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8:00 AM
hi @HamtaroWarrior
@HamtaroWarrior yo/
Doing good guys and girls?
yup yup
hi @Tyhja
8:06 AM
so much hi :)
8:08 AM
We should do a "hi", "yo", and "nyanpasu" occurrence graph to see the peak frequence of the chat :D
!!doge hi,hello,yo,nyanpasu,o/
                             such hi
so hello
           very yo
                           much nyanpasu
many o/
hoihoi is alive again!
8:09 AM
man i was manually typing the doge
!! kill @Dimitrimx
@mirroroftruth That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
@ToshinouKyouko you killed me on that one x')
!!die @mirroroftruth
8:09 AM
@HamtaroWarrior Rip in peas
@Dimitrimx Registered; need 0 more to execute
@ToshinouKyouko Can I have bacon too? o:
8:09 AM
why is that set to 1 vote ,_,
i am going to be executed but 0 time :D
@Dimitrimx You do not have permission to use the command live
@HamtaroWarrior rip in yummy dinner
8:10 AM
Lolis are the best!
but shes alive!
I think they killed the die
8:10 AM
!! should i kill Dimitri Mx
@mirroroftruth Frankly my dear, I don't give a dean
!! can you kill mirroroftruth?
@Dimitrimx Of course!
a dean?
8:10 AM
that does not make sense
!! wil you kill mirroroftruth?
@Dimitrimx That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
should be damn
i have been targeted , help
!! is tomato the best
8:11 AM
@ToshinouKyouko hard to accept on the one hand it's Shinobu but on the other you have that entropy bitch mother fucker in her arms with no sign of having been flogged
@ToshinouKyouko All signs point to yes
@Memor-X I think shinobu would destroy kyubey if he was being evil
@HoiHoi-san lol @ToshinouKyouko's Meme on the Meta need to be updated
8:12 AM
@mirroroftruth makes a tomato wall to protect mirroroftruth so Dimitrimx will shoot into it and Toshinou will shoot Dimitrimx
@HamtaroWarrior tomato wall?
@HamtaroWarrior thank you :) i am safe
@Dimitrimx Yeah, so @ToshinouKyouko will protect it with is life :D
burn it
@HamtaroWarrior ,@ToshinouKyouko will you do it , to protect me
8:14 AM
don't shooot me
I protect you and you protect me
@ToshinouKyouko This is gore for tomatoes, right?
@HamtaroWarrior unless rule34
8:16 AM
@ToshinouKyouko not safe for travel?
tomatoes i assume
@Dimitrimx Not safe for
I'm pretty sure I'll find stuff by searching rule34 tomato
squish squish
8:16 AM
definitely safe for tomato's
@HamtaroWarrior post your first hit?
@ToshinouKyouko Not safe for trains
I like trains
@Tyhja Okay then
This is a pg-13 site
so no safe for teen :D
8:17 AM
so don't actually post lewd stuff
but its... tomatoes :s
!! google lewd
i don't know how old i am , when i knew internet i was 18+ :D
8:18 AM
@ToshinouKyouko @HoiHoi-san is posting lewd stuff ;D
@HamtaroWarrior FLAGGED!!!
well veggies are good for you
so good
oh yay
just don't cross breed them
i think , imagination is going wild ,
8:19 AM
@mirroroftruth Yup.
don't make lewd noise
@Dimitrimx why not
@Tyhja Tomato's are to smooth for that
@Dimitrimx @ToshinouKyouko is a smooth operator?
8:20 AM
@Tyhja only after some tohato
@Memor-X but does it work against.... tomatoes??
@Dimitrimx !!! XDDDD
^those are quite tasty btw
brb after grabbing some lunch
and tomato ketchup :D
8:21 AM
Bought some at animecon 2 years ago :)
Q: Can i kill this tomato with the Death Note?
@Memor-X A: if you have shinigami eyes. None have seen its real face yet.
@Memor-X A: No. It's like Chuck Norris. If you write Toshinou Kyoko in the Death note, it kills the death note
user image
@Memor-X nooo
8:35 AM
@ToshinouKyouko don't worry, it appears you are immune.
Q: Where does the 'lewd' meme come from?

Toshinou KyoukoOccasionally someone posts a ecchi/H picture on the internet and users reply with a prudish anime/manga girl with a sign saying 'LEWD'. Definition of Lewd: crude and offensive in a sexual way. Where does this meme originate? what was the original lewd picture?

work time
@ToshinouKyouko its done
Took me 15 minutes, but they are split up ;)
9:12 AM
Q: Skypiea alternative path

MauroIt was told by Gan Fall most people (still few) came to White Sea through an alternate way to the Knock-Up Stream. How much is known about this method?

