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1:00 PM
So true! Still, I'm thinking I'm going to do it this time!
Python tells you to hold them responsible so that when they inevitably mess up you can say Python told you to let it happen.
SO is not a code-review site. If the code works, try at codereview, if their FAQs allow. — Olaf 39 secs ago
@Mast It'll not raise exceptions as translate gibberish to/from gibberish is a perfectly legal operation. The translated gibberish does just not make sense...
This question needs some serious clean-up before it's acceptable at Code Review, but it could fit. Add context and increase readability of the accompanying text first. — Mast 40 secs ago
1:13 PM
Q: How can i optimize my c code?

Antoine DuvalI have a c code that is used to add to a var all cells of a tab : #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <assert.h> #include <malloc.h> #define NB 10000 // Instruction RDTSC du Pentium static __inline__ unsigned long long RDTSC(void) { unsigned hi, lo; __asm__ __volati...

@Jamal did you get any anouncement regarding winterbash ? I just stumbled over last years meta and I am mostly concerned regarding "All sites (via a moderator) needs to submit their decision by December 1st.". I don't want us to miss it ;-)
1:30 PM
@CaptainObvious ehh that title sucks, but I can't tell what the code does
@Phrancis I actually warned him for that...
But of-course users don't listen.
Ah, I see you also warned them about the question quality.
They didn't listen to that either.
@Mast When they say "all cells of a tab" are they talking about a spreadsheet or something?
Ironically, I can read their French comments and variable names just fine, and well... they are not very good
1:46 PM
Is it meant to say "Add to a var [in] all cells of a tab"?
Where tab = spreadsheet?
Who knows
Q: Wrapping text in <a> tags

JonuuxI needed a script to wrap phrases with tag, they all are separated by commas, for i.e "Alan, Bob, John". I came to this result: $actors = explode(',', $item->casting); $item->casting = array_map(function($a) { $a = trim($a); return '<a href="'.$a.'">'.$a.'

They at least took my advice and added some summary comments
And he removed the SO original.
I may just give them an upvote for good behaviour
1:50 PM
It's still al lousy question IMO.
I'd save the upvote for when he actually improved it. I'll revert my downvote in that case as well.
int main(void) {
What a great, useful comment
@Phrancis Yea, that's useless.
I've seen it quite often though, people thinking they should comment EVERYTHING
@Mast It's not so much excessive commenting that's bad, but comments that just repeat what the code says
intSum = intA + intB ... // Sums intA and intB
Textbook case of a Cargo Cult
Potato potato.
// Instruction RDTSC du Pentium
static __inline__ unsigned long long RDTSC(void) {
    unsigned hi, lo;
    __asm__ __volatile__ ("rdtsc" : "=a"(lo), "=d"(hi));
    return ((unsigned long long) lo) | (((unsigned long long) hi) << 32);
1:58 PM
@Zak That's like worse than bad
That's pretty obscure, at least to me
@Zak At least 3 bad idioms in one line
Comment says // RDTSC instruction of Pentium
Wait, Intel still make Pentium chips??
Looks like a better fit for Code Review to me — Bergi 40 secs ago
    case 0 ⇒ accum
    // otherwise
    case _ ⇒ {
2:07 PM
@Phrancis Pentium D isn't too old, and the Xeon are actually Pentium as well
is an odd character to use in code
Technically a Haswell is still a Pentium AFAIK
Honestly, this is not meant as a code review. First, structure of methods is well defined. Second, the code is presented to have a full running example. The central question (as emphazised in the heading) is how to execute flatMap multiple times in the most concise and functional programming way. Thanks for your understanding! — Martin Senne 37 secs ago
@Mast Read that as Intel Haskell
Yea, those are not related ^^
2:09 PM
Time to read some stuff... openjdk.java.net/projects/jdk9
@chillworld TTGTH?
to home?
goto home;
I propose a new OLA: TTGTDC
Time To Get To Da Choppa!
2:16 PM
luckily I don't suck in everything :)
@Phrancis óla señor
@skiwi Yo no hablo español
@Phrancis Oui
2:18 PM
@Zak ...
@TopinFrassi Bonjour!
God morgon
@Phrancis Fine, "I will Provide No Explanation Other Than This Overly Long Acronym Itself"
Now, patently untrue
2:26 PM
I've mentioned this several times now but I feel strongly that This Question does not deserve to be in negative territory anymore
@Zak but...but it is vba
@Heslacher *it's
@Zak Upvoted... nice answer, BTW
Fire spitting pedants.
2:28 PM
@Zak Psh. Pedants aren't real. They're just a myth!
We keep this up and it'll be on the meme wiki before long :)
I don't know why these people want to keep me on after january
I arrive in the office at 11:30, I eat from 14:00 to 15:30, I just slept in my chair for 10 minutes and I browse around all the time
@Zak Was this the first encounter or did Mat's use it earlier?
Nov 23 at 12:41, by Dan Pantry
Code Review: Here be pedants.
So, does this mean we have a blog now?
Do graduated sites get a blog?
I think it was a 30k privilege proposal that failed.
2:30 PM
I think we already had a blog 1.5y ago
or at least there was talk about it
@Mast If so, where? And who gets to post to it?
49 secs ago, by Mast
I think it was a 30k privilege proposal that failed.
Note the failed.
@Donald.McLean Explain :)
Some sites have a blog, but I don't know that any of them are very successful
Q: Code Review Blog - Post One Contest

