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4:00 PM
@GnomeSlice Gotcha.
What, is this for the Facebook page?
@Mana Yes
@Mana Yes. @RonanForman brought up that the page URL is really long.
7 mins ago, by Ronan Forman
Is there any way to get a shorter facebook link than this: http://www.facebook.com/pages/GamingStackExchange/154617661300474?sk=wall
@Wipqozn yes.
4:00 PM
Getting a username would allow it to be shortened to say, 'facebook.com/gaming.se'
@Mana Are you up for a magicka game later?
However, you cant change usernames later, so I think I should talk to @DavidFullerton first.
I don't have Magicka
@Mana Free Weekend!
4:02 PM
oh look
@Mana Free (adverb): Without cost or payment
It is not actually true that you must play the TF2 tutorial first
You're not actually true
@ThomasMcDonald You're a tutorial.
Q: Where can I find a full list of dungeons?

Tom WijsmanIn order to figure out how each dungeon is cleared, it would be very nice to have a full list of them. I have heard that there are 130, is that correct? Where can I find a list of dungeons in Skyrim? UESP seems to list places in general, but has no dungeons category. Wikia, the site I don't real...

4:04 PM
Sep 25 at 17:20, by Ronan Forman
I'm a duck!
@GnomeSlice ಠ_ಠ
@ThomasMcDonald What?
I didn't star any of those.
@GnomeSlice See: Meta.
4:08 PM
@GnomeSlice Please don't add the murder tag back, even as a joke
let's just play it cool yo on the tags situation.
I thought there was talk on MSO about how having a few things like that were harmless.
I'll change the link when we get one.
@GnomeSlice Jeff deleted it, I think that generally conveys his opinion on the tag
What'd y'all think?
So @Mana will you join us?
@RonanForman Magicka just finished downloading
4:10 PM
I don't give a shit about "Jeff's opinion".
And @GnomeSlice was never seen again whooooooohhhhhh...
@RonanForman The mothership seems out of place
@RonanForman Try switching the UFO by 'ask' to a question mark of some kind.
@Mana I'll take that as a yes.
Should probably monochromify the Mothership
That would fix it IMO
4:12 PM
I'll try both.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I was about to suggest that you smart man you
@GnomeSlice I'm surprised @ArdaXi didn't magically appear when you said that to agree with you
@GnomeSlice Jeff owns the place.
Never forget that.
@Wipqozn I'm not.
Q: Why all of my ports are not open or reachable? how can i open them

Rev3rseI was testing the ports because WoW(3724 TCP 6112 TCP 6881-6999 TCP) couldn't connect to the internet so i downloaded PFPortChecker application and run it using Wine(1.3) and after i tried to check every port it seems like it's not reachable/closed why is that? my firewall is off so why is this h...

4:16 PM
This is Jeff's and Joel's site. It is theirs. Their site, their rules.
@badp Maybe so but "community driven".
@GnomeSlice It's not black and white. Jeff and Joel don't put diktats on everything and most of the time they let the communities choose for themselves.
@GnomeSlice So, this is an argument that I see come up a lot and I don't quite get it. I believe that it's normal that even on a site that is mostly community-driven, the admins should ultimately be able to have the final say and have the right to force changes.
I agree with that.
It's just... what's the harm?
4:18 PM
@Mana I think the issue people have is how often Jeff goes against the community.
@RonanForman I still think you should try it with a [stylized] question mark.
We have been given plenty of time to sort out these kinds of situations, and ultimately, our tagging system still became a mess. So now a bunch of problematic tags have been killed, without bogging down our front page.
I don't really see how [murder] was problematic.
It's not like there were 300 questions tagged with it.
@GnomeSlice It's not professional. Since SE is trying to promote gaming more now, it's understandable they are going to want to remove things like that to improve the image of the site.
Oh, and this is?
Q: The Many Memes of Meta

TheTXIThe term "Internet Meme" is used to describe a catchphrase or concept that spreads quickly from person to person via the Internet (see: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meme_(Internet) for more details) Stack Overflow and now even more predominantly Meta Stack Overflow has seen more than its fair share of ...

