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12:00 AM
They can use the demo of Proteus VSM.
They'd have to buy it if they wanted to make actual schematics but pure code works fine.
I don't feel bad about using a not really free language considering the hordes of matlab answers
Most Matlab code works in Octave, which is free.
Most of which don't work with octave according to their authors :/
Not really ninja'd because we made different, conflicting points about Octave.
12:03 AM
Right but the intention of my post was to cut you off because I knew you'd say Octave
So in that regard I got rekt x2
Stata and SAS answers bug me a bit (though I've posted the latter at least once) because there are no free or easily accessible interpreters. Well I guess SAS has University Edition now, but it didn't when I posted my first SAS answer here.
@quartata lol rekt
SAS University Edition requires massive setup though. It has to run in a VM so it requires VMWare or VirtualBox.
Mathematica answers kinda make me mad too even though they have a demo simply because in order to get the demo you have to put in your address your real name and whole bunch of other stuff
Yeah :/
I have actual Mathematica but I barely know how to use it.
12:05 AM
I actually probably have it on my RPI
I bought the student edition several years ago. It's one or two versions out of date now.
I'd have to look
@El'endiaStarman Huzzah :D
12:09 AM
I will admit part of the reason why I'm confident my answer will stay safe is that it does require deep knowledge of how PBASIC works.
Mini challenge: Print from 1 to input n, arranging the numbers in vertical columns. e.g. n = 15:
I don't think just looking it up would be enough. SO it's not like I'm just using an obscure language. It is a tough problem.
@Calvin'sHobbies Does this have to work for 3 digits too?
@Calvin'sHobbies Ooh
@El'endiaStarman Yes
12:11 AM
For as many as n has
(up to like 2^32 at least :P)
[inputs Graham's number for n]
@Calvin'sHobbies Put on hold as unclear what you're asking. (I don't understand.)
12:12 AM
I'm going to try to get the Mathematica demo. I feel like playing with it.
The end of input 102 would look like this:

@Calvin'sHobbies I cheat and use CJam
12:14 AM
Well, that is much much harder than I originally thought, in Java at least.
@Sp3000 Wow that was fast
Rosetta Stone has taught you how to speak CJam faster than conventional means
@Sp3000 Now do it in Gol><>!
12:15 AM
Nah, later. I'm still fixing R" :P
Ugh why do I have to put in my address and zip code for mathematica
My privacy feels violated and my jimmies are rustled
Actual challenge is a lot harder :P
I feel like there's going to be some sort of magic regex for that challenge
12:17 AM
@Sp3000 It's so easy visually :P
The best way i can think of currently involves 1) flood fill and 2) BFS, neither of which sound fun :P
@Calvin'sHobbies Do standard loopholes apply?
@GamrCorps Yes (they always do unless stated otherwise)
ok time to seriously golf java code...
@GamrCorps If I ever finish Downdraft you'll be able to golf Java faster than conventional means
12:18 AM
@Sp3000 I was thinking move one of the shapes in each of the 4 directions. If one direction causes no overlaps then it's truthy.
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ I don't know if you have Mathematica to test, but FYI the Mathematica code from the other answer to your challenge doesn't work for me.
@Calvin'sHobbies ah clever
I'm thinking test all 4 directions for a BA+B or AB+A but does that always work?
I guess you still need to know the sections, sections, hence flood fill or something.
@quartata I tried to make a challenge to remove whitespace from code. Had to end up closing it. Looking forward to Downdraft though.
@DankMemes Those aren't simply-connected, therefore not valid input
12:20 AM
Is just checking 4 directions enough?
no no, for example




as the 3rd column
@AlexA. Ah, thanks. I don't have Mathematica.
Q: Can I Slide Apart The Puzzle?

