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10:00 PM
(I linked vol. 3)
I think the original version of Schwinger he kind of made up his own little formalisl
the Ghost is here!
Maybe I should make a SE question for it
Yet another formalism to add to the pile
@Slereah Have you seen Schwinger's 3 volume book explaining his approach to QFT?
I vaguely have but not in detail.
Basically the quantum action principle was a sort of independant rediscovery of path integrals
But sans the integral
10:06 PM
@Danu Never heard of that
Anyone wanna hear a joke?
No, I hate fun.
@ACuriousMind Have a look at the contents if you can---I think it's a really in-depth treatment of all the stuff behind (and beyond?) characteristic classes etc.
10:07 PM
@Pies YES!
Awesome. What did the electron do when he saw an atomic nucleus?
He leapt-on. (lepton)
Beat him up?
@Pies Don't explain your jokes!
It's better phonetically..
But alright, 6/10
@Pies of course
This one has the opposite going:
(math joke, stolen from that mathoverflow thread)
Q: What do you get if you cross a lemon and a bull? A: The trivial lime bundle on the taurus!
Constellations aren't my specialty...
10:09 PM
as in, it's not fun for people IRL most of the time because they either cannot distinguish the sounds of the words from the "expected ones", or are so surprised that they don't understand what you're saying
What did the chemist say when he studied a charged atom?
I got my ion you.
@Pies What?
@Danu That's clever, and not too corny.
Where does bad light end up? In a prism.
10:11 PM
Now this chat has become everything I feared when I first read the name $\hbar$.
@HDE226868 I wanna write it on the board before the first lecture of the semester at one of my courses
@ACuriousMind The mother of all (physics) puns :D
@Danu Ahhh like that thing that's purple, commutes, and is worshipped by a small island tribe.
A finitely venerated abelian grape
@NeuroFuzzy Abelian grape?
Damn, very close!
@DanielSank : What is the data that supports the universe being like a stress ball? The red-green stripe.
Q: Schwinger-Dyson equation from the Heisenberg formalism?

SlereahAll the derivations of the Schwinger-Dyson equation I can find are done using either the path integral formalism, or for the oldest papers, Schwinger's own quantum action principle formalism, which, while it resembles the Heisenberg formalism, assumes that the operator derived in the process is a...

feel free to answer
It is too late for me to investigate any further
10:21 PM
Possibly a stupid question - but is there a lack of expertise in experimental physics? I mean compared to theoretical physics?
@Ghost On this site? Yes.
ah, that would explain it
@Slereah Like I said, Schwartz does it.
Also, do you mean the S-D differential equation, or the S-D equation (without further qualification)?
Whoever it is, please stop flagging every instance of "fuck" in this room. Unless used as an insult, this is not a phrase worth flagging.
If you'd just have let me handle the flags I could've seen who it was :P
thank you for that
@Danu I mean $(E.O.M.) \langle \phi(x) \phi(y) \rangle = \delta(x-y)$
Schwartz seems to only prove it for scalar fields, though
it would be nice to have something that holds for an arbitrary hamiltonian
Like he plugs in the D'alambertian by hand
although he does show how to do the generating functional with operators
That might be worth investigating too
@JohnDuffield What exactly do you mean by "the dialogue above"?
@JohnDuffield If you think this chat room is a disgrace, then stop visiting it and let us be disgraceful all we like. You don't get to barge into other peoples' communities and tell them how to behave.
10:36 PM
Also, note that unreasonable flagging is (potential) reason for a ban @JohnDuffield.
If you've got a problem with the typical conversations going on in this room, tough. Just leave if you don't like it. Nobody is trying to force you to stay here.
Quite the contrary
@Danu : read that dialogue, it's offensive, it brings Physics Stack Exchange into disrepute. Any professional scientist reading that is going to run a mile.
@JohnDuffield Do you mean the word "fuck" (or variations) occuring?
@JohnDuffield I'm not following. "Offensive" brings to mind insults, repeated obscenities and jokes about one's mother.
Maybe he is offended to see mathematics discussed
10:39 PM
You know what I really thinks turns people away from this room? Aggressive messages from frustrated individuals.
@HDE226868 Hey
Y'all know mother jokes are in good fun, right?
Well, yeah. Others interpret them differently, though.
Some folks have thicker skins than others.
where is all this disgraceful dialogue
I am shocked and appalled
@JohnDuffield Though you're not a professional scientist.
What is going on?
10:43 PM
::imagines the reign of terror of JD::
@JohnDuffield I asked for clarification. I'm sorry you feel threatened by that. That's on you, though, not me.
@JohnDuffield I'm just notifying you that you shouldn't spam-flag.
