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12:00 AM
My friend also has a similar Sony and hates it
don't most use 10 finger multitouch these days?
ohh and lg g2 is on my list
@Seth @Seth starred :D
@GeoMint Great phone, fragile screen
12:01 AM
@Zacharee1 the g2?
Two handed phoning? :P
Had it, loved it, broke the screen 3 times
@Seth yurp
good to know.
It was on my "maybe next phone list"
The glass is extremely thin
@Seth the G3 and later are fine
They just made a mistake with the screen on the others
12:02 AM
one friend has the G3 and he said me not to buy
because it's getting warm quickly
@GeoMint it's not amazing, mostly because it doesn't do much to beat the G2
Never heard of that one...
I really like the OnePlus X.
@NathanOsman Is your auchatstatus server down?
If I can come up with the $$ it will probably be my next phone.
Because I only see myself
12:03 AM
Works for me...
Works for me @RPiAwesomeness.
Oh, huh. There it is
Try reloading the page.
Oh, nvm.
ok, now I'm leaving. bye :p
@Seth it looks like an iPhone lol
12:04 AM
lg g3 = 3GB ram
same price with lg g2
They know it's a bad phone :p
@Zacharee1 a little
But seriously, they're not that different
ok :)
Explaining lots of stuff, in a very high quality & nice way
12:06 AM
Wow the G4 is expensive in Greece
everything is expensive
with the new taxes the last 10 years they have **cked us
@RPiAwesomeness one of the best edu channels yeah
Wonder if it would be cheaper to have it bought and delivered in the US then shipped to Greece
12:09 AM
@Tim But of course, CGP Grey is amazing
@GeoMint Install this: sechat.quickmediasolutions.com
@RPiAwesomeness sitting on the edge of my seat for the next one!
do you listen to the podcast?
Indeed I do :)
For those who don't know what that star is about, Hello Internet is a seriously awesome & very interesting podcast done by CGP Grey & Brady Haran
12:10 AM
It's essentially "2 Dudes Talking" and is just brilliant
@Zacharee1 why?
They're good friends have some really good arguments!
Check the top starred item @GeoMint
I'm at number 30 something atm - im slowww
12:11 AM
i dont need that :p
Just for this chat room, that's it
i will do ti later
just tell me how to install it
What browser do you have? @GeoMint
i hate Chrome :p
12:15 AM
OK. Get Greasemonkey from the addons store or whatever it's called and use it to install the .js file you download. then refresh this page and it should work.
Wai u het chrome?
@GeoMint Honestly just curious, but why?
because everybody i know has virus at chrome browser
@Zacharee1 That's called smuggling and carries a prison sentence...
@Fabby is it?
12:16 AM
my father after 1 day with chrome had ads and fake browser installed
@GeoMint Never happened to me
@GeoMint how long ago was this?
@Zacharee1 yesterday
Well, If you bought it for him and sent it to him as a "birthday present"
@GeoMint wow. You people go to some shady sites
all my sisters had adware
12:17 AM
@Fabby you aren't allowed to ship stuff to someone in Greece?
and Geomint then sent you a box full of greek wine for your "Birthday"
all my friends also
that would be a way around it...
@GeoMint seriosuly, what sites are you guys going to?
@GeoMint That can technically happen in Firefox too ;) But I'm not saying Chrome is better or worse. I use it because it's faster.
Or rather, I use Chromium
12:17 AM
@RPiAwesomeness Why not Chrome?
Because of Google's data gathering crap
i am sure not p*rnosites
@Zacharee1 However, if @GeoMint would buy it in the US and then have it shipped to Greece, he would still pay the taxes on it...
@RPiAwesomeness +1
If he bought it and had it sent to you and you would send it on to him for his BD and the authorities would find out about it, he's probably pay a fine on top of the taxes.
3rd time would be prison time though...
12:19 AM
@GeoMint well then that's why...
@RPiAwesomeness isn't Chromium also made by Google?
if you travel to greece you can carry a $2000 laptop with 6th generation i7. you can buy a 2th or 4th generation in greece
@Fabby wow didn't know
@Fabby o/
@Ravan \o
12:20 AM
what o/ means
@RPiAwesomeness Never had that happen with FF
(even under Windows)
@GeoMint or goodbye
Really? Huh
Fair enough
ok :)
@GeoMint litttle head with right arm sticking up: o/
12:21 AM
i saw that after i ask:P
@GeoMint litttle head with left arm sticking up: \o
@Zacharee1 @RPiAwesomeness @GeoMint morning :)
@GeoMint litte head with both arms up: \o/
Hello @Ravan :)
12:21 AM
Changing of the guard!
Ravan in!
Me out!
its 2:21am here so... its morning you can say
Good night!
@GeoMint Go sleep!
@Fabby great man, you always teach new users
P|$$ off!
Go @w@y!
12:22 AM
@Fabby mean
Shutdown --halt now
@Zacharee1 :/ Really?
Anyway: I need my beauty sleep!
Good night!
No command 'Shutdown' found, did you mean:
Command 'shutdown' from package 'molly-guard' (universe)
Command 'shutdown' from package 'upstart' (main)
Shutdown: command not found
gutennacht! @Fabby
@Ravan lol
guten Morgen @Ravan
12:24 AM
@Fabby how are you?
guten Abend auf mich
you are rarely available to me to talk--:)
@Zacharee1 lang?
@Ravan was?
@Ravan Oh, German
12:25 AM
Ich spreche Deutsch
i go sleep
o/ @GeoMint
Dream of phones
12:25 AM
Q: How healthy is our stack exchange compared to others?