Calvin's HobbiesWrite a program or function that takes in a rectangular grid of text where every cell is either an A or a B. All the A cells will form a simply-connected shape, i.e. they will all be orthogonally connected with no holes (diagonally neighboring letters do not count as connected). Likewise, all the...

haha late to the party
14 minutes late
@DankMemes I mean moving the entire A chunk will cause overlaps
@Sp3000 I think so. There's no empty space so the shapes have to slide apart in one motion in a cardinal direction (if they can)
12:24 AM
Hmm k
(but I'm no topologist, so no promises :P)
Questions like this one make me realise how much Slip is missing. I have an anchor for edges, but no way of going "I want to start from one edge and match all the way to the opposite edge" :/
Maybe Snails could do something
If they weren't so slow
Your inputs aren't exactly very large, and doing a match for A*B* isn't exactly that slow either :P
12:39 AM
Q: Monday Mini-Golf #4: JARVIS (Just Another Rather Vast set of Integer Sequences)

ETHproductionsMonday Mini-Golf: A series of short code-golf questions, posted (hopefully!) every Monday. (Sorry I'm late again; I was away from my computer basically all of yesterday and today.) Us programmers (especially the code-golfers) sure love arbitrary integer sequences. We even have an entire site de...

CJam 37, but this is really ugly
1:10 AM
@Sp3000 For jarvis?
I now have a graph of bitcoin prices! (adds a new datapoint each time you refresh the page) koth-phinotpi.rhcloud.com/imagetest.pl
@Calvin'sHobbies For slidey puzzle
35 now, but still
so I submitted an answer for slidey
@Sp3000 Well hurry. Another challenge is on the way :D
@PhiNotPi Cool!
1:21 AM
wasted a bunch of time trying to make a super complicated regex
then I realized just using JS to transpose everything is shorter
I wish you could use lengths of backreferences in regex
eg /([a-z]+).{\1.length}/
@PhiNotPi cool!
I also just realized I have my dates wrong on the chart, but that's an easy fix.
@DankMemes Lookin good. You know you could turn your fiddle into a stack snippet
I've done that before, was too lazy this time
stack snippets get all the votes, though
1:29 AM
If they work in lots of browsers, which means you should rewrite the => in the snippet :P (though I don't really care)
aaand I got beaten
oh well
and I'll get downvoted again once the dates become ambiguous
People should show some love for the pyth answers that are beating Cjam in Cramming
One might say that they're cramming CJam.
Q: I Saw That Coming

Calvin's HobbiesWrite a program or function that takes in an integer greater than 1 or less than -1. That is, the input won't be 0, 1, or -1. If the input is 2, the output should be: |\_/| |___| If the input is 3, the output should be: |\_/\_/| |______| If the input is 4, the output should be: |\_/\_/\_/...

1:44 AM
@AlexA. One might. That one is you.
Yeah okay
@AlexA. CJramming
RamJam the CJam
@Calvin'sHobbies I haven't been paying attention lately, but does pyth beat cjam rarely enough that it's cause for celebration?
lately I'm mostly amused when mathematica beats cjam and pyth :)
No, it nearly always beats CJam.
1:50 AM
@Sparr It's just that Martins answer has way more votes (it did even before he added all the explanations)
People see Martin and immediately upvote. I call it the Martin Phenomenon.
Dennis is also subject to the Martin Phenomenon.
I'm sorta sad that Cramming is mostly just 12 separate challenges concatenated
Why does that make you sad?
I really hoped to see the f(task,input) approach do something amazing by combining behavior of the different tasks
re-use of logic was one of my favorite parts of golfing games on my calculator in high school
golfing games on your calculator?
1:52 AM
You had golfing games on your calculator in high school?
golfing, the verb
Aww dangit @Dennis, you golfed your answer below half the size of mine!
that is, shrinking the source code of games
1:57 AM
@El'endiaStarman 2xCJam is usually my goal in Python, so that's not surprising :P
any AI experts in the room?
lol 3x(esoteric) is usually my goal in JS or PHP
Q: Count the bytes of a program

GamrCorpsI am very surprised that this has not been asked yet (or I didn't search hard enough). Either way, this challenge is very simple: Input: A program in the form of a string. Additionally, the input may or may not contain: Leading and trailing spaces Trailing newlines Non-ASCII characters Outpu...

