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12:00 AM
Big drop in price thanks to a $100 payment! Get in there quick while it's on the cheap! http://bit.ly/oyrbx4
@ArdaXi not from punching.
@RavenDreamer The question does not ask about punching.
> Maybe it's confirmation bias, but from all my shearing, I feel that hitting them in the head is more likely to yield 3 wool, in the side is more likely to yield 2, and hitting them from behind is more likely to yield 1.
The only instance of punching on that Q/A page is a single comment
@ArdaXi Mm.
I'm not actually sure when shears were added.
It's entirely possible I misunderstood the intent of the question.
Well, I know the question referred to punching, but the update to shearing does not invalidate it.
The question is still a legitimate question that someone can have, and the answer is still legitimately correct.
In fact, this question is the epitome of how this site should be used, updating outdated posts to make them valid again.
12:04 AM
Okay, I just checked. The question was asked before shears were a thing. "shearing" means, "I punched them and got wool" in this case. (FWIW)
Q: HELP ME , blonde Kid with red cap and enemies shadow

LiukI played a game with a blonde kid with red cap in the 90's. In the first scenes, you fight enemies shadows.

Q: Why has the innkeeper put a price on my head?

LessPop_MoreFizzSo, I was just assaulted by a trio of fairly well armed thugs while walking out of Riften. Before attacking me, they informed me that they were 'here to teach me a lesson.' After dispatching them in due course, I found this on the body of what I can only assume to be the leader, given his vastly...

@Lazers Because you're a MASS MURDERER
At least, I'm pretty sure you were. At one point. Maybe.
@John I have no good response to this. :P
I'm kinda hoping you are. Otherwise, I'd have to claim that @Mana framed you. It wouldn't help your Wanted status, but at least you'd know who to mark for your own quest for revenge as you evade the coppers.
@RavenDreamer I know, but don't you agree that it's still a valid question?
I mean, it does have 54 upvotes...
12:07 AM
@GraceNote Of course
It's 50+ upvotes on a good question, gotta include that part.
@ArdaXi I think the question was asked entirely so that the asker could reap upvotes from a snarkily named question title.
@RavenDreamer Maybe, maybe not. But what makes it an invalid question, in the state it is in right now?
It's out of date.
BOTTOM LINE: It's not much work to update it to be back to date.
What makes it out of date?
12:08 AM
And honestly, Badp should have updated the question when he updated the answer.
I don't see any bit in the body that's out of date.
@ArdaXi # of wool harvested.
which Q
@RavenDreamer "Shearing a sheep with the shears item will result in 2-4 wool blocks being dropped, again, regardless of attack location."
Q: Does hitting a sheep in the face yield more wool?

AlainI haven't read anything that confirms my suspicions, but I can almost swear that after months of playing minecraft and harvesting a lot of wool for creations (and trying to make the most out of lapis back when you only got one dye per ore) that hitting sheep in different areas are more likely to ...

@GraceNote Nope, I'm the Kleptomaniac, not the mass murderer.
12:09 AM
@ArdaXi That's the answer, which badp updated.
@RavenDreamer I can +1 every number in the post if you want.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Well, uh... blame @badp, then. I know @Mana framed you but @badp is at fault. Somehow.
Anyway, I need to be somewhere. Sorry.
@ArdaXi By all means, please do.
@RavenDreamer It shows the number is still variable.
I don't get why the question should contain the answer for the question to be valid though.
That... kind of goes against the point of a Q&A site.
12:15 AM
Am I the only one who sees questions with snarky titles meant to reap upvotes as something that could really help make the site popular?
@ArdaXi No, I like them.
@ArdaXi My only concern of importance is that it is a good question.
And that the title isn't ambiguous.
@GraceNote Of course.
@ArdaXi Thefsuuugrace said it.
hangs head in shame
But so long as the question is clear, answerable and on-topic, and the title fits with the question, it can only be beneficial.
12:17 AM
@ArdaXi Yeah. I didn't realize that anyone had said otherwise.
With of course the infamous
Q: How can I tell if a corpse is safe to eat?