AkivaFor October 2015 Are there statistics available telling us whether we have more or less number of unanswered questions compared to other stack exchanges, and is there a metric available that ascertains whether our stack exchange is healthy or unhealthy in any regards?

good night @GeoMint
@Mateo o/
just trying something for the script
so you will see me typing without really doing anything ;)
@RPiAwesomeness awesome work an adding names ;)
@Mateo Thanks :)
12:31 AM
if you hover over the icons, it shows names now
It was quite complicated actually, had to de-obfuscate/prettify some JS hidden in the code to figure out how to get the name
Also...GOOOOO Patriots!
Did @NathanOsman give you access?
I'm trying to change out the typing animation, make it circle around the user, but this happens so far - need to tweak
And it only works partially for me
12:32 AM
That's ... not normal
ah there we go
Wait, what?
it's on github, then you can self host it with python
12:33 AM
@Mateo ooooh. I see
well, I need to shrink the file, then overlay it...
Woo! Go Patriots! Brady to Gronkowski for a 47 yard TD!
@Mateo I like it, but that'll undo my slide-y out animation changes ;(
How are you changing it?
Wait wait wait.
Aren't they the ones with the deflated balls and the inflated ego?
Well okay then. Shots fired
12:35 AM
@RPiAwesomeness well, maybe make it a option in the prefs for animation type
But, yes the first part is partially correct. It was Tom Brady and a few accomplices who did that, not the whole team.
@Mateo Oh, good idea
but yeah, that was the basic idea since i gave up on trying to transition the animation
Seriously, how are you two changing the script, or am I being stupid?
Now, I'm not defending him, according to the evidence he did have it deflated, but the Colts played better in the first half when the balls were supposedly deflated.
Plus, if you're affected by the amount that they were deflated, you're really not that great of a player
12:39 AM
@Zacharee1 download it from: github.com/nathan-osman/auchatstatus - change the address to "" - open the folder in terminal and run "python3 -m http.server"
then you can make changes to the front end
And then recommend them to Nathan or something?
@Mateo You can just adjust the user script & point it to a place on your server (or I think even a raw.github.com link)
That's what I did
@Zacharee1 Yup, just submit a pull request on GitHub
Yup, that's right.
I added the "USER has read this far" code & the slide-y out/in animation
12:41 AM
If you're extra ambitious, the source code for the server is there too :P
But that's really tricky to set up.
Barely know JS, let's not get ahead of myself :p
So my school is letting us come dressed up tomorrow. I've never done Halloween, so I'm not really doing anything, but I made up my own one of these:
Gonna wear it over a shirt
@RPiAwesomeness YES!
You don't have a holiday around Halloween?
Saturday is Reformation Day.
12:43 AM
@Tim No, I've just never gone trick-r-treating
@NathanOsman And that, if we ever do anything, that's what we do
In the UK, we get a week off
hence I'm up at quater to 1
A week?
that's not fair
12:49 AM
Man. Patriots are just rolling the Dolphins so far
no surprise there.
But I'm not saying any more, Pride goeth before the fall and all
@Seth I would agree
Though the Dolphins are much better this year than previous seasons
Can't wait, we're getting a Chick-fil-a about 20-30 minutes from my house
@Zacharee1 in the UK we get 6 weeks for summer, 2 for easter 2 for christmat then we get a half term half way between each of those, each a week
@Tim oh, so it's spread out. I see
@RPiAwesomeness Just say to them "I'm gay." :p
@Zacharee1 But I'm not, so why would I do that?
1:02 AM
To get kicked out unlawfully?
They don't do that
They might refuse to serve
Which people are doing
I doubt that
Kim Davis anyone?
