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12:00 PM
Re-registered myself for school and received an email from the Barcelona company with my email & some documentation to get started
I'm feeling funky baby
Greetings, Programs.
@Caridorc Been busy but got round to an answer to your Haskell question. I hope it explains lazy, recursive short-circuiting properly
12:18 PM
I'm browsing their code repository. That's some curious formatting they've got going on here
@Donald.McLean Greetings, user.
Q: Better this FizzBuzz

Tristan McPhersonIs there any way I can better this fizzbuzz? Also why does main have a type of IO[()] - it's implied type If I don't specify. toFizz :: Int -> String toFizz x = case (mod x 3, mod x 5) of (0, 0) -> "FizzBuzz" (0, _) -> "Fizz" (_, 0) -> "Buzz" (_) -> show x main :: IO()...

Q: Use PreparedStaement to insert into H2 database

FlatronThis question is related to my question on Stackoverflow earlier today. After getting suggestions on using the PreparedStaement from Java I changed my code a little. As I am completely new to SQL in Java I want to know if the code below is "good" or at least "okayish" and can be maintained late...

@CaptainObvious Better this Title
Q: Optimise Code for KukuKube Game

huynhtridungI developed a Kuku Kube game for iOS. Each time I choose a correct different color tile, it will increase a number of tile quantity 2x2 3x3...10x10. How to optimise the code each time the tile increase that auto fit on ip4 to ip6 Plus? I think it can not use auto layout to set for the size. - (v...

This has to be straight out of India.
Straight outta' India
Oh, my
Hard to review code when your review has to begin "First, learn the language".
Q: Congratulations! Code Review is undergoing design-independent graduation!

Grace NoteIt's a big day. You've been cleared for graduation by the Stack Exchange Community Team! Code Review has already met our threshold for graduation-worthy sites, and today joins in the new design-independent graduation process! Reaching 'mature community' status is a big milestone, and you should b...

@StackExchange No
No no no
I don't want a half-assed graduation.
12:39 PM
Fix your typo in your starred message?
> undergoint
I can't edit it
but it's only 3 minutes old?
Try again
what happened to 5 min period?
@Vogel612 Question migration storm incoming
12:41 PM
You can only edit it before two minutes are up
Q: Project Euler #11 (Problem with solution) C++

user3049535This is my solution for the 11th problem in Project Euler. I tested each function alone, and the worked, but when I get the biggest product, It's too big for an answer. Also, the output sometimes changes, which is driving me crazy!!! Please help! #include "stdafx.h" #include <iostream> #include <

oh cool
I actually starred that message..
and I can't unstar it now..
how the crap.. what ... omfg Chat!
Hey Grace, nice of you to tell us, but from what I can see the community veterans including me really dislike this way of graduating "half-assed"-ly. I'm not sure as to what your plan is, but is it really that long until you decoupled the reputation from the design? I'd like to hear your and other CM's opinion on this, preferrably in a dialog. What do you think about creating a AMA in Code Review Chat? — Vogel612 2 mins ago
That ^^
CEO tells me they're working with AngularJS. I learn AngularJS. I look at their project documentation: it's jQuery.
This is, in most parts, a template announcement - "several months" is mostly a safety term and it may be less time. 9 sites were in the bundle of our "launch party" for design independent graduation. I quite remember the decision to turn down joining in the test with Magento last month. In this case, it's becoming official process and not giving you guys these things won't make the work on the design, or decoupling from it, any faster. I'll look into the potential for a chat event and who can partake in it. — Grace Note ♦ 57 secs ago
@JeroenVannevel don't trust the CEO.
12:50 PM
I like this idea of "design independent graduation", but Code Review has waited much too long for a real graduation. I'm sick and tired of these lame attempts.
@EthanBierlein seems that the current official process is what we get.
Q: Find largest prime factor, but focus on optimizing computational efficiency

yaegermenjensenThis is my first post ever. Below is my attempt at solving Project Euler problem 3. It works for test numbers up to 9 digits long, but overflows when I input the real 12-digit behemoth. I've looked at other methods of solution, but I wanted to challenge myself to code one that doesn't search wit...

I seem to remember this being a thing
A: Would you like to test design-independent graduation?

