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3:00 AM
cant use search engines or anything like wikipedia
@Geobits carrot.svg
@AlexA. Them's my bookmarks.
@Seadrus Did you learn about binary numbers or binary search algorithms in your class?
3:00 AM
@AlexA. no.
only balanced ternary
Is it not in your textbook?
our teacher is like stoned all the time or something
you learned about ternary but not binary?
Q: Can I have more chat stars, please?

TheDoctorI am an active user of The Nineteenth Byte, and in the course of a day, I tend to use up all my stars. Unlike some users, I actually use them for meaningful (if often funny) conversations. However, as much as I love stars, there don't seem to be that many in the world any more. Stars just seem t...

3:01 AM
just no
@TheDoctor Crap. Now they'll be onto us. >.>
@TheDoctor What did I tell you?? !
@AlexA. Our textbook is a sheet of paper that has a bunch of symbols on it
@GamrCorps our teacher is russian
3:03 AM
@Seadrus I was referencing @TheDoctor when I said no. So you don't understand him?
@GamrCorps no, he just likes balanced ternary for some reason. ive been told its because the russians made a bt computer
@Seadrus ok then....
And then you realize: It's just because you signed up for a new community. x.x
3:05 AM
clicks star button
@TheDoctor Note: I upvoted that for you. ;)
Note: I applied a @Geobits to that for you
@Doorknob no thanks
3:07 AM
@GamrCorps You might need to update that. c:
actually you kinda are
or maybe, the proportion of your messages containing the word "star" is similar
@Doorknob only in Code Review
3:11 AM
hey look the meta post got Shog'd
I wonder what this question alone makes people think of Code Golf. o-o
no stars allowed is winning
> Magic 8 ball says "Doubtful".
3:14 AM
Magic Recursive 8 ball says, "Magic Recursive 8 ball says, "Magic Recursive 8 ball says, "Magic Recursive 8 ball says, "Magic Recursive 8 ball says, "Magic Recursive 8 ball says, "Magic Recursive 8 ball says, "...
@Doorknob HE KNOWS :O
3:15 AM
you need moar repz
That went downhill quickly.
What happened? I stepped away
Shog went Shogging
It was the only way it could've gone.
@AlexA. go to the strawpoll strawpoll.me/5845304
3:15 AM
@Doorknob This means nothing to me
@GamrCorps i'm winning
its tied
between unlimited and none
it's biased because TheDoctor gets to vote. he's losing :P
31 mins ago, by Doorknob
user image
3:16 AM
57 secs ago, by VTCAKAVSMoACE
31 mins ago, by Doorknob
user image
^^^ ; lets go tribonacci
Carrotception. O.O
btw, what does the number under our avatars mean?
it's your network-wide reputation
3:18 AM
oh mine just went up...
is there
@Doorknob Wait, so if I just signed up for every site, would I have 14.2k rep? :D
to see it without spamming
@VTCAKAVSMoACE no, it only counts sites where you have 200+
Aw. :c
3:20 AM
@VTCAKAVSMoACE I was thinking the same thing
You could also get a quick 14k rep by joining a bunch of sites and contributing in a meaningful way ;)
No stars is winning! strawpoll.me/5845304/r
There is a laser gun unicode symbol? But why...
Hmm. This gives me an idea for a challenge...
# Attempt to find when the next carrot will be posted to chat
3:23 AM
6 mins ago, by GamrCorps
57 secs ago, by VTCAKAVSMoACE
31 mins ago, by Doorknob
user image
14 secs ago, by VTCAKAVSMoACE
6 mins ago, by GamrCorps
57 secs ago, by VTCAKAVSMoACE
31 mins ago, by Doorknob
user image
<The Tin Carrot Soldier> ^
Even the bot carrots. o-o
<The Tin Carrot Soldier> ^
3:25 AM
1 min ago, by VTCAKAVSMoACE
6 mins ago, by GamrCorps
57 secs ago, by VTCAKAVSMoACE
31 mins ago, by Doorknob
user image
@VTCAKAVSMoACE I read that as 'contraception'
26 secs ago, by GamrCorps
1 min ago, by VTCAKAVSMoACE
6 mins ago, by GamrCorps
57 secs ago, by VTCAKAVSMoACE
31 mins ago, by Doorknob
user image
I wonder how many levels of nesting carrots there can be....
I blame you for this Doorknob. The carets were bad enough...
3:26 AM
how does I quote :P
7 hours ago, by El'endia Starman
I once did a repeated quote that got up to 12 levels or so.
get the permalink of a message and post it @CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ
1 min ago, by VTCAKAVSMoACE
26 secs ago, by GamrCorps
1 min ago, by VTCAKAVSMoACE
6 mins ago, by GamrCorps
57 secs ago, by VTCAKAVSMoACE
31 mins ago, by Doorknob
user image
@TheDoctor Please use moderator flags for serious issues only.
3:28 AM
@AlexA. Otherwise, we get a lot of foreign mods coming in
I prefer not to be bombarded by huge messages tyvm
Then you can ask the user to stop
I stopped already.
.......anyone want to barter that for his stars? :P
@GamrCorps Although, he did say earlier that it was kinda unlimited.
7 hours ago, by El'endia Starman
@VTCAKAVSMoACE Kinda unlimited, I think.
3:29 AM
Wait: can you get the message number of the message you're about to post? That way, you quote the message that you send?
(For now.)
Wait, hold on, should I try it? I can just get a permalink to this post and then try it.
3:30 AM
@El'endiaStarman XD
@AlexA. ......"("r
