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12:02 AM
Q: What is world building?

Baby Aaron personal psychological architecture / brain wiring ? society ? Our connection with others? natural world ? what kinds of worlds ?

15 hours later…
2:51 PM
@HDE226868 Okay cool :) Where shall we begin? Is there anything in the idea that is of immediate concern to a more science informed mind? Or shall we just try to tackle the potential energy gains and outputs using immensely intimidating equations?
3:40 PM
@equilibriator I really don't know where to start.
2 hours later…
6:02 PM
Site analytics are out, for those who can see them.
Why so many from tabforacause.org?
6:27 PM
On a different note, what do folks think of this:
Q: Two new planets orbiting the sun beyond Pluto

GerwinWhat would happen if there was two more planets beyond Pluto, one with two times the size of Pluto and another with 4x the size of Mars.

7:00 PM
Wild unrelated suggestion: Shorten the length of the topic challenges. Activity on a challenge tag consistently peters out after about a week.
8:00 PM
@HDE226868 does it? I haven't been paying close attention, but I thought it was more variable than that. A week probably wouldn't have been enough for hard-science (which is a hard tag to ask and answer in). Religion started with a bang, as I recall. Overall, I don't know -- did you SEDE it?
@HDE226868 see my comment. :-)
8:24 PM
Q: Should we shorten the length of our topic challenges?

ArtOfCodeThere was recently a suggestion in chat that the length of the topic challenges should be shortened because activity peters out after a week. I, too, have noticed this lack of activity in the second week of a challenge, especially in less popular challenges. Let's exclude weapon-design, it was a...

8:56 PM
@MonicaCellio It's certainly been the case for this one, and for several others recently. I can't pull up any data at the moment to support that claim, though.
@MonicaCellio Saw it. Those are probably the most helpful things to know.
9:12 PM
@ArtOfCode Thanks for asking.
9:36 PM
@MonicaCellio I'll see if I can get you the update tomorrow. The answer's still a work in progress.
Nice blog post, by the way.
10:31 PM
@HDE226868 understood, and thanks. You already have my upvote, but connecting those dots for me a little more would still help.
@HDE226868 thanks! I'm hoping to do a "pick one question (or small cluster of questions) that interested me and talk about it" series, intermittently.
@MonicaCellio Sounds cool. Eagerly awaiting the next one.
@HDE226868 once I get through the trio of questions (right now I expect a trio, of which I've asked two) about the binary star, I hope to do a "what I learned" post from that, too. Later. :-) Mainly I want to highlight other people's questions, things I found interesting and thought-provoking.
Hey, new blog layout -- looks nice!
@HDE226868 apparently the blog stats are weird -- you read it (I assume :-) ), ArtofCode read it, yet it's showing as having been read by one person (of four who viewed it). I'd been assuming that "view" meant "saw it on the front page", but now I wonder what those stats mean. (No, not particularly concerned or anything, just curious.)
10:56 PM
@MonicaCellio Not sure how I feel about it. Slick logo, though.
@MonicaCellio After time on Stack Exchange, I'd be inclined to cry "caching", but I don't think that's the case here. Weird.
@HDE226868 I want to see what it looks like when a post doesn't have a picture, as I assume some won't.
@MonicaCellio I can try that on my next post. I might put on up tomorrow.
@HDE226868 but, but... your posts have the best opportunities for eye-candy, being all space-stuff! Mine almost went up without a picture but Art found something.

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