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3:00 PM
@JackDouglas Yes I do. Not sure why some days, but still.
@SQLkiwi Mike says you are an expert on the Query Optimizer :)
@JackDouglas For some value of 'expert' :)
I gather if @SQLkiwi had a little more time and money he'd be writing his own relational database engine for fun right about now.. Or at least the QO for one
thanks for taking that question last night @SQLkiwi I knew you would be the one to likely jump on and set everyone straight
3:02 PM
OT: MySQL is bad for my blood pressure
@gbn another bug?
@SQLkiwi @MikeWalsh are you both consultants?
@JackDouglas nah, just poor all round
@JackDouglas that bug is astonishing. I'm checking code to see if we have this construct
@JackDouglas @JackDouglas I am. In July I decided to go work an incredibly charming and handsome boss...
@gbn I hit Oracle bugs that make me cry about once a quarter - but never have I found one in basic SQL like that - shocking
@MikeWalsh your missus?
3:04 PM
(only to find out he is not so charming, going bald, getting fat and is really lazy when it comes to running his business right)
@gbn sorry to hear it!
@MikeWalsh careful - this is a public forum ;)
@MikeWalsh No worries - it was an interesting question.
@gbn Nope.. She's elevated herself to the position of CFO actually
haha. It's okay @JackDouglas talking about myself here. I think I do a heck of a job for my clients and partner companies. It's all the little things like putting things into Quickbooks and promptly invoicing people I need some motivation on :)
@MikeWalsh sorry I'm a bit slow
3:07 PM
@gbn Which bug are you talking about?
@MikeWalsh Stay on top of your expenses. That's the one that I always let slip and ended up spending days doing at the end of the financial year.
reason I'm asking is that we are about to have a debate on meta about self-promotion in answers. I'm in favour of it done right
@gbn Thank you!
@SQLkiwi complete bastard one too
3:10 PM
@JackDouglas I believe @jcolebrand is too - we want consultants to feel at home here, without turning the site into a shop-front. meta will tell us what the community thinks...
any of you people would be welcome to chip in - I'll link to the meta question in here when it arrives
Thanks for the help all. @JackDouglas: I'll try to accept an answer within the context of the question, I have to think about that more but I think we understand more where the other is coming from.
@casperOne don't be shy about accepting your own answer, especially if it draws on the discussion in here (which you could link to if you thought it would help)
Should we just setup a feed in here to post meta Q inline as they're posted? It's simple enough to do.
@JackDouglas Sort of. I seem to be doing more consultancy-type work these days, but it wasn't a conscious decision to do so. I go with the flow!
That way we don't have to go looking for them, and it's not like it happens so so often
3:16 PM
@gbn Yes seems like a very nasty regression, and quite the oversight.
@JackDouglas I'm totally against it. Linking to your own blog and/or articles is perfectly acceptable, saying "I'm for hire" is most definitely not.
@jcolebrand I wondered about that. some sites even have a feed from the main site...
@casperOne Self-ask-answer style questions are acceptable, so long as there is clearly a Question, clearly an Answer, and never the twain shall meet. Also see: blog.stackoverflow.com/2011/07/…
That's why we have a user profile page, where any such self-promotion and links to company sites etc should sit
@JackDouglas I was contemplating asking that. Might make that a drop down overlay instead of directly into the chat feed
3:17 PM
Pondering why this discussion is called The Clustered Index - can't see a key. Rename to The Heap?
@MarkStoreySmith This is why we need a hashing out on meta. Please post those thoughts as answer
@jcolebrand I don't know what that means, but it sounds great!
@SQLkiwi because nobody was around and it sure beat "discussion for dba.se"
@SQLkiwi better name for so many reasons :)
@jcolebrand Fair point :)
3:18 PM
@SQLkiwi chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/179/2011/1/3 Here's where it starts
but we wont really change it even though we should :)
Shall we rename it to The Heap?
@SQLkiwi like it. clustered implies organisation and order
I'mma make Jack Douglas do it real quick :p
@jcolebrand you mean we can?
3:18 PM
I don't know if he has yet
goto info on the right
@SQLkiwi All over that. Combine with our preference for datamonkeys.se and we're a bunch of monkeys sat on the heap. I like it! :)
@jcolebrand I only do stuf you've shown me how to do
@JackDouglas then on the next window that pops up, choose edit on the left.
room topic changed to The Heap: General on-site discussion for dba.stackexchange.com (no tags)
now I know :)
@JackDouglas Awesome!
3:19 PM
Now you know
And if a person is a room admin (as opposed to us being server mods) they can also do the same thing (so if someone here were to create their own room)
@jcolebrand have you met @SQLkiwi and @MikeWalsh btw?
both valued associates from the SS world :)
@gbn I suppose it could be a particularly badly fragmented clustered index...hmm
I have not
I also need to go discuss just arrivings with my boss. bbiab
@SQLkiwi, @MikeWalsh jcolebrand is 'mod for life' here
Yeah, I'm a regular SCOTUS justice
3:23 PM
@JackDouglas I don't believe I've had the pleasure. Being in NZ limits face-to-face stuff a bit. In response to @MikeWalsh's question earlier about what I'd do with infinite money, I'd possibly have my own jet to fly around the world attending SQL Server events like user groups, SQL Saturdays, SQLRally, SQLRelay....etc.
@JackDouglas I wouldn't go so far as to call me a high valued associate :-) I think of myself more as a one trick pony who could only figure out SQL Server ;-) (though I'm playing in Hadoop and Hive a lot more lately). But it is a pleasure to meet you, Justice Colebrand
@MarkStoreySmith, @MartinSmith you guys post some very good answers on here - just looking around
PS: Thought you guys might like to see this:
Q: In "Chat", can users create their own rooms?