@Dimitrimx thank you <3
9:31 AM
Just so it would be easier to see which people think are good ideas :)
Yeah, understandable
9:52 AM
they sound fun :)
10:06 AM
I hate querys.
One moment they perform in a godlike 0.002 seconds. Then you add 2 lines and BAMN 12 seconds...
indexes and keys are set properly
@Dimitrimx If those 2 lines you add are joins to insane tables, without a proper condition, shit can go south fast xD
@AsadaShino left join which even failed looking at it ;)
Impossible ON condition o-o
10:10 AM
I am not even sure what that means ._>
ON 1 = 2?
packages AS pack
left join packages_actions paac
on pack.id = paac.package_id and paac.action_id = @action_id
pack.location_id = loc.id and pack.state = 1
eek, declared variables
this is why nosql was invented :P
variables get passed along from c# ;P
And you put them in there with that @action_id ?
10:14 AM
yep, I have 2 declared vairables. 1 in the most outer from where i check against a slug after which I use the obtained id to check the rest instead. And a 1 time check with that action id ;)
don't kill me q.q I only started doing sql 1 week ago :). Just following the patern they set in here ;/
sql in general is ewie
mysql in this case
@ToshinouKyouko still better then linq
isn't LINQ only in-memory?
I'm sort of getting used to those queries though.
10:18 AM
at least linq is language integrated
sql is just enforced spaghetti that isn't even integratable
You can do quite a bit with them and it still performs quite well
@Unihedron Nownow, less of those harsh words~
Foodtime, back in a bit :)
ok :p
but spaghetti is pretty neutral
It might just be that all programmers I work with are inadequate in linq, but so far all linq I have seen is just like regex. A langauge for aliens written by robots ment to ruin the world.
regex is evil
i dont like C# either
sql and linq are ok in small amounts
10:20 AM
< preffers assembler
what's your fav language?
none :^)
just kidding
I like Python and C
and javascript sometimes
Fav: assembler most skilled: c# most worked with: Java/c
not all the time though >_>
@Unihedron mine is Japanese :D
10:21 AM
assembler is fun too
but i rarely actually use it
@mirroroftruth blegh language that requires gvoice
@ToshinouKyouko pick one between py and C
@Dimitrimx and need to type also
@Unihedron python i guess
and write
10:21 AM
it depends
@ToshinouKyouko I use it sometimes in C, can increase performance so much some times
python is easy to write stuff in
python isn't the only language intended to be easy for humans
@Dimitrimx yep it's cool for that.
10:22 AM
Q: I've inherited 200K lines of spaghetti code -- what now?

kmoteI hope this isn't too general of a question; I could really use some seasoned advice. I am newly employed as the sole "SW Engineer" in a fairly small shop of scientists who have spent the last 10-20 years cobbling together a vast code base. (It was written in a virtually obsolete language: G2 --...

