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12:03 PM
@phase No, it isn't; it's a creation of mine drawn by a friend.
@Dennis If you were to do this challenge, you'd outgolf everybody anyhow. :P — Cᴏɴᴏʀ O'Bʀɪᴇɴ 1 min ago
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ I think the problem is more the fact that the bonus should be reconsidered :P
@Sp3000 I think it makes it more interesting :P
If people abuse it, then they're clever, and that's something.
Well... expect a 5 byte or so from Dennis then
(probably something like "..."_S/)~)
Still, it'd be interesting. ^_^
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ :/ :/
12:20 PM
:\ :\
Yaaaaay, after almost 2.5 years, my balancing group answer on SO finally hit gold. :)
Nice :D
1 hour later…
1:26 PM
looks like you, doesn't it? :P
@Mego it uses the Fractal Flame algorithm described here: flam3.com/flame.pdf. I made a short presentation but it's not anywhere online; I might edit the README though for a description of how it works
it has the scarf too
2:03 PM
Do we have a challenge about writing a program such that if any length N contiguous substring is removed (1 <= N < len(program)) the program errors? (In its full form the program would be required to be a quine or something.)
sidevotes too
I like the idea
dont think so it has been done
I feel like something similar has been done
but not sure
Does anyone know if subset sum or partition are still NP-hard if we give the size of the subset/partition as an additional input?
@PeterTaylor maybe? ^
oh, it must be, otherwise we could reduce subset sum or partition to this modified version by simply iterating over all possible N which would still be polynomial
2:13 PM
@Calvin'sHobbies I think that was at least discussed as a general rule for [code-bowling], but I don't know if it was really used. Something like "make the longest program doing task X you can such that you can't remove any part of it".
but here we have the shortest program.
(^ assumption)
Yea, it's not exactly the same. Just bringing it up in case that's where the "seems familiar" feeling comes from.
Also, WTF?
WTF - true, but why is it unclear?
I think its completely clear. The only thing I feel is that its a troll.
@PeterTaylor @Sp3000 Okay, I think I can prove that the vector permutation problem I posed last week is NP-hard then (minimising the absolute value of the scalar product of two vectors). We can reduce the partition problem onto this as follows: For every M from 1 to N-1 (where N is the set's size), assign the set elements to one vector and let the other vector contain M 1s and N-M -1s. If the minimal permutation yields 0 we have a solution to the partition problem.
someone should answer, maybe it saves the daughter ..
2:22 PM
We can do the same with subset sum, by using 1 and 0 in the second vector.
@Lembik ^ see my last two messages
Adele is finally out of my head. My roommate had Hello on repeat all weekend and that did the trick.
Now I've got Dido's White Flag stuck. No idea where I heard it...
is it any better if you get a dubstep tune stuck instead?
Dubstep doesn't really get stuck in my head
good for you sir, good for you
Grinding gears and wub wubs sound great coming out of my car, but when they play in my head they sound like grinding gears and wub wubs.
Kinda makes me cringe just thinking about it
2:32 PM
I was hoping for a pun
you disappoint me
I wub puns
puns wub you too
Do we have a challenge/would a challenge (plain code golf) be interesting to map N to N^m (where N is the natural numbers, and m is an input parameter)?
what is the mapping operation?
I think I'd allow any bijective map
although I can't think of anything that's easy to implement other than going along (generalised) diagonals
2:40 PM
so these are N integers?
N is ℕ
natural numbers?
"map N to N^m (where N is the natural numbers, and m is an input parameter)"
so N -> N mapping?
we already had some bijective mapping based challenge, no?
there's this related challenge: codegolf.stackexchange.com/q/5809/8478
ah, we also have this which maps N to Z^2: codegolf.stackexchange.com/q/48705/8478
2:47 PM
Q: Convert base 10 to base prime

TimmyWrite a program to convert a base 10 number to a base prime-number. This program will take a number input from STDIN (or equivalent) and output the number in the new base. This is code-golf, normal rules apply, shortest program wins. What is a base prime This system is based off prime fact...