@Zacharee1 That has nothing to do with Chick-fil-a
1:03 AM
I know
Using a parallel
That's this year's holiday
It changes every year cos of easter timings
Note the really short (5 weeks) between 2nd half term after christmas and easter
@RPiAwesomeness you still there?
hrm, well almost:
A little late, but this is the photo a Note 4 can take: flic.kr/p/Aq8xGT
alignment is a bit off still
oh cool
1:18 AM
and i lost rpi's icon, but I'm not sure if he is still on?
No, I think he left
With a little editing: flic.kr/p/AnQQ4s
Here we go
@chaskes quite sure I was heavily slept at the time
wow, absolute positioning really messes things up
Hey hi Seth, I saw the list that you posted last night about FOSS projects
1:28 AM
hiya @Lucio!
yeah I was looking for things to contribute to.
<-- likes contributing to things, especially if he gets free t-shirts.
I would love to see a list of simple projects where people can dig in according to their skills
I know ya :D
sorry, keyboard misconfigured after update
@Lucio are you thinking about for yourself?
no, more of a list to share with other people
might be there is a list somewhere on github
a gigantic README.md maybe?
I can't think of any out of my mind right now
What password managers do you guys use?
Keypassx is my choice
1:33 AM
@Tim my brain.
@Lucio hmm. In that case I'd like to see it too!
I know both Ubuntu and Mozilla are good places to start.
I will be applying for Ubuntu membership Nov. 5. If you have testimonials about me I would appreciate it if you could leave them on my wiki page. Thanks!
If you have anything not so nice to say I'd prefer if you kept it here; espcially if it's about this lame attempt at humour ;p
@Seth Can relate
@Seth expect me ;)
1:36 AM
Yep @Seth
@Lucio :D
haha that one is tricky
I am thinking of something less popular than the stuff over there
simple projects from real people
@Lucio ooh, that's a good guide. bookmarked.
yeah, the guide is great
@Lucio by "over there" I assume you mean Ubuntu/Mozilla like I mentioned earlier?
1:40 AM
the links in the gh page
are gigantic projects
What about more real projects, where people can start contributing, even if you're not such a skilled dev
sourcecontribute.com - quite nice site here
Yes, I know both Ubuntu and Mozilla have bugs set apart especially for beginners.
well, bring them on :)
It gotta be something simple to find.
zulip.org - wow, FOSS slack version
@Lucio I dunno about Mozilla. If you want to do Mozilla go here chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/11540/charcoal-hq and try to ping ManishEarth.
1:48 AM
@Seth great resource, one hundred paper cuts, vaguely remembering it
Sites working for you?
Oh, back
@Tim AU? Nope..
aaaand back.
that was odd
I noticed that it's been taking ages to load my achievements and inbox recently (lat hour)...
in other news my friend upgraded to 802.11AC and got 134Mbps download.
We are currently mitigating an attack. Standby for updates.
An attack...
1:50 AM
Lots of sites seem super slow, and the whole network just went down for like 10 seconds
uh oh
really slow...
and offline again
chat is what really matters
1:53 AM
@Lucio agreed
the system is down.
It's funny how people have favorited the tweet that says SE is under attack
@Zacharee1 like people who like RIP posts
1:54 AM
Yeah, the site is slow to respond.
I also lolled at Nick Craver having Favorited it :P
Is that his job - be on twitter and check the replies? ;)
Now someone's advertising CloudFlare's compaetitor
@Tim that is actually the title :P
1:56 AM
Lol, look at the replies for the tweet
@Lucio ^
there you go
@Seth what IRC client do you usE?
Q: What IRC clients are available?

myusuf3What programs can be used for IRC (=Internet Relay Chat)?

All sooo ugly...
So why does chat work if the rest of SE doesn't?
@Tim xchat.. it's ok.
1:59 AM
Hmm okay

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