200_successI voted no, and here is my reasoning. The specific proposed changes are: Community ads At the moment, we have three ads that might occupy the slot. This is a good thing, but it's not a feature that makes any difference to the way the site works. Migration paths Due to some significant unres...

But I guess we don't get a choice in the matter anymore
@Zak as already mentioned on the announcement.. that is the new graduation and it seems to be in action right now..
I somehow though this to be more of a celebratory thing than this measly feeling of being still left out of "it".
12:54 PM
I'm not happy with this process. Especially the lack of fore-warning.
what "lack of forewarning"...
we're scheduled for graduation since a year.
Did we know we were getting graduation today before today?
it was damn hell about time something happened
Oh, when were we told that?
MSE established that.
Q: Design-Independent Graduation is on for early September!

AnaThis is a follow-up to an earlier discussion Feedback Requested: Design-Independent Graduation. Like the title says, design-independent graduation will go into effect and become our new regular practice the second week of September! All sites which have been waiting in the backlog to graduate w...

12:55 PM
You need an announcement of an announcement? Really?
@Vogel612 Beta be gone!
I'm not really happy, I must admit...
Too much whining about the whole thing, IMO. It's almost there and they give us all the functionality that comes with graduation.
The chat is still beta.
12:57 PM
We're not losing out on anything, except a few months of prettier colours
aside from the actually important part separating us from the full sites..
rep thresholds..
The only thing I want is pretty colours.
eh, sod it. I'll be walking the dog....
Can we reconfigure @duga to monitor migrations from SO, or will it be caught by @Captain Obvious anyway?
@JeroenVannevel Agreed.
@Vogel612 we're not losing out on rep thresholds, we've never had increased rep thresholds.
@Zak "we"?
1:05 PM
A: Optimise Code for KukuKube Game

nhgrifSo, I left a comment expressing confusion upon the source of your variables. Then I looked in the edit history and found this code in its original context on Github. That helped me to understand where your variables are coming from. It also helped me to understand your code overall, and let me...

@SimonForsberg "we" in the general sense of 'whichever members of the CR community are involved with @duga"
@Duga not sure about that one
@Duga I don't think that invalidated anything, but I'm not certain
1:18 PM
@SimonForsberg It was a code comment edit.
@Zak basically it's only me who is developing @Duga. Others are welcome to make pull requests though, and every once in a while I do get PRs.
It was it's to its.
Move your question to CR please. — luoluo 52 secs ago
hmm.. 2nd Monitor still says "beta" :(
@luolou This code doesn't work, which puts it off-topic for Code Review. — EBrown 30 secs ago
1:20 PM
@SimonForsberg Ah, klkl. So, what do you think?
@luoluo You're completely wrong. Please read A Guide to Code Review for Stack Overflow usersSimon Forsberg 39 secs ago
@Mat'sMug Where?
here ----------------------------------->
Ah, down there.
I forget about that little guy.
I'd never noticed it before :)
1:21 PM
@EBrown there was one edit before that though, 4 minutes earlier.
@SimonForsberg Doh, dummy me.
@Zak Mr. Captain should inform about migrations. Additionally, for users with access to some moderation tools, there's a list of recent migrations
The appropriate site for such questions is codereview.stackexchange.comPanagiotis Kanavos 47 secs ago
@itsbruce "tiny code snippets" aren't "completely off-topic".
1:27 PM
Fair comment. "Too little context" was more accurate.
Q: Project Euler #11 (Problem with solution) C++

user3049535This is my solution for the 11th problem in Project Euler. I tested each function alone, and the worked, but when I get the biggest product, It's too big for an answer. Also, the output sometimes changes, which is driving me crazy!!! Please help! #include "stdafx.h" #include <iostream> #include <

