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12:01 AM
Another security feature of the nutella chopsticks plans is the contingency plans for nutella chopstick submarines that failed quality check
Those eventually become Mikados
This product is designed to quell any sort of wonder about what would happen if you were so foolish to apply chopsticks to nutella.
You either hate it and swear never to apply chopsticks to nutella ever again, or you love it and buy a new pack
Either way the chopstick is so heavily thinned and modified from its original formation, almost no consumer can imagine what really happened
Again: the perfect crime
Q: No villagers? Bad spawners?

MikeI found a village but there are no villagers. I also found a mob spawner with no mob inside so it did nothing. Is this a bug or ???

Just got a new router.
Does anyone here know what network ports (TCP or UDP) Marvel Contest of Champions uses?
I'd like to give it QoS priority so that my web browsing and downloading does not disrupt my father's gaming.
another victory, and a new internet friend!
Someone who just started playing. AFter I stomped him I was all "here's a tip", and then we started chatting it up, and friended each other.
I'm so charming.
@Wipqozn introduce your new friend to the Bridge
@GodEmperorDune Friends don't let friends Bridge.
12:13 AM
Inb4 it's retrosaur with an elaborate troll
@GodEmperorDune I honestly wouldn't put it past him
but yeah, we'll probably be practice partners... it's good, since although I'm clearly better than him right now, it's not a huge difference.
And having someone aroudn the same level as you is the best way to improve
None of my RL friends play SC2 anymore, so I lack a practice partner.
Why would you want to improve at Bad Rats?
@Yuuki You're actually the worst.
bnut not actually, because I found you amusing.
@Yuuki oh buuuuuuuuurn
Also running those movie nights is pretty cool
Also you playing monster hunter
12:14 AM
Oh crap is it movie night?
No, I meant to update the meta post.
@GodEmperorDune I think he meant to make a new meta
@Yuuki Do you own Ernest and whatever?
@Wipqozn No, I rented it.
@Yuuki Where from?
12:15 AM
But I'm gonna check Amazon Prime, it might be on there.
I still want to see it, so I might digital rent it too.
@Wipqozn Google Play Store.
It's available on Prime.
So I can stream it for you if you want.
@GodEmperorDune well, Ontario has apology rules, at any rate.
@Yuuki Are you planning to buy it?
or is amazon prime free?
I'm not familiar witgh it.
@Wipqozn I have Prime for about another year.
12:17 AM
I've honestly never used anything Amazon before, except for AWS
oh it's a streaming service?
Prime Instant Video is.
Prime is basically a kind of premium membership for Amazon.
oh that thing
now I know what it is
How does Prime compare to NEtflix?
I don't like the selection as much.
In fact, the selection is kinda terribad.
oh, USA only anyways
Fuck that noise
@Yuuki Wll I'm without internet starting tomorrow for about a week
@Wipqozn Will you have Internet next weekend?
12:19 AM
I will have it back on thursday... so if you could stream the movie maybe next weekend, that would be rad.
All the streaming service fragmentation is pissing me off... It's like console exclusives back in the day
Okay, so the vote tally is evenly split on the 5-6 and 19-20 weekends.
And considering how Sep. 5-6 is next weekend, I guess next Movie Night is on the 19-20th.
I, for one, don't care either way.
This weekend a super special awesome people only encore presentation of ernest would be cool though
12:22 AM
I can do that.
@Yuuki You rock. Say saturday night, at the time you usually do it?
or friday.
whichever day you'd prefer... you are, after all, doing me the favour haha
Just let me know which so I can put it in my calender.
This weekend Saturday night would be right now.
Which is cool, I can do that.
Just wondering if you really need to write down in your calendar something you're just about to do.
Actually how long is the movie?
I wanna say an hour and a half?
79 minutes
I could actually do it right now
and that would be awesome
just let me go open the window in my new apartment first
I want to make sure it's cool tomorrow when we're moving stuff in
12:27 AM
@Wipqozn Are you in the same building?
@MBraedley Yeah
Just moving into a smaller unit
I don't really need a 2 bedroom + den now that my roommate left
@Yuuki So you up for watching it now?
@Yuuki Awesome. Just le me use the bathroom real quick.
@Yuuki What are we watching?
@MBraedley Re-showing of last Movie Night's Ernest & Celestine.
Also, Rabb.it does not do a very good job letting you know that people want to join your room.
12:36 AM
Well, good thing I'm not interested, because I'm half way through the season finale of Defiance and laundry is going to be done in 50min
Who is NotWipqozn?
Nope, I watched it last time
ayyyy lmao
1:24 AM
It's like some kind of wild eyed jack chick fever dream.
1:37 AM
Man, I love Bridge Movie Nights. Put this one on my calendar so I can be around. Trying to decide if I want to suggest Dark Crystal again (because OMG I LOVE THAT MOVIE)
1:56 AM
that was relaly good.
Thanks again to @Yuuki for streaming it for a third time
No problem.
Q: how do you acticate the grandmaopacalapse

