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10:00 PM
@ThomasOwens Just saw the new close reasons. Thank you!
10:23 PM
@Ixrec a chance to use it.
Q: Delete data separate with comma PHP

user5317518I'm trying to delete data in the database but i'm having a difficulty since they are separated with comma and my code didn't run successfully. This is my code: HTML <div class="form-group"> <label for="form-password">Campaign Statuses </label> <!-- Button trigger modal --> ...

with great pleasure
Afternoon @JonEricson
First question closed under the new custom close reason?
@Ampt Certainly is.
10:27 PM
I flagged it as such anyway
assuming you mean the close-as-SO
yeah, good
I really do think you should consider renaming P.SE to Software Design
the name is terrible at summing up the topic
the new close reasons list who voted for which close reason - interesting
it's done that for years, hasn't it?
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Lol... the name of progs has been oft discussed, much debated, never changed (yet)
10:28 PM
@Ampt Yeah, noticed that. I think maybe they always did that, we just never noticed it before.
@RobertHarvey could be this - I've never seen it before, but I don't look hard.
Q: Could the close vote banner please be made less... well, wrong?

Lightness Races in OrbitTake this example of a poor question and the outcome of its poverty: closed as not constructive by sgar91, ppeterka, Lightness Races in Orbit, R. Martinho Fernandes, kbok 38 secs ago Well, okay, fine. I did vote to close the question, but as off-topic. Because more people voted not construc...

"Software Design" is a better name than the ones anyone else has come up with.
@Ampt it started doing that some time after I joined, it's not "new" but it it's not older than dirt either
@JonEricson I meant Good Afternoon :) I always enjoy the discussions that come up when you join chat.
10:29 PM
It's not obvious in this case, but it'll still fold the "off-topic as..." down into one and stick all your names by it
just if someone else had voted "non constructive" for example their name would go alongside that instead
so it's not actually "who voted for which close reason", despite appearing to be
well, unless something has changed again very very recently — I haven't paid much attention of late
@RobertHarvey that's about the same one I have in mind whenever the topic comes up
@Ampt It is that too. I survived the DVM and lived to tell the tale.
@Rachel But there will always be people that suffer from the "herp derp oh look a textbox" syndrome, and no amount of renaming the site or amending the FAQ is going to fix that. — Adam Lear ♦ Jan 28 '12 at 0:35
I thought one of the An(n)as coined that phrase
DVM? Dalvik virtual machine?
10:35 PM
> You will need to create a new password which meets the below requirements;
> Minimum length of 6 characters
> Contains at least 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase character
> Contains at least 1 numeric character
> Does not contain more than 2 consecutive identical characters
oh for goodness's sake
every time someone mentions Dalvik I think of Daleks
@JonEricson did you mean DMV?
> Please note: This link is valid for 24 hours, if you have not completed resetting your password within this time period you can request another link here.
@Ixrec Probably. I'm so mixed up. ;-)
A: Change the name of Programmers to something that more accurately reflects the site scope?

Adam LearI write this both as a 20,000+ user and former elected moderator on Programmers, and as a community manager at Stack Exchange. First and foremost: we will not be changing this site's name. Why? Well, let's talk about that. As others have brought up here, there is no evidence right now to sup...