Kaestur HakarlI am playing a human wizard, and I just killed a monster, leaving a corpse on the ground. How do I tell whether it is safe to eat this corpse? I leave the monster unspecified because I am interested in "how can I figure out whether this is edible," rather than whether any particular monster is e...

@Mana It comes up every now and then. I actually recently got a comment on Meta asking why we allow these kinds of titles.
Or is this a Reddit "Am I the only one who", where the sole intent is to get karma
@Mana That's called DAE. (Does Anyone Else)
Recently as in, it was either this morning or over the weekend
12:21 AM
I should probably be keeping up more with this meta drama(?)
Nah, nothing came of it.
Q: Upgrading the PSP browser

GaryThe built in browser with the PSP is awful. It has 3 hopeless modes of screen scaling, poor JavaScript support and constantly runs out of memory. Even mediocre mobile phones trounce it. There's so much potential in the little guy, are there any methods to getting a stable and useful web browser ...

Q: How many "organizations" can you join? Do some block you from joining others?

TM.There are a lot of groups to join in Skyrim. And of course, I just can't make up my mind. I've already joined the Mage College, and I am partway through the quest chains for joining: The Companions The Legion The Stormcloaks The Dark Brotherhood The Bards College The Thieves Guild .. and ma...

I weep for the internet.
12:36 AM
bleh, Irukandji also has the orgasmic woman sounds for powerups
sleep time, g'night all
downloads Irukandji
@GraceNote I know as much about it as you do.
Oh wow, new profile layout deployed on Meta. :O
@Mana They're the kids grandkids!
12:47 AM
Huh. I never bought a horse, but I seem to have acquired one somehow.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Did you get into a brawl with any stable owners?
@RavenDreamer But the kid's grandkids in this session are their ancestors from the previous session, just like how when it was the troll ancestors playing the game Karkat Terezi and the bunch played the role of the ancestors.
@Mana Based on my understanding, not quite.
Q: Will new shopkeepers take the place of murdered ones?

StrixVariaI was really trying to play a "good" character, but long story short, Belethor pissed me off for the last time. I often visited his shop to sell little odds and ends that wouldn't sell at the other, more specialized shops. Now that he's...not with us any more, will someone step up to take his pla...

@RavenDreamer Remember Ectobiology. Dad isn't actually John's ancestor, he's John's brother.
12:51 AM
They're paradox clones of themselves, which means Mom and Bro mixed to form Rose and Dave, and Dad and Grandpa mixed to form John and Jane.
There were no grandparents.
this stuff is confusing
Stupid "Weird plot shit".
fuck it. But I'm pretty sure Crocker = Nanna and English = Grandpa
@Mana There are obvious parallels
But that doesn't quite make sense because Grandpa was a paradox clone and Nanna wasn't.
Unrelatedly, I need a new mouse pad.
And as a corollary to that, I question the usefulness of having a mouse pad with an optical mouse.
mspaintadventures.com/scratch.php?s=6&p=005856 Relevant to ongoing Homestuck discussion
12:55 AM
@RavenDreamer Yes....
@LessPop_MoreFizz You can win a horse from the Whiterun stables that way.
@Mana Whoever that guy was, he died on a quest bed, apparently.
@RavenDreamer That was a joke/left ambiguous, I'm pretty sure
oh goodie
since you are both here
Q: Skyrim PC respec via console

user14305I built my character without really realizing the eventual limitations to the perk system and am scattered all over the place. Has anyone figured out to re-distribute perks into appropriate areas using the console or mod? Also, it would be helpful to redistribute my "Health/Stamina/Mana" balanc...