I feel like you could do that (base10) Challenge in one line with Mathematica, just not sure how.
@JimmyJazzx It would probably be more or less a translation of this CJam code, it would just be a lot more fiddly ;) q~mf_W=){mp},\fe=W%0e|
the last three bytes aren't needed if we don't have to handle 1
@Geobits I think the interesting part of this challenge is not the factoring, but inserting the zeroes for factors that are missing.
That looks way too efficient to be right :P
Cant Tell if that is a Winky face or part of the code... I need to get better at reading CJam...
@Sp3000 fair enough: q~_mf\){mp},\fe=W%0e|
2:58 PM
Maybe. With some factoring methods the zeros would be self evident (assuming you have a list of primes).
@Optimizer Yes. Though I'm having trouble coming up with a 4 or 5 char do-nothing python program that has this property
There we go :)
never mind...
can save one more byte though q~_){mp},\mffe=W%0e|
@Calvin'sHobbies Is the property just the removing part or are we trying to quine as well?
Just removing the parts. Not sure if I'll end up making it about quines as well
3:02 PM
Would just a function name be valid? e.g. range
Actually yeah, though not a super interesting example
But thanks :)
How interesting do you want it? :P
how about hello world?
Hmm actually I kinda see the problem now. Dropping a whole contiguous substring means you need to do everything in one statement, or else you can just drop a statement
HW sounds pretty tricky actually :P
@Sp3000 at least the other statements must break if that statement is missing
3:08 PM
@Sp3000 Just something with more tokens as a small starter example to get the point across better. e.g. (x=3) is close - errors in 12 of 14 cases.
Well I was thinking of keeping only the first statement
@Sp3000 yeah, that's hardest to turn into an error
@Optimizer Yeah, I'm leaning towards constant output since doing much more seems very tricky. (but not HW specifically since esolangs might e able to exploit that phrase)
"Remove me not" ?
Wouldn't HW be better at Excluding Esolangs Because most of them would be able to be golfed down to a few Characters making it harder to make a non-redundant line of code?
3:19 PM
@JimmyJazzx Some esolangs output Hello, world! with a 1 char command. And a 1 char program trivially satisfies the criteria
some do without any character too
I do believe all the valid 3 char ones are builtin names
... oh nope, also (backtick)(digit)(backtick)
For Python 2, at least
The program errors or the program doesn't output what it's supposed to -- those are two separate indicators.
@Sp3000 Thanks, I might use this
4 char's up to eval, this will take a while :/
btw for completeness: the valid 2-char ones are id plus the ones you'd expect, i.e. (), "", {}, []
3:30 PM
> Goofus goes home early to his family. Gallant stays late one too many times, setting off a chain of events leading to divorce.
One way or another, bad long term effects
3:50 PM
How do we feel about lambda calculus in coding challenges?
4:03 PM
@Calvin'sHobbies Will be interested to see how answers go (btw 4 chars still only up to True :P)
Q: Programmming a Pristine World

Calvin's HobbiesLet's define a pristine program as a program that does not have any errors itself but will error if you modify it by removing any contiguous substring of N characters, where 1 <= N < program length. For example, the three character Python 2 program `8` is a pristine program (thanks, Sp) becau...

I feel like the wikipedia page left more questions then answers for what lambda calculus is. This Caused me to Doubt my programming skills and retreat to the safety of Excel. others may feel differently. :)
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ We've had some before - it's okay? I guess
@Calvin'sHobbies 4 chars just found the (backtick)(two-char pristine)(backtick) programs. (also I left '' out of the previous 2-char list oops)
Just if you wanted something a bit longer as an example :P
@Sp3000 Fantastic! Thanks
... and that's it for the 4 chars, apparently :/
4:11 PM
@Calvin'sHobbies You might want to put some emphasis on the fact that the output should contain only that word (and the optional newline).
Man, ShaFuck looked like a good idea until I remembered that each 1024-byte chunk only maps to 20 BF operations, and I highly doubt anyone can golf the BF down that low
(although that's probably the least of all worries)
4:28 PM
A: Write a Program that Writes a function BUT in a different language!