why not psuedocode.stackexchange.com?
10:40 PM
that would be misleadingly narrow instead of misleadingly broad
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Pas$w0rd
@JonEricson that's a perk of living in a smaller town, the "DMV" is actually the local courthouse with real people
wow, so Adam thinks the incorrect name shouldn't change because content matters more than the name? how ridiculous.
the other part of his argument appears to be that many of the bad/off-topic questions are about "software development", so that name change wouldn't stop them
which is the valid part imo
10:49 PM
you guys complain all the time about people not understanding the site's topic. then when someone suggests changing the name to something that doesn't completely misrepresent the site's topic, it's "oh no not this conversation again no feck off we ain't doing it"
that's mostly because it's happened so many times and it's been completely ruled out by the gods, so there's literally no point in it
@Ixrec meh that's like saying let's not name anything unless you can cram the entire Help Centre into it
@Ixrec I'll give you that at least
with the caveat that the Gods are teh silly
though as I've said before I think it'd be worth a shot
It's a "it has been decided at higher levels than the community can change"
it'd definitely rule out at least some of what we consider off-topic
whether or not incomers pay attention to that hint
10:50 PM
if it helps, pretend I was talking to the Gods
it's absurd
@LightnessRacesinOrbit I agree with your sentiments, but upon further thought, I'm not sure of an easy-to-remember name that would be appropriate. Maybe "CodeDesign.SE"? That could also be a bit misleading
I'm curious why this question is closed. I mean, you might disagree with the idea of using TODO comments, but you'd be wrong.
it also makes you look kind of dumb when you name the site "Programmers" and then like 99.999999999999999999999999999999% of things useful for Programmers are off-topic
@MichaelT (which doesn't mean we can't grumble disapprovingly)
it's like calling an SE site "astrology.SE" then complaining whenever anyone posts a question about anything other than Aries
10:51 PM
@enderland I followed up the DMV with a trip to city hall to pay a parking ticket. That was a fairly painless (except the cost) experience.
17 answers. More than a few being completely opinion and opposition of each other.
@daOnlyBG SoftwareDesign.SE is the closest I've thought of yet - bear in mind I still have almost no idea what the topic is here
@JonEricson because it's essentially an opinion poll; as you can see from the answers it's really about the "right way" to use todo comments, and there are many different equally valid ways with nothing in the question to distingish them
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Though only coffee is on-topic, coffee is all things.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit "SoftwareDesign.SE" might sound bit too close to "software engineering," and that would be too restrictive, in my humble opinion
10:53 PM
I also feel something with "Design" in the name would be the best candidate for ruling out a significant portion of what we consider off-topic without excluding the stuff we definitely want
A: Do TODO comments make sense?

ripper234IntelliJ will actually alert you if you try to commit code that has new TODOs. So, you can always interpret a TODO as "this really should happen by the time I commit".

Meh answers too.
the real judge of close-worthiness is always the answers
@daOnlyBG software design is clearly a subset of software engineering
it's strange that you appear to be suggesting the inverse
10:54 PM
pretty much every time I see a borderline question I go look at the answers and let them tell me if the question "encourages poor answers as currently written"
I'm not suggesting the inverse...?
@MichaelT Who cares? The voting is working quite well there.
A: Do TODO comments make sense?

Martin JambonIn my experience, TODO should be used to indicate that a piece of code is not usable and tells the reader what's needed to make it usable (either locally or elsewhere). TODO annotations should not be used to indicate that some piece of code would be nicer if modified in some way. Examples includ...