cbroughtonI've asked my question in the title :). Additionally, how much reputation will I need to do so, and what guidelines are linked with this?

@SQLkiwi Muchos gracias
I feel like the dark side is over running this channel
3:30 PM
@NickChammas is good for "obsessive levels of detail" as well... dba.stackexchange.com/questions/6900/…
@MarkStoreySmith Yeah man.
@DTest not at all - I am still here!
+1 on the @MarkStoreySmith and @MartinSmith answers. Mark - do you blog or speak on SQL Server topics at all?
@MikeWalsh Keep meaning to start a blog but haven't done so yet.
@JackDouglas you are the 99% !
3:34 PM
@MarkStoreySmith you should
@MikeWalsh Very kind to say so. I'll pull my finger out!
@MikeWalsh @MarkStoreySmith do you guys really want to start a blog but just not contribute to it more than once a month?
@MarkStoreySmith blog here
I have a solution ...
@JackDouglas beat me to it, as it were
Q: Blogoverflow blog anyone? If you want to help with the DBA.SE blog, here's the signup list!

jcolebrandBlog Overflow blog anyone? If you want to help with the DBA.SE blog, here's the signup list! I know not everyone wants to blog, and I know not everyone has interesting topics to talk about. But I'll share a secret I've learned over the years: If you're passionate enough to write about it, you wi...

@JackDouglas we need to clean that up. Explain what BO is, and why they would want to blog on it. I'm great at bullets but suck at followups
"PS: I need to rework this question just a bit"
3:36 PM
5 months later...still not reworked?
@MarkStoreySmith would you consider it if we got one going?
@DTest fancy a project? :p
What's the process for getting a blog anyway? We were thinking about it at UX.SE
@Jack no, I'm all talk backs away slowly
3:38 PM
@JackDouglas @jcolebrand I'll give it some thought
Keep meaning too so would make sense
@DTest "Define the scope and purpose of the blog"
@DTest aye, I didn't see the reason :p
Q: Blogoverflow blog anyone? If you want to help with the DBA.SE blog, here's the signup list?

jcolebrandBlog Overflow blog anyone? If you want to help with the DBA.SE blog, here's the signup list! What is Blog Overflow? Why, to put it very simply, it's the StackExchange Community Blogging Site. In other words: it's where members of the various communities come to blog for that community. Some sit...

Try it on again for size
doo be doo
I'd help out and post a couple things from time to time there if needed
@MikeWalsh that would be great, thanks
3:41 PM
@MikeWalsh then go over yonder and post something. Here, I'll make a CW answer
I'm not sure I have anything interesting to blog about
@gbn USB backup drives?
@JackDouglas la la la cannot hear you
3:42 PM
@gbn uhhh, take any one of your answers, and make a narrative out of it.
Writing takes practice. A blog is a great place to practice writing.
@gbn blogging about your hate of mysql might relieve some of that high blood pressure
@DTest gahahahaha, indeed
@DTest "NSFW"
@gbn that's ok, we can tag 'em that way ;-)
it has good points
I could blog that easily...
3:44 PM
@jcolebrand Agreed - particularly technical writing (for me anyway). I'm sure it helps with general writing skills too.
Does anyone else feel that's not really a great fit for us to promote?
I won't remove it, as it needs six upvotes to enter rotation
I thought it was a bit odd myself but didn't see fit to say anything/downvote
@jcolebrand being able to explain and communicate as an über-techie is a good skill to have
Q: What content needs to go in the main site faq, the first block?

