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12:00 AM
Q: Where can I get blue hooded mage's robes?

I Phantasm II cant seem to find an unenchanted version of this outfit anywhere. It is the same clothing all court wizards use, but I need an unechanted version (preferably without using the console).

@Lazers Pwnt.
@RonanForman Uploading now.
I've also added some new text layers in the AE project file, for some of the more popular games of Game On, so you can just enable whichever one is appropriate.
Team Fortress 2
- Added new promo items
- Fixed some visual conflicts with the Dr. Whoa bowtie and other items
- Updated the Cold War Luchador, the Mark of the Saint, and the Apoco-Fists so they can be crafted and traded
- Updated the localization files
Ugh, more promo items
Oh joy, my sister is hogging the internet.
This 15 mb upload is going to take ages.
@Gnome If you want do it later, I wasn't planning on doing anymore for a while.
It's half done, now.
12:11 AM
@Powerlord still?
obviously the wiki is now having trouble
@Gnome Thanks!
@RonanForman Use that new project file, too.
Got it.
12:22 AM
I just made a few new layers for you.
Oh, look, I burned the dinner.
By not doing dishes today.
Oh boy, everyone is yelling now.
What fun.
@GnomeSlice Bad night?
12:40 AM
Oh seriously Valve? MineCraft's not even ON Steam and you add a MineCraft hat to TF2?
step 1: make hats
step 2: make more hats
step 3-99: make more hats
step 100: uh...
@Powerlord really?
oh, it was given just to Notch
...that's what I gather from the decription
Q: Does Portal 2 coop require a consistent connection?

JonnI don't have a consistent connection and ping gets high on occasion. Can I still play Portal 2 coop, relying only on the saves in between levels or do I still have to be online 100% during the whole game?

@Powerlord when was this, the latest updated?
12:46 AM
@badp thank you
@badp I gather the same thing.
but yeah
goes to bed
@Wipqozn Yup. Added 2 hats and a Spy knife.
Top Notch is, I assume, as model of a Minecraft character's head.
Since it has the blocky MineCraft look.
The other two items are Assassin's Creed related items.
and apparently the knife has new animations.
(It's a replacement for the stock knife, so no special abilties)
those of you with android phones:
Bit Trip Beat update
And Yet It Moves also got updated
No notes for either
1:01 AM
hmm, odd
1:30 AM
Woooo, Steam sale!
Q: What are the trails on the ground in Eagle Vision?

Abby T. MillerWhen I'm using Ezio's Eagle Vision (which at this point is only when I'm identifying a Templar Captain), sometimes I see paths or trails on the ground in either red or gold. What are they? Do they have to do with identifying the captain? Or are they just explained later in the game and I haven't ...

Q: Can a 3DS receive DS Download Play games from DS cartridges?

KatieKCan the 3DS receive and play games from the regular DS (DS, DSi, DS Lite, DSi XL)? For example, Tetris from Tetris DS or Mario vs Luigi from New Super Mario Bros. Or will I lose the ability to play these games with my DS-friends once I upgrade to a 3DS?

1:50 AM
@RonanForman Might have to take a raincheck on uploading the video with sound
Q: League of Legends isn't working

Godzilla FraggerWhen I try to open League of Legends in Windows 7 I am notified that PVP.net Patcher Kernel has stopped working and that Windows hasn't found a solution, what should I do?

2:17 AM
Any EVErs here?
Q: Can I join the Vigilants of Stendarr?

spugsleyDuring my travels, I've met a few Vigilants of Stendarr. I discovered that they find and kill all kinds of a fun stuff (vampires, werewolves, etc). Recently, I even found their meeting place. Their line of work sounds pretty intriguing and I'm curious - can I become a Vigilant of Stendarr? If so,...

Orcs must die for under $4?
2:37 AM
Bullet Candy Perfect is Scoregasm without the gasm and the close range attacks
so... don't bother
the close range attacks are actually fun
it's certainly more traditional though
Irukandij does have 'gasm though.
Q: How can I easily win at 'Fun Fun Island'?

Jeff MercadoWhen Fun Fun Island is finally opened, there is great potential to earn a lot of rupees relatively quick and easy. If you get a perfect score, you could earn 480 rupees in one shot (-20 to play, +500 to win) and the game is over in about 40 seconds with no thinking involved. What are some strat...