@SimonForsberg Even so, I think Code Review would be more appropriate for "I found this in legacy code and this is how I'm rewriting it. Is my rewrite good?"
Thanks @SimonForsberg.
@Vogel612 there will always be something to complain about, even after full-blown real-thing-graduation-with-a-design is in effect and rep thresholds have been adjusted. The secret of happiness is to enjoy every little moment - this is one of them ;-) — Mat's Mug ♦ 14 secs ago
I think we'll be waiting a while for rep threshold increases.
1:30 PM
so be it then
Mostly because there are only 13 users who would then have the "Trusted User" rep level.
Five of which are mods.
@itsbruce I think "I am the maintainer of this legacy code, I'm not entirely sure how to clean it up" would also work.
I think they'll wait until more users qualify for it.
@Mat'sMug Well Said, Mug.
@Mat'sMug Quick style question. What's a good set of prefixes to distinguish between a variable that contains a column number, and a variable that contains a collection?
1:31 PM
@EBrown nope, that's irrelevant.
@Mat'sMug I sincerely doubt that.
SE makes political decisions like this all the time.
@Zak got examples?
I have "colPostcode as long" and "colDesiredPostcodes as collection"
drop the Hungarian "col" prefix that means "collection"; pluralization should be enough to mean "bunch of things"
klkl, thanks
1:35 PM
Turns out, excel can't handle 40 Million cells of data without running out of memory :)
who knew
lol didnt we have this conversation a while ago on one your questions I answered
@Mat'sMug ~saddened smile
then tell companies to stop giving me data in the form of spreadsheets
1:36 PM
don't do that, you might get something inane like XML.
@Vogel612 There's nothing wrong with XML.
oh wait... EXCEL is lots of XML under the hood...
Incidentally though, manipulating Databases is right at the top of my list of "Skills to learn next"
@EBrown it's just a dumb format to transmit data of a prespecified shape
@Zak What type of file is it? CSV? XLSX? XLS?
1:37 PM
if you want to emulate database-like behaviour use CSV,
It's CSV
@Vogel612 I would not quite call it a "dumb format".
oh gawd
@Zak You can import that to Access.
if you want to transmit object-like behaviour, use JSON.
1:37 PM
If you have Access.
urk... access...
I have access, but no idea how to program it yet
and this isn't a big thing I need to do, just a lot of data to do it to
@Zak Today is a good day to learn. :)
oh boy
the beta is gone
I made ~$20k off one company for an Access database I built for them.
1:38 PM
@EBrown Niiice.
Incidentally, I recently had a meeting with our directors where they decided they need to implement processes to control who can commission my time within the company.
It seems like a good time to start negotiating salary progression
Looks like my Windows 8.1 at work is broken again.
@Zak that sounds about right
My mouse is displaying all wrong.
But only one two of my monitors (out of five).
You probably don't want to update Windows Spyware 10, so maybe try SU for a hand
I'll just reboot it here soon.
1:42 PM
@netniV But it's entirely off topic from what the question is asking. This isn't Code Review. He's asking a question, and this isn't even attempting to answer it. — Servy 18 secs ago
Here we go. The downvote spam is coming.
looks deleted
@Vogel612 By comparison to Excel, even considering how bad of a database Access is, it will crunch data a heck of a lot faster
@Phrancis Access is a very good DBMS for situations like this.
@Vogel612 I'm so with you on that one
1:45 PM
@Phrancis Office may be rather limited compared to "proper" programming. But it has the huge advantage of being almost a universal constant in every company in the world.
Yeah, importing CSVs/spreadsheets works good with Access, and from there it's not too difficult to get it to do "simple things"
@Phrancis It does pretty complex things as well.
but as soon as you want to do cool stuff, Access becomes madness...
@EBrown Guess it depends on your definition of complex
I had it reporting regularly to another server to send weekly data reports so that we could build a proper payroll integration system.
1:47 PM
especially with all the nilly-willy differences between Access SQL and real SQL
especially with the way the frakkin' designer decides how you want to format your SQL
WHERE (((((((((((((((((((
Instead of having to input the payroll data twice (once to the payroll API, once to the database) at the end of the week, there was a routine in the Access database that would input the payroll data to the payroll API.
Access SQL is a true PITA, but... at least it's fast enough
@Mat'sMug OMG THAT^^
Access is where SQL meets Lisp
If you have to use particularly complex SQL statements in Access, you have chosen the wrong tool for the job.
@Phrancis lol
1:49 PM
good Monking
don't even try to do anything BI-related with Access
hey @Malachi
@Malachi monkin
Business Intelligence
Did I mention it's near impossible to make an Access-Database file available to the network without exporting it into a real RDBMS?
1:50 PM
Q: Removing nested "deferred antipattern"

The DIMM ReaperI have an application in which a user makes a change, and when they click Save they will be prompted to confirm, and the appropriate REST call will be made if they agree. The intial call to Save() returns a promise that is fulfilled if the call returned successfully, or rejected if there was an e...