jcolebrandWhat information do you think needs to be in the header block of our FAQ? Check out some of the FAQs of our sister sites: http://english.stackexchange.com/faq http://gaming.stackexchange.com/faq http://photo.stackexchange.com/faq and especially http://programmers.stackexchange.com/faq I'm s...

I think we should move forward on this A into our FAQ. Anybody have any objections?
I was never very clear on what the community promotion ads anyway. On UX they're all ads about our own site
3:46 PM
@BenBrocka and that's fine.
So long as the community wants to promote something, that's the place for it
@jcolebrand do you know f we can have hide/show sub-lists like suggested
@JackDouglas It will automatically, I think.
The worst you can do is play with it
in RE: Good work Jack, covers everything I can think of so far. Could perhaps expand on the basic vs advanced by linking to existing questions on SO and dba.se? – @MarkStoreySmith Oct 30 at 23:50 the concept should instead be: "we define a post on meta.dba.se and link to that from the FAQ"
Time to go assault my to-do list have a good day, gentlemen
@MikeWalsh may you have much success with that. I've already started my debugging for the AM
@jcolebrand Roger
Cheers @MikeWalsh
3:50 PM
@MikeWalsh you too, thanks for dropping by
@MikeWalsh Your multi-tasking is so poor you can't do that and chat here at the same time?! ;c)
@MarkStoreySmith I just figure commenting that over there would get lost in the shuffle. Still going to, just wanted to say it here.
@SQLkiwi mine's that poor ;-)
@jcolebrand none of the others I looked at do
@jcolebrand Yeah mine too but don't tell @MikeWalsh
@JackDouglas I guess it depends on how finely you want to tune the auto-hide
I thought some of it was auto-hide
3:52 PM
@SQLkiwi :-) I know myself too well - Until we meet again...
@jcolebrand just the top level I think so all or nothing of the first block
I keep trying to formulate questions on postgres, but they all seem so basic..hello dark side :(
@DTest So post them and let us help you fine-tune them. Start here if need be. Iterative processes.
What do you think needs to be answered?
first, i found out that user privileges can finally (in 9.0) be granted to all tables in a schema...but not a database, so 1) what is difference in a schema vs database (in mysql they're the same thing), 2) would you ever want to grant all privileges on a database?
@DTest database has one or more schemas, schema has zero or more objects
Like SS since 2005
3:59 PM
@gbn i get that, I just don't understand the point of such a precise hierarchy ... "database has zero or more objects" has been good to me so far :)
database.schema.table (taken from PG docs but same would be on MSDN)
container or namespace
MySQL is different again
@DTest schemas are used for namespacing primarily
see here for my take on it...
we use them to separate client permission within a database. In SS (and sybase) databases are sandboxed
4:01 PM
@jack i knew there had to be a question on dba about it :)
@gbn in pg you have to try quite hard to query data from a different database in the same cluster
but big difference AFAICT from SS is the search_path dodgyness
@JackDouglas in SS or PG?
4:04 PM
in pg
you have that 'accident waiting to happen' too?
I'm assuming you do not
@JackDouglas like default schema in SS for a usewr
it just makes me have to rethink database design decisions i guess. Eg: In mysql, i have a database for OLTP and one for archived info. In pg/SS, I'd have it mydb.active.table and mydb.archived.table (or similar)?
@DTest yes - one database
multiple schema
where select * from table is ambiguous? this is why SS best practice is to use schema (not least reusable plans require it)
@DTest yes
@gbn create a function 'security definer' in pg and you likely have a security hole
4:06 PM
@DTest I'd use Data.table and Archive.table or such
@DTest As usual there's a trade-off both ways. Having separate databases for 'current' and 'archive' can make recovery faster/simpler in some cases. Then again, you can achieve much the same thing with file groups and partial restores on SS EE. More complex though.
i'm starting to see the benefits of GUI tools, especially for user management in non-mysql systems :)
@DTest never use them myself (except for SS)
pg, mysql and Oracle I'm happier on the command line
@gbn see here - not very newbie friendly
@JackDouglas so do we want to find out if we can add a collapsible or are we just going to go forward as-is?
@jcolebrand "just do it"
4:13 PM
@JackDouglas indeed
@jcolebrand I think we should ask and 'just do it'
@jcolebrand on mSO? or TL?
@jcolebrand: are you tight with the site management? Jeff and co
@gbn no more than most people. I'm known by name to most of the staff.
or more than a passing acquaintance
4:18 PM
mostly by being an annoyance I think
Q: Resolve cross-site links to question title

