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7:03 PM
@aditsu dogsbite.org is specifically an anti-pitbull site.
Honestly, even that number is really really low. 42/year in a population well over 300M is.... not much.
53 mins ago, by Alex A.
@Dennis When am I ever serious?
Good question.
Less than get hit by lightning, IIRC ;)
And @AlexA. has never gotten hit by lightning, IIRC.
7:05 PM
@AlexA. oh really? well, even if they are, is that information false?
Biased, not necessarily false.
It's like FOX News. Sometimes what they say is blatantly false, sometimes it isn't, but it's always biased.
@flawr lol wut
@flawr This is relevant to my interests.
@Geobits 26 people in 2014 (in the US)
7:07 PM
@AlexA. Magic!
oh wait, "hit" might be a lot more
@aditsu Is that hit or killed? There have already been 26 killed so far this year, no idea how many hit.
We made HNQ... on another site. english.stackexchange.com/q/278188/72792
Biologically degradable airplane taking off (no crash):
It seems estimated deaths+injuries is ~300.
7:11 PM
The folks on ELU cannot stop posting answer comments to save their life.
It's like they are scared of gaining rep for their efforts. Hardly anyone on that site downvotes.
if you look really closely, you can see it's not an actual plane
Maybe we should clone Geobits and sick his clone on ELU
sik? sic? sick?
I downvote on elu already ;)
"sick" (sic) :)
7:14 PM
Not photoshopped?
IIRC that overpass is famous for its crashes
I just spend half an hour trying to track down a bug, which was answered by one sentence in the middle of the CPAN description.
@flawr oh the ironing!
7:15 PM
> If you call the Init method in the context without looking for a return value (void context) the parent process will exit here like in earlier versions:
Looks like someone already hit the sign. It's a little crooked.
Back. What did I miss?
@PhiNotPi be glad it was only half an hour
@quartata Everything. You have no hope of ever getting caught up.
7:19 PM
I see something about cloning Geobits, a sockpuppet and a road sign...
@AlexA. Ah, rats.
@BetaDecay That sounds about right. I like Pokemon and all, but they tend to be strict on the copyright/trademark thing.
Is Pokéfans the correct terminology?
As good as any I guess. Not something I'd use, but it's obvious what you mean.
Good good
Mar 15 at 15:50, by aditsu
the only thing I know about Pokemon is the South Park parody
7:24 PM
Pokémen and Pokéwomen.
And that's unfortunage because a Pokémon party sounds awesome
> unfortunage
@BetaDecay AFAICT, the party wasn't the problem. The use of actual images of Pokemon on the flyer was. Similar to the reason they gave when they DCMA'd my pokedex app off the Play Store.
as awesome as a Donner doner kebab party
7:25 PM
That's harsh
What would you have to do to get a pokedex app on the Play Store then?
There are several on there now. They just don't have images (or they haven't gotten around to taking them down yet). The ones without images kinda suck, though.
Basically just find whatever one hasn't been taken down yet.
Mine got taken down right when it hit the 500k downloads mark. So if you find one, just hope it doesn't get popular :D
You had one on the App Store? What was it called?
Play Store. It was called Pokedextra.
7:29 PM
Oh, huh. I thought they only really enforced that kind of stuff on the App Store.
I have a really really good Pokedex called lukomon on my iPod Touch that got taken down ages ago...
Kind of a shame.
you could use these images instead :)
The top two rows are screenshots of it: google.com/…
I still have it and use it on my phone (and my son's) :)
7:30 PM
I don't know why Nintendo thinks it's funny to punish its fans really. They're starting to take down TASs...
@El'endiaStarman yep, that's an important character in the episode
> Brocorii
@quartata It's not the store that really does it. The copyright holder makes a DCMA complaint, and the store has to make a choice. You can't blame them for going the easy route in most cases.
@Geobits Mm...
@quartata TAS?
7:32 PM
Tool Assisted Speedrun.
Toast And Spread
Although the Speedrun part isn't always the case. People use tool assistance to do a lot of cool stuff in vidya games.
Totally Asinine Stuff
@quartata I have no idea what one of those is
Well, that escalated quickly.
7:34 PM
@BetaDecay Basically a speedrun of a game with certain tools that allow them to slow down execution of the game, go frame by frame, program repetitive inputs, take a peek at values in memory, etc.
@quartata Ohh I see
When the "movie" is complete, it plays back in full and you get to see some crazy stunts.
It also allows them to go back in time and "rerecord" which is very handy indeed.
So it's like how Neil Young is being a grumpy git and taking down all of the guitar chords of his songs from Ultimate Guitar
They claim it's because you have to modify the ROM to use them which is just untrue. It's basically just a special emulator.
In theory you could even do it on console with something like a Gameshark.
It would take a lot of programming.
Back in my day, a speed run was done with pseudoephedrine pills and cocaine, not these fancy "tools".
7:36 PM
@Geobits Need a time machine too.
For the complete experience.
Just remember not to screw your mum when you use it
13 mins ago, by aditsu
as awesome as a Donner doner kebab party
Donner = thunder
Q: Self-Mutilating Program