Q: Do we want site-specific editing guidance?

Vogel612With our newly reached "graduated" (I really shouldn't put that in quoted) status, I expect a significant influx of new users, be it through migration or otherwise being drawn in by the thrill of a freshly graduated site. With these users incoming, I also expect a significant inbound amount of e...

@Malachi I have that project around, just have to get a Source-Control around for it.
Business Intelligence?
@Vogel612 I did it quite easily with the place I wrote that other DB for.
@EBrown cool. I am not at my home base though...
1:50 PM
@Vogel612 Well, there's ODBC, with all the fun that that is...
Is there a 'Rep Threshold and how it affects me' post on meta
that's push-behaviour, not pull-behaviour @EBrown
@Malachi SC won't be up until the weekend anyway.
stuff like:
- liquidity
- project cost
- average hourly wage
@Zak data warehousing, complex reports with drill-ups and drill-downs, etc.
1:51 PM
@Vogel612 You'll have to be more specific.
@Mat'sMug Except that's not what Access was made for.
@Mat'sMug ah, klkl :)
@Mat'sMug I think at that point, I'd have to talk to our actual IT contractor.
@EBrown have you tried setting up an AccessDB as a remote database, where you can connect to with a proper adapter (aka. not ADODB)?
@Zak nah, just get me on-site :)
@Mat'sMug They're the ones who handle the server, updates, security, backups etc.
@Vogel612 ADODB is the proper adapter.
1:52 PM
@EBrown Awesome! I can't wait
ADODB is madness and windows-only.
@Mat'sMug I would if I could :)
@Vogel612 Access is Windows Only...
wait, there's no Access in MS-Office for Mac?
but a Database should be able to accept requests from systems without bleeding the required OS onto the client
1:53 PM
@Mat'sMug There's no MS Office for Mac anymore.
damn, I missed another memo
@Vogel612 Access is not built to be a large-scale DBMS.
I think that's what your issue is.
You've been using the wrong tool for the job.
Access was designed for small groups.
Access is a desktop database, not a database server
@Mat'sMug Precisely.
Important distinction!
1:55 PM
@EBrown BI on the scale I saw is nothing that can be managed by a desktop database....
it's something you can put on a USB key for your sales reps to take on the road and collect data that can get imported into the real actual DB server when they're back at the office.
@Vogel612 Then don't choose a Desktop Database programme...lol
and that was for a measly 200 people company
oh we didn't have Access as RDBMS
@Mat'sMug Precisely, that's the point of Access: a portable small-form-factor database software.
if we had had that I'd have quit that job after a week tops
1:58 PM
Q: Rails: Changing navbar link color according to page

i.am.noobIn my Rails app I have some pages where the upper section are filled with a single color or a darkened picture so I need the navbar links to be white. But there's also some pages that are just plain white so I need the links to be black. Here's my code: # layouts/_nav.html.erb <nav class=.... ...

still, running analysis at 5GB RAM for 2.5 hours straight is nothing that access could ever dream of handling properly.
@Vogel612 Again, the things you are talking about are not what access was designed for...
Access is for basic CRUD stuff, and it lets you create simple UI with VBA
and if you need simple reporting, it can handle it
e.g. printing an invoice
Access is very good at simple operations, certain, basic concepts.
And it does them very well.
if you need to crunch sales figures and report YTD against planned figures and compared to LY comparative sales, ...you could do it. but you'll scream at one point or another.
2:01 PM
And if you need something small, portable and easy to teach others how to use, Access is great.
Damnit, I need to rewrite this entire project now.
@Mat'sMug Wait you're talking about Access... that sounded like you were talking about MySQL there for a minute ;D
Well, there's my $0.02
hi @rolfl!
2:05 PM
"Warning" Fire alarm going off here.....
@rolfl that... so much...
A: Congratulations! Code Review is undergoing design-independent graduation!

rolflThis is good news in the slow trickle of progress the Stack Exchange staff have been making in delivering on their commitments to supporting community sites through their conception, development, and maturity. While this announcement is sweet, I think the bigger issue is one of predictability. L...