Litterly my job right now ;|
@Unihedron I've tried a lot of languages, but python is quickest to write for me
only replace 200k with 448k
@ToshinouKyouko ok!
I want to do some Ada soon
10:24 AM
cow :)
moo moo
well guess it is about lunch/nap time
10:27 AM
what animal is this year?
2015? goat
Believe that makes 2016 monkey
followed up by dog?
early happy new year of the year of the monkey!
i thought they were in alphabetical order unless followed by dog
I was born in the monkey year
ooh eeh
@ToshinouKyouko 2016 still to come
10:34 AM
Kanbaru Sugura year
@ToshinouKyouko oh that one
i think i should check mine also
hey i am truth , i don't have start not end :D
10:48 AM
@mirroroftruth well '15 = sheep 16= monkey 17 = rooster (not dog) 18 = dog (this should be dog ;)
still not very alphabetical
where did you get those information
Chinese guy from the cafeteria ;/
he is litterly the only other living person in the office right nwo.
its like my private chef ha.
10:50 AM
does that mean there are non-living people?!!
drug him and escape
I think he's a zombie-watcher :o
@ToshinouKyouko there are tomato's
well back to working
only 13k issues to fix
10:52 AM
@Dimitrimx whoa, you manage that with a spreadsheet?!
debug utility that outputs to spreedsheet ;)
logs on a daily basis
or on demand
... no integration at all?
it goes paired with a 2.5mb .htm file with the specifics
and a metrix report
It's mainly visualized this way for my code incompentent bosses
So they know what the status is
I think thaht's reasonable
it seems well structured
10:55 AM
logging like this saves me allot of time of writing like a daily log, as they can just see the issues diminishing
average new issues / day average issues fixed/day
Daaayum O_o
'only' 13k
What sort of issues are they? If you have SO many
my code has 0 issues cuz i am perfect
for now :v
@AsadaShino if you exclude the suppressed ones (those make everything go bloody foobar) then it mainly comes down to cyclomatic complexity of 100+
It's not a big codebase just yet though so it's easy
10:56 AM
public static void Main(String[] args) {
//code goes here
@AsadaShino :)
0 issues, rite?
I usually do string[] args
Doing java guys? :3
but i'm doing C, so it's just like:
10:58 AM
@AsadaShino my code goes everywhere , i have to tame train them
My bad, that was the issue XD
int main(void){return 0;}
probably even int main(){return 0;}
ever seen somebody use a for(int i = 0; i < int.maxvalue; i++) for(int i = int.maxvalue; i > int.minvalue; i--) console.log("add real logging here, as this is just a place holder loop");
It has been SO long since I last did Java, that I forgot it was a String array instead of an object array hahaha
yay take all and return 0; :D
10:58 AM
def main(args: Array[String]) {
println("Hello, world!")
It's been a few years since I've done Java properly too
java is fun
I tried it for some code challenge and it was 20x larger than my python code :v
I'm mainly on PHP and C# atm...
@ToshinouKyouko lol!!
11:00 AM
@AsadaShino I once tried to pick up PHP, I got fired for trying o-o.
I have only used php a few times
So it's
public blahController {
public ActionResult Blah(BlahModel model) {
return View(new BlahViewModel(model));
function blah($blah) {
return theme('blah', array('blah' => $blah));
it's okay in small doses
@Dimitrimx Wut xD
You got fired for trying to learn PHP? O_o
11:02 AM
yes indirectly. Boss: go learn a new language that could help us improve our games/websites me: OKAY! starts learning php boss: hey, is that php? yeah, you are fired. me: why? boss; learning a crappy language during work hours.
all tough I finally got fired 2 weeks later for being late 2 minutes ;/
I still blame php
Wut... Really
So he gave you no rules or restrictions, but still 'fires' you for doing something he doesn't like
Now I don't know how PHP could help a game, but yeah...
me neither.
And I don't personally know any other language next to C# that can be used for both games and websites...
So I wonder what other language he could've accepted. PHP is not crappy, it's an entry-level language
11:05 AM
@AsadaShino java
I guess so.
play framework enables building webapps with java, it's a decent framework
Make the next Minecraft, because Java is so super-optimised for running games on
Might as well pick up Flash while you're at it
you're kidding right :D
Correct me
I guess many things could've changed, but I couldn't get anything more complex than a simple application to run smoothly in Java, it turns anything into a memory-hog
11:08 AM
Java runtimes hotswaps memory too, so while it's supposed to run faster in the long term, everything else runs slower
I guess I don't know enough about the details, so I guess I shouldn't speak out of line there, I don't really know what you mean.
Are there either big/complex games or AAA's that are built on Java? (that don't run like crap if you don't brute-force the performance with overkill hardware)
I mean, the saying "But does it run Minecraft?" exists for a reason, though it may be that the game was programmed badly from the ground up and never improved, performance-wise
@Dimitrimx You were going to Tomofair, right? I just printed my ticket :P
@Unihedron Haha, cool xD
@AsadaShino yes, i am just unable to print it ;)
And, sadly, it's not a holiday =/
11:15 AM
@Dimitrimx Yikes, hope you can get it printed in time, if you need help, I can print it for you and bring it with me to Tomofair :)
@AsadaShino haha thakns, but i hope (think) i can manage :)
@Dimitrimx My printer at home is having issues, so you have another 3 hours or so to decide if you want me to print it, after that I may not be able to print it for you :P
@AsadaShino Okay, if i need your help ill let you knwo ;P
Haha okay ;)
11:31 AM
Q: what is that manga about a highscool boy that's just ridiculously excell at everything

lukeisamasculinnameI used to follow a manga with the main character a first year highschool student that's just ridiculously excell at everything, and I mean everything. From math to frog jump and handling bullies. The character is tall; tidy short hair in formal style (like Sanji but black, no bangs and tidier);...

Q: How much was Sawako's guitar worth?

Memor-XIn Season 2 Episode 2 English Dub when the Light Music Club gets Sawako's old guitar appraised at the music store the value is $5,000. I am assuming that originally the price would be in ¥ but because it's the English dub it was changed to $. I had hoped that during the episode I would see a hin...

e ya e ya yo/
11:36 AM
@Sakamoto Sakamoto, obviously
@AsadaShino I managed to repair the company printer, ill be fine ;3
@Dimitrimx Yay! See you there then :D
yesh :P keep an eye out for a panda ;D
@Dimitrimx Cosplaying as panda (or panda onesy?) :P
11:48 AM
@AsadaShino kirugumi ;)
Kigurumi? Or is that something else?
Derped there~
@AsadaShino lot
Switching languages breaks my brain a bit xD
dunno I never pronounce it correctly for some reason
@AsadaShino you get past that after a while
11:50 AM
kigurumi it is
the more you do :)
@Taisho who is this girl with the rinegan?
@ToshinouKyouko I'm normally fine, I had a small derp there for a second :P
I wonder if you guys look anything like i imagined you
11:53 AM
lol that's a good question
what impression do you have of me anyway?
I think
user image
@Dimitrimx Lol
@Dimitrimx I feel like I look nothing like what anyone imagines
when they see a cute female tomato avatar
I don't even know what anyone would imagine I look like :P We'll leave it to surprise :D
definitly toshi
11:56 AM
how did u find my facebook pictures
@Dimitrimx ahaha
@ToshinouKyouko if someone uses an avatar of an anime girl, it's a male user.
as for you shino
^ accurate 90% of the time
@Unihedron then what am i.. I am brook :|
you must really be brook :o
11:58 AM
Love myself some cops & nurses
i believe you guys at least post pic of having fun

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