mbomb007Simply put, your goal is to create a complete program that modifies its own source code until every character of the source is different than what it started as. Please include the beginning source as well as the ending source in your post, as well as a description. E.g. Describe what (else) you...

Oooh, a thunder party.
Damn, I thought of the perfect language for this challenge. But I don't want to use it in case an obfuscation challenge ever rolls around.
7:41 PM
@quartata That is a rather...vivid name...
Oh well with that two byte labyrinth answer there's no way mine would win :P
Mine is like 15 bytes.
Winning isn't nearly as important as having fun. C:
I know, but I would have only used it if I was sure it would win. I'm saving it for if I ever finish writing Chain of Conspiracy.
That sounds like a Stephen King novel.
...are you
Stephen King?
Maybe Richard Bachman. Not Stephen King for sure.
7:50 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

quartataChain of Conspiracy Thanks to Calvin's Hobbies for the idea! This challenge will never end. That's a good start right? So essentially the idea behind this challenge is that I will post an obfuscated piece of code that outputs "Hello World!". If you figure out the language (for sure), you will ...

Stephen King wrote all of his books on pseudoephedrine pills and cocaine. Despite his speedy pace, the books still read like a dictionary.
Hmm... maybe work on that a bit more. I don't think the plot is developed enough. Also where is the character development?
All jokes aside, I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with it at this point. I need to write a script for calculating the MD5 hash but aside from that...
I think there was one problem in particular but I don't remember what it was....
> Rho rho rho of X / Always equals 1 / Rho is dimension, rho rho is rank / APL is fun - 46y ago by Richard M. Stallman
APL is a language I've wanted to learn for quite a while. I need to find a keyboard with all those weird characters first.
7:59 PM
No you don't
@quartata A posts a code. B posts a crack to A. C wants to crack B, but doesn't know for sure if B is valid (correctly cracked A). A can't verify, because nobody has cracked B yet (from the rules).
All the hashes in the world don't fix that, it's a rules issue.
Q: Source Code Metamorphosis

Cort Ammonmbomb007 asked us to make a self mutilating program. Its an interesting challenge, but I personally don't like to encourage my programs to be self-mutilating. I like to think that, at the heart of every program is a beautiful butterfly waiting to break out. As such, for my first ever Code Golf...

@quartata Download the student version of Dyalog APL (they don't care whether you're a student but you can still sleep at night if you are one). Or use an online interpreter like TryAPL (incomplete implementation of Dyalog), GNU APL (incomplete implementation of the ISO APL standard), or ngn/apl.
@quartata Read this (link to PDF on bottom right): dyalog.com/mastering-dyalog-apl.htm
Then weep softly into your pillow.
8:05 PM
Alrighty then.
Those are the basic steps for learning APL.
A: Source Code Metamorphosis

quartataPerl 6, 58 bytes say"I am a catepillar!";s/catepillar/beautiful butterfly/ Requires -p to run properly; I have accounted for this in the byte count.