(Pushes an opening parenthesis onto the stack and reverses it so that it's in front of Alex's closing parenthesis.)
@AlexA. The r doesn't do much in this case. :P Nevermind.
@El'endiaStarman Just... rotate the stack...?
3:32 AM
@VTCAKAVSMoACE That'd make it )().
Mini-challenge: given two integers, output the mod of the divmod of them. Example: divmod(34,5) -> [6 4] then mod(6,4) -> 2.
3:34 AM
Simplex, 15 bytes iiR2y*y%LVYR%o @GamrCorps
why does it keep getting bigger @CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ?
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ I'm sorry, this is missing Vitsy. I can't answer. c:
3:36 AM
@GamrCorps I made a mistake.
Ok, just checking.
Vitsy is my favorite language. Not any of those.
mod of the divmod of them. So divmod(34,5) -> [6 4] then mod(6,4) -> 2(Output). Example 2: divmod(a,b) -> [c d] then mod(c,d) -> n(output)
3:39 AM
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ You missed ><>. ;)
Quick software rec (for my mom): Windows batch converter from wma to mp3. For some reason she's trying to use realplayer and it's crashing on her.
@GamrCorps Julia, 26 bytes: f(a,b)=mod(divrem(a,b)...)
@VTCAKAVSMoACE wait that was made by PPCG user?
I thought so...? Unless I've been mistaken this entire time.
3:40 AM
So far its @CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ (15 bytes), then @AlexA (26 bytes).
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Nevermind. I was under a misconception. Odd.
@VTCAKAVSMoACE you can do that?!?
Do what?
3:43 AM
specifically in spotlight
Yeah...? It can do trig, too.
no way
@Geobits If you had asked me about 10 years ago I might have had an actual recommendation, but anything I could come up with now would just be from a Google search. :/
3:45 AM
@AlexA. Yea, same here :(
@VTCAKAVSMoACE thats so cool, thanks for showing me this!
@GamrCorps It actually uses the values for pi and e, not just approximations. ;D No problem.
@Geobits I had honestly forgotten that WMA ever existed.
@VTCAKAVSMoACE u r uz  so nao wer frend
@GamrCorps But to be fair, Grapher can do way better stuff than this - it can do u-subbing, families of anti-derivatives, unknown constant graphs... if you haven't looked into it, do.
Grapher is the COOLEST.
3:48 AM
best builtin on any os ever
Truer words have never been spoken.
No more
Ahhh. Okie.
It was good while it lasted.
Not really.
@AlexA. Not to mention realplayer ;)
What did I miss?
@TheDoctor The worst thing about stars is when you try to remove them to use them somewhere else and it says "It's too late to undo this operation." ಠ_ಠ
@quartata Carrotception.
Or at least the end of it.
3:52 AM
Definitely read "carrotception" as "contraception." >.>
Why am I awake? It's 4 AM.
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Your language is in the top two. :o
@VTCAKAVSMoACE What? It's 9pm.
...England, my friend. England. Plus, Daylight Savings already changed, too.
3:55 AM
Time zones
lookem up
is DST over?
@VTCAKAVSMoACE England doesn't exist.
Mind you, I'm not saying Alex is right. Because he's not. It's about midnight.
In an alternate universe where Alex A. is the queen of England...
Very alternate...
@AlexA. that reminds me of a Get Fuzzy strip where Bucky says Canada doesnt exist
3:58 AM
Well it doesn't
@GamrCorps They got the biggest apple store for one
It was a nonfiction comic strip.
@quartata True that
@quartata We have the whole Apple
3:59 AM
Only 5 seconds of that is necessary. >.>
Much less, really.
I went to the Covent Gardens apple store once. Its a good example of Jobs's OCD
@quartata You've been to Covent Garden? :D
Yes. My favorite part of London.
Home of the Tintin shop
I went to London once. It was very English.
4:02 AM
(the NW bit is the best. :3)
@AlexA. would you prefer it to be very Spanish?
youtube.com/… So I'm not the only one!
^ Well... yes.
This isn't off topic enough. Let's talk about Skittles.
Their new ads are really weird.
4:07 AM
I don't like the red ones.
And their ads have always been weird. The word you are looking for is weirder.
well, I'm out for the night, good night everybody!
I see a cat. Golden rule of ads in the 21st century: if it has a cat, you've already sold the product.
4:12 AM
Yes, it is currently night.
user image
This image covers up multiple messages for me on my tablet
Change of coordinate system is a powerful technique.
4:16 AM
You wizard
Who even posted this
A mod. :P
The name is covered up
LOL I jost lost 145 rep for being serial voted
orlp, Leiden, Netherlands
44k 17 101 185
4:17 AM
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Brutal
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ :c
@AlexA. Ik; its the second time it has happened
The second time?
I should at least get an achievement :P
@AlexA. Yeah. I got like +230 rep and I'm like YEAH and then I lost 230 rep and I'm liek noooooooooooooooo (that was the first time)
> Pushover - Get a negative score due to the system counteracting serial votes.
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Interesting bonus.
A: The jQuery showdown