also, he was a guy who kept showing up in messages on the Serious Business client
That's a dupe and what not, but the answer there is slightly more detailed than the answer in the dupe, so I would suggest a merge
12:59 AM
kind of like an easter egg whose story was told through hidden text messages in some of the pictures of John's PDA
@Wipqozn Done.
@RavenDreamer thank you! At least someone is doing their job around here! glares at @Mana
@RavenDreamer Got time to take care of a few flags? I wanna go work on some stuff.
@Mana You mean you haven't been doin' it all day, already?
@RavenDreamer true
1:02 AM
I'm proud how we've gotten our average flag handling time down from 13 hours (when I started keeping track) to 5.
@RavenDreamer My word. 5 hours?
Shouldn't you two just sit around staring at the flag list all day?
Pfft. Like I have something more meaningful to do.
Also, I love how Skyrim is just destroying mw3 in this "Contest"
I think that's why the banner hasn't been replaced.
nearly 20x the views for skyrim, and the top questions skyrim as nearly 3x the votes as the MW3 one
wait, it does have 3x the votes, exactly 3x in fact
1:07 AM
@Mana Also, I think the Sprites turn into Denizens? Maybe?
1:19 AM
@RavenDreamer Oh, that's an interesting idea. That hadn't occurred to me.
Hi all.
What's Halo 3 ODST?
@Moshe Hey Moshe! It's a Halo game that's entirely separate from Halo 3.
It was given mixed reviews from people, generally favorable reviews from critics, if I recall correctly, for putting more attention on delivering a stronger, slightly different single-player experience, if I recall correctly.
Haven't played it myself though.
@TimStone John: making the internet even more awkward since...a long time ago.
It has the lowest user score on that page, about ~1000 negative and only ~200 positive.
1:32 AM
> With a perfectible but thrilling solo, Battlefield 3 adds a new weapon to its arsenal.
@TomWijsman Which one? Eurogamer Spain is first with me, and I can't read that very well...
@Ullallulloo Euro Spain indeed, it's in the quote on Metacritic itself.
I think they keep order, but I wonder if Mana has just got a different order...
@TomWijsman It's not really rude to either one, just says that they're different and that BF3's better.
@TomWijsman That's second on mine.
Q: is there a way to only join games that have not started yet?

TobyI am sick of joining in a game with it half over already. is there a way or a setting to change where I only join games while they are in the lobby?

Q: HIB Games (Aquaria & Penumbra) cannot find libGL.so.1 even though it exists

aberrationI'm try to play some Humble Indie Bundle (HIB) games, but I'm getting errors with Aquaria and Penumbra: Overture that are related to the libGL.so.1 file. Aquaria gives this error on launch: Message: SDL_GL_LoadLibrary Error: Failed loading libGL.so.1 And Penumbra: Overture gives this error on...

1:49 AM
@Mana Cool, I might be getting a couple of copies. Depends if the email I got had a type in it.
By the way, there's nothing like letting a kid play with prototypes of your game.
Dual wielding pickaxes to mine faster is easily the best tip in the official Skyrim Strategy Guide.
wishes there were clips of Unforgotten realms he could post about dual wielding
Q: Will there be more Spec ops maps in map packs?

TobyI am kinda hoping for more spec ops maps since I love spec ops! <3

Q: How do I defeat a Wispmother in Skyrim?

George StockerSo I was trying to get to Hrogthar from Whiterun (P.S., I still can't find my way there), and I ran into a wispmother. I had a housecarl with me, but still died when the Wispmother spawned two other Wispmothers to join her. I'm a level 9 Wood elf specializing in Archery, One-handed Weapons, and...

Q: how do I win against a type 95

Tobyevery time I come up against a player with a type 95 I get my butt handed to me on a silver platter! how do I beat it? should I just use a type 95? do you think they will nerf it at all?

@Lazers =[
2:04 AM
@GnomeSlice One out of three questions is about Skyrim and you're annoyed? Maybe you should just put Lazers on ignore for a few days?
You're right, that was harsh.
Maggie+Dr. Fetus+homing bombs=Win Button
Q: After I murdered/robbed people, how do I get rid of the bounty?

Tom WijsmanI thought it would be nice to steal some useful stuff from people. However, the whole town got angry for me doing so. Seems someone did spot me doing so, I survived the first people by walking back out of the town and had to murder three man where I used up all my potions. When entering the town ...

Q: How do I get rid of my bounty?

nabbeloffI accidentally killed a noble, now every guard wants to kill me. Is there any way I can get rid of the bounty?