Cᴏɴᴏʀ O'BʀɪᴇɴJavaScript to Lambda Calculus, 21 bytes (This uses the linked document as a basis.) x=>`λa(${x}(add a))` Say input is 5. Then this becomes: "λa(5(add a))"

Lambda Calculus ^_^
I just finished a Chef answer to this: codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/6043/…
However it is too long to put in an answer
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Κριτικσι ΛίθοςFibonacci + FizzBuzz = Fibo Nacci! Your challenge is to create a Fibo Nacci program! A Fibo Nacci program outputs the first 100 Fibonacci numbers (starting from 1). If the Fibonacci number is divisible by 2, then output Fibo instead of the number. The same goes with if the Fibonacci number is...

@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Er... which lambda calculus would this be? I don't think pure lambda calculus has add directly
@Sp3000 It isn't pure. See the link. Should I make it pure? That might be a while ^^"
Rather, why not just do Scheme?
4:34 PM
Please tell me how can this challenge be improved. Any suggestions are welcome.
By the way, there is a bot that will announce new sandbox posts in the chat
@Rainbolt There is nothing wrong with being punctual :)
But there is something wrong with being redundant
I see your point...
4:38 PM
The timing of that was perfect lol
And Dennis is helping us out
But seriously, how can my challenge be improved?
A: We're no strangers to code golf, you know the rules, and so do I

quartataChef, 43376 bytes This is too long to fit in an answer, here's the Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/Cqrmwmim Metagolf I did not generate this by hand, instead I wrote a small Python script to do it: import sys def varName(c): if(c=='\n'): return 'z'; elif(c==' '): return 'Z'; elif(...

kill me
It seems you don't really need to check divisibility on that (although that's probably the shorter way to do it). For Fibo, you start at 2, skip two, fibo, skip two, fibo, etc. For Nacci, start at 3, skip three, nacci, skip three, nacci, etc.
@ΚριτικσιΛίθος One thing I noticed is that if the number is divisible by 6, I should output FiboNacciFiboNacci
4:42 PM
@Rainbolt No, you should just output FiboNacci
Because that's the common sense way to do it for non-pedants :P
But yes, that could be worded slightly better.
If - else if - else if
Feel free to edit my question.
I did the minimum amount of work to satisfy a pedant.
A bulleted list might make it easier to read
4:48 PM
Q: The challange - sqrt(2)

JonnyWerdenYou must calculate sqrt(2) in the shortest length you can, minimal 100000 number. So BEGIN! You have 24 hours for this tasks

@Rainbolt I changed it into a bullet list
Yea, the bullets look better.
Now you just need a gun.
Can't you lend me one? You're in Texas, I hear there are at least seven guns there.
i am sure every state has at least 7 guns
4:53 PM
7*50 = at least 350 guns in the whole of USA
The math checks out.
According to some estimates I've seen, there are approximately a million times that many guns in the US.
Does that 350 figure include Washington DC? Or territories like Guam?
WHAT?? ITS OVER 9000!!???
That reminds me, I just started watching One Punch Man and it is hilarious (the first villain looks kinda like Piccolo)
@Calvin'sHobbies Need clarification on the Malbolge answer - what happens if a subprogram takes input?
4:57 PM
wow, due to my earlier conversation?
If by earlier you mean the comment directly above, then yes.
I meant, I was talking about OPM earlier this weekend
Overly Petulant Man?
Office of Personnel Management?
@Optimizer I didn't see that conversation
Ordinary Pooping Man?
4:59 PM
@ΚριτικσιΛίθος uh
Obvious Punchline Mangling?
One Piece Manga
obviously python, man
I saw an ad while I was watching God Eater. It was so ridiculous that I decided to watch the first episode.
4:59 PM
Obscure Perl Method
oh, you've seen god eater too?
Object Programming Man
Oriented Programming Man
Oops, Pardon Me.
Oriental Programming Man
5:01 PM
so close to 5k
If you want 5k you should be on the site instead of chat. Rep is not often given out in here :P
It would be cooler if you received at least one rep for every star...
Oh good lord no :o
5:03 PM
@ΚριτικσιΛίθος carrot.html
A: Pi Calculation Code Golf