CaptainStarcraft IIIhow do i activate grandma apocalapse? in cookie clicker [[1]: http://orteil.dashnet.org/cookieclicker/]

2:08 AM
@Lazers2.0 so rude
Q: In the Zelda series, How does a "Rupoor" work?

SandwichA Rupoor is an item that steals your money from the Zelda games. But how does it work? Does the money just vanish? Does it get eaten? Conceptually it sounds like something that just doesn't work. A rupee that decreases your amount of money doesn't really sound like it makes sense conceptually. Is...

Q: Need help accessing mods in mine craft

SarahThe mod option has disappeared from the main menu screen in my sons mine craft game. How do I access mods without the option on the main screen or is there a way to make it reappear?

@LessPop_MoreFizz I have an answer for the Rupoor one...
Ugh, I opened up B.net for the first time in awhile and apparently Overwatch is now sitting there, taunting me.
I was halfway through it when the question got closed
Put it in a comment for now.
2:21 AM
gotta be faster than the banhammer
Questions should not be re-opened simply because they can be answered.
@Yuuki It's a full answer... bullet points and everything
they also shouldn't be closed if they make sense as a question
idk what a ruppor is
so can't really answer that
What's your answer? More specifically, what source are you using to explain how a rupoor works?
2:23 AM
Looking at a wiki right now, doesn't explain how a rupoor works.
Yeah, that doesn't explain how a rupoor works.
@Yuuki this
- Four Swords: Commonly known as a "Black Rupee", it causes a random amount of rupees to fly out of the wallet, which can then be picked up again, if you can manage. Note: This can actually be beneficial: if the Links are under the influence of Rupee Fever (all Links have full health), the amount dropped can be doubled if they are taken back.
what is your answer ben?
- Phantom Hourglass: This is the first time it is encountered as a "Rupoor" by name. In this game, you can find a 10 or 50 Rupoor, which just deducts the mount from your wallet. This cannot be retrieved.
@Ben That is not an in-universe explanation of how a rupoor works.
You're just explaining what a rupoor is and what it does.
2:24 AM
I was nearly there with the Skyward Sword answer
fly out of the wallet is kind of an answer
"a random amount of rupees to fly out of the wallet"
The question is asking how, using physics, the rupoor deducts rupees from Link.
What kind of magical force makes the rupees disappear and why do rupoors exist?
Wiki also doesn't explain the latter question.
2:54 AM
After all that discussion I'm almost tempted to re-ask the question...
3:05 AM
"What do Rupoors do?" is an acceptable question. "Why do Rupoors exist?" is not an acceptable question.
So go ahead, re-ask. If it's the latter, it'll probably get closed too.
Q: In the Legend of Zelda series, what do Rupoors do?

BenWhen Link finds a Rupoor in some games, he loses Rupees out of his wallet. How many? Is it the same every time? And in every game?

Lazers beat me to it haha
3:48 AM
(that's how you make an entrance)
(take notes)
4:37 AM
Q: Fallout shelter resources stuck full

Sam buttsI used the fast forward time cheat on fallout shelter and now my resource bars are stuck at full. Is there a way to fix this?

5:16 AM
Can we gaet a quick vote on the direction that should be taken on this question?
Q: What is the highest possible attack rating in Dark Souls?

user2656801What's the highest possible attack rating for a melee weapon in dark souls? Assuming max stats and using any enchantment on any weapon. Right now I am getting 706 rating with the crystal demon's greataxe +5. I'm surprised this question hasn't been answered in the 10 years the game was out.