that? ^^
I wholeheartedly agree and I figure it gives Grace a little more clarity why some people are not happy about this
2:07 PM
beep .... beep .... beeep May I have your attention! An alarm condition has been triggered in another part of the building.... you will be notified if there is anything you need to do beep .... beep .... beeep
hey at least it's not the this is not a drill thing
@rolfl "libverty"
Drat.... please evacuate.....
Bye ;-) TTGHTFE (Hit the fire exit).
@rolfl Have fun! :)
@rolfl KEEP CALM and GTFO ;-)
2:10 PM
Is the Code Review writing at the top left also a bit bigger now?
I don't think so
"I am taking the liberty of removing the graduation tag from this question, and replacing it with beta-progress. The graduation is premature."
Hits so hard
yeap. and I like that
I honestly dgaf whether or not Code Review graduates. We're doing just fine as it is.
^^ that
2:12 PM
We've been doing fine for a while now, and we'll continue doing fine for a while more. All graduation does is get us a few extra perks, that we haven't had for over 4 years, so what's the hurry?
@EBrown I also don't care. But I do care about how we're treated by SE.
may I draw your attention to our lord and savior satan migrations?
let's just be happy with what we get, and stop whining about what we don't have yet. getting site designs done isn't a squeaky-wheel process.
@Zak Unfortunately, SE owns us. We don't get to care how we're treated by them.
@EBrown actually we do get to care. We're not getting to do more than complain though
2:14 PM
@EBrown Says who
I care
regardless of whether it makes a difference or not
You both know my point, I'm getting tired of everyone around here being pedantic about every little thing.
And I would like to propose a change to that statement.
SE owns codereview.se, they don't own us
@EBrown writing good code requires being pedantic about quality and consistency, so it is kind of expected that we are pedantic
Chatsey ftw. I can't see smoke
@Caridorc Writing good code might require a high-sensitivity to detail, but it doesn't require being a dick.
Something plenty of us seem to have forgotten.
2:17 PM
@EBrown sorry if I seemed harsh :D
;-) ftw
@Caridorc That's not directed at you, in fact, hardly at you at all.
@EBrown thanks
In fact, I'm not even going to elaborate further...there's no point.
2:19 PM
@Mat'sMug Not great, because it's a huge problem for us.
cool, more passive-aggressive moroning....
@EBrown I meant, great! I get to stop shining my boots!
I really do not understand why this is becoming a thing lately. Hinting at issues with someone and then not pulling through.
I think that makes the atmosphere here toxic and unfriendly.
@Vogel612 I'm not hinting at issues with one person, but most of us. And it seems every time we talk about it someone get's all butthurt and ragequits.
So to hell with it.
I'd prefer if people called things out, had a fight and then got over it
2:22 PM
Rather than irritate anyone with my opinion, I'll just let it hang.
you're irritating me with letting your opinion hang
@EBrown Is it me? genuinely asking. If I'm coming across in a negative way, I'd like to know about it.
I'd like this to be a place where you (and others) like being
@Zak Nope.
and I think such statements are not getting us there
2:23 PM
@EBrown klkl
Q: Reading groups of files and concatenating them

Lance DaceyI have made some adjustments to some code that you can see on this thread: Read daily files and concatenate them I would like to make some further refinements and make sure I am on the right track organize some of my files better. I added some functions and made some other changes to prevent e...

@Vogel612 If I honestly thought anyone gave a rats arse about it, I wouldn't leave it hang.
I give a rats arse about it! If that's what you want
Plus I've got to go retrieve evidence regarding it now, because everyone wants to be pedantic here, so you have to have all the evidence in the world.
And I don't have time (trying to get this jQuery crap at work to satisfy my requirements) so I'll worry about that later.
2:37 PM
21 mins ago, by EBrown
You both know my point, I'm getting tired of everyone around here being pedantic about every little thing.
We're also pedantic about the not-so-little things ;-)
@EBrown - did you see my attempts/runs of the Mandelbrot Mandy.jar?
I don't even know what pedantic is
I had a lot of fun with a real-time navigator/GUI in to the set.
@rolfl No, where are they at?
> pe·dan·tic
adjective: pedantic