@daOnlyBG you said "software engineering" would be too restrictive when, in fact, it would be too broad
10:55 PM
@JonEricson would you rather us down voting more new users?
I feel like you're using a definition of software engineering that's completely different from all the definitions I've heard other people use in the past
which I suppose proves this entire discussion is pointless
@MichaelT No. But feel free to downvote bad answers.
New uses giving answers that are bad, and in line with the other bad answers in the poll of experiences and local "we go it this way"
the main one I remember is a few weeks ago I asked in here what "software engineering" means, and why the programming most of us do is nothing like it, and @ThomasOwens and @whatsisname spent a significant amount of time explaining it to me
@JonEricson For the record, I cast the final close vote on that TODO question because I saw a poor answer on it in the First Posts queue today
10:57 PM
@LightnessRacesinOrbit I wasn't comparing software engineering against software design- I was comparing both to programming. Both would seem a bit too restrictive, since not all coding is necessarily part of "software"- or rather, the term "software" implies GUI, I/O, etc etc
Is it worse for a new user to have the experience of "interesting question, too bad it's closed" or "interesting question, I'll answer it, why is everyone down voting me?"
@Ixrec Poor answers that never get read hardly hurt the quality of the site. Downvote (or not) and move on.
also notice that many answers there are basically, "well, I do it this way...." which is pretty much the definition of primarily opinion based
@LightnessRacesinOrbit I suppose it doesn't exactly help that many of us here understand "software engineering" to imply different things
^ this
10:58 PM
and the top answer basically says "this is a personal preference"
@enderland I'd say that Oded knows his craft better than most. Certainly better than me.
@JonEricson so is his opinion better? just because one opinion is "better" or "more trustworthy" doesn't change that question being primarily opinion based. I mean heck, most of the answers basically say that
> answers to this question will tend to be almost entirely based on opinions, rather than facts, references, or specific expertise
@JonEricson my reading of that question is that it's way to broad. Essentially, it asks “what is the best way to keep track of TODOs? Inline comments or an external tracking system”. Again, it's theoretically possible to write a great answer, but no such answer has been provided. Instead, dozen of people chiming “my IDE highlights them”, “personal preference”, “in language X, you can use this feature”, “in my opinion, …” etc.. Such discussions are apt for Reddit, but of no value here.
To note: the reasons I hear to close it are all related to "question smell".
the reason that question is a bad subjective question is because it's asking a yes/no question that is basically a poll of opinions. If questions like that should be on topic, why does SE have a blanket "primarily opinion based" close reason across nearly all SE sites?
11:01 PM
@enderland Yes they are. He's clearly a gifted and experienced programmer. So are most of you all.
Something smells. It attracts new users who get a bad experience when providing another poor answer.
@JonEricson so we should vote up his answer because of the user who posted it? what about the other half dozen answers that say equally "in my experience"
@JonEricson actually, most of them are about the quality of the existing answers, no need to smell the question in this case
And it does fit a pre defined close reason to a very high degree. Not an unclear as a proxy.
his answer was posted first. so it's highest upvoted. unsurprising HNQ effect, most likely
11:03 PM
Personally, I don't agree with oded there.
More in line with the next one. I am also a build process type and have todo get warned about in analysis and commit hooks.
@MichaelT Good to know. Too bad your experienced knowledge is locked away in chat...
@daOnlyBG o.O It doesn't but okay.
It is already in several other answers there. Why add another that says the same thing again and makes it harder to read?
but at least now I understand what you were getting at
11:06 PM
@LightnessRacesinOrbit I mean, it sure did a while ago when the topic came up for discussion
@enderland It's a closure in the form of an answer! Odd.
And provides further endorsement of a noisy question?
@daOnlyBG nope
this conversation confuses me to what the point of the "primarily opinion based" close reason really is. to me, this question is about as perfect of a fit for it as any I have ever seen... :(
Occasionally my knowledge filters it's way to blog posts which are a better platform for pontification.
11:07 PM
@enderland I think that's how most of us feel, I don't understand this either
I'm trying to figure out what my policy is on TODO usage and I'm coming to the conclusion that I just throw them out whenever I feel like it and no one's complained so far
Alternatively if someone asks a workflow and build question about the way to hook up comments and the build ... That has an answer.
@enderland I suspect that my definition of "opinion" differs materially from yours.
what makes a question primarily opinion based?
Do you have three examples of good opinion closes that we could look at?
To me "primarily opinion-based" means: the opinions of experts are as valid (or invalid) as the opinions of novices.
11:13 PM
what would be an example of such a question?
Why / how should we distinguish that?
A novice way of using todo is just as valid as mine.
my way is almost certainly novice
@MichaelT Here's one. I'll have to look at older questions to find more.
@JonEricson you don't find a question that has so much, "in my opinion..." answers to be a question that likely indicates that's the case? especially one where voting results are nearly perfectly sorted based on post timestamp?
11:16 PM
Such things are largely a question of taste, but certain code quality tools can insist by default that they're in a certain place. — Robbie Dee 9 hours ago
That could go on the todo question too.
@MichaelT I'm guessing most novices don't know that there are IDE hooks to support TODO comments. That takes experience and knowledge.
That is my way of using it.
@enderland Not when it's "here's my opinion and here are some facts/reasons to support it".
well, on the off chance anyone cares about my opinion:
- The criterion that "expert opinions are more valid than novice opinions" applies to *every question ever asked*, good, bad, on-topic and off-topic. So it's not very useful.
- The meaning of primarily opinion-based that I'm used to is "all opinions (expert or otherwise) are about equally valid, i.e. there is simply no way to determine whose opinion is 'best'"
probably not
I like automaton. I had a todo comment trigger a issue in the bug tracker. But again that is me.
there's certainly no one right answer for all classes, if there is a right answer for any class
Check style can complain about out of order getters.
I put them at the end, or in alpha order with all methods.
11:21 PM
@JonEricson Do you have an example of a question that you would consider primarily opinion-based?
Bugs me quite a bit when I feel the need to change from one to the other.
@Ixrec That was one. I'm looking for more.
I think what it comes down to is I have a much higher standard for a good question than you @JonEricson - to me, the exact wording on the primarily opinion based reason comes is practically defined by that question - "Many good questions generate some degree of opinion based on expert experience, but answers to this question will tend to be almost entirely based on opinions, rather than facts, references, or specific expertise."
@JonEricson oh that was one you thought should be closed? I thought you were citing it as one that shouldn't have been closed
the "expert" answers are basically answers to, "what cool IDE features are there for using TODOs in code?"
11:23 PM
Including that awful IntelliJ one.
@enderland Yeah. That might be too broad. It would probably be better to ask for particular programming ecosystems or something. But there are facts to be cited.
@JonEricson yeah, but those are to a different question than "todos, yes/no?"
Q: What is better to design or discover interface

