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1:45 AM
Although might be a better name. Perhaps it would be worth creating a synonym.
At the moment, the only questions with is
Q: Fast Fourier transform inversion of probability generating functions

awkwardIn Understanding Probability, Third Edition, Henk Tijms writes: "If an explicit expression for the generating function of the random variable X is available, then the numerical values of the (unknown) probability mass function of X can be calculated by appealing to the discrete Fast Fourier Tra...

tag was created. It might be worth keeping.
Q: Topology on a free monoid using regular languages.

Enjoys Math A free monoid together with arbitrary unions of regular language subsets forms a topological free monoid. Every free monoid homomorphism is continuous with respect to the topology described in 1. But is the converse true? Is every free monoid map that is continuous with respect to arbitrary u...

Until now, some such questions were tagged topological-groups+semigroups.
There are 4 questions with these tags. And maybe a few more questions about topological semigroups can be found: math.stackexchange.com/search?q=topological+semigroup+is%3Aq
Another newly created tag is .
Q: Is the space of monoid homomorphisms on a free monoid free?

Enjoys MathI'm not sure about this since if you have two free monoid homomorphisms: $f, g : M \to M$, then $f \circ g = h$, $h$ hiding the information about the two maps, in other words we don't always have to represent elements in the space of homs as a string as we do in a free monoid. Confused! Thanks.

We have several tags concerning morphisms of some class of objects/some category.
Perhaps graph falls roughly into the same cateogry.
2:08 AM
Is there something else on the list of new tags which might need some action?
2 hours later…
4:29 AM
A: What's the [problem-solving] tag for?

Normal HumanTag wiki says: Use this tag when you want to determine the thinking that is needed to solve a certain type of problem, as opposed to looking for a specific answer to a question. Users do: put this tag on anything but that. "I have a problem that needs solving, so problem-solving it is." The...

in Math Mods' Office, 1 hour ago, by Normal Human
We talked about it in 2011: which questions falls under the tag 'problem-solving'?. We talked about it in 2013: What's the [problem-solving] tag for?. In 2015, is this time for our semi-annual discussion of this tag, or time for action? I hope for the latter.

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