I already VTC'd as too broad, and @Frank seems to agree, but I think we need a bit more of a definite answer
I don't know. It doesn't really seem "too broad". That close reason is for questions that either have a very large answer (a book) or a very large variety of answers. This question has a single answer, it's just hard to find
What do you reckon should be done? Not much? Leave it lie?
It seems like a fine question to me
5:45 AM
why am I awake
because you make terrible choices
why is it raining
I make great decisions
All the time
also because you make terrible choices
5:46 AM
Choices are not always decisions...
that's obviously a lie.
go to bed.
5:46 AM
Got him
bitch, you're not my supervisor
you seem upset
no, you're a butt
5:48 AM
It could be worse, I could be like my roommate and decide that 5:30 or so is a perfectly reasonable time to go on a bike ride
(he came back at 7 yesterday I guess morning and passed out on the couch)
(but it is a comfy couch)
(so there's that)
6:16 AM
There we go, hard mode Atheon down
Just need hard Crota and Skolas and I'm done for moment of glory stuff
Q: How to eat a cow

AnonymousI need to fuck a pussy and I don't know how to purple. How do verb dictionary cunt asshole FUCK THE POLICE COMMING STRAIGHT FROM THE UNDERGROUND WANKER!

@Lazers2.0 Somebody has Tourette Syndrome
I kinda wanna suggest the Karate Kid reboot for Movie Night.
I actually liked it a lot.
i'm watching that sugar film
@Yuuki you could watch that
it's disgusting
6:31 AM
Rude. It was actually pretty good. The only reason it got as bad reviews as it did was because people were too hung up on their rose-tinted nostalgia of the original Karate Kid.
@Yuuki that sugar film is disgusting, i wasn't referring to the karate kid
I don't even know what that is.
its a doco on the effects of sugar
it's kinda like supersize me but sugar instead of maccas
Q: Sudden FPS Drop in CSGO

vulpesI have been playing csgo for the past 2-3 months, it runs smoothly on my laptop without any problem, but just last week my fps suddenly dropped to around 18-22 in game, totally unplayable. I havent changed any settings in game or in my laptop. I tried reinstalling CSGO or reformatting my laptop, ...

6:55 AM
Q: Tag synonym / merge request: [zelda-series] » [legend-of-zelda-series]

galacticninjaI'd like to request that zelda-series be made a synonym of and/or be merged into legend-of-zelda-series. legend-of-zelda-series better represents the actual name of the series and fits the tag character limit.

2 hours later…
8:55 AM
Q: My character only moves back-right

shadowghost5000Ever since i accidentally deleted windows (program files) and restored to earlier date, i have been having an annoying problem which is happening when i play GTA: San Andreas (and when im driving a car in DayZ). Its as if i am holding "s" and "d" which is making my character always move backwards...

9:18 AM
Guys, there's one question just posted which is hurting my head.
Q: why is it that every time I get eat in an dad comes up?


@Lazers2.0 That's the one.
9:35 AM
lol vote to die in a fire
Q: How does Kanai's cube manage legendaries extracted affixes' roll?

WizLizIf I extract the legendary power from a legendary which orange affix roll within a certain range (e.g. The Dead Man's Legacy 50-60) but the roll is too low (let's say 51%). If I later loot a 60% version of the legendary, can I extract it again to upgrade the cubed version ?

@blartmemes what does it even say? just boxes for me
@Aequitas A whole bunch of emojis
Complete nonsense, really, although... hmmm. I see a bug there
9:56 AM
@Lazers2.0 That is a good question
10:07 AM
4 hours ago, by Lazers 2.0
Q: How to eat a cow

AnonymousI need to fuck a pussy and I don't know how to purple. How do verb dictionary cunt asshole FUCK THE POLICE COMMING STRAIGHT FROM THE UNDERGROUND WANKER!

Q: Using Mathematical Operations in /testfor command in Minecraft

OkxSay I have the objective test which is stat.killEntity.Zombie. I also have another objective test2 which is also a stat.entityKilledBy.Zombie. Can I make a new objective, which is a dummy, and the value of that is test + test2. Is this possible? If not, what is the best alternative?

Q: Why bother packing my drugs when it doesn't get them out any faster?

psyk0One available machine in Big Pharma is the Drug Packer, which (at its un-upgraded level) allows you to combine two identical products into a box, which can then be sold as a single unit for twice the revenue. (Profits will suffer due to the added processing cost.) However, this machine only has ...