gbnI have an idea. When I post a link to another post on the same site, it resolves the link to the question title. When I post a link to Stack Overflow from Database Administrators, cross site, it doesn't. I know I could make it a proper link and all that, but I'm lazy I do like the automatic reso...

also, I rank fairly highly (all things considered) on metaso
useful for us because we cross post to SO and SF (and programmers). How to bump it
the only sure way to bump it is to edit it
@TimStone get over here
@gbn let's see if @TimStone notices the @'s and comes over. He would have ideas and history of why-no-implementation, I bet
4:21 PM
@jcolebrand I'm not sure if @s work if the user hasn't used the chatroom
The danger of too many tabs in chrome is accidentally click on the close 'x' instead of the actual tab
@ben @timstone 's been here before...and it should work when mods use it regardless
@BenBrocka a) he's in the list on top right, b) I've got super skillz
but you knew that right?
I love ctrl shift t
4:32 PM
actually had no idea, thanks!
It's the "aw sh*t" button
Q: Can we create a stackexchange.com/faq (currently 404) or remove the link from this page?

jcolebrandOn this page: http://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/new Rooms are expected to be on the same topics as The Stack Exchange Network, as described in the The Stack Exchange Network faq. Also there's a double "the The" in there that one of the "the" needs to be removed. The existing page being r...

grats @jcolebrand
Woot, I found another SE bug. That doesn't happen very often.
not nearly as cool as my deputy badge, but grats :P
4:33 PM
@jcolebrand How does that work anyway? Do you need 10 stars on 10 different questions or just 10 total stars from different users?
I am not entirely sure.
I am starred 20 times on this chat room
@BenBrocka different users
something like 14 posts
a few of us have > 10 stars but until today it has been the same usual suspects
i give out stars like candy on Halloween
4:37 PM
I was going to say, 10 posts with 10 stars each seems near impossible even on the SO chats
rarely ever see more than 5
@BenBrocka tsk tsk, you're in the wrong rooms
check the SO Tavern, PHP, Javascript
@nick I give out stars like I do christmas gifts...scrooooooge
@jcole that sounds like a great waste of time :)
Oh but it is
@jcolebrand I explicitly did! not often though. I'm not sure why but this and JS are the only ones I peek in regularly aside from UX
@BenBrocka this because it's the only place where really intelligent people hang out besides UX ;-) :-p
4:41 PM
@NickChammas Well worth a star ;)
Javascript must be because you're masochistic
I revoke stars like candy on Halloween ;-)
Just had a work email about secret santa
I was just about to say you're one of the few rooms I saw people talking in and you mostly seem like you don't want to murder me
@BenBrocka we haven't found out where you live yet
@BenBrocka I would if you suggested creating large indexes on small disks on out of support antiquated DB instances. ;-)
4:43 PM
We're doing plenty of stupid things in our code, UX and DBs over here, but I wouldn't suggest any of them for the life of me...
For instance: JULIAN DATES
Modified Julian dates to boot
And their DB doesn't even have a function to convert them easily. And I can't (well, shouldn't) add one because it's a vendor DB
Oh, we return everything from the database as string (still typed in the database) and then we recast to types as need be. I've got my fair share of /facepalm over here
@BenBrocka if you're on UX then if I say guillemet you know what I'm talking about?
@jcolebrand an EAV?
no, not really
@gbn i am
he got burned in like 1995 over values returned that strings were the right way to do it and has done it ever since for some reason
I've tried to argue him down, but I do like my job
4:51 PM
@DTest you personally are an EAV?
eh, i misread 'an' for 'on' (EAV = empire avenue!) :P
@DTest /me googles empire avenue so he can look like he knows stuff
Q: In SQL Server 2008, is possible to one database subscribe 2 publications for the same database? (merge replication)

RagnaRockI'm trying to set up an high availability architecture using merge replication. I have 3 databases, and I'm trying to keep them all up to date with merge replication. So far I've manage to create one publisher and 2 subscribers, and all works fine...except when the publisher goes down. So I tho...

after asking one Q that no answer said use replication...
@gbn it's slightly addicting
@gbn, @DTest I wondered that too :)
Q: Can we have collapse-able content in the first section of a site faq?