Hey look at me I can answer questions faster than conventional means
Woop you're like Martin or Dennis
Twelve minutes? Dennis must be sleeping.
8:06 PM
With the fishes
Like Peter ;)
@Dennis You are needed.
Wow. Dark turn.
Peter lives on in our memories.
I was tempted to try and beat him to a CJam answer but I'm so dumb I don't know how to do a regex in CJam.
This will probably do okay. It's pretty short. sniff Right?
8:08 PM
Regex cannot be done in CJam
To not regex in CJam is human.
yes it can, it's Turing-complete :)
One does not simply... oh never mind.
I spelled caterpillar catepillar.
I'm so good.
It is? I swear I saw Dennis say that you can't use regex in CJam today
8:09 PM
you can implement regexes in CJam
He meant that you can't. He can.
CJam needs libraries. And imports :P
@AlexA. Dude, what's your beef with me? ;)
here's something to start you off: codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/59288/7416
@BetaDecay I have no beef with you, nor with anyone. I have no beef.
@AlexA. He's vegetarian, see.
I would not eat it here or there, I would not eat it anywhere.
That's it, aditsu is officially a YouTube bot :D
(I hope people still like my answer despite the fact that I misspelled caterpillar)
8:16 PM
My answers are always doomed to be below 3 upvotes...
@quartata Who told you this
@AlexA. No one....
Every time I see your answer, I see the words catepillar
Cate Pillar
@BetaDecay You're not the first to make this observation :)
8:17 PM
I was guessing he's referring to that ^
@Geobits WHAT
OK that can't be a coincidence
@Geobits Yeah, I'm an elephant you see
No, I don't see that. Where?
well, we already have 1 or 2 xkcd bots, a youtube bot shouldn't hurt :p
See what, where?
8:18 PM
He's an elephant in the room
@BetaDecay That you're an elephant. I don't think that's ever come up, and your avatar gives no indication.
Is your name Horton?
A: Self-Mutilating Program

Thomas Kwa///, 1 byte / Since OP said in chat that self-modifying BF, which only modifies a copy of its source file, was valid, and /// does the same, this should be too. The program finds a / (the start of a pattern-replacement group), and removes it in preparation to make the replacement. Then it rea...

Oh man I knew there was a language I was forgetting when I saw this...
@Geobits Don't be stupid, Horton's fictional. Everyone knows that elephants can't hear whos
They hear Whos, not hoos.
One day Horton went deaf and was no longer able to hear a Who. He lived his life alone in stony silence.
8:20 PM
What the hell is up with this challenge:
A: Self-Mutilating Program

Thomas Kwa///, 1 byte / Since OP said in chat that self-modifying BF, which only modifies a copy of its source file, was valid, and /// does the same, this should be too. The program finds a / (the start of a pattern-replacement group), and removes it in preparation to make the replacement. Then it rea...

Yeah, Dennis used /// in a palindrome challenge a week ago.
I totally forgot about that. I would have posted that answer if I had remembered....
It has a ton of answers that get upvoted, but the challenge itself has already -3.
Oh hey it's at -7 now. It was at -13 earlier this week.
@AlexA. This is steadily becoming a more and more macabre chatroom ;)
Hey look Pyth only outgolfed Perl by 10 bytes.
A: Source Code Metamorphosis

Pietu1998Pyth, 50 bytes +J"I am a ""caterpillar!"+N+J"beautiful butterfly! Explanation J"I am a " put "I am a " in J + "caterpillar!" add "caterpillar!" and print +J"beautiful butterfly! add "beautiful butterfly!" to J +N add a quote in fron...

8:23 PM
@BetaDecay is gonna get jelous if this downvoting continues.
@BetaDecay As it should be
Not only that, the Pyth answer doesn't really follow the spirit of the challenge since the outputted source code isn't based on the original.
So I feel victorious.
He just deleted it.... what?
And then someone else posted a pyth answer.
I'm so confused.
@flawr Why do you think I upvoted ;)
@quartata The deleted one was posted a couple minutes after the one that's still there.
Very strange.
Not too strange. They were probably working on it at the same time, and one just got posted before the other (without him noticing). The second was longer as well, so it's not uncommon for people to delete them like that.
8:31 PM
I meant strange because the second one wasn't there when I was looking at the thread.
Either way, I don't think any fit the spirit of the challenge (at least not in my reading):
> If your program is not fed its own source code as input, and is instead given a random string of characters that does not match its own code, the result must either fail to compile/interpret, or not print I am a butterfly! for at least 95% of random strings
And now it's back apparently.
@Geobits Why don't they?
Both of the new Pyth answers seem to work.
Must they take their own code as input?
when provided its own code as input
Maybe I'm just not reading it right. Gotta go for now though ;)
9:17 PM
Apparently making a challenge where the program should mutilate itself makes everyone want to mutilate the poster. Tough crowd. At least everyone seems to enjoy posting answers.
I thought it was a great idea for a challenge...
Should have sandboxed it, I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
People need to cheer up, and so do I. So here's something for that:
> What do you get when you cross a joke with a rhetorical question?
I'm running into a problem with my webapp thing.
@PhiNotPi Do tell.
The module I use for creating a daemon process explicitly prohibits the new process from gaining access to the terminal.
..but I think I need that kind of control in order to do various git requests and stuff.
9:26 PM
Use a different module then?
And I've tried all of the ways I can find of splitting off processes to do their own thing.
Can someone please explain the standard loopholes to this guy? He just doesn't get it, and I need help getting it across. @flawr is trying, too.
A: CSS Color Golf!

