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6:03 PM
@JimmyJazzx Should I edit the question or can you figure out the answer with common sense? XD
@VoteToClose codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/55422/hello-world/… Doesn't the current MC scoring system allow /say?
@Stefnotch You should probably edit the question to be on the safe side
Q: How many typos?

ghosts_in_the_codeA typo is said to have occurred if: A character is missing. A character is extra. A character is replaced with another wrong character. For the purpose of this challenge, only lowercase characters and spaces are used. Input will be a dictionary of words, followed by one line of input. You ne...

(How you you show an image in the chat?)
@MartinBüttner I instantly knew what it was going to be when I saw you replied to that :P
6:10 PM
@Stefnotch it needs an image file ending
You can click the "upload..." button to add an imgur rehost
It means it's a dupe
Er, "...the (minimum) number of typos in it."
Does that mean I can always output a 0, because I know that the typos can't be less than 0?
Well, that was a real thing.
(amazing prediction, btw!)
@quintopia おはよう
@aditsu it's afternoon here
but same to you i guess
@isaacg Is this a bug or does j have another use I'm not aware of?
Oops, I guess it's not the same... what's different? — ETHproductions 22 mins ago
6:29 PM
it's night here :) but sounds similar
there's a new rubik's cube (traditional) world record. kid looks about 12
@quintopia Woah, less than 5 seconds :O
@quintopia Damn, that's good. I can't get below 9 seconds :O
@Vɪʜᴀɴ can you get below 10??
My stomach is extremely angry with me after the chili competition
I voted for "I came in like a wrecking bowl" by Chiley Cyrus
6:33 PM
wtf ^
@Rainbolt who won?
We don't know yet
<3 people's choice
@aditsu I can't get below 10 but I was too lazy to type two numbers, 9 ≈ 10 anyway
@Vɪʜᴀɴ ok, what's your best time then?
6:34 PM
(i'm going to a cask ale tasting in january to vote for crazy stuff. it's hard to remember what the best is sometimes when you're drunk off your carcass.)
@aditsu 10.32s
wow, that's still amazing!
@quintopia I understand. It's hard to vote for chili when the first one is like "I'm sweet... just kidding I am going to burn your tongue!" I could barely taste the next three.
6:36 PM
I barely got under 1 minute...
@Rainbolt no worries. you can taste them later with your butt.
3 mins ago, by aditsu
wtf ^
chili: food you can enjoy twice
truth-machine is a ridiculously popular thread
I saw a clip of a guy eating supposedly the spiciest chili pepper in the world (at the time), very disappointing, he was chewing and swallowing like nothing happened, and just said "this hurts" and continued eating
I should write a Platts entry
6:39 PM
How do you loop through a string in Pyth? shouldn't wmb work, or am I just stupid
@Vɪʜᴀɴ you would need a for loop of course...


For discussion of the language and golfing in it
@Vɪʜᴀɴ mpdw
(replace p with whatever)
@Vɪʜᴀɴ later in the day, or by next day morning (UTC), the creator of pyth will be there
@quintopia Ohhhh, now I feel stupid I couldn't figure that out before
@Stefnotch Still up to debate - I'll update it if that seems to be the consensus.
6:47 PM
Why do some Minecraft answers have normal version numbers such as: 1.8.7, and others have weird ones like 15w45a
15w*** signifies a snapshot version.
@Vɪʜᴀɴ Releases vs snapshots
Specifically of 1.9 snapshots.
Imagine that 15w*** is like the experimental version. :P
You guys talking about Minecraft?
6:51 PM
Discussing why different answers have different styles of writing the version.
@VoteToClose Would of been less confusing adding a "-beta" label
If any of you guys are op on the PPCG server: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/25664536#25664536
@Calvin'sHobbies ^
@Vɪʜᴀɴ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ That's not how they do it.
so, I beat portal 2. That game was amazing.
i haven't yet. one day.
6:57 PM
^ Do it nao
have a life
PPCG will steal everyones' life, it's a matter of when
So, going to start survival MC now
PPCG MC is not Survival MC lol
7:05 PM
I know I mean singleplayer
Oh, I see. I just saw your message asking Calvin to whitelist you
Should I ping him too or just leave the message?
omg yesss
No seed, found village. Horses at spawn, horse armor in blacksmith chest
7:20 PM
A: Help me manage my time

user81655JavaScript (ES6), 317 310 bytes f=(a,b,c,d)=>{u=0;c[s="split"]`,`.map(m=>{p=m[s]`-`;for(q=n=p[0];n<=(p[1]||q);r=++u)c+=","+n++},c="");c=c[s]`,`;x=d.map(p=>"Su,Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr,Sa"[s]`,`.indexOf(p));for(g=[];a<b;a.setTime(+a+864e5))x.indexOf(a.getDay())<0&&(t=y=g.push(a+" "));return g.map(w=>w+c.sl...