Jack DouglasThe faq pages have very helpful 'show more'/'collapse' buttons to prevent overloading the visitor with detail. This would be useful to have inside the first section ("What kind of questions can I ask here?") too - for example our faq in progress on dba.se has bulleted lists with sub-lists that i...

bet they say "get lost" :)
@JackDouglas we shall see.
I would be happy with a suitable markdown replacement that would permit that
like #{ ... }#
5:04 PM
@jcolebrand we would if you linked to the wikipedia page =p I see your question on UX chat though
@BenBrocka what wikipedia page?
for guillemets?
Guillemets (, or from the French ), also called angle quotes, are line segments, pointed as if arrows (« or »), sometimes forming a complementary set of punctuation marks used as a form of quotation mark. The symbol at either end – double « and » or single ‹ and › – is a guillemet. They are used in a number of languages to indicate speech. They resemble (but are not the same as) the symbols for lesser than, greater than (for the single to combine quoting and subscripting. %table<name> has the same meaning as %table{'name'}, and %table«name» has the same meaning as %tabl...
Why are we talking to eachother in two chatrooms
head explode
ping and pong
oh I left that room again
Q: Does unicode or HTML have a vertical double guillemet (chevron)?

jcolebrandDoes anybody know if there's a double chevron symbol in unicode/HTML-space similar to the double guillemet represented by &raquo; (»)? In other words, I'm trying to avoid using an image if I can get by with text, but I need something like this: It's the double chevron I can't seem t...

Are these what you want? »
5:08 PM
waiting on it to be edited, closed or forgotten
@BenBrocka what about innocent bystanders getting random parts of your thread? bad enough keeping an eye on this one alone
@BenBrocka I want vertical. See my Q
@jcolebrand Ah, never seen em upward like that
"New Weight-Loss Drug Reduces Body Weight in Monkeys". Just what I need
5:09 PM
@gbn None will be spared. Not even the children.
not clicking
@BenBrocka I don't think they exist like that
@gbn I suspect this guy doesn't want to learn. I've added my vtc
in for the vote
Upvoting him once so that we can try and get him into chat ...
5:18 PM
@jcolebrand Doesn't look like it.Left a comment
@BenBrocka I saw
Unicode is nice but I still avoid the actual extended character set unless doing l18n. Characters break too damn much
and too many programs use non-standard characters for punctuation and stuff anyway. Like Word's god awful tilted quotes
5:24 PM
@MarkStoreySmith yes I'd say so
@JackDouglas or double caron, but not quite so high up, more mid-level, such as an &bull;
"the duplicate question must exist on dba.se"
@MarkStoreySmith exactly this
I'm not happy with "vtc as dupe of another site"
@jcolebrand can't you do weird stuff with Unicode like rotate?
If anything, replicate the successful answer here and notate the source as being that SO Q
5:25 PM
oops didn't notice that
I'll leave a comment suggesting such
@JackDouglas this is purely HTML, and I doubt I should rotate. I've already got a working image solution.
I'm sure you are right - I was just curious :)
Just use the image =p They're used for worse
Just don't forget your alt
aye, all been done ;-)
5:30 PM
"That's really verbose."
I've gone off mSO
@JackDouglas lol
@JackDouglas wow, I didn't realize English had made theirs so long...
But I do like how both sites have broken it up with headers. I think we should go that route
@jcolebrand The FAQ stuff?
They've got three headers in their FAQ
Have you played with editing the FAQ? You've got access to a bit of markdown
I just noticed that, didn't think yuo could do that
nice way to fix the issue we were discussing here:
Q: Give moderators more influence over the FAQs

Patrick McElhaneyModerators are allowed to edit the section between What kind of questions can I ask here? User Experience - Stack Exchange is for user experience researchers and designers. and Please look around to see if your question has been asked before. It’s also OK to ask and answer yo...

