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10:30 AM
Q: Is my mentor "harassing" me?

autumntimesI'm a girl and to clarify he's not my mentor yet. But I was introduced to him by one of his mentees. At first we exchanged a few emails about what to expect in his mentoring. There is a small application process and he said just to get to know the mentees better. We exchanged phone number but I ...

This is going to require careful monitoring. There are already a few answers there that merit a straight deletion in my opinion.
10:51 AM
I'm watching it :)
Well darn, 14,999 rep and I'm rep capped :)
11:32 AM
Better reverse a downvote @JaneS :)
hİ Lilienthal..As I see on other questions, big majority of them contains suggestions and requests for suggestions.I dont understand why you pick this question to perform your rules. Anyways, nobody cared about my clear question.You can close, delete,destroy,bann etc. Have a nice day. — OrdinaryGuy 26 mins ago
There is just no pleasing some people I guess.
11:51 AM
@Lilienthal I'll just wait for one I downvoted to get deleted ;)
@Lilienthal Some people do have trouble understanding the distinction. I was the one that upvoted your comment, I thought you were helpful and polite.
12:30 PM
@RoryAlsop How many questions on this site could be answered with "Talk your co-worker/manager" would you say?
People seem to overthink a lot.
1:05 PM
@Simon - possibly quite a few, however that is a very challenging thing for many people/environments
Despite most people agreeing offices would work better without politics, office politics can be one of the most insidious, destructive and pervasive forces in your working life
@RoryAlsop It turns out though, people are... people and learning how to work with people effectively is important (and is always called "politics" by people who don't like it / don't get it)
Totally agree - it was more of an explanation to @Simon as to why this isn't as simple
But as well as people interactions, there are also politics of the very bad sort
@Lilienthal are you in germany? the OP in one of the questions you answered is apparently there, too
@enderland Germany. Yes, this probably is culture specific since the entire question is basically about a social issue. At least as far as I understand it right now. — boot4life 11 mins ago
1:35 PM
@enderland I'm not no, though not far away.
It's an interesting question but I'm not sure if it was a good idea of me to bring up the public/private debate in my answer, perhaps it'd be better just to stick to the facts.
That said, my interpretation should match nearly every company in the Occident as far as I know, I've certainly never heard of different attitudes to salary info around here or in the US.
@Lilienthal yeah I think it's more an Eastern thing, like India I think people are much more open with that sort of thing
1:51 PM
I wonder if any place truly is, but since I don't have that perspective I of course can't say for sure.
Still, even then, there's little advantage in making a thing of raises when so many better alternatives exist for recognising excellence.
our company would have to change their system if pay raises were public
@Lilienthal 5 followers now! :D
2:09 PM
Hi Dave, this would benefit greatly from expanding your answer and explaining why you think this might be correct. Right now this is picking up downvotes because it doesn't really help make a decision (and provides a perspective that people might disagree with). If you can edit this to add more information that would be great! — enderland ♦ 11 secs ago
2:26 PM
2:43 PM
Q: Is my future mentor "harassing" me?

autumntimesI'm a girl, and to clarify he's not my mentor yet. But I was introduced to him by one of his mentees. At first we exchanged a few emails about what to expect in his mentoring. There is a small application process and he said just to get to know the mentees better. We exchanged phone numbers but...

Am I missing something? This question isn't about the workplace
> EDIT: Sorry for not being clear. I'm a student and he's a mentor for career advice on things such as CV, interviews, etc.
3:02 PM
Imo, topicality is the least of that question's problems.
I also cringe at the first sentence.
Women shouldn't describe themselves as girls past 18 since it seems to make some men think they can do the same.
Q: Should questions related to, but not about, the workplace be on topic?

enderlandIs my future mentor "harassing" me? This question is in my opinion fairly off topic currently - the asker is a student and is seeking a mentor about workplace questions. It would be one thing if this was a professional mentorship relationship within the workplace, but to me it reads a bit more ...