Clever interpretation of the date input "in any format" or skirting the rules by not counting code in the function call?
> f(new Date("2015-09-17") ...
That's what you get when you say "any format"...
> i want the code
I usually type up an explanatory comment whenever I take a mod action... not for that one.
> If you say I can't code one more time, I'll DDoS your server again
7:24 PM
@Doorknob I had written one up as a custom close reason, but it was rejected because you had already closed it :P
whoops, sorry :P
@Mego is `` like a CodeBlock in CJam/GS?
Literally a "give-me-the-code" question. Wow!
> Lietrally
Q: Matlab Koch Snowflake

7oda HOW TO DRAW THIS ON MATLAB? i want the code

7:28 PM
@phase ninja'd
@Dennis *giv-me-teh-codez
I think it's a valid question, he just wants help with golfing.
@NewMainPosts I'm tempted to upvote just for the prettiness.....but I won't.
It wasn't a joke, I actually upvoted the question because it provides such a great insight on Matlab programming.
7:30 PM
Hai. Can haz code plz? Kthxbye.
@phase Nice try. The question has no upvotes.
Matlab sux anyway.
@Dennis You sure about that?
okay seriously stop abusing upvotes
7:33 PM
You know, you don't have to waste delete votes on that. It'll be automagically nuked by the Roomba.
fun fact
@Dennis Nice try, Dennis ... >.>
if c is an ASCII character code in [a-zA-Z0-9]
(it's not like there's much content that needs deleting here, anyway, but...)
then c | 32 is tolower(c)
7:34 PM
@TimmyD Maybe if I pin it...
@Dennis Thinking you can get 61 stars just for a similarly phrased statement. I'm on to you and your tricks ...
@Dennis MOD ABUSE!!!1!!1!!one!
@Dennis It's not a bug, and it's not specific to j. L is syntactic sugar for a map, and maps use d.
bool isalpha(int c) { return unsigned((c | 32) - 'a') < 26; }
7:37 PM
Ugh. These if statements are killing me.
in K&R C: a(c){return(32|c)-97<26u;}
Has anyone ever looked at the source code for Vitsy's if/if-not?
@isaacg I knew M, L and R worked like m, but I didn't realize they actually had a lambda. Thanks!
@VoteToClose (from future import reply) That's longer than all Vitsy programs combined. o_O
case "ifnot":
	if (stac.get(currstac).get(stac.get(currstac).size()-1).intValue() == 0 && instruct.get(instruct.size()-1).get(currinstruct)[(direction) ? (position + 1)%instruct.get(instruct.size()-1).get(currinstruct).length: (position - 1 >= 0) ? position - 1: instruct.get(instruct.size()-1).get(currinstruct).length-1].equals("[")) {
		position = (direction) ? (position + 1)%instruct.get(instruct.size()-1).get(currinstruct).length: (position - 1 >= 0) ? position - 1: instruct.get(instruct.size()-1).get(currinstruct).length-1;
Much better.
That's how Vitsy deals with if-not.
if's a teensy bit shorter.
@VoteToClose That's surprisingly incomprehensible.
7:42 PM
This is the one liner for line-wrapping:
position = (direction) ? (position + 1)%instruct.get(instruct.size()-1).get(currinstruct).length: (position - 1 >= 0) ? position - 1: instruct.get(instruct.size()-1).get(currinstruct).length-1;
V fif(ST s){O f=pop(s),t=pop(s),c=pop(s),r;r=truth(c)?t:f;if(r->t==TCB)excb(r);else psh(s,dup(r));dlo(c);dlo(t);dlo(f);} If statement handling in O
I just made it a lot worse by adding instructions as a stack.
@El'endiaStarman You should see how I handle methods. XD
@VoteToClose I just store them as a string and run them like user code
what's the shortest way to get all alphabetic characters in Python? filter(str.isalpha,map(chr,range(256))) is so long.
@phase I split the string into components and then push them to an ArrayList.
7:45 PM
@quintopia "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwwxyz".split("")
It is worth noting that this is in the process of becoming OOP with "static" class method calls.
@phase a="abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz".split("");a+=a.upper() is even longer!
@quintopia import string;string.ascii_letters
@El'endiaStarman ty
import string;string.ascii_letters
import string as s;s.ascii_letters
or not
i think the latter saves 1
use code tags
to find out
import string;string.ascii_letters
7:53 PM
yeah it doesn't
import string as s;s.ascii_letters
When a challenge requres you to use no libraries, can you still use import in python?
damn. importing string breaks everything.
@quintopia but... how?!?!?
7:57 PM
how do i do the code tag? four spaces still?
no use backticks
@quintopia `<code>`
import string;string.ascii_letters
the same
i guess is_alpha and ascii_letters are a different set! i'll fix it later
Method handling in Vitsy after latest updates:
public static void methodHandler(int source) throws InterruptedException, IOException {
	ArrayList<String[]> methodFromOtherSource = new ArrayList(0);
	if (source == -1) {
		oldpos.add(new Integer[]{currinstruct,position});
		currinstruct = stac.get(currstac).get(stac.get(currstac).size()-1).intValue();
		position = 0;
		while (position < instruct.get(instruct.size()-1).get(currinstruct).length) {
			if (!looping && position > instruct.get(instruct.size()-1).get(currinstruct).length - 1) {
Actually, ternary might help me here. o-o
8:04 PM
ternary always helps
waits for solution
string.letters puts the lowercase first for some reason
8:17 PM
hello jedi
@VoteToClose pls remove tabs from src cod
Alex D
8:21 PM
flalex A.
so now char replacement works in scg
wait that doesn't make sense
@VoteToClose Noooo this gigahurts
8:23 PM
I am conflicted. I don't like tabs in source code, but I oddly enjoy seeing Alex in gigahurts pain.
Suppress your dislike of tabs for the sake of this enjoyment. It's the obvious choice.
I only put tabs in so I know where I am. xD
It is so hard to follow this code.
8:26 PM
How the hell am I supposed to remember a 5 digit number.
Find an equation for it. c:
Put it in your head and don't let go
I do not tell you what it is good for, but annoyingly I have to know it by heart.
(It is not my bank account.)
(There would be not much to get anyway.)
8:28 PM
People remember five digits (and more) all the time. Using it regularly helps :)
I am not people. (At least not all the time.)
True. I don't know what kind of memory snakeheads have.
That's just the 6-10th digits of the decimal expansion of sine of 25 degrees. Pshaw, easy-peasy. oeis.org/A019834
And in the cube root of e, how obvious.
It's a 70 hour/week schedule. 8 to 6, Monday through Sunday.
8:30 PM
Well, sure, but no one uses that. People use the decimal expansion of sine of 25 degrees all the time. I'm using it right now, for instance.
@flawr And e^(7phi)
Well, no.
But that's what RIES told me. :D
Apart from oeis, do you know mrob.com/pub/ries?
@VoteToClose Damn Ninja.
(x+3)/9^2 = 4^5-4 <-- That's your number, flawr.
e*pi-e^pi /3
(x^(1/e))/7 = 1/5+9
8:36 PM
We should make a challenge out of this=)
Given a number, find a nice formula for it=)
Must contain at least one instance of e.
I just finally answered the task I meant to answer back in July, and then forgot about.
Which one?
8:41 PM
Hey all!
@TanMath Hi
@SuperJedi224 hello!
Wait, why are we bashing winter again? Shouldn't we be supportively encouraging it through positive feedback and rewards?
This just in, Winter Bash called off due to being deemed offensive towards seasons.
@Doorknob Seriously?! Is this true?!!!!
8:50 PM
@Doorknob Oh good. I was just about to protest Winter Bash for the same reasons on Meta.SE.
I'm a seasonist, SUMMER POWER!!
@AlexA. really?
Nope, just kidding. ;)
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