4:21 PM
@GnomeSlice I honestly don't see why you have such a problem with the murder tag being gone.
@GnomeSlice I thought gracenote was the one who started it?
Apparently she said something about murderers before, but I created the tag on a whim for one of my questions.
She was. He started the whole murder thing.
I hadn't heard of that at all when I created the tag.
4:25 PM
When did Jeff start removing the tag?
@RonanForman I like that a lot better, but the ? looks kind of cancerous.
I prefer the mothership. I call a vote!
Star this if you like the ? version better.
@RonanForman I prefer this version
Star this if you prefer the ? version
4:28 PM
@Wipqozn Well, it kinda started and stopped at the exact same time.
I meant star MY message, but okay.
@Mana You have the deciding vote!
you know, just arbitrarily.
@RonanForman question box one, although I think the Gaming.stackexchange font is a bit small
There. Edited the meta.
A: The Memes of Gaming Stack Exchange and its Chat

GnomeSliceMeme: murder tag. Originator: GnomeSlice. Cultural Height: Probably about Here. Murdered on: November 17th, 2011 Background: Can I kill everybody? deus-ex I originally wanted to pop a quick joke on how it seems that everywhere I'll look on this site, I'll find a mass-murderer, but it see...

Added in the date of its murder
The harm is that junk tags such as sticking around are half the reason why Jeff won't let us have special game tags.
Between having a little fun and getting great functionality that'd really help the site, I'd really push for the latter.
4:30 PM
@Mana When the facebook page gets a proper URL that's going there, and I'll sort out size then.
@GraceNote But I'm SURE I remember reading somewhere in a discussion about this kind of thing that as long as it doesn't get out of control, harmless fun like that is fine.
You've made a lot of great contributions to the site, @GnomeSlice. Please don't add "stalled progress" to that list.
@GnomeSlice I just explained that it wasn't harmless.
@GraceNote Isn't that already on there?
No, it isn't. You haven't really stalled anything.
A: The Memes of Gaming Stack Exchange and its Chat

WipqoznMeme: Photoshopping Mana's avatar onto other photos Originator: Ronan Forman Cultural Height: Anytime mana enters a room Background: http://chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/1425948#1425948

I think the height is here:
Oct 23 at 17:16, by Ronan Forman
user image
4:32 PM
@RonanForman Agreed.
You should edit that in.
Your top 6 questions account for 58k views in total. That's excellent. Don't play yourself for a non-contributor.
Saying you're useless is for everyone else to do.
@GraceNote ...Wow, that's still going up?
@Wipqozn That's just silly.
@GnomeSlice Also you inspired this: nanor-131.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d4bpji8
4:36 PM
@RonanForman a common problem.
@RonanForman ...I inspired your deviantart page? I don't get it.
Oh, it finished loading.
A lot of us loved . Even many of us who knew it was a terrible tag, we still found its application humorous and the concept gave us entertainment. We're sad to see it go, but we're enduring its loss so that we can pave a way to a much greater future.
But see, humorous questions used to be my thing, and now with Skyrim, they're everywhere.
@GnomeSlice Yeah but they're about skyrim and so don't count.
4:38 PM
@GraceNote You should give the eulogy at the funeral of
We must be the only people who want more murder.
@GraceNote You should be the president or something.
@GnomeSlice She's the president of meta, he is.
I'm disappointed that I can't get sound out of TF2 in wine.
22 mins ago, by Mana
@GnomeSlice So, this is an argument that I see come up a lot and I don't quite get it. I believe that it's normal that even on a site that is mostly community-driven, the admins should ultimately be able to have the final say and have the right to force changes.
4:39 PM
Can we just stop with the 'he' 'she' jokes? I'm uncomfortable enough as it is.
@GnomeSlice No, you should be the president. Of .
@ThomasMcDonald And I said I agree with that.
There's no message in the TF2 console
@GnomeSlice No.
Crepes, I should've just used "she" in my blog post...
4:40 PM
Do @ThomasMcDonald and @Mana have mumble?
@Mana but yet some occasional correspondence indicating that x is going to happen once in a while would be nice...
@GraceNote Stop making me hungry.
@rona yes
@ThomasMcDonald What's wrong with the n? Are you taking a redundancy reducing initiative?
@LessPop_MoreFizz I have the advantage of not having eaten crepes.
4:41 PM
@ronanfor the exact same way you ping me with @thom.
I always feel like if I go back to saying 'crepe' like I used to, everyone will just think I'm copying @GraceNote.
I suppose so.
@GnomeSlice stop copying gracenote
@Wipqozn I think Grace pinged once, stop copying Grace!
@GnomeSlice I wouldn't blame you. Besides, it's stolen goods for me anyway.
4:43 PM
I have a plan @GraceNote Do you have mumble?
@RonanForman Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha... NO.
@GraceNote blast! Foiled again!
You need to put in at least as much effort as LessPop did.
4:46 PM
That was a silly plan @RonanForman
Everyone, let us have a photo contest! Everyone take a picture of themselves
@GraceNote Go on
@Wipqozn @LessPop met me at PAX.
I took a picture of @Ronan.
@GraceNote Impressive.
did he have some form of @GraceNote detecting radar?
@LessPopMoreFizz Spill the beans!
No, we arranged it early and I even called him on the phone.
4:47 PM
@Wipqozn He just looked for the anime character, there aren't that many outside of Japan.
@Wipqozn You can find her photo on the StackExchange employee thing.
Something's up with Chrome.
@GnomeSlice I'm aware.
I think I might have too many extensions installed.
I'm pretty sure she's not Mr. Saturn.
I don't think it was Mr. Saturn.
4:49 PM
It's a duck
@GraceNote But I'm a duck!
@RonanForman omg! IT's destiny!
We must have a rap battle to see who's the better duck. Grace, get your mic ready!
We should pitch it to the guys behind the 'Epic Rap Battles of History'.
Q: How do I get out of third person view?