3:17 PM
@enderland Added some related links to your question.
I think it's high time for another discussion on the subject, but I'm not sure if meta is that active these days.
@Lilienthal yeah those definitely are related
Honestly, this isn't a good fit as it's more or less attempting to do a poll (while lamenting career path woes). Those sorts of posts do not fit well within a Q/A environment. Any meaningful answer is going to depend 100% on your personal values, interests, and situation. I might suggest Workplace chat as a dialogue will probably be better for this. — enderland ♦ 5 secs ago
@enderland Damn you for being 5 seconds faster :)
@Lilienthal it's ok, I'm glad you posted too, I closed it unilaterally
The power of consensus!
3:59 PM
@enderland What happened there was OP did not mention she was a student in the initial version of the question. Some people, including me, naturally assumed that she was talking about a workplace situation, and posted answers. It then became a "hot question" and people kept piling on.
Hmm ... let's see. Can an off-topic question be edited so much that it is not relevant to the OP's situation, but is nonetheless useful to the community?
If the OP were an employee, not a student, then the question seems to be on-topic. OP being a student even seems irrelevant except for the OP.
@MaskedMan well, I'd think that the dynamic of internal mentoring relationships has a much different escalation cycle than external
Yes, that is a good point, but what if I post a new artificial question with essentially the same situation, except that I claim to be a female employee and this "mentor" is a male senior coworker. Would that be off-topic too? I guess not.
the reason that this is a borderline case to me is that they are having conversation about the workplace, but the core problem ultimately is a non-workplace related issue (or resolution)
I see what you mean by this question is off-topic and I agree, but I am not convinced resolution of a workplace harassment issue is off-topic. In this specific case, there is no "workplace" involved per se, so it is fair to call it off-topic.
@MaskedMan no, workplace harassment definitely would (or could) be on topic
I am meaning more questions like the current one
4:15 PM
Yes, that I agree with. I was wondering about the hypothetical question I posted above. To put it another way, before OP made the first edit, it was definitely on-topic, and as new information emerged it became off-topic. I find something is off about that, though I cannot quite explain why.
the last edit makes it very not on topic
I guess
Now OP says in a comment that her "mentor" is a middle-aged man working at a big corporation. Hmm, I don't know about this any more.
4:39 PM
@MaskedMan that is only a slight bit creepy
just make sure you say you want it disassociated with your main account
@enderland I would ask Academia if they want it
made it as clear as possible, thanks again for your support :)
well thats some service here! :D
what will happen to this question btw? Does it become a community question or something like this?
@TimHallyburton it'll show up like this: workplace.stackexchange.com/q/15115/2322
4:53 PM
@enderland allright :) I need to get some lunch now. Have a nice day!
5:07 PM
they company that gave me an offer had mentioned the joining date as 28 September on the condition if I were to negotiate an early relive from the notice period. However my current company requires 2 months of notice, which I have given and resigned. So now should I ask my new employer to send me a new offer letter to sign for the new date or endorse the new date on this same offer and send them back?
@user1502 Probably need to talk to the company about that.
I tried calling the HR today, but they weren't reachable, emailing them right away
I would seek to get the updated letter if possible.
ok, let's see what they reply
5:47 PM
Q: Should raises be announced publicly?

boot4lifeUnder what circumstances should raises given to employees be announced publicly or communicated in private? There seem to be two conflicting schools of thought: Give them in private in order to not demotivate those employees who did not get a raise. Announce them publicly so that other employe...

This is in need of some upvotes :)
New feed item: Are you likely to be replaced by a robot?
Removed by author.
Aw, now I'm curious.
One edit later and the question is still attracting downvotes, huh. Not sure I see the problem with it.
6:04 PM
@Lilienthal You mean down votes I assume
@Lilienthal Its a poll question with out a problem to solve
1 hour later…
7:27 PM
Q: Leaving out short job stint from application and resume?

Leslie LiIf I have a job that lasted less than 2 months on my professional career, can I leave it out of my application/resume to MBAs? I am asking because I got offered a better job with better pay and location that is better to for my career just 2 weeks into my new job. Is it possible to do so, or will...

we have to have an exact dup of this, I can find a lot of very close ones but not an exact one
I flagged it
Joe found the same one
@Chad we have so many "resume gap" questions
3 hours later…
11:07 PM
Q: Is it ok to take notes to an interview

DecompileCodexI have a job interview tomorrow for the role of a junior software developer at a medium sized company. I get nervous and sometime forget what to say and questions that I have for them. Is it unprofessional to take notes to an interview from a professional standpoint

Brutal honesty compelled me to ask the OP to undo his accepting my answer, though it might cost me the daily rep cap :)
But hey, it's still early in America so there's plenty of time. :)

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