J AtkinClassify that number! Your job is to classify a number as a Fionacci, Lucas, Prime or a Perfect number. Input can come through command line args or through user input. The output should be in this format: [number] is a [comma sep list of all seqs this number is a part of] number (Note that no...

@NewSandboxedPosts Duplicate of phase's Trump thing, yeah?
8:59 PM
@AlexA. but it's a little different ;-;
It's a multi-dupe
Yours + prime catalog + the perfect number one
hey, on PPCG does anyone have any stone slabs left for the path to my base?
I think my house has like 9 ovens you can use to make stone for stone slabs
any coal?
@flawr ...
Unless people have left my house completely alone for like four months, they probably have no coal in them. Sorry.
9:07 PM
haha k
Either you're talking about Minecraft or this is just usual PPCG nonsense.
I meant "PPCG server"
@AlexA. One does not exclude the other.
Haha that's a good point
My avatar is proof of that
9:08 PM
where is the wood farm I heard about?
Just south of the Golem farm when I left forever ago
You have to actually stand there and chop I think
I'm fine with that
yeah, O
I believe it also had an on switch
And maybe required some bonemeal as fuel?
I'm getting that itch again
Do you need your ointment?
@Mego how can I do something like this - i[1:] in Seriously?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

TanMathSig-fig calculator As a scientist, sig-figs are definitely one of the most important parts of measurements and calculatations (unless you are a theoretical scientist, where everything must be exact!). Sig-figs is an important way of measuring uncertainty and accuracy of a value. To calculate the...