Tom WijsmanSo, I've finally obtained the Werewolf form. After returning out of the form, fully naked... I seem to be stuck in third person view! How can I fix this? Scrolling or pressing F does not work. I want to get back in first person view...

Q: What would this horadric cube recipe exactly do?

ShahbazI am in act 2 of Diablo 2 (nightmare) and am getting better runes every now and then, around Amn, Sheal etc I have an amazon companion with a bow I found that is good. It is rare with +100% or so damage and +50 poison damage and some to attack rating. Now I saw this recipe in arreat summit: ...

Q: Who are all the fences?

Xeon06I have unlocked a few fences along the way in the Thieves' Guild but I can't remember who they were or where they are. Does anyone have a comprehensive list of all the fences in Skyrim?

4:53 PM
Anyway I'm off, see you in 2 hours.
5:16 PM
Q: Catching suspects alive

atticaeDuring street crimes, is there any benefit from catching suspects alive instead of shooting them or getting them killed otherwise? In the mission "Cosmic rays" for example the suspect kills himself if you don't catch him quick enough. Does this affect your progress somehow?

5:31 PM
@Wipqozn Because it's GnomeSlice. You won't see me agree with a sliced gnome.
Q: Advantages of hard mode in minecraft

MarkIn Minecraft, why would you want to play on any difficult than easy? Are there better rewards or something?

Q: What do these symbols mean?

OrigamiRobotI'm seeing these symbols everywhere. Merchant stalls, houses, etc. What do they represent? Are there more?

@Arda I think GnomeSlice said that earlier.
Yay, Red Card in Metal Gear 2.
Q: What is that square bomb you plant on doors before breaching into a room and going into bullet time?

SheldonBefore you and your comrades breach into a room to save a prisoner and enter bullet time to kill off some guards, you will almost-always place a large, flat, square bomb on the door. Q1: What is that large, flat, square bomb called? Q2: Unlike C4, why can you stand right in front of & besid...

Why is that feed still up?
5:44 PM
Grace Note has stopped a feed from being posted into this room
Do you not need to edit lasers too?
@GnomeSlice maybe...we're working on some ideas to breathe some life into our Twitter / Facebook / G+ pages. Advertising would wait for that, and probably we'd want to target users on our own site first to build it up a bit (so we're not advertising a group with 15 people in it to random FB users)
@GnomeSlice if that's the case, don't change the name. We're hoping to settle on a brand / domain name in the next few weeks
@StackExchange applauds @GraceNote
Q: Technical-Support Tag usage

IttyBrittyGirlGamerI was trying to edit a question to include the tag for "technical-support" when someone had a question about setting up their laptop monitor for gaming: Using a laptop as the monitor for a console The edit was rejected on the grounds of this: The technical-support tag should be used when th...