Dupes with over 3k views each. What do we do?
@Mana Why does this get starred, but not when I post about the addition of the two games to the bundle?
@GraceNote You'd probably like it.
@GnomeSlice I was making a crude joke about downloading the game solely for the sake of hearing the sound effects contained within.
2:20 AM
Q: There appears to be a stylesheet issue under Suggested Edits

Doozer BlakeUnder suggested edits, the number of edits is showing up like so in Chrome: The text should be displaying a 1, and is, but the colors are conflicting. Tested and confirmed in Google Chrome 15.0.874.120 m, and also in IE 9 because I enjoy torturing myself by using it. I don't know if this was ...

Oh, Minecraft is fully released now?
@GnomeSlice yes
I'm saddened to notice that I don't care in the slightest.
Have to say, the 'Three Wolf Moon' parody shirt is pretty sweet.
minecraft is one of those things that I kind of feel like I'd be more interested in if I wasn't a programmer
@WorldEngineer I was interested in it for a while. ...meh.
Is it weird if I associate a certain song with dry mouth?
2:29 AM
I associate the smell of pretzels with pokemon
That's normal, with the sense of smell.
as it was the only thing I could get down after a week of the flu when I went to get the game
I never form associations like that.
Also, have you voted for me yet?
no as I've no idea what that is or why I should care
2:31 AM
Because I asked you to? :3
Winner gets either 2 15$ iTunes cards, or 2 custom t-shirts.
And I'm winning!
I got 404ed
Michael Dunfield
@WorldEngineer You might soon associate it with my game.
2:33 AM
took down my browser wall of doom and it worked
Speaking of my games :P .. ...
Anyone have any ideas for promoting the free version of one of my games?
The game itself is doing okay on iTunes, the free version isn't.
actually I won't since I don't use iOS devices for gaming
Specifically, I'm trying to raise positive ratings for it.
or really anything else
but I'm sure it's a good game
2:34 AM
Heh, well, ok. Got it. :-)
@WorldEngineer Thanks. :: graceful bow or whatever::
people go buy his game, support the home team, chapter 12
I'm going to quietly link the free version and let someone pin/star it. It's free, not like I'm selling anything, right?
@Moshe Which?
sec, internet slow
@WorldEngineer! I haven't seen you around in a bit.
2:38 AM
@GnomeSlice Nippon Free
The paid version is here. It just hit me that the paid one has 22 ratings and has 4.5 stars, so I looked at the free one and wondered why it wasn't even being noticed.
@Moshe Oh woah! I remember you now!
@Mana "Whoa!"? Heh. Is that good or bad?
all of this talk about mobile games was reminding me of Nippon. Then I realized just now that that was you.
Yup, that's me. What do you think?
Pretty cool stuff!
2:42 AM
Unfortunately, I'm going to refrain from pinning it.
Why is that? (Just curious, not complaining.)
People don't pin things like that. =[
I generally save pins for really important news. Some other people use them for frivolous reasons though so you might get lucky
I know. Heh, was worth a shot. And I'm running for mod on SO...
2:44 AM
I saw!
@Moshe you should set up some distribution over at Indievania.
Well, I was banking on the fact that it's the free version.
@Mana Did you see my palm card?
It's looking like a really great startup Indie marketplace.
@GnomeSlice How does it integrate with iOS though? Considering Apple's closed market and all.
@Moshe Protect unicorns? Vote secured.
2:45 AM
@Moshe Not sure, I'd imagine you would just set it up with links to the Apple store.
Not sure how the payment would work though...
Actually, yeah, that may not for work ios projects. Sorry.
@Mana Good, we'll see if I can survive the primaries without being grounded into unicorn meat.
@Mana I'm from Programmers, so I spend most of my time there
@GnomeSlice No worries. Do they exclude all mobile or just iOS?
@Moshe No idea, I'm not a dev. I don't know how payment systems work for mobile stuff.
also I play a lot of old games that I don't have tons of questions on and there's the thing about trying to be a good boy actually do useful work
2:47 AM
@GnomeSlice Ok, do I just click on the buttons, or do I need to make an account?
Anyway, I've been really excited about Indievania, so I figured I'd share it with you as a dev.
Which are your entries?
Oh, you're talking about that.
Michael Dunfield is me.
I thought you were still talking about indievania :P
2:48 AM
Heh, no, but thanks.
:D Vote tomorrow too pleese.
I want the free swag.
Remind me then.
And I'm winning!
What sort of swag do you get?
Anyway, do check out indievania, it's still in beta but I'm really excited about it.
2:49 AM
@GnomeSlice your ability to beg for other people's attention is amazing
Uh, you get either 2 $15 iTunes cards
@GnomeSlice Are you involved in it?
or 2 custom t-shirts.
@Moshe I wish. I registered and bought some games, if that's what you mean.
@Mana You haven't been talking to me at all. I can respond to the two of you. :-)
@Moshe He's talking about the 'VOTE PLEESE'
I'e been toying with the idea of starting up an indie games ... thing
2:50 AM
Oh, well when you rhyme "please" with "cheese" by misspelling it...
blog? site? dunno
@GnomeSlice you should
@Moshe It rhymes when you spell it either way.
I looked around at some options for domain/web hosting today.
Q: What is the % reduction of reload time when using Sleight of Hand?