Yura ZaletskyyLet's say you have some issue to develop. And as recommended practice it is good idea to use interfaces ( I don't mean GUI, I mean interface or abstract class ). And you can apply two ( I'm pretty sure, but for now I noticed I apply two ) ways: Design interfaces upfront and then implement them....

@enderland Sure. I just think it odd to close a question as opininated where the top answers include facts to back them up.
Opinion or not?
11:25 PM
> "I would say this is more of a personal preference"
@JonEricson the facts they include are rather incidental to the question; that IDEs do something with TODOs is not empirical confirmation that TODOs are useful
no one's citing a study that said projects using TODO comments are 10% more efficient
just including facts into an answer doesn't make it not an opinion based question, either
> Finally, in my opinion it still makes more sense to have them in the code, at the right place, precisely answering the question "where should I make the change" than somewhere else outside of the code.
I get the feeling this is going exactly the same as the last conversation we had with Jon
> It may make some sense, at least I use them sometimes. The key point is to use consistent tags such as TODO or FIXME so that they can be easily found with simple text search.
11:27 PM
@MichaelT I was on the fence. I think the problem with that question isn't that it prompts for opinions, but that it wasn't reasonably scoped. I'm not going to spend much time designing a UI for the script I use once and throw away. But I absolutely should for my website that I hope will be used by all sorts of users.
and I still don't have any ideas on how to make it go somewhere useful, rather than merely reconfirming the massive disconnect between us and the powers that be
Does it not fit the "you should not ask questions of this style" pattern to a T?
@Ixrec No. But it is evidence. If you don't think they are useful, I'm sure there are ways to find counter-evidence.
@JonEricson that's not even what the question was asking; OP was comparing two different ways of designing interfaces, not asking "interfaces, yes/no?"
11:29 PM
> In my industry, developers are encouraged to make JIRA (or etc) entries instead of todo comments because not everybody gets a chance to see the // todo entries. But sometimes in large projects a custom attribute gets defined along the lines of...
> In my experience it depends. The main factor is whether or not the team is disciplined enough to follow up on these "little" comments. If they do then yes they make sense. If they don't then these comments are just a waste of time and you may want to look into other options, e.g. story cards.
@Ixrec Dur. Yeah. I didn't read that carefully.
@MichaelT Backed by experience.
@JonEricson It's evidence that IDE developers thought they could get more people to use/like their IDE if they added that feature. Whether that says TODO comments are useful or not depends on a lot of supplementary opinions about how IDE feature sets are designed.
@JonEricson but you can apply this to 100% of questions, too
Just because something can be "backed by experience" doesn't necessarily make it not an opinion
11:31 PM
@Ixrec Nobody says you can't talk about the whole picture.
it would have to be experience of X leading to good/bad thing Y, not just experience of doing X
@JonEricson adding more opinions does not (necessarily) make the original opinion less opinion-based
Ask oded if todo comments are a matter of opinion.
Or Adam.
Ask if people should use them. Then ask if a question asking if people should use them is an opinion one in the context of SE.
You may get two different answers from the first one. You are unlikely to get two different to the second.
11:35 PM
The todo comments is not going to converge to a right answer.
I'm disappointed there isn't a "how do you use todo comments" question on Quora
that would be perfect for that site
Everyone uses then differently.
And everyone saying how they use them in an unmanageable question.
@MichaelT I think that's less true if you focus in on specific environments.
11 mins ago, by Ixrec
I get the feeling this is going exactly the same as the last conversation we had with Jon
Those are also experts.
I need to start resisting the urge to comment
The tdd experts say a todo comment should be a unit test.
That isn't even represented in the answers we provide.
11:42 PM
@MichaelT Yeah. I used to write tests in Perl and the test harness does something interesting with TODO blocks. A simple comment is a lot less useful.
Another environment!
some of my TODO comments are about refactoring the things that make certain modules impossible to unit test
I was just about to ask, I ain't gonna need tests?
I suppose technically you never need them
11:44 PM
The refactoring. It will come when it's needed.
technically I could write code with butterflies
In a completely different domain, here's an opinion based question.
> A factory (BigMappingFactory) which uses other factories to create the mappings from configurations. Therefor the BigMappingFactory has a list of MappingFactories and those MappingFactories can be added to the BigMappingFactory (extendability). Each MappingFactory has a canHandle-Method, so the BigMappingFactory can iterate through the MappingFactory and ask each one to handle this line of the configuration file. A MappingFactory creates a specific Mapping, which is then used by the Mapper.
Techno babble generator?
Q: Design Pattern for extendable factory with configuration file