6:01 PM
@David Do you know if zelda has been ordered yet?
Q: Is there a way to disable the intro video of Skyrim?

Tom WijsmanGiven that the loading part is fast enough by itself, I have seen the intro video showing Bethesda enough by now. When launching the game I want to play as fast as possible, espectially when I quickly need to check something. Is it possible to disable the intro video?

@RonanForman not sure, I'd have to check with @Brett
@Lazers waaagh
Oh of course on Saturday he's not going to be across the room.
@RonanForman 1) Lazers is part of the feeds list, and can be edited through the same process. 2) Lazers is fine. the problem with the MW3 feed is it's redundant.
6:04 PM
@LessPop Just checking.
@RonanForman nope, Saturday we get to work from home!
good thing playing Skyrim counts as work now
@DavidFullerton I never get to work from home. :(
Aside from occasional bits of administrivia that need to be done before and after.
@Ronan I might be 10 minutes late.
@David Are you actually working on weekends or is that a joke about how you always end up working anyway?
no we don't actually work on weekends...usually
6:06 PM
@Thomas That's fine.
and Skyrim doesn't really count as working :(
@Mana warrrggg?
@RonanForman whaaargarrrbl
@DavidFullerton Jeff and Joel won't pay you for playing Skyrim? Those monsters.
@Wipqozn I think you a word
6:08 PM
@Mana Have you got mumble?
@Mana No way that sentence totally coherent.
@RonanForman Downloading now
Is it wierd that I have viciously avoided reinstalling mumble/vent since quitting WoW?
The server is mumble.stackgaming.com
Praise be to @Mana!
6:11 PM
I hat--- LOVE mana!
@LessPop_MoreFizz Which I fixed
@Wipqozn: I think you're misreading the 'burning' description.
It's not a bonus to further damage, it's a DoT.
@GraceNote Yes. I was responding to @RonanForman's assertion that something needed to be done with Lazers too.
@LessPop_MoreFizz oh really? In that case, post that as an answer.
Q: Identify this game questions based solely on music

alopexIs it valid to ask for identification of a game just from a piece of music? A certain level of detailed information is clearly required for a good identify question. However, virtually all of us at some point have heard a piece of videogame music out of context somewhere like a Youtube video that...

6:21 PM
@Wipqozn The question is fundamentally sound. Read my comment. :P
@Wipqozn (I don't know the actual numbers, but it is a DoT, not a vulnerability.)
Ugh, 80 rep left on the table today already. :(
Q: Can dismissed companions be trusted with my loot?

chandsSo I've beein running around questing with Uthgerd the Unbroken (lady from The Bannered Mane in Whiterun, I beat her in a brawl and now she's my pack mule). She has loot from three dragons and one dungeon, so it's pretty precious. Now I just started a new quest with The Companions, that gave me a...

Q: Clearing an invalidated quest from the journal

EricSo... Long story short, I killed Melka. I got frustrated because the gate said Press E to Open Gate and it simply would not. I gave up at the time (several actual days ago) and am just now going through my Miscellaneous quests to clean them out of my log. Today I walked up and saw, oh... there's ...

Q: How much extra damage do burning enemies take?

WipqoznI know that burning enemies take extra damage from attacks, but how much? Also, does this apply to all types of damage, or only some?