Q: Will lvl 50 dwellers generate caps while in the vault?

greytEvery time a dweller levels up within the vault, you'll get as many caps as is the dwellers new level. What happens after the dweller has reached level 50? Do the caps keep coming in chunks of 50 or does this source of caps dry up?

10:45 AM
Q: Xbox or PS4, which one is better and why?

Nomi AliI am going to buy a new one but don't exactly know which is better and on what basis. I generally love to play FIFA, Action games like GTA V and War based games. I don't know which will better suit me. I need help regarding this.

Q: How to cancel upgrade?

MrFoxSometime I accidentally click on an upgrade button in Big Pharma, upgrading the wrong ingredient or technology. Is it possible to cancel these upgrade and get the points back so they can be spent elsewhere?

11:17 AM
Q: Which of these should I 6-star first?

EliteI'm stuck at the first phase of Summoner's War, which is 6-staring a farmer. I can't seem to pick one as the ones that could finish a dungeon are very slow and those who could finish faster dies too early. I need some help with picking the best farmer monster and runing it effectively. I would li...

Q: Influence an ally to build an oil well that destroys another improvement

Emilio M BumacharThere's a city-state allied to me that just found oil. At least, I can see oil in their lands since I developed the relevant technology. I'd like them to build a Well improvement over that tile, so that they'll connect the oil to my trade network. But there's another improvement there (Trading ...

11:33 AM
Q: Can I switch to Online later in Bloodborne?

ChironI just got Bloodborne for PS4. At the very start, there are two options: Play Offline Play Online If I started with Offline, can I switch to Online later and possibly to Offline if I didn't like the Online mode?

12:02 PM
Q: How to unlock new weapons in Viktor?

jahuAfter completing a level in the game Viktor (by Shorebound Studios), I noticed on the upgrade screen that there are more available weapons in the game than the starting pistols. How do I unlock those? I couldn't really find any information on the internet. I've completed another level, but it se...

Q: RTS world war 2 game - help me with recognizing it

encore leetI remember, that between 2003 and 2006 I played one rts game, which was demo version, I want to buy & play full version of it and play it, but I can't remember its name. I remember, that in demo version you had several missions, one was on desert, you started with some soldiers, jeep and you had...

Q: Can I use a US Xbox live while I live in Morocco?

MelouaniThe title says it all. I want to be able to play multiplayer games and have more freedom downloading region restricted DLCs and games. It's worth mentioning that Morocco doesn't have an official Live membership subscription.

12:33 PM
@fredley What. Why?
@LessPop_MoreFizz you would have enjoyed the German stand at Expo
(hint: bees)
@Arperum burying bananas in bottles to be later buried and conservation pourposes
only possible with cananas: the cans for bananas!
12:53 PM
@PrivatePansy hamstare
@Arperum I'm trying to work out the product that this video is used to advertise
@fredley Doesn't reduce the confusion.
What the fuck
Why is my phone autocorrdting to vvvvvvvvvvbbbbbbbvvvvv
Duck sale
Duck sake
Oh no, Oliver Sacks has died. RIP
1:10 PM
@Arperum Maybe it has something to do with this?
That's by far the biggest wtf I've had all week
34 mins ago, by Arperum
@fredley What. Why?
What. The. Fuck.
@Arperum ikr
2 mins ago, by fredley
That's by far the biggest wtf I've had all week
Also I seem to have stumbled across it, despite it being 2 years old and only having 146 views.
I think I need to change my internet use habits.
Q: How can I download an older version โ€œminecraft_server.jarโ€ for Minecraft? Alpha 1.2.6

Max ZaloI'm and my friends want find Herobrine and we love do survival in old version

1:39 PM
@Aequitas Whole bunch of dog emojis.
@TimStone shit, really? I mean I knew it was kinda coming, but damn.
Aye :(
@fredley that Nutella thing is weird
Also, someone put a comment on that deleted emoji spam post and I can't see it since the question got deleted.
Anyone with sufficient privileges care to tell me what the comment says or who posted it?
@AshleyNunn wink wink
@AshleyNunn I know. The mind boggles.
1:48 PM
Hey @fredley, you think you'd be able to do me that favour I just asked about?
@blartmemes. I wouldn't worry about it
@AshleyNunn No, it was actually some advice in the comment.
I wanna know what the whole thing said, but I can't see.
Q: How do I set up split-screen with guest account on Gears of War Ultimate?

jaminjaI'm not sure if I'm being entirely dense about this, but I can't seem to find an obvious way to set up 2 player split-screen for local co-op using a guest account on my Xbox One. As far as I can tell I've signed in on the second controller using a guest account, but this doesn't seem to add that...