Mat's Mug On Hold SE Community Devs: The short of it is, it's kinda on us to make something that works, and we don't really do that. There isn't any real proper integration between the systems and the authors suffer as a result of it. Ultimately leading to fairly ill fates to most all of the blogs....

I will never tire of writing "SHOUTY_SNAKE_CASE"
2:32 PM
@JeroenVannevel I'm in the same situation as you. Internship, looks like I'm doing an amazing job. Spending most of my days on Code Review or World Building
Eh, can I use someone's Google skills to get to the Java 9 (Early Access) Javadoc?
I found it yesterday... but not via Google
@TopinFrassi Same here. I think we all suffer from the same misconception that "good" employees actually work all the time.
@Heslacher Doesn't give the class' javadoc I think? Or do I not see it
2:35 PM
At least in my case, I Get Stuff Done™, and as long as that keeps happening, I get to do whatever I feel is best with my time :)
*within reason
@skiwi don't know, had been the second hit from google search ;-)
@Zak Well, I really don't consider myself a good employee seriously. I'm working slowly because I lack motivation in what I'm doing
@TopinFrassi Meh, same here half the time. If I did some proper analysis of my working hours, I doubt even a majority of them are spent actually "Doing" stuff.
How did that menu come up? What is it for? Never seen that before
@Phrancis Do not touch the Go To
@Phrancis You accidentally hit it's key combination.
2:37 PM
Oh, it's F5... I thought I was in Management Studio
But seeing as my job is "Smart guy who has ideas and implements them"
I can kinda justify spending lots of my time reading random stuff on the internet
@Heslacher So close... download.java.net/jdk9/docs/api is what I needed
It's called doing research, right?
@TopinFrassi your management lacks the ability to kindle the flame of your motivation
@Mast 2nd Monitor is totally a "High Quality integrated learning environment", right?
2:39 PM
@Zak If that's the synonym for Wall Of Crap nowadays, sure.
I'm unquestionably 10 times better at my job now than I was in January, largely from learning stuff on SE
@skiwi I should read this as well. Java 8 has 2 times chrashed my app.
@Vogel612 It sounds so much better than when I say it :p But I only have 3 weeks left, so it's too late to do something about it
@Phrancis GOTO!! Burn it with fire
2:42 PM
@SuperBiasedMan *CR
@Phrancis catches NotImplementedException
@Phrancis Light version: GOTO HELP;
@Zak Naw SO actually taught me stuff too.
Just be glad you're not bound to line numberings.
2:43 PM
Dude, I'd be dead without SO
Also, a user entered this poor man's first name as 'JAY** Rental MWF' in the database. WTF
@SuperBiasedMan That is fair, but honestly, I learnt far more important stuff on CR than I ever did on SO.
You're deluding yourself if you think you learn more on CR than SO
/ban @JeroenVannevel
@Zak Zak. For you :

TopinFrassiWE_ALL_LOVE_SHOUTY_SNAKE_CASE_SO_I_WROTE_A_PROGRAM_FOR_IT!!1! Alright, enough of this. This is a rags-to-riches from this question. The pattern is pretty simple, it takes a String input, verifies if it is numerical, and if so, converts it to SHOUTY_SNAKE_CASE. Example : "1231" -> "ONE_TWO_TH...