@BenBrocka yup, we mods have way cool abilities ;-)
Not only do we get to clean up threads and bicker with users, we get to edit the FAQ and see site analytics.
It's all about housekeeping
We know the community better than the StackExchange employees do, so we can do things like edit the FAQ more correctly
5:38 PM
I'm aware of some of that, but it was my impression you could only edit the first section of the FAQ
but if you can add headings you can logically separate items pretty well, rather that just adding to "what can I ask here"
@BenBrocka yeah, that was my point ;-)
I think we can. Gonna go test it out
nope, nevermind
@jcolebrand don't do that to us - my nerves can't take it
I was just investigating the source :/
Weird, in T SQL why does SELECT TOP 100 work but you have to use UPDATE TOP (100)? UPDATE TOP 100 throws an error
5:47 PM
@jcolebrand related to topic of monitors from the other day: staples.com/HP-2311x-23-LED-Monitor/product_918249
Is it trying to read 100 as a table name?
@DTest Oh god what is up with the floating "do you need help" dialog that slowly floats around?
@ben that should be a question on UX :D
@BenBrocka SELECT TOP 100 still works for backward compatibility. Preferred syntax is SELECT TOP (100). Sans parentheses may even be on the deprecation path, not sure offhand.
wow that's a cheap monitor
@SQLkiwi Really? Then why does SSMS use SELECT TOP 1000 (no parens) has the default syntax for "select top 1000 rows"?
5:50 PM
See http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms189463.aspx

Parentheses that delimit expression in TOP is required in INSERT, UPDATE, MERGE, and DELETE statements. For backward compatibility, TOP expression without parentheses in SELECT statements is supported, but we do not recommend this.
I always assumed that was the default in TSQL cause that's how it always brought it up
Maybe it's because the database is 2005...but still, SELECT TOP (1000) works, you'd think they'd default to that
@BenBrocka Because SSMS code does not often get updated. There are all sorts of poor practices in MS procedures/functions/SSMS. Ironic.
I often see code like ...WHERE EXISTS (SELECT TOP 1 1 FROM ...

*sigh* for all sorts of reasons.
@SQLkiwi Unfortunate, I've going their practices and documentation lacking. Shame since the interface at least seems alright
They don't even document the terms they use in error messages:
Q: What is a heterogeneous query?

Ben BrockaI got the following error message regarding a SQL query I'm running in a program. SQL Server 2005 T-SQL. Heterogeneous queries require the ANSI_NULLS and ANSI_WARNINGS options to be set for the connection. This ensures consistent query semantics. Enable these options and then reissue your que...

there's no documentation for the term "heterogeneous query"
@DTest We discourage questions where the answer is "because they're stupid" =p. We in fact closed one like that the other day. SOP is to make fun of the site in chat rather than post a question
6:06 PM
Just for the record, I hate IE
If you didn't hate IE I would be surprised. Surprised and... disappointed, shall we say...*evil glare*
Off to lunch
6:24 PM
@jcolebrand, @NickChammas, should we merge and ?
A: What content needs to go in the main site faq, the first block?

Jack DouglasWhat kind of questions can I ask here? Database Administrators - Stack Exchange is for database professionals needing expert answers on all advanced database-related topics concerning either traditional SQL RDBMS or NoSQL databases. If you have a question about: Database Administration, includ...

feedback anyone?
have tried to reduce verbosity
@jcolebrand I was busy getting fingerprinted, what's up? Or did you figure it out?
@TimStone "He would have ideas and history of why-no-implementation, I bet", about this
and hello
6:41 PM
@TimStone idk, scroll back :p
Ah, yes. And 'ello, reception is terrible here so I might have to drop off shortly.
@JackDouglas nice use of the tags
I'm pulling out the "wah I'm on an iPhone, wah" card :P
@jcolebrand more fun than getting shot to bits on mSO.
@TimStone I'll swap you my phone if you like :)
@jcolebrand Shall I get on with the rest and post it up - we can always refine it later...
I'd much rather just be home, but I've got at least another five hours for that. :(
6:45 PM
@BenBrocka there is, kind of. Answer added
Chat is decimating my battery, so I'm off now. Back later.
@JackDouglas I was goin to do that myself ;-) but if you're already on it, go ahead.
The worst that happens is we just remove it all and come back to it later.
@jcolebrand actually real life has just intruded - please be my guest
or leave and I'll have a stab tomorrow...
@JackDouglas I may do that. Time for lunch right this second
have fun :)

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