Jon Ericksonby how much does Sleight of Hand reduce reload time?

I have no idea what the hell any of it means.
2:51 AM
@GnomeSlice I'm writing an indie game with an artist and a friend.
@Moshe The artist isn't your friend as well?
@GnomeSlice Yea, but it doesn't really rhyme.
@Moshe Yes it does... rhyme isn't based on spelling.
@GnomeSlice Total stranger from Google+. We've hung out on G+ several times and had a phone call.
Freeze and Please rhyme.
2:51 AM
@GnomeSlice I know, I'm kidding.
Why does everyone do that.
I don't think I'm actually going to go ahead with my indie thing though
I mean, I'm not a good writer, I just have good spelling and mostly good grammar.
And I can't think of anything I can offer that isn't already out there.
Except more drivel.
@GnomeSlice being afraid of failure without even trying is kind of silly
@Moshe, anyway, I'd still take a look at Indievania, see what kinds of things are involved in the submission process.
Look at how easily amused he is @Mana. Clearly he needs to spend more time here.
2:55 AM
@GnomeSlice I minimize MineCraft and see that. You should be ashamed of yourself.
Whatever. Whale away.
Minecraft is reminiscent of a wonderful game called Lego Creator.
@GnomeSlice Also, I just voted for you, so you could stand to be a little nicer. :P
@John I was telling you to rain down your blows against me.
2:58 AM
Okay, I'm gonna go focus on my resume for a potential Microsoft internship
@Moshe ah, there's a developer forum on indievania you could ask about mobile games in.
@GnomeSlice Get some selfconfidence! I tired of being the only happy person here! </grumble>
@Mana Best of luck. Consider looking into the MSP program, btw. I just got on.
@John Thanks, but I think I'm a little outside your therapeutic abilities.
And sorry, I'm just really trying to promote Indievania because I think it's going to turn into a FANTASTIC resource.
@GnomeSlice I have therapeutic abilities? I'm flattered.
3:00 AM
@John "Get some selfconfidence!"
Seems like it's about your limit.
@GnomeSlice Ooh repetitive sarcasm and a diss. I'm hurt.
No... not what I meant...
@GnomeSlice But it's what you said...
Also, you guys should get this, since it's pay what you want, you can get it for free if you wish.
Night folks, good luck all!
3:04 AM
Ciao. Spread Indievania!
@Moshe Good night!
Q: Skeleton key. Return or keep?

CoomieI just got the skeleton key and I'm wondering if I should return it or hold on to it. What are the benefits of keeping it? Is there a luck bonus? What will I get if I return it?

3:32 AM
Yeah, I'm not finishing this tonight.
Q: Strong companions in Skyrim

CoomieI've had a few companions who have died. What are the best companions from a health perspective? And from a damage perspective?

Q: Resurecting companions in skyrim

CoomieI've had a few companions who have died. Is it possible to resurect them? If not where can they be hired from?

Q: Where are the save file in Skyrim?

WarfaceI can't find those that I need to delete. What's the location of those files? How can we manage them?