DennisCJam, 160 139 13.3 bytes 00000000: 22 cf 97 d9 d1 85 82 89 8d d1 db 8d 80 a8 af b3 a3 b0 "................. 00000012: b7 82 8e 80 bd c3 ca 89 85 d6 89 84 80 b2 c6 c7 d1 7e .................~ 00000024: ce d0 cd c5 d0 bf cb cb c3 d0 7e c7 d1 7e c5 d3 c7 ca ..........~..~.... 00000036: d2 d7 7e ...

@Dennis O-o well then.
4:38 AM
I think my quine trick here is clever.
@GamrCorps nn$d:1R%%N. 11 bytes.
4:52 AM
@El'endiaStarman I left an edit suggestion on your post. ;)
@VTCAKAVSMoACE Thanks. Wow. How'd I mess that up? :P
You're tied with me. :c
I'm pretty much tied to the extreme of my language's capability. :P
5:08 AM
@Sp3000: Standard deviation in Minkolang. 51 bytes versus your 42 bytes. Dang.
I should make mean and standard deviation built-ins.
I have Gamma built into mine. XD
Basic trig and their inverses, factorial, powers... ^-^
@VTCAKAVSMoACE ...this gamma?
Or, rather, I have an approximation of it.
@VTCAKAVSMoACE Why are you still awake
If I went to sleep, I'd have no benefit at this point.
5:21 AM
There's always a benefit to sleep
Hi, Vdsfkjsdfkl. This is your bed. I want you in me.
...I wake up in 30 minutes.
So you're already asleep?
Yes, I'm sleep typing. =.=
    such talent
very type
A: The jQuery showdown

DankMemesPHP, (159*1.5 + 5) * .1 = 24.4 I'm confused about the order in which to apply the bonus/penalty, so I assumed order as written. <?=eval(~šœ—.ß..š˜ ’ž‹œ—×ØФ•ŽŠš.†££Û‡Ï¢Ð–ØÓÛž.˜‰¤Î¢ÖÀØ«—–Œß...˜.ž’’š.ß–Œß˜Š–“‹†ß.™ß·š.šŒ†Ñß·šß’ŠŒ‹ß.šß.Š.‘‹ÑØÅد..˜.ž’߉ž“–›ž‹š›Ñß¼“šž.ž‘œšß“š‰š“ßÍߘ–‰š‘ÑØÄ); This ...

At first I thought, this question makes it impossible to use PHP
turns out I did pretty well :P
5:32 AM
And then you realized that if you know PHP you should rethink your life.
PHP = Pretty Hellish Peril
I mean, nice job, @Dank!
yeah pretty much
the only way to git gud at golfing in php (which I am not) is to go memorize the standard library
which is a complete mess
to put it lightly
PHP is a complete mess.
I tried to learn it a while back. That didn't last long.
@DankMemes Does your code allow dollars after digits?
No, only ¥ may come after the digits.
Perhaps the occasionally euro or pound.
@Dennis PHP (afaik) doesn't
the whole point of the inverting thing was to avoid those characters
unfortunately eval has e so I had to add the penalty
5:39 AM
No, I mean, what would it return for the input 42$?
I keep thinking I missed a part of the rules for everything
@El'endiaStarman Hah, surely there's a lot more important functions to implement first? :P
now I actually missed part of the rules
@Sp3000 Well, yeah, but I want to do it in 2 characters instead of 45+ characters. :P
You could say that for basically half the problems on this site :P
5:45 AM
haha, true
6:04 AM
A: The jQuery showdown