@Sparr "Golfing," at least on this site, is used as a verb to describe the process of reducing the number of bytes in a program. :)
So I assume you mean "golfing" the sport.
2:03 AM
who are you to define what a sport is?
"Golfing" the sport in which one smacks a little white ball with a stick and has to go find it in the grass because it's nowhere near the little hole in the ground where it's supposed to be.
@NathanMerrill Better? ^
why isn't there a golfing language based on golfing?
Sounds like you have a project, @Nathan.
make it a really long string, and you can hit the ball (the current point of code) an arbitrary distance
eh, already working on a project
general game playing
2:07 AM
Are you on a Mac? Option+Shift+=
Oh, then you're out of luck.
The Option key is perfect and does all things.
@El'endiaStarman cool!
@DankMemes Flags as spam
^ flags as spam :P
@DankMemes This is why one shouldn't use Time Machine for backups.
2:20 AM
it's not me writing that
I figured.
> you
No one said you. >.>
nice try
there's a pencil icon :P
It's not a pencil. It's a magic wand that says that the content of the message is objectively perfect.
2:22 AM
so then, hypothetically, if I were for some reason to get a mac (which I would never do) then what would I want to use for backups?
Use Disk Utility and make a disk image on an external drive.
People really shouldn't use Time Machine at all.
@GamrCorps Are you a Mac user?
Apple master race
the lack of a right click on desktop macs combined with the annoying hand position you need to use to press cmd + XCV makes macs uber-annoying for me
2:23 AM
you can setup a right click
in the preferences
y it no default?
On a track pad you do a two-finger click.
ಠ_ಠ apple
> desktop
They make a mouse for desktop use that's a trackpad. (It's kind of weird IMO.)
normal desktop*
2:25 AM
@DankMemes I like that you edited this to make the grammar worse.
@AlexA. yep I have one, have never used the trackpad part though
@GamrCorps Desktop or laptop?
laptop, 2008 mb pro
maybe 2009
not sure
Do you just use an external mouse then?
(You can do  > About This Mac to see what your year is)
2:26 AM
when I'm at home I do (always forget to take it with me)
so why can't apple allow you to use ctrl-xcv like everyone else?
nvm way off, its 2012 and I upgraded it to 16gb ram and a 512 ssd
Haha way, way off. Yours is newer than mine.
last one thats upgradeable
no I actually have the El Capitan beta
why does apple love just blatantly ignoring standards?
2:27 AM
@DankMemes You can probably configure it to do that, but once you're used to using Cmd, things are actually a lot nicer. You can copy/paste in places where the control key does other things.
@DankMemes Windows came after Mac OS, you know.
I don't mean windows standards
Although the new mb uses usb type-c
just everything
Like... what?
2:28 AM
thats as far as they will go
like "there's a USB mass storage protocol? Screw you all, iphones need itunes to be able to copy files"
"right click? disabled by default"
Why would you want an iPhone without iTunes? It's a convenient means of managing what's on the device.
"bluetooth file transfer? lol nope, we have airdrop that literally only works with apple devices"
And I don't think right click is disabled by default. If I plug in a mouse I can right click no problem.
all the apple mice I've used for desktop imacs have no right click
my default file manager is an even more convenient for managing files on my android phone
no need to get more bloatware
2:31 AM
@DankMemes If it's all white and is shaped like a mouse with no buttons, just click the right side of it. It's a right click.
I've tried but it doesn't work
Then try two finger click.
I can never remember because I rarely use a mouse.
CTRL-click will work too
yes, that's what I use ^
I'm just saying, why make it so complicated?
Ctrl click? Cmd click, you mean?
2:32 AM
no CTRL-click
ctrl click
just make mice with a hardware right click
not that hard
You can use a non-Apple mouse and right click will work as expected.
no 2 finger click or ctrl-click shenanigans
@AlexA. thats what I do
2:33 AM
You don't have to use their mouse. Just any regular bluetooth or USB mouse will work.
computers at my school tend not to let you use your own mouse :P