Why the downvotes?
9:23 PM
9:53 PM
Bye for now
10:04 PM
I guess I'm back
Did noone say anythin in the last 11 minutes?
Vitsy is now OOP. :D
Well. Sorta.
@VoteToClose but y
10:19 PM
Q: Lever Simulator 2015

turbulencetooWhy a Simulator? Kids these days don't have the time nor the ambition to actually go and stack boxes on the see-saw or play around with balancing physical objects. This leaves lots of room in the software market for a Lever Simulator which will, according to my models, sell like mad! Programmin...

@phase Honestly? Someone challenged me.
10:52 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

J AtkinWhat is that angle? code-golf image-processing The goal of this challenge is to determine the angle of a line in a image. Rules on the image: The image background will be white (#FFFFFF) The stroke of the line will be black (#000000) The line will NOT be anti-aliased The image will be 100x10...

11:17 PM
@quartata Thanks for editing your Truth Machine catalog!!! It's soooo much easier to read now.
Q: Quine Pride Parade!

jose_castro_arnaudThese days, I watched on TV a Gay Pride parade; at the time, I was thinking about quines and how they're a bit queer, outputting themselves (out of the closet?) and, well, why not combine both things into a Quine Pride Parade? The challenge is to write a program that: Is a quine; Affirms its ...

11:36 PM
ಠ_ಠ 4 people decided to downvote my perfectly valid answer yesterday.
A: "99 Bottles of Beer"

VoteToCloseVitsy, 0 Bytes Seriously ain't got nothin' on me. (@Mego I'm so sorry. ;)) Try it online! (Just hit "Run")

I wrote a program to generate SE posts for answers in my language (other than the explanation, I still need to do that part myself)
gist: e9d3a33c0026e6e5ec01, 2015-11-24 23:38:24Z
import sys

if len(sys.argv)!=2:
	print 'Usage: golfer.py <file>'

filename = sys.argv[1]

code = []

with open(filename, 'r') as f:
	for line in f.read().splitlines():

instructions = ('XYPBCT'

golfed = ''

for line in code:
	golfed += ''.join(c for c in line.split('#')[0] if c in instructions)

new_name = filename.split('.')[0] + '-golfed.pb'

with open(new_name, 'w') as f:

print """# [pb](https://esolangs.org/wiki/pb), {} bytes


~~explanation goes here~~


""".format(len(golfed), golfed)

for line in code:
	print '    ' + line
the whole reason i put it on gist was to not create a huge message in this chatroom. i didn't realize it would expand automatically
o-o So fancy.
@VoteToClose Probably (at least it looks like), that you have ~3 commits specifically made for that challenge
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Specification says I can do that.
@VoteToClose True, similar thing happened one of my answers (but the other way around)
A: Holy Hole In A Donut, Batman!

VɪʜᴀɴUnary, 109,700,689,123,880,793,751,483,665,383,781,675,730,387,604,429,204,978,112,223,950,724,553,435,005,885,707,908,578,678,850,861,879,910,670,154,149,244,112,969,597,673,955,700,447,838,276,456,862,280,889,656,901,703,351,515,963,083,297,978,322,224,548,248,606,910,210,200,102,145,647,654,53...

11:45 PM
But also xD
and a few o-o
But mostly ಠ_ಠ
Appropriate response I guess...
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I respect your creativity.
Must a program terminate after outputting what's required? I remember a discussion about this but not a conclusion
Not that I want to cheat by saying "it outputs the right thing, and then outputs a bunch more stuff", it just gets caught in an infinite loop after doing the right thing for some input
@undergroundmonorail Yes, they do
A: Do programs have to terminate?

Sp3000Submissions should always terminate by default Personally, I think this is just the neater option, simple as that. If we allow non-terminating submissions, then it'll just feel like a "hidden rule" to new users.

Yeah, I just found that same answer :P
Also: SE chat unmuted itself somehow and you scared me hahaha
11:53 PM
@undergroundmonorail O.o you can mute SE chat??
@Vɪʜᴀɴ Upper right corner, speaker icon.
@El'endiaStarman huh, cool

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