Albert RenshawObjective-C (iPhone 6S App) + Javascript, 1412/2 = 706 This was the most fun challenge I've ever done, thank you! Haha. This answer may not be the shortest possible version in objective-c, BUT it is very NEAT because it creates a miniature web browser within the iPhone app and then injects ja...

See the comments below the question itself, as well as the ones below the linked answer.
I've looked at some, but nothing seems to allow me to simply list off the command I want to turn into a daemon, and all of the "perl how 2 create daemon" questions on SO have been answered with the module that's not working for me.
Can you use something other than Perl?
Could you do all of your other stuff in a Bash script that you call from Perl perhaps?
"all of the other stuff" is going to be a lot of stuff
9:33 PM
You could everything in not Perl.
Well this is mentally taxing. I'm going to take a break by studying.
@mbomb007 taken care of... I'm just gonna delete that room because it's unnecessary now.
9:57 PM
xD yes
@AlexA. I got it to work.
I didn't have to use a different module, just change which step I made the daemon at.
Oh good.
Now I have a program that reads a list of GitHub usernames and repo names and pulls the code from each of them.
10:12 PM
Q: The Power of Teams: A Proposed Expansion of Stack Overflow

HynesTL;DR: We're proposing a new area called Teams. The goal is to allow groups (of varying sizes) to publicly share about themselves (who they are and what they build) on Stack Overflow. Content can include information about The Team (Overview, Meta Information), a member roster, projects, communit...

So... what problem was this solving again? — Travis J yesterday
^ my feelings
Can a Verilog solution on FPGA hardware be accepted? Could the output format then be parallel ASCII? — hexafraction 19 mins ago
is there a reason why not?
Sometimes I forget that asking questions on SO is not a fruitful activity. stackoverflow.com/q/33003177/3005513
Sometimes I forget how impatient we've become as a society.
I'm not expecting light speed or anything. I just remembered that the last time I asked a Julia question on SO it took an inordinately long time to get an answer IIRC.
10:23 PM
Probably mainly because it's not as high traffic as other languages.
upvote I hope you get your men.
There's only 1.2k questions for it on the site, compared to almost a million for languages like js, java, php, c#.
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Haha thanks. I wasn't hoping for men though, I was hoping for answers. :P
@AlexA. You must hunt your answers like men! You must shoot at their windows!
(And no problem ;) )
@Geobits Mm yeah, I forget that. I'm used to the R tag where things go fairly quickly.
^_^ That was quick for SO
I'm no old codger, but back in my day we had to wait weeks for an answer to stuff like this :)
Really was. However, he just quoted the docs, which I've already read.
@Geobits I suppose you also had to walk 15 miles in the snow to get to class.
Then get hit with rulers.
10:28 PM
Snow? Ha! Only the rich kids got to walk through snow. Nope, burning coal pits for us.
@randomra I could have a second one with 0 0 on shortest infinite loop, but that's boring :P
10:44 PM
Q: How many languages can you use simultaenously in ONE functioning program in under 500 bytes

Albert RenshawIn Objective-C (a superclass of C and an objective-oriented language), I can create an object called a UIWebView. There is a method for this object called loadHTMLString: in which I can load actual HTML into the UIWebView object itself. I can also inject Javascript into it using the method string...