DankMemesPHP, (204*1.5 + 5) * .1 = 31.1 I'm confused about the order in which to apply the bonus/penalty, so I assumed order as written. <?=eval(~šœ—.ß..š˜ ’ž‹œ—×ØФ•ŽŠš.†££Û‡Ï¢Ð–ØÓ..š˜ .š.“žœš×ØФÎÒÆ¢Ô×££Ñ¤ÎÒÆ¢„Í‚ÖÀ££ÛÐØÓÝÝÓÛž.˜‰¤Î¢ÖÖÀØ«—–Œß...˜.ž’’š.ß–Œß˜Š–“‹†ß.™ß·š.šŒ†Ñß·šß’ŠŒ‹ß.šß.Š.‘‹ÑØÅد..˜.ž’߉ž...

yay, I fixed this
there has to be a shorter way but I'm really tired at this point
Q: Code the Huffman!

El'endia StarmanOr else he will huff and puff and blow your house down! That was completely irrelevant. This challenge is actually about Huffman coding. The gist of it is the frequency of characters in a given text is utilized to make its representation shorter. In other words, let's say that our alphabet is a ...

@NewMainPosts Oh hey, there you are.
7 minutes.
He was hiding in your bushes.
Biding his time.
Waiting to strike.
6:07 AM
No one's made a huffman challenge yet?
Hasselhuffman coding
@DankMemes There's Huffman golfing, but that one asks for the Huffman tree.
3 hours ago, by Seadrus
@Doorknob whats binary
Not sure if trolling
lol wait, you can reply by using partial names like @Dank?
Yeah you can
You need at least three characters though. So @Da won't work.
6:16 AM
Yep, that pinged me.
Just like I get to call Doorknob Scooby @Doo, I can now refer to you as @Dan the Man.
How about Ginger @Ale
It might make more sense if I had red hair but yeah, that works.
6:25 AM
Also not Canadian
- Not Canadian
- Not strictly ale
- Not dry
Well Greenland Wet just sounds foolish.
Greenland Wet Ginger Soda
Boom. Next big thing.
6:31 AM
Q: Is there simple example or demo to show how to play with this community?

GstestsoI read questions at this community for while and feel they are funny:) But I really don't know what the questions are playing with, especially the meaning behind the title:( I have no idea what they are talking about, is there any beginner instruction to join this community?

^ I fear that will get closed or something
I posted an answer but now I'm not sure I understood what he was asking
me neither
> what the questions are playing with
I feel like OP there is foreign
anyways I gtg
6:44 AM
(Technically we're foreign to anyone not in the US :P)
it's past midnight here
Almost midnight here
Have a good night
7:11 AM
@AlexA. Technically, due to the internationality of PPCG, anyone not on Earth is foreign
I @Bet people are still coming up with great ways to ping people
@PeterTaylor: I do wish I had been told that my Huffman coding question would be a duplicate while it was in the Sandbox! Also:
yesterday, by Thomas Kwa
It would not be a duplicate, because you can't trivially modify answers to that question to answer your new question.
I also think my question is better, though obviously I'm biased.
Also, what about this pair of questions?
Q: Operations with Lists

beary605Inspired by this question. Given a list containing numbers, print: The sum and product of the numbers in the list The average and median The differences between each term in the list (e.x. [1,2,3] -> [1,1]: 1+1=2, 2+1=3) The list, sorted ascending The minimum and maximum of the list The standa...

Q: Calculate Standard Deviation

Beta DecayChallenge Given a list of numbers, calculate the population standard deviation of the list. Use the following equation to calculate population standard deviation: Input The input will a list of integers in any format (list, string, etc.). Some examples: 56,54,89,87 67,54,86,67 The number...

By your standard, the latter question should be a duplicate of the former.
Also, if I wrote an answer in Minkolang for either Huffman coding question, I would not be able to trivially modify it to answer the other question!
There are also no Pyth or CJam answers on the older question.
I should probably explain why I think my question is better. It demonstrates Huffman coding. The spec is more thorough. It has several input/output examples. It's more amenable to use in other situations because the output is binary representation instead of a tree.
7:32 AM
jeez, I wast^H^H^H^Hspent sooo much time on the binary-looking problem >_<
anyway, I'm done with it (hopefully)
let's see what I missed
7:46 AM
apparently, you guys have no life :p
7:57 AM
Q: Write an interpreter for Lines

George GibsonLines Write an interpreter for Lines, an esoteric language which I reckon could be used for some golfs. Description Lines is an esoteric language just like /// (Slashes), but has the added command \|, meaning 'Get next character from STDIN'. This makes it more ideal for golfing. Any command th...


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