2:25 PM
Q: what facebook/iphone game is this from

mememachinefrom what i remember the game is 3.5/4 years old and i think it was either an ipod/iphone game or i played it through facebook. basically like all the other monster collecting/fighting/training games but they could have different attributes. I have tried a reverse image search but with no luck, ...

@Yuuki Johnny Lawrence was the true karate kid.
3:06 PM
Good morning, Bridge
Coming to you live from Windows 10
3:57 PM
@SaintWacko how is it?
4:17 PM
@AshleyNunn My experience with it is pretty good. There's a lot of neat little touches they've added that makes it nice
Also, I solved the previously mentioned Skype problem by deleting the local config files
Those weren't deleted when it was reinstalled, which was why the problem persisted across reinstallation
Q: Xbox 360 STRICT NAT imcompatible with airport express in double nat

Kendall WeiheI just recently moved. At my new apartment complex, while on xbox live I'm unable to join friends to play games with them. I get an error "Your setting STRICT NAT is the least compatible" I have an airport express setup in double nat mode. Is there a fix for this?

Okay, so Skype works good?
Q: Lost city in an infinite MC world

user122647Me and a group of friends spent months building a city on our minecraft server. After we started having server errors we decided that it would be best to completely reinstall minecraft. So we backed up the world folder to our computer and did a complete server reinstall for minecraft. After movi...

Q: Exception in exception handler C&C

Neeraj NegiWhen I start the game(C&C Tiberium Wars) I get this error: FATAL ERROR: Exception in exception handler Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: cnc3game.dat Application Version: 1.9.2801.21826 Application Timestamp: 00000000 Fault Module Name: igdusc32...

One of my friends has a pony avatar on LinkedIn. Wat.
Like, everywhere else on the Internet sure. LinkedIn though...
Here's a duck sale.
4:30 PM
@AshleyNunn I'm having a pretty good time with it
@SaintWacko Did you just get it now?
I had some issues initially with the app store refusing the launch, but I think I manage to fix those
@blartmemes Yeah, just yesterday. I had been looking forward to the 7/29 launch, and then Re-Logic released Terraria for Linux and I no longer cared about Windows
But then LadyWacko and I beat Terraria, and decided to go back to D3, so I needed Windows again
@SaintWacko I didn't even receive it on launch!
It's been a whole bloody month and I didn't get it.
@blartmemes o.0 that's weird
@SaintWacko They did say, however, that they would be rolling it out in batches or something.
4:32 PM
@fredley I knew that was going to be a terrible pun
I reserved it before launch too.
@LessPop_MoreFizz never mind, you would've enjoyed the UK pavillon who one-upped the Germans and made their corner of expo 100% about bees
I'm sure this was @fredley's idea
@SaintWacko The latest patch adds a lot of good stuff.
Germans: look at us! We've got bees! We've got beeJs! Fly like you were bees!
@Frank Yeah, that was why we decided to start playing again. Also, Season 4 started Friday night
So it was perfect timing
4:37 PM
Brits: that's nothing! We have bees too! In fact we've only got bees. We have nothing e!se. It's all bees all the time. Also fish and chips
Are there bees in the fish and chips? Probably
> badp: Are there beeskn the
@SaintWacko Never been much of a seasons player, myself.
I am perfectly content just upgrading my existing Monk.
@fredley NSFW
@GnomeSlice Are you gonna catch the duck sale?
4:45 PM
Alright, since I'm back in the UK, I have to get myself used to getting involved on Tumblr again.
Which means updating that StackExchange blog.
Paragon level 300!
@Frank Grats!
I think I'm at 299
Someone's already managed to level 6 gems to level 50 in Hardcore. ><
@Frank Just saw that
That's crazy
Wow. Azmodan just died so easily.
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