Q: When do merchants start paying the actual value of items?

jwaddellWhen you pick up items in Skyrim it tells you the value of each item. However when I go and sell the items the merchants are only paying 30% of this value, at best. Discounting any perks or other effects, how high does Speechcraft have to be before merchants start paying full value for items?

@badp ...Seriously?
Just play Geometry wars or something.
I wonder what the deal with the sex sounds is.
uh... Irukandij is the same one level on a... number of ships
so for example I've "perfected" the game with Particle Bird and now I can play with Straight Shooter
Well, that kind of sucks, but considering how much you payed for the entire set...
2:52 AM
Anyone care to join me on Thomas' Minecraft server?
@GnomeSlice Also, some people just really don't care to hear that kind of thing, yours truly included.
@GraceNote I mean in the game. I wonder what the deal is, as in... why they were chosen for the games...
Apparently, some people do care to hear that kind of thing
@GraceNote Indie Royale Bundle.
@GnomeSlice Link?
3:01 AM
@GraceNote There was a whole blog post on it...
@GraceNote Do you mean "does not care either way" or "does not care and would rather not have them"?
@GraceNote You've missed it.
@John What blog?
@badp I'm more the latter. The only thing I dislike more than negative appeal is gratuitous and pointless negative appeal.
3:04 AM
Q: Why do I have to lay the controller on a flat surface?

Ashley NunnWhen I start Skyward Sword (its the only MotionPlus game I have, others that use it are probably similar) it always asks me to lay the MotionPlus controller on a flat surface for a bit before it starts, then it asks me to point the controller at the center of the screen and press A. I don't have ...

Q: How do I activate this Dwarven mechanism?

spugsleyI am on a quest where I must retrieve a sword from the ruins of Mzinchaleft. Well, it's been a long (waaaay too long) and perilous journey, but I finally found the sword and everything will be worth the trouble because of all the loot....but, I can't get to it because of this thingy: Obviousl...

...are these the same clips as in Scoregasm?
arms, move
mooooove :(
@GraceNote yes
@GraceNote Probably.
I just watched the demo video up until the first one and I was like... "You have got to be kidding me..."
3:05 AM
Scoregasm uses the 'gasm' clips from Scoregasm and the 'level up'/'game over'/etc. clips plus most game mechanics from Bullet Candy Perfect
They're from the same one person, after all.
@badp All three?
@GraceNote You might like 'Alpha Force'.
@GnomeSlice Demo video would be nice
It's a flash game.
@GraceNote Yes.
3:08 AM
I can't do snare practice tonight :(
Thinking of getting this.
@GnomeSlice more like me and my finding more ways to not do statistics
Hm... I can't really gauge the action level on that game
3:17 AM
I just sent in my review of the 236 page documentation I was given yesterday. Needless to say, I only read some of it.
IttyBrittyGirlGamer, Liverpool, United Kingdom
726 1 11
Has this person been seen in chat at all? She's clearly really awesome.
The 'top downloaded indie games' on XBLA makes me mad.
@Mana You could do a chat search on her name
@GnomeSlice Why?
oh true
@GnomeSlice oh yeah. Minecraft clones are a popular thing.
Then again, so are clones of good things in general.
3:28 AM
Q: Does Irukandji only have one level?

badpAfter ship selection, Irukandji opens saying: This suggests there's more than one level, but after I defeat the crab boss fight at the end, the game simply ends and a new ship is unlocked. Is that it?

@Lazers @badp Yes.
@Mana I like how she feels the need to identify herself as a 'girl gamer'.
@GnomeSlice You should post an answer
@GnomeSlice Woah, no need to be hostile.
Dammit, I want Hydrophobia, but Steam is like the only digital distribution channel I CAN'T use with paypal.
@GnomeSlice uh? why?
3:37 AM
Does it accept paypal?
I thought you needed a credit card.
It certainly does
otherwise I wouldn't be able to buy jack shit
@GnomeSlice What if she's a guy, and all her antics, username included, are naught but a clever ploy?
the hell is my paypal billing address
apparently it's 2 lines, whatever it is.
@RavenDreamer including the commentated livestreams?
How much longer is Hydrophobia on sale?
3:44 AM
I actually am surprised it's still on sale
so probably not for much longer
Dammit. Steam, tell me what the two lines of 'billing address' you need are...
@badp What can I say? He/she's dedicated!
I'm buying a 3DS tomorrow. Should be fun!
Does anyone know what I should be looking for?
@RavenDreamer Have you checked whether or not the 3D effect actually works on your eyes?
I thought my paypal address was just my email address...
3:47 AM
Apparently 1 in 8 people can't see it.
(I know one such person.)
I only have like 13 minutes left of internet access.
@badp It does.
I have... special eyes.
The kind of eyes that elicited compliments from the carpool ladies in middle school.
Which is... yeah.
'nuff said.
@GnomeSlice We don't know what the address you signed up with at paypal is
Son of a bitch. Anyone want to gift me hydrophobia on Steam?
@badp Is it like my physical address?
er... yes?
is that what you meant?
3:49 AM
Q: How do I stop the bees from attacking?