XeanI need a hint for an architecture decision of a library. This library reads documents from files and maps the documents to another format. This mapping is highly configurable. So the user has to write a configuration file like this: id = 001 # direct mapping from an entry ...

11:49 PM
pattern babble
Typical architecture astronaut.
Q: When do Data Architects really play their part? I have never seen this activity in our IT team

EmanuelI constantly come across Data Architecture and have read about it (to some extent) in TOGAF study. But, where do Data Architects come in... when is there a need to provide a "data architecture"? I have worked in a functional role and liaised with Developers to manage an agile system. However, I ...

Excuse me while I go write a GUI Interface in Visual Basic... See if I can track his IP address.
so what is a "data architect"?
my company doesn't bother with all the fine-grained job titles so that's greek to me
I've always called them DBA's.
11:52 PM
Aka golf player.
I like how bad management is an "anti-pattern"
That's how c2 categorized many things.
I'm a bit baffled by the popularity of c2 actually, I've never seen any legitimately useful content there, just lots and lots of unsettled debates about what buzzwords mean
11:56 PM
It was the first wiki.
It was also where many agile big names gathered to hash out things.
Howard G. "Ward" Cunningham (born May 26, 1949) is an American computer programmer who developed the first wiki. A pioneer in both design patterns and extreme programming, he started programming the software WikiWikiWeb in 1994 and installed it on the website of his software consultancy, Cunningham & Cunningham (commonly known by its domain name, c2.com), on March 25, 1995, as an add-on to the Portland Pattern Repository. He currently lives in Beaverton, Oregon, and is a programmer at New Relic. Previously he was the Co-Creation Czar for CitizenGlobal. He is Nike's first Code for a Better World...
11:59 PM
The WikiWikiWeb is the first ever wiki, or user-editable website. It was launched on 25 March 1995 by its inventor, programmer Ward Cunningham, to accompany the Portland Pattern Repository website discussing software design patterns. The name WikiWikiWeb originally also applied to the wiki software that operated the website, written in the Perl programming language and later renamed to "WikiBase". The site is frequently referred to by its users as simply "Wiki", and a convention established among users of the early network of wiki sites that followed was that using the word with a capitalized W...

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