust off your telnet clients and telnt into miku.acm.uiuc.edu
4:29 PM
@Sathya bwahaha
4:51 PM
@Sathya It doesn't resize to full screen... cries in a corner
@tombull89 vpnc is a client application, so it might get bounced back as being off topic on serverfault.
@fl00r if you're having trouble getting an answer on SuperUser for your vpnc question, you might get some hits from askubuntu.com, perhaps.
1 hour later…
6:08 PM
@random why did you close my question? Not complaining, just asking.
6:35 PM
@Moshe If I'd have to guess, similar to this. "Early computers" just aren't what we consider to be computers today.
Additionally, you don't have a problem to solve, but are just curious. That got the "Why are there 8 bits in a byte" question closed IIRC.
7:04 PM
@Moshe You don't have a problem that needs fixing. You want a history lesson. Upvotes collect faster on chatter topics that everyone sits to gawk at.
@random That I don't need to fix a problem is irrelevant, I think. It's a question that can be answered definitively, isn't subjective, and is about hardware.
So it's a question that just came up in a thought session, a what does Wikipedia say, and not of any actual problem
Almost all of the answers in some way debate what your take of the first computer is, a third are Wikipedia pulls. So it's not off topic, but more not constructive or not a real question
7:40 PM
@random I agree that it's not off topic, but I disagree that it's not constructive. I've edited to clarify the kinds of computers that I'm asking about.
7:56 PM
@random - I've posted on meta. I really am curious to know what the community thinks about these kinds of questions. Feel free to weigh in. :-)
1 hour later…
9:09 PM
@Moshe Question has been reopened! Tosses in the final vote
9:26 PM
won on Web Apps! All Time Tag Wiki Editor
@studiohack haha thats awesome
heh, an MS employee was advertising a bit..
Anyone know a good program to retag songs?
As in, it does it for me.
@SimonSheehan Know Picard?
It's probably the one everybody will suggest first
@slhck Never heard of it. I'll look it up
@slhck Will it also help me get all my album artwork completed? :p
9:41 PM
@SimonSheehan No idea :P
Could very well be it does that automatically. MediaMonkey is also nice.
@slhck gonna try picard, thanks :)
Not all my music was tagged properly due to uh... original location of said mp3s.
its been driving me nuts enough to finally do something
At one point I also manually fixed my whole database
Like, 13000 songs fully tagged
with album artwork
the worst thing is that there's no decent ID3 editor for OS X
Oh wow.
I want to complete all my album artwork, it looks so nice on the iPod touch.
As well as when i Use fullscreen iTunes on OS X lion
I can imagine :)
Amen for Mission Control and Expose.
@slhck Windows needs it's own mission control... it's making my workflow much nicer :)
Holy, this thing is really working.
9:47 PM
Who wants to see my junction?
Now I understand … I think we've had a question on this already
Q: How to find and remove "spicy" media files from my PC

ScottI have an embarrassing problem: during my younger and wilder days, I used to download a certain type of movie clips and pictures. The combination of youthful foolishness and a couple of beers apparently caused me to put these files in odd places on my hard drives. My girlfriend is moving in with...

@slhck So with this app... How exactly do I use it? :p
Its scanning everything at the moemnt
@SimonSheehan I think you can somehow apply the results to the files
@slhck looks for that
9:55 PM
Haven't used it in ages … I've been using MediaMonkey for auto-tagging
I guess save will do
Makes sense :p
hmmm, how do you call the eight number behind the decimal point?
like, is there a more mathematical term for that?
e.g. 0.123456789
@slhck hmm... ask our mathematicians! chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/36/mathematics
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