@SuperBiasedMan Thanks for the suggestions @SuperBiasedMan and @Mast, and here is the answer if you are inclined to see it: codereview.stackexchange.com/a/112041/78136
2:50 PM
You learn different things on both the sites. With CR I'd write code of lesser quality, without SO I wouldn't write any code.

Rags-To-Riches is the tag of choice for entries to the corresponding CR-Game as proposed on meta. Questions tagged with this tag are polished Stack Exchange posts asking for a review.
2:52 PM
@SuperBiasedMan YOU_EARNED_IT

TopinFrassiWE_ALL_LOVE_SHOUTY_SNAKE_CASE_SO_I_WROTE_A_PROGRAM_FOR_IT!!1! Alright, enough of this. This is a rags-to-riches from this question. The pattern is pretty simple, it takes a String input, verifies if it is numerical, and if so, converts it to SHOUTY_SNAKE_CASE. Example : "1231" -> "ONE_TWO_TH...

2:55 PM
user image
I've created a monster
Yes, you have
Burn the star wall.
Why isn't the STAR_WALL pic in SHOUTY_CASE url format?
Thanks Santa...
2:58 PM
@SuperBiasedMan Because urls in SHOUTY_SNAKE_CASE don't work ;p
what happened to the starwall?!
@TopinFrassi ♪ 'Cause nobody wants to see Marshall no more
@skiwi We're tired of those <censored/> snakes on our <censored/> wall
Right now humor it is. — Heslacher 12 secs ago
3:05 PM
@Heslacher lol. Nah, I wrote that function for a banking application. not
@TopinFrassi then you should take globalization into account ;-)
@Heslacher Touché
@TopinFrassi I think about editing this into your question ;-)
Btw, we need 976 questions to reach 30k
@Heslacher Ahah don't you dare :p
@Heslacher Nice! I'm sure we'll get that by christmas
@Phrancis That's epic
I guess with having winterbash we will reach it much sooner
3:09 PM
@Heslacher That's right! I didn't participate last year. Maybe I'll try it this year
You should, its fun
@TopinFrassi Too many memes in one place. Next thing you know we'll be parsing HTML with regex
damn. I'm already out of starts and it's only midday.
@Heslacher The thing is, I'm neither at school or work during christmas vacations and that's where I spend most of my CR time! But it doesn't mean I won't hop in this year :p
3:11 PM
@Zak That's the "friday effect"
Oh gods, Weebl
@Phrancis <lol></lol>
while(true) { "badger" += "badger"; }
ahahah. Hang on :

while(true) { "badger" += System.currentTimeMillis() % 7 == 0 ? "mushroom" : "badger"; }
If you guys like rock, listen to that beauty : deezer.com/track/…
3:19 PM
I guess the idea of code review is not to make it working, but actually simplify and beautify code — om-nom-nom 17 secs ago
@Mast groovy
Just to be sure; there are more efficient ways to find frequent itemsets, see my comments here: codereview.stackexchange.com/a/112047/24783Camil Staps 29 secs ago
Password1 - enough said
They plastered HIPAA HIPPO signs like that all over the damn break room
But you forgot a special character.
3:31 PM
You know it's been theorized that passwords like that are much less secure than long phrases et al.
You should go around and plaster it over them :)
Yes, my point exactly
@EBrown Not theorised. Demonstrably proven.
3:32 PM
I prefer "correct horse battery staple".
@Zak Prove it. :P
I changed "proven" to "theorized" because I CBA to go find actual evidence.
@EBrown That comic has made "correct horse battery staple" as insecure as "password"
@SuperBiasedMan Yes but it shows you the point.
Q: Building HTML with JS (anonymous function vs comment for code clarity)

Aaron YarboroughI'm currently building some HTML with JS (specifically using the jQuery library). My code is as follows: goToError: function (error, returnView, returnController, callback) { console.log(error); this._transitionOutPanel(function () { loadError(); }); var loadError = fun...