So, I'm a terrible student thanks to skyrim I put off gathering some survey data for one of my classes. Is there anyway you find people could help me out? Here is a link to a 4 question survey about games on your phone: docs.google.com/spreadsheet/…
@Lazers... every time I think we're making progress.
@Rapida I'm big on mobile games, I'll check it out if you vote for me.
Uh, to be clear, which number is 'most important'?
@GnomeSlice Haha, sounds good. 5 is important
+1 votes for you good sir
I don't have time to fill up the 'what games do you currently play' thing.
I have pages and pages.
3:40 AM
That's fine, list a couple of favorites?
Oops. Forgot.
No biggie
I'll link you one right now
Alright, I'll edit it into the data
3:41 AM
that strikes me as relevant
if I can find it... also you might as well put muffin knight, as you just voted for me in a contest of it :P
@Rapida Erm... Orbital, Space Miner: Space Ore Bust, Scrabble Blast, Jelly Car, Magnetic Billiards, Death Rally, Galcon, Bombardier's Guild, MiniSquadrons, California Gold rush 2, Blackout, Guardian Rock, G.I. Joyride, Stair Dismount Universal, Super StickMan Golf, Cow Trouble, Sushi Cat, Multipong, Nano Galaxy, Men vs Machines, Stone Wars, Beyond Ynth, Strimko.
Off the top of my head.
Also, here's the one I was talking about before: Gridlock Games.
... that's a lot
@Rapida I can go get my ipod if you need more.
That's another link to muffin knight
Nah, that's plenty. Most of the people I've asked to do it have listed at most three
3:47 AM
Oh, Death Worm, Tap Tap Revolution 3, BoomShine, Muffin Knight, Seed 2, Glyder 2 (discontinued), Galaxy on Fire...
Oh, please don't forget Puzzlevania one of my favourites.
hah, my professor is going to be like...did you just list all the games on the marketplace?
For android, there's Mobnetic Soccer which is a good multiplayer one.
@Rapida yeah, before ios 4, I had all 11 pages of my ipod full of apps. ios 4 lets you create folders that can hold up to 12 apps each, and... yeah, they're still full.
That's cool, I guess you have a game for every occasion
Oh, Depict, Early Bird, Hook Champ, Cestos, Flick Kick Rugby, Brick Breaker Deluxe 2, LightBike 2, Pocket Tanks, Mr. AahH!!, Gravity Lander [also for android], Gravity Lander...2?
lol I feel like this could go on all night so I'm just gonna say you've contributed more than enough
3:52 AM
@GnomeSlice Voted!
It would probably take me a good hour to list all the games on my iPhone. :/
Exodus, Flood-it 2, The Heist, HArbour Master, Micro Panda, Beat it!, Time Geeks, Extreme Road Trip, Zombie Highway, Snail Mail, Bit Pilot, Action Buggy, Minigore, Bug Heroes, Bug Heroes Quest,
I only have like 3 games on my phone, am I the exception here in chat?
Alphabetic, Star Dunk Gold, iBlast Moki, Slum Dunk King
@Rapida No, I am.
Actually these are on my ipod, not my phone.
@Rapida I filled out your survey; hope the data helps.
Piyo Blocks 2, Land a Panda
3:55 AM
@KevinY Awesome, appreciate you supporting this poor procrastinating grad student
Tiny Wings, Lost Pixels, RocketBird, and OH MY GOODNESS, 6TH PLANET.
How did I forget about that one until now.
Addicus, Kosmo Spin...
@GnomeSlice STOP
Wire Way.
Rogue Runner
Don't worry @KevinY my internet cuts off in 4 minutes.
The Creeps!, Sentinel 2, Thumpies, Dropship, iStunt2, Survivium, Mechanic Panic, Birdstrike.
Nano Panda, Feed Me Oil, Lucky Coins, Cannon Villain, Sprinkle, Bio Sub, Graffiti Ball, Jump Out!, Simple Physics, Saving Private Sheep.
Shadow Runner, TILT TO LIVE (how'd I forget)
3:58 AM
Are all of these really installed?
@Rapida Yes.
because... wow
Robot Story

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