11:12 PM
@Doorknob or other Unix-based OS poweruser: I want to put two binaries in my path, they're in different locations and are different things, but they have the same name. How do?
They're different versions of Julia: latest stable 0.3 and release candidate for 0.4
So we have Hello World, prime numbers and fizzbuzz "catalogs" but no Fibonacci number catalog?
I better fix that.
IIRC there's one in the sandbox
And if not, I think Beta laid claim to it a while back.
OK, how about quines?
@AlexA. you don't
rename them or alias
@quartata Golf You a Quine for Great Good! is the name of it
11:20 PM
Already done.
@Doorknob Alias via symlink or something? If so, where do I put the link?
Dammit Beta, why u do dis
no, alias via... an alias
Idk what is
alias julia0.3 /Applications/Julia-0.3.11.app/Contents/Resources/julia/bin/julia
11:22 PM
That goes in my .bash_profile?
uh sure
I put all my aliases in my .zshrc
You use zsh?
I don't have one of those. Mac uses .bash_profile rather than .bashrc for whatever reason.
@AlexA. Yes, or in your .bashrc or whatever.
Oh I see.
@quartata yep
11:23 PM
Why not bash?
because zsh is awesomer
In what way?
This guy explains it way better than I can.
I have a friend who always uses tcsh. He has written some of the strangest code I've ever seen in it.
And I've seen Snowman.
Ah-ha! I've thought of something.
No one has done a triangle inequality challenge.
Oh yeah, tcsh is what I used at the only job I've had where we used Linux.
Also, I'm a little embarassed by how old the Bash version in OS X is...
11:28 PM
What's the python version?
The last time I checked it was 2.6.
Last time I checked Apple's included Python it was 2.5 but I'll check again.
(Not to brag but my SGI O2 from 1998 can run python 2.7)
Oh, it looks like /usr/bin/python is at 2.7.
Oh hey they updated it.
They must have updated it in the newer OS X versions.
11:29 PM
Now they're on par with IRIX.
Good job.
2.7.10, so actually recent 2.7.
Is that not recent?
Isn't the latest 3.x something?
Yeah well python 3 and python 2 are pretty different in some ways.
11:30 PM
Python 2 and 3 are different
Most systems typically have both as a result.
The O2 was an entry-level Unix workstation introduced in 1996 by Silicon Graphics, Inc. (SGI) to replace their earlier Indy series. Like the Indy, the O2 used a single MIPS microprocessor and was intended to be used mainly for multimedia. Its larger counterpart was the SGI Octane. The O2 was SGI's last attempt at a low-end workstation. == Hardware == === System architecture === Originally known as the "Moosehead" project, the O2 architecture featured a proprietary high-bandwidth Unified Memory Architecture (UMA) to connect system components. A PCI bus is bridged onto the UMA with one sl...
I was wrong.
Some OSs are starting to make Python 3 the default now
I read that
11:32 PM
That's not good.
What's wrong with Python 3? I like python 3
Contrary to popular believe 2to3 is not actually as good of a conversion tool as people think.
Why not?
because if it were that simple, nobody would be using Python 2 anymore
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Because of old Python 2 stuff.
And they didn't deliver on GTK in Python 3 like they promised grumble
11:33 PM
@Doorknob I actually have zsh 5.0.8 installed. :O
Does not know where come
use it! \o/
I could upgrade it; looks like 5.1.1 is the newest.
llama@llama:~$ zsh --version
zsh 5.0.7 (x86_64-pc-linux-gnu)
hm I should update things more often
rama@llama:~$ ding/dong
11:38 PM
quartata@hydra:~$ zsh --version
The program 'zsh' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:
sudo apt-get install zsh
Huh it's not doing the code formatting...
It doesn't do it with line breaks
11:49 PM
Would coffee script and JavaScript be different enough to be considered separate languages?
okay, cool
@Vɪʜᴀɴ nice small caps :D
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ :D
-bash: alias: julia: not found
-bash: alias: /Applications/Julia-0.3.11.app/Contents/Resources/julia/bin/julia: not found
y u no format
I concede. Cannot format. u_u
And I probably ended up pinging @Doorknob about 50 times in the process.
11:59 PM
whoops I typo'd a space instead of an =
alias julia0.3=/Applications/Julia-0.3.11.app/Contents/Resources/julia/bin/julia
Ohhhhhhhh okay

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