I.e. "enter house good guys" is potentially more secure than the guidlines @Phrancis displayed.
@EBrown time to crack arbitrary 9-character string (using full character set) with brute force ~ 10^9 operations. Time to crack arbitrary 4 words chosen from 1,000 common word list ~ 10^12 operations.
3:34 PM
@Zak I don't see a reference in there.
Q: XKCD #936: Short complex password, or long dictionary passphrase?

Billy ONealHow accurate is this XKCD comic from August 10, 2011? I've always been an advocate of long rather than complex passwords, but most security people (at least the ones that I've talked to) are against me on that one. However, XKCD's analysis seems spot on to me. Am I missing something or is th...

@EBrown Maths is not enough proof for you?
And but so also,
Q: Is "the oft-cited XKCD scheme [...] no longer good advice"?

Nick TI was stumbling around and happened onto this essay by Bruce Schneier claiming that the XKCD password scheme was effectively dead. Modern password crackers combine different words from their dictionaries: [...] This is why the oft-cited XKCD scheme for generating passwords -- string toge...

@Zak Given certain words associations, it could be demonstrated that some words would likely appear together.
> If you get 10 computer security professionals in a room and ask them how to come up with good passwords you will get 11 different answers.
No truer words.
@EBrown Sure, but that's true in either case, and it's much easier to persuade someone to remember 4 common words than to remember some random string of 10 indecipherable characters.
3:37 PM
Hello @TRiG
Especially if you pick it for them so you can guarantee its randomness
You can never guarantee true randomness.
return 4;
Q: check that input is list of lists of coordinates

flotzillaI have a factory method that should accept a list of coordinate lists, which are pairs of numbers, for example [[(2,4),(3,3),(2,4)],[(6,6),(7,6),(7,7),(6,7),(6,6)]]. I'd like to make sure the input is indeed in this format, but without specifying the types of sequences (might be lists, tuples, nu...

@EBrown Fine, Pedant.
"So you can guarantee that it's at least somewhat random in a way the attacker cannot reasonably deduce".
3:42 PM
I'm just following along with the trend. Seems like everyone around here is overly pedantic more often than not.
True randomness is irrelevant as long as you're not letting a person go "I'll use catslovewarmcuddles"
I didn't know the definition of pedant before I rejoined this chat room this automn
There was less whining before
@TopinFrassi s/auto/autu
Last meeting of the week incoming, weekend after that.
Take that.
IMO, the password question focuses too much on mathematical attack vectors, and far too little on the fact that human beings, left to pick their own passwords, are far far too predictable about it.
Cause people have bad memories and we're bad at knowing how to actually remember things.
3:53 PM
Wth windows? t's suddenly preparing to install Windows 10, I never asked for it >.>
People tend to pick passwords around things they'll remember. Some movie they saw, a child or pet's name, etc. There really isn't any way to correct it. You can only advise them not to do it, but in the end they probably still will.
Q: code which gives this output:

Saad Tanveer i want this output with same format using do-while loop in java please send me ASAP

So, the best we can do as developers, is take additional methods to secure their password.
i dont have the code i just have this picture and its kind of my assignment;) — Saad Tanveer 7 mins ago
Create a random salt to hash the pass with, use complex hashing functions, etc.
We can (at best) prevent the cracking of the password on the storage end, and just hope no one knows the user login/password combination.
> @SaadTanveer Then perhaps you should do the assignment and then come back when it's complete.
3:57 PM
Good grief, that's a horrible question. It's a pretty easy challenge, too...
Because they are spelled similar they must be the same thing.
@Phrancis You should retag JAVA
where is that coffeemachine lifehack ? My mug is empty I need a refill. brb
@EBrown Or say "Here's a (mathematically) strong password we just generated for you that is easy to memorise, use it."
Then you run into issues with people being skeptical, "why would I use the password you gave me? You know what it is."
@EBrown All easy things to address

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