Ashley NunnIn the Deep Woods, I am trying to cross a rope. That's hard enough on its own but now there are bees flying at me and I can't seem to get them to leave me alone without falling off of the rope. How do I make them go away?

Where are you now?
Why does it want two lines?
Just fill one if you only need one
Aaand it crashes
Fuck you, Steam.
It's working. You can alternatively do the purchase from within your browser
3:51 AM
There we go.
Eight minutes left in the mission. Eight minutes left in the mission.
Oh, bloody hell.
@GnomeSlice eh?
3:52 AM
I was hoping it wouldn't be QUITE that big.
Wow, I moved $30 to my paypal, and I'm already down to $12.
Gotta stop doing that.
Listen to this everyone.
loses internet
4:19 AM
Here's a question @Powerlord can easily answer
"The 1% takes up photography"
@badp What question is that?
Q: How is my disguised loadout determined if I disguise as a class that's not in play?

badpSay RED has no sniper. I'm a BLU spy disguised as a RED sniper. This means my apparent nick will be determined at random. IIRC, I might even get my own nick. What about my loadout? Will I be using weapons at random? Will it be taken from the appropriate loadout of the nick I'm using? Will I be u...

@badp that's pretty interesting actually
Q: How is my disguised loadout determined if I disguise as a class that's not in play?

badpSay RED has no sniper. I'm a BLU spy disguised as a RED sniper. This means my apparent nick will be determined at random. IIRC, I might even get my own nick. What about my loadout? Will I be using weapons at random? Will it be taken from the appropriate loadout of the nick I'm using? Will I be u...

@badp fix'd
4:25 AM
@NickT :|
I should go through a bunch of TF2 questions and tag them
those tags would be Good
@badp See, I answered that already!
@Powerlord Good man.
Actually you were too fast, now I must way before I can accept.
Bad man.
So as per Atwood's post, I'm going to fix a bunch of TF2 questions over the next however long
@NickT How are you planning on fixing them? ?
4:33 AM
@NickT please don't do it manually
that, removing meta tags/overbroad tags (game mechanics, weapons, etc)
maybe change them to tf2-backpack
If you want a tag renamed or merged with another, ask on meta and we'll do so without trashing the homepage
think that's what it's officially called
you should rename spy, imho
If you want a tag destroyed, ask on meta and we'll poke @Rebecca with a sharp stick to do so for us
while it's nice and clean
4:34 AM
@NickT While I agree with bringing spy to tf2-spy, that's not what the community wants
@badp T_T
so I'll leave it as spy
yeah, but that would actually be a good tag
unlike , et. al
plus there could be other ones, mostly sniper, etc
a soldier tag for soldier questions (e.g. my black box one)
I don't know why spy is pretty much the only TF2 class that got a tag
but I do know we have a solid 13 questions for it, because after all spy is perhaps the hardest class to master
,..or even play normally
I see nothing wrong with adding other class tags
Q: Rocket Launcher vs. Black Box

NottinylilI like the +15 health on hit from the Black Box as you can leach health from distance, but the higher clip from the Rocket Launcher saves my life a lot. I haven't been able to reliably identify situational usages for these two weapons on my own. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the ...

should be imho
4:39 AM
Okay, I've retagged 5, that's enough for now.
4:59 AM
@NickT I take offense to and . And I'm not condoning 7 other borderline uselessly generic tags, either.
@badp why on earth would you start this?
@RavenDreamer uh... why not?
after all the discussion we've had so far

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