@Ghost Kinda a long story.
And not terribly interesting.
Really a shame.
It's the War and Peace of The h Bar.
10:45 PM
@Ghost : More JD shenanigans
@HDE226868 I'd like to have some peace right about now, lol.
What is he flaggin? I have not really seen anything offensiive
@Ghost Never mind it.
What got flagged?
9/10 chance it was something I said.
27 secs ago, by Danu
@Ghost Never mind it.
10:46 PM
Did anything get deleted?
@0celo7 Other than me accidentally deleting one of my own messages, no.
Assuming that is correct, there are three instances of this word today.
@Danu Try listening to some stuff by Jean-Michel Jarre. That sometimes helps me. Writing helps, too.
@Slereah naughty ;)
@JohnDuffield Do you have evidence that this is due to the culture of the h Bar?
Maybe you should make a post on the meta if you feel so strongly.
@0celo7 Just leave it be.
10:49 PM
@JohnDuffield Also I'm waiting for your answer on my black hole question.
@Danu : I'm not spam-flagging. I'm flagging sneering offensive posts containing word likes f*ck. If you're going to complain about such flagging instead of doing your job as a moderator, well, maybe name isn't going to be in blue much longer.
Can you leave forever please?
Huh, mod names are in blue!
Never noticed that!
@JohnDuffield Danu's not a mod on Physics, and has no responsibilities here. He's under no obligation to do anything about any of your flags.
10:49 PM
@JohnDuffield Flagging all instances of the word "fuck" is inappropriate.
@0celo7 @obe You guys are bad at noticing. :P
I'm sure I noticed it...and promptly forgot.
Time to do...homework!
@HDE226868 ...
say it with me
And here I am, enjoying the chatroom, using appropriate language, and choosing carefully who I would like to have unproductive conversations with.
@0celo7 Hah. Self-study math is awesome. No homework most days!
@HDE226868 It is :-)
10:52 PM
Are we instating Carlin's 7 Naughty Words here?
Can we say "twat"
@Danu If only my AP E+M class was like that. We'd be ten times more productive.
No need to be intentionally provocative, guys. @Slereah @0celo7
@Danu : well excuse me, but it surely isn't inappropriate to flag up foul offensive sneering language that results in newcomers to this chatroom recoiling in horror. N'est pas? @David Z : what say ye?
@JohnDuffield If, to you, any occurrence of the word "fuck" constitutes that, then it is inappropriate to flag it every time.
10:55 PM
I wonder...we have not said all 7 Dirty Words in here. Good job guys!
3 mins ago, by Danu
No need to be intentionally provocative, guys. @Slereah @0celo7
@obe Don't do that.
@0celo7 It's hard not to talk about Bruhat-Tits buildings, though.
@ACuriousMind Dude, Leeb is doing research on that!
@ACuriousMind We haven't said the two longest ones.
10:56 PM
@0celo7 I know, silly.
@JohnDuffield just on that point, I am a relative newcomer to the room (and site) and I am not in any way, offended by the language
@Danu Oh?
One of his PhD students proved the Center conjecture for Bruhat-Tits buildings for some class of Lie algebras :D
@HDE226868 : if Danu has no responsibilities here and is under no obligation to do anything about any of my flags, are you? Because if you are and you're giving a free pass to all this offensive crap that's bringing physics into disrepute, then step aside, and I'll be the moderator.
Physics is in disrepute? Oh noooooo
10:57 PM
@JohnDuffield Nope. We're both mods on HSM.
We should hold special mod elections
@Danu Delete it then.
JD or no one
Moderators are voted in, are they not?
Let's see who wins
10:58 PM
@JohnDuffield You still have to show one instance of "offensive crap" that you keep talking about.
@Ghost They are.
@0celo7 We've had mod elections. That's how we get mods :P
Along the line of mathematical jargon puns
@Ghost Yep, except for pro tempore mods, appointed early in beta.
ah okay, makes sense
@Danu -.- special as in not the ones we normally have
10:59 PM
@dmckee Been posted before, but still great!
That's what me and Danu are. dmckee and the other Physics mods, on the other hand, are elected.
@dmckee I really like that one
@0celo7 I somehow failed to see the word special.
@HDE226868 ah, that explains how Danu is a mod
@0celo7 There was voting involved, though.
11:00 PM
@dmckee "I'm getting tensor every day." I love it.
The nominations were by the community.
sure they were
you're as much of a mod as I am a man
Q: Who should our moderators be?

user22From The 7 Essential Questions of Every Beta: Discussing the criteria of a great moderator is important and picking out potential candidates is a great way to introduce outstanding contributors to your community. and from the Moderator Pro Tempore blog page: If your meta site does not h...