of or like a pedant.
"many of the essays are long, dense, and too pedantic to hold great appeal"
synonyms: overscrupulous, scrupulous, precise, exact, perfectionist, punctilious, meticulous, fussy, fastidious, finicky;
8 hours ago, by rolfl
New release for those wanting to have some fun. Download the Mandy.jar file and double-click (needs Java 8 installed).
> overly concerned with minute details or formalisms, especially in teaching.
@rolfl I don't have Java.
At least, Java 8.
I have Java 7, though.
@Duga I got it, faster than you too
@EBrown Your loss, but that's OK. Java has auto-updates...... it should have updated itself to Java8 already.
@rolfl I have that shut off.
We have a secure programme we use with one of our websites that only works on 7.17.
And, unfortunately, one of my jobs is to support this programme (as per government requirements) so I have 7.17.
2:42 PM
@rolfl is it that "Java update available" annoying thingy that I dismiss everytime I boot my laptop?
Well, that does suck. Governments get special consideration for using out-of-support products (probably because they buy additional support).
@rolfl Well this isn't a product from the government.
Anyway, Java7 is end-of-life in April 2015.....
Or you just get the beta versions of Java and they never bug you about updating
This is made by a third party company.
But we have to use it to comply with certain government requirements.
2:43 PM
I'm pretty bummed that nobody has tried the tool.... I lost hours to it last night exploring the fractals.... they are super cool.....
@EBrown Oh. I had looked at it before, but the results were different. Thanks
@rolfl I can try it on my home PC.
Drag, zoom, and so on.
But I don't have the link there.
Just remember Mandy
2:44 PM
You can email it to me, though.
Java says I have this version '1.8.0_51' which looks like version 1 or something, but when I google it, it says 8
@Quill Java considers the second number the actual version.
I.e. yours is 8 update 51.
Or 8.51.
what's the point of that
@Quill Oracle/Sun.
2:46 PM
18 secs ago, by Quill
what's the point of that
right, okay
point 8, actually
1 point 8
I need to speed this jQuery up.
@EBrown Need help?
2:47 PM
get rid of jQuery all together
@rolfl That thing looks cool. And it is quite trippy
It now has this really really nifty export feature .... you find a section you like, then export it as a PNG....
Oh wow that's quite cool too
@IsmaelMiguel Unless you're actually only going to worry about my document manipulation (instead of like last time where you only cared about my use of eq(0)) then yes. But if you're not going to focus on my actual problem, then no.
It's got to be my manipulation of the actual DOM.
2:49 PM
move it to JavaScript libraries and I'll also give you a hand
If you use $('#id').eq(0), then any optimization in speed will be nearly useless
But if you want help, ping me from the Javascript room
Turns out, the data aggregated from this first condition is not particularly useful... most of them are non-matches because of common names like "SMITH" and "JOHNSON"
        "episodes".epi_lastname LIKE '%'+ "exceptions".THVSPI_PATIENTNAMELAST +'%'
        OR "exceptions".THVSPI_PATIENTNAMELAST LIKE '%'+ "episodes".epi_lastname +'%'
        "episodes".epi_StartOfEpisode AND "episodes".epi_EndOfEpisode
    AND "exceptions".[New THVSMH_PROCESSED] IS NULL
    AND "exceptions".THVSMH_PROCESSED = @NotProcessed;
I used to have a windows-registry hack that just turned the caps lock key in to another shift key.
I hate caps lock key, almost as much as I hate ALL_CAPS!
2:55 PM
Hi Curt, I'm not really sure what you are asking, but it sounds like something I should do..(???) I googled "what does it mean to profile code?" and didn't really find anything that useful. Sorry for all of the newbie questions! — yaegermenjensen 4 mins ago
someone wants to show the user the light?
light, as in white? You want to profile the code based on color? Like, this code was pulled over for CWD (Coding With DarkTheme)?
What do you mean with "show the user the light"?
@SimonForsberg needs google-fu training more than a flashlight
@IsmaelMiguel just look at the flowers, lizzie
plist=[2]  #Initialize a running list of primes.
pfpairs=[] #Initialize a list to store (prime factor, multiplicity) pairs.
removed=[] #Initialize a list to store removed prime multiples.
2:59 PM
@Quill I get the reference, I still don't get the meaning
it's a common phrase to mean dying
Just use better names dude, if you need to explain each variable for what it's supposed to be
the light obviously being heaven or something like that

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