TheDoctorTI CAS, 35 lim(x*(1/(tan((180-360/x)/2))),x,∞)

I looked back at this and i completely forget how it works :P — TheDoctor Nov 9 '14 at 0:06
limit ~30s my friend — JonnyWerden 3 mins ago
5:07 PM
@Sp3000 Does it error regardless of what is input?
I don't know Malbolge enough to say
But I'd probably guess at yes
@Sp3000 That would be ok I suppose as long as it errors no matter what eventually.
@ΚριτικσιΛίθος I think my antivirus program just barfed.
error: 'carrot.h' not found
5:08 PM
-1 for using xlsx. The one excel format that doesn't support VBA
-1 for using VBA
winky sad face?
-1 for the carrot in general
5:08 PM
@Calvin'sHobbies k, would you like to post a comment clarifying that on the answer? Just for some official word :P
The Sadness is because I only code is VBA. The winky is because i know its true....
Now its on PPCG
Hmm I almost want to say I've confirmed the Malbolge answer is valid, but 1) the interpreter I have doesn't check for infinite loops, so it doesn't give the same runtime error as the online one linked and 2) I don't know about the input thing
@ΚριτικσιΛίθος By the way, there is a bot that will announce new challenge posts in the chat.
5:14 PM
@Sp3000 If it comes down to it I'll choose the answer that has the most veracity
You should choose the one with the most voracity instead.
Q: Fibonacci + Fizz Buzz = Fibo Nacci!

Κριτικσι ΛίθοςFibonacci + FizzBuzz = Fibo Nacci! Your challenge is to create a Fibo Nacci program! A Fibo Nacci program outputs the first 100 Fibonacci numbers (starting from 1). If the Fibonacci number is divisible by both 2 and 3 (i.e. it is divisible by 6), then output FiboNacci instead of the number....

I wonder if New Main Posts and New Sandboxed Posts are friends...
Kinda, but Main is better friends with Meta than Sandbox.
@Sp3000 did you see my latest Chef answer?
A: We're no strangers to code golf, you know the rules, and so do I

quartataChef, 43376 bytes This is too long to fit in an answer, here's the Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/Cqrmwmim Metagolf I did not generate this by hand, instead I wrote a small Python script to do it: import sys def varName(c): if(c=='\n'): return 'z'; elif(c==' '): return 'Z'; elif(...

5:17 PM
I saw you link it, yes
I think I'm ready for World Big Dosa
@MartinBüttner hi.. how do I find the messages you pointed me to?
I feel like a loop or two should help for at least some of the repeated choruses
@Sp3000 awh dammit I forgot about loops
I actually couldn't get loops working with the Perl interpreter
X until X at the end would always throw an error
@MartinBüttner oh I see them.. just for general interest :)
5:20 PM
I suspect the only place a loop would help would be at the end anyways
I think more than the end, there's a lot of repetition
@quartata Do you mean the Nether instead?
I guess that means I'm not ready for World Big Dosa
Back to making sushi rice for another ten years
Nobody's ready for world big dosa.
Do I at least get cool points for the Python script
5:22 PM
You get cool points for making sushi rice
My sushi rice always comes out wrong. It's either too mushy or too hard.
Or perfect but I make it mushy by drenching it in too much rice vinegar. Or I get just the right amount of vinegar but then I mush it with the spoon
Or I make it perfect and then I mush it when I make the roll
I cannot believe that you didn't know this.
@quartata I don't understand. That program takes no input.
Wait I'm an idiot
Pretend you didn't see that
I thought it was just "print out a function"
@quartata You admit your incompetence but hide the particulars...
@Calvin'sHobbies :(
5:31 PM
Speaking of Chef, I still don't get how this got as popular as it did
Me neither. That was straightfoward Chef. Like submitting a picture for Piet.
Certain languages get votes whether they're creative/clever or not. People just like fun languages.