I think the reputation of Physics can survive a couple of colourful remarks in a chat room
Not only are the puns beautifully made, but the performance is pretty good, too.
11:01 PM
Anybody want to search the chatroom for offensive words that brings PSE into disrepute?
@dmckee Yeah, nice harmonics harmonies.
Do you have evidence that they bring us into disrepute?
@JohnDuffield "Fuck" is not particularly offensive unless directed at someone.
Oct 4 at 6:53, by 0celo7
@Huy holy fuck look at the time
It gets said regularly across the chat network.
11:02 PM
So I used to attend a martial arts class with some colleagues and their children.
Really disgraceful
It's not offensive at all if it's not directed at someone.
Methinks we need a new moderator here. I volunteer.
@dmckee I like where this is going.
One time I zigged when zagging was the right thing to do and cursed in the aftermath.
11:02 PM
@JohnDuffield moderators on this site are elected
@ACuriousMind wow you could have taken one from any other person
just had to be me...
@JohnDuffield All due respect? You wouldn't be a good mod with that attitude. Look, excess flagging and complaining is disrupting the chat, so you should stop.
@0celo7 Not really an option :P
@Danu I'm only like 80% of them
When I tried to apologize to the mother the eight year old (but precocious) daughter piped up and said ...
11:03 PM
there's some others :)
"It's OK. I know how physicists talk."
@dmckee : do you want to talk about gravity some more?
@dmckee 10/10
@JohnDuffield Am I really supposed to know what you mean by that?
@dmckee : and conservation of energy?
11:04 PM
Sorry, oh great starrer.
@DanielSank Some would consider that backstabbing ;)
the astronomer is a harsh master
What would be the point, John? You've made up your mind and won't listen.
@0celo7 By the way, do you really think there is one person doing the strange starring in this room? :P
@Danu of course. Occam's razor
11:05 PM
@Danu "The astronomer" is obviously the codename of a secret starring conspiracy.
no, that complicates things
many body astronomical problems are hard
I prefer one astronomer
@0celo7 hehe
@0celo7 How...traditional
astronomers taste like chicken...
@ACuriousMind Sorry?
11:07 PM
@Daniel Sank : what I mean by that, is that when an electron falls down, gravity converts internal kinetic energy aka rest-mass energy aka potential energy into external kinetic energy. If you don't know what I mean by that, go look at pair production and Compton scattering, and if need be ask a question and I will answer it.
@0celo7 Nothing
noooo pls explain
So back to my story. The daughter had been in the counting house when the beam steering went wonky, the beam scraped aperture, and the beam stop radiation monitors tripped and crash the accelerator. Our Dutch group leader was also in the room and he has a lyrical talent in the swearing department.
Always the Dutch.
@dmckee That's epic :) The Dutch never disappoint in matters of swearing ;)
(except according to @DanielSank)
11:08 PM
I think they must get lessons in school.
@dmckee I certainly did ;)
It can't come naturally to all of them. Can it?
@dmckee It's in our blood and (soggy) soil
::watches Curb episode with the Tourette's chef::
@Danu You guys have soil over there? I always figured the Netherlands was half underwater.
11:10 PM
@HDE226868 You think we swim all day?
Under sea-level, not under water ;)
@HDE226868 There's also soil on the ground of the ocean, no?
windmill races
@Danu Perhaps you have houseboats. I was joking, though.
@dmckee : I refer to Einstein, and conservation of energy, and gravity is not a force in the Newtonian sense, and the mass deficit. And that 1kg brick dropped into the black hole. And the mass increase is?
@ACuriousMind Okay, you got me there.
11:11 PM
@HDE226868 We do actually have houseboats. A lot of them in Amsterdam in particular!
@JohnDuffield what a waste of a good brick!
John, you said that gravity wasn't a force and that it just transferred potential energy to kinetic energy. But those transfers are what forces do.
@dmckee You've been baited once more ;)
11:12 PM
@JohnDuffield Look, be nice or go somewhere else. Constant arguing and petulance is disruptive to any chatroom, and won't be stood for.
And you keep insisting that the extremal case of mass distribution proves something when the evenly mix case suggests something else.
@Danu Huh, wow. I've always thought those are pretty cool.
@ACuriousMind LA homework is kernels
it's following me now
@0celo7 It won't ever stop :)
about 20 meters away from where my parents live :D
11:14 PM
@Danu nice!
are we going on prettyness war
because I've got landmarks for days
@ACuriousMind I have to solve a linear system ;_;
no want
Cool-picture-I've-randomly-stumbled-upon of the day:
@ACuriousMind btw thanks for help with that problem
PSR B1509-58
although I'm still not convinced $t^{-1}(t_0)\cong\mathbb{R}^3$
@JohnDuffield Do you want to discuss physics?