@Lazers I'm very strict about ITG I would allow. They at least have to be not an ITG question.
@LessPopMoreFizz Less SE, more Shazam.
6:36 PM
At the very least, let me be Soundhound. It's more accurate.
Computers are very poorly equipped for recognition tasks.
Humans are so much better at this.
Asking a human to do recognition tasks hardly looks demeaning.
@badp However, human memory is vastly inferior.
The difference in "database capacity" between humans and computers is so big that the recognition difference is negligible.
@ArdaXi You just can't compare human memory and computer memory.
They're not the same kind of memory.
Speaking of which, since Warner Bros. admits to having serving DMCA takedown notices to things they don't own due to misdetections by their algorithms, why aren't they being charged for a felony count for each one they filed, as per the DMCA?
@badp You can roughly compare capacity though.
Computers can recognise so much more music than humans can.
6:41 PM
and recognize it poorly
anyway - I'm out or I'll miss too much Magicka (I'll be 20-25 minutes late)
@ArdaXi Database size isn't the problem... detection is an analog concept, and computers, being digital, are terrible at analog tasks
Recognising a million songs poorly is better than recognising a couple dozen very well.
@Powerlord Yes, but computers are getting better at it.
@Powerlord (about the DMCA takedowns) - because apparently even people who use the DMCA to defend their IP don't actually follow the DMCA
@IanPugsley Does anyone?
not in my experience
6:45 PM
@DavidFullerton Since you're now an admin of the page, I think it's probably best if you handle that stuff.
That's OK, we're introducing a new law that will those pesky "proof" things redundant and the US government will just order the site to be removed from DNS world-wide just because the RIAA or MPAA said something was infringing.
Speaking of which, I hear the EU is taking the US Government to task over that.
seriously, if PIPA/SOPA passes I'll start a commune or something
Of course, that's if it becomes a law. Personally, I think the people of the United States should use this as a test: Any member of our government who votes for this bill should be kicked out of the legislature and barred from holding political office ever again.
Unfortunately the average American knows very little to nothing about copyright, intellectual property, or the possible consequences of PIPA/SOPA...
it'll certainly be a good measurement for me personally
@IanPugsley Explain to your mom or aunt or grandparent that those funny cat videos they like watching will go away.
6:49 PM
the best part is that it makes no sense whatsoever from a technical standpoint - they wouldn't even shut the site down, just remove the DNS entries
you'll still be able to access the sites via IP
@Powerlord The US can't order world-wide DNS removal.
that's literally in the letter of the law, and it's making things that much more complicated and stupid
@Powerlord - saying that those WILL go away is just as wrong
yeah @Powerlord, it's US-only
@IanPugsley Not really. Many, many sites will be broken if you can only access them by IP.
6:50 PM
@ArdaXi They can order it removed from the A root, which is mirrored by the other... 16? root DNS servers.
The FBI also hijacks websites by rerouting their DNS.
@Powerlord And branches will form that won't.
@ArdaXi I'm not saying it's not effective at all, it's just not what they're even aiming at
@IanPugsley It's a lot easier than the alternatives.
Like @Powerlord just explained, it only takes one button.
It's a one-size-fits-all solution.
I suppose that's probably true
@ArdaXi Yes, and that has its own problems, because you'll be running two or more competing name systems.
6:53 PM
despite that, it's a lousy piece of prospective legislation
and if it manages to pass I'll be pretty pissed
and if Obama doesn't veto it, I'll be double pissed
Actually, didn't the US government promise not to do exactly what SOPA says they can do back in 2008ish, which got the EU off their case back then?
@Powerlord How are they going to block a .nl domain, for example?
Are we talking about the latest copyright policy act or what have you?
That would require SIDN to co-operate.
Maybe the whole thing is an effort to make the average American more tech savvy
6:54 PM
Don't allow people to visit sites found of hosting copyrighted content?
@ArdaXi Whoops, yeah, did I say A root earlier? You're right, it'd have to be on the .com root (for example).
@Wipqozn yeah, PIPA/SOPA
So, while they couldn't affect .nl (without killing all of .nl), they can kill off .com, .net, .org, or any other US-based systems.
@Powerlord Exactly.
I wonder how long it till take for the government to stop interfering and tell the music industry to realize their business model obviously doesn't work in the current day, so find a new one.
6:56 PM
So if passed, SOPA will kill VeriSign.
@ArdaXi VeriSign lost control of .net and .org a few years back, didn't they?
@Powerlord Definitely not.
I renewed a .net domain a few months ago, and the agreement was signed by VeriSign.
Hmm, they still have .net, but .org is now operated by the Public Interest Registry
@RonanForman you won't see me / now I'm here
But yeah, it's bad news for US top-level registrars.
6:58 PM
I'm getting this from the ICANN Accredited Registrars list.
ooh, Stanford are doing CS101 online as well now?
might have to sign myself up for that one
Totally off subject, but apparently the (US) TV Series Arrested Development is going to have new episodes... but only on Netflix.
and the NLP class..

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