5 A
33 l B

X the A.
Put B into mixing bowl.
Y A until xed.
Pour contents of mixing bowl into the baking dish.

Serves 1.
@quartata Loops
Yeah, I guess. :/ Just irks me that that one was copy and pasted
Q: When was I born?

ZibelasSome unknown tribe is using a rather strange system for their birthday. They don't have any concept of number for dates (like year, month or day). When you ask them when they are born, they would reply: on a full moon in spring in the year of the tiger and I enjoyed the fortune already 3 times. U...

@quartata It's ok. Have a puffer:
5:40 PM
@Calvin'sHobbies That is very nice! I could not believe it that it was Conway's Game of Life! (thumbs up)
New Challenge Idea: Conway's Game of Thrones
@Geobits All cells end up dead
Sounds about right. They need to reproduce a lot first, too.
Or at least die trying.
Maybe there should be a for the best Conway's Game of Life simulation.
5:46 PM
Too broad
@Dennis I would like to point out that Rotor can do your ShapeScript to J one in 3 bytes since it doesn't need to have the quote closed
I'm pretty sure there's a language where you don't need the close-quote. — Thomas Kwa 12 hours ago
@Calvin'sHobbies Thanks. Puffer breeders are my favorite
You know something's wrong with muddy's 51 byte Pyth when it's beatable with not-Pyth
@Sp3000 Link or it didn't happen
@Calvin'sHobbies ...
5:51 PM
I would if ISPs would stop making internet so slow at 5am in the morning
I got rekt
@quartata I think you mean shrekt
@quartata Where do I find this Rotor?
(my language got noticed by dennis yay)
Why did you implement it in an esolang? :P
5:54 PM
So it would just be "&+ I think
@Dennis ?
Groovy isn't an esolang
Groovy is an object-oriented programming language for the Java platform. It is a dynamic language with features similar to those of Python, Ruby, Perl, and Smalltalk. It can be used as a scripting language for the Java Platform, is dynamically compiled to Java Virtual Machine (JVM) bytecode, and interoperates with other Java code and libraries. Groovy uses a Java-like curly-bracket syntax. Most Java code is also syntactically valid Groovy, although semantics may be different. Groovy 1.0 was released on January 2, 2007, and Groovy 2.0 in July, 2012. Groovy 3.0 is planned for release in late 2015...
It's not a goodlang either :P
@Geobits I thought you liked Java
Groovy != Java whether I like Java or not.
What language has the longest name?
@Calvin'sHobbies You are Reading the Name of this Esolang?
5:56 PM
Dang, this pristine world is tricky ... PowerShell is so loose implicit that it's actually hard to make a simple program error.
I mean of anything
This one is.
I don't think that counts as a language ;)
-1, no language specifications
5:57 PM
@quartata that has no spec or anything
How do you know its even meant to be the name of a language?
@Calvin'sHobbies lol
@Sp3000 ?
D is an infinite loop. I don't think that counts as an error. — Dennis ♦ 8 mins ago
@quartata Oh, you just made it up
@Calvin'sHobbies It doesn't, right?
5:59 PM
@Calvin'sHobbies I didn't.
@quartata You said links so I linksed :P
It was the longest esolangs article I could find.
@Dennis No
@Sp3000 ohh
So this is shorter than the Pyth one? Yikes.

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