@HDE226868 looks like some hippy art to me
11:21 PM
@0celo7 Are you calling the Chandra telescope a hippie?
@0celo7 John Duffield is taking a short break to cool off.
@0celo7 I like it
It's not true-color, though, given that it's Chandra (X-ray).
@ArtOfCode Too bad.
Mysterious forces at work...
11:23 PM
Not even sure what I said.
@0celo7 As long as they are neither spooky, nor non-local.
Really nice memory.
@ACuriousMind You would.
It's best if we don't express strong opinions about people while they can't defend themselves, whether they're valid or not.
@HDE226868 cautiously Yes.
Sounds hippy to me.
11:24 PM
@0celo7 Hey, I concur. :-)
@ArtOfCode What strong opinion?
Seems we have another misunderstanding.
I was talking in general. Timeouts don't work.
@0celo7 I'll bet Chandra listens to Peter, Paul and Mary in between observations.
I do get how you feel, and I sympathise, but it's easier to refrain from discussing suspensions or the people suspended.
@0celo7 Ah, right. Sorry, probably too quick on the button there. Seemed like it was more of a directed comment.
11:25 PM
"Puff, the Magic Dragon Giant Molecular Cloud" would be a nice one.
@ArtOfCode It was going to be directed at me.
I've had some timeouts.
In my view, none were justified, so they're not effective at...whatever they're supposed to do.
I'd like to be banned for a day to see how it feels.
You just...don't chat.
Not very eventful.
@obe It's annoying. And leaves a permanent stain on your record, which makes some mods less well-disposed to you if they have some dealing with you. Not something you want, believe me.
Are we allowed to share suspension reasons after the fact?
11:29 PM
@0celo7 Debatable. Anyway, they're pretty effective at restoring order, which is reason enough.
@0celo7 We tend not to, simply because they usually descend into debate of the suspended person while they're not around.
@ArtOfCode In my recent case, there was no order disrupted...just a mod who didn't understand a joke and someone with an itchy flag finger.
@Danu Well, the Dutch have a nice menu of swears, but on the global spectrum they just can't compete.
Against Russian and Hindi swearing systems it's hard to be competitive.
@ArtOfCode I was referring to myself.
If JD wants to talk about the details of his suspension when he returns, he's free to do so.
I would like to know if others agree that my 2-day suspension was reasonable.
11:30 PM
@DanielSank Not the mango tree again
@0celo7 In that case, go ahead, that's entirely your decision :)
Disclaimer: chat modding is pretty broken.
It was a site ban, those carry over onto the chat.
@dmckee did @DavidZ share any details with you?
@Danu Edited before I noticed the star.
It was unintentional.
@DanielSank Alas all the Russians I've spent time with were either not big swearers or we're restraining themselves around students and other delicate creatures.
11:32 PM
@Danu It's more like I accidentally put the knife where someone was about to lie down.
@dmckee Ha ha ha, you have to understand:
You can't really translate Russian swears to English.
And no Russian worth his borscht would swear in mixed company.
(and women "don't swear" in Russia)
@0celo7 It was discussed in the Physics mod chat. If you want my take on it in detail, I'll tell you in the chat room DavidZ opened about the suspension.
@dmckee Yes, please.
Great...I can't open a Google Doc for my linear algebra problem set.
@0celo7 Is the problem set on the Doc?
@DanielSank Why that?
11:35 PM
@HDE226868 I have to submit it via Google Classroom.
wtf is Google Classroom
And I have to copy the TeX into the Google Doc...which won't open.
@ACuriousMind some thing
@ACuriousMind You submit files online.
@DanielSank So I hear you have connections.
It makes things too complicated.
11:36 PM
@ACuriousMind I though @0celo7 might make fun of me for being at Google.
^^ like that.
Oh, I think that's starting right now.
@0celo7 What's the problem? You have a share link but no view priviledges?
@DanielSank Is there a cheat code for opening Google Docs?
@DanielSank Whoops. Sorry. :-)
Great, now there are two Google Docs.
Oh no.
Reflection about a plane. Find the matrix. :(
That's too much work.
11:39 PM
@0celo7 What class is this?
@dmckee (I'm no longer in that chatroom if you've said stuff in there.)
@HDE226868 Linear algebra.
@0celo7 I wrote a few things there. I can post a link if you need it.
I do.
11:45 PM
@DanielSank It wasn't my star anyways ;)

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