Oh you're right re ctrl+click. I was thinking cmd+click because it opens things in a new tab in Safari, which I do all the time.
also I'm pretty sure my school could have gotten windows PCs instead of imacs and saved like 50% of the cost
@DankMemes You have iMacs at your school and they all have the Apple mice? That sounds like a well funded school.
What kind of school is this?
they're old imacs apparantly
they freeze sometimes
2:35 AM
Oh, those iMacs.
The big, colorful ones?
no those are eMacs i think
not colorful
@GamrCorps Oh yeah, you're right. I never liked those.
@DankMemes wow, thats expensive
2:36 AM
yeah that's why I'm saying
better uses for the money
true, true....
plus they got macbooks for every teacher
immediately applies to teach at your school
there's an intro to CS course that I guess you could teach
sounds like my middle school district before they went bankrupt
2:37 AM
the school I used to go to bought ipads for every student
I kind of preferred that one
@DankMemes I'd probably be better off teaching math than CS unless it's programming. I don't really know any actual CS.
and I guess ipads were the best choice even if expensive because if they were android tabs, everyone would have them rooted in like 2 days
What level school is it? High school, community college, university?
high school (as per my bio)
The high school I currently go to has like 5 3d printer and just poured ~100k into upgrading engineering department, but crappy computers
2:38 AM
@DankMemes applies for teaching license so I can teach math at your school and get free shit
and I know how to use the computers better than the it department (i know that because I got admin rights to one....)
CS is basically programming here
afaik no theoretical CS is taught at a high school level
well not that I've actually done the course
My school is the exception @AlexA XD
What do you mean?
2:41 AM
My school offers a course in theor. CS
my school offers every class except the ones I want to take.....
I guess this explains it
^^^ that's unfortunate
side note: who else thinks fine arts electives are a waste of time?
2:42 AM
Definitely not me.
The college board discontinued AP CS AB. Now there's only AP CS A, basically a "learn Java" class.
@GamrCorps I think all students should be given the opportunity to have a well-rounded education. I loved the fine arts electives I took in high school.
I self studied the exam last year
@PhiNotPi What are these letters?
I wish they hadn't discontinued AB
each stands for a semester of a college level course
2:43 AM
Advanced Placement Computer Science AB / Advanced Placement Computer Science A
although realistically no good colleges accept APs for much credit
@AlexA. My argument is that we should not be REQUIRED to take them, but they should be an option
@DankMemes Idk sounds good to me, minus the expensive part. (Provided there's someone there who can make me rich. :P)
of course @GamrCorps
just that I'm not really that good at fine arts
@GamrCorps If you're required to take them then they aren't electives.
2:44 AM
I did my one required year of it and now I'm out
there's 1 year required, then 3 years where you can take electives
@AlexA. well, I mean as in a college requirement
unless you're applying to a arts-related college they shouldn't need more than 1 year
ideally 0
I think any college would want to see applicants with a well-rounded education.
@AlexA. true, true
2:47 AM
true, true, true
true, true, true, true
true, true, true, true, false
def true(n): n == 1 ? true : true + , + true(n-1)
void s(){while(true){System.out.print("true, ")}}
call true(6)
2:52 AM
`+` <- function(a, b) {
    if (sample(c(TRUE, FALSE), 1, probs = c(0.9, 0.1)))
        a + b
        a + b + 1
something you can do in R ^
that is really cool!
It's really evil.
is it recursive?
No, it's actually redefining the + function in your workspace. Inside the function it's using the base primitive function.
still cool regardless
2:56 AM
It's the reason why R users should lock their computers whenever they get up to do something. :P
evil :P
R also uses T and F as shorthand for TRUE and FALSE, so another evil thing you can do is T <- FALSE; F <- TRUE.
you are starting to make me want to learn R now
For all the wrong reasons, I'm sure. :P
2:58 AM
underhanded questions of course

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