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4:06 PM
@CaptainObvious "Tanapoom Sermchaiwong?"?
@EthanBierlein yes
4:36 PM
html, body, div, span, applet, object, iframe,
h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, p, blockquote, pre,
a, abbr, acronym, address, big, cite, code,
del, dfn, em, img, ins, kbd, q, s, samp,
small, strike, strong, sub, sup, tt, var,
b, u, i, center,
dl, dt, dd, ol, ul, li,
fieldset, form, label, legend,
table, caption, tbody, tfoot, thead, tr, th, td,
article, aside, canvas, details, embed,
figure, figcaption, footer, header, hgroup,
menu, nav, output, ruby, section, summary,
time, mark, audio, video {
	margin: 0;
Say what...
y u no use * ??
Not my code.
Q: Profiles with profiling checkboxes

realisationI have this HTML down below that creates a list with two columns, the left one containing profile information, and the right one containing checkboxes of the user feedback in a horizontal list. The list behaves so that when the element of the questionAnswer array is true, there is a font-awesome...

Bounty expiring in 6 hours, so feel free to write an optimisation for that awfully big thing.
@Mast I'm assuming they are using an IDE that may just turn that into html, body, div, ...
4:39 PM
@SirPython Still, there must be a better way.
There must be.
@Mast That's to avoid specificity issues.
Since * is less specific than div
@IsmaelMiguel If that's the best way to solve the problem, I'll stay away from it as far as I can.
A simple way could be html, html > *
@Mast It is the worst, but better than *
Q: "Nothing" interpreter/compiler

user82302This is an implementation of the Nothing programming language. The language spec is as follows: Design philosophy In the current software industry focus lays on solving complex problems by using complicated algorithms. The language "Nothing" was created to shift this focus from compl...

4:40 PM
So bad, but not worst.
Besides, there's no br there
And no wbr
@CaptainObvious Is that a joke?
That's 2 tags
In fact, there are lots of tags missing there
@IsmaelMiguel I wrote something similar to that in my answer.
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because a language defining all programs to be bug-free by definition is not reviewable in my opinion. — Mast 24 secs ago
Perhaps this occurrence deserves a meta.
4:45 PM
@Mast I think it is reviewable
@SirPython Link, please?
@IsmaelMiguel Are you aware of the language specification?
A: Profiles with profiling checkboxes

SirPythonDirectives In your $scope.profileCompare object, you have multiple objects like this inside: Pizza: { name: "Pizza", questionAnswer: [false, false, false, false, false, true], questionImportance: "Important", difference: undefined, office: "Cheese", index: undefined }, ...

@Mast Yes. The "compiler" is supposed to barf itself
@IsmaelMiguel In English?
I think it is a translation of this, no?
Besides, the language has a (joke) specification
As far as I know, as long as the code does something, even if it is for the Nothing programming language, and it follows a specification and works as intended, it is on-topic
But, if you do a meta I will answer
4:54 PM
@IsmaelMiguel Posted one, the feed will pick it up.
Well, Ethan answered what I was going to say, but too few words
Use incognito
@IsmaelMiguel That's basically auto-deletion
Or no deletition at all, since it didn't saved anything
That link isn't annoying at all. I love when my text shifts 10 letters to the left when I select it, effectivelly blocking what is before and on top with those links
5:08 PM
@IsmaelMiguel Data existed. After closing the browser, it no longer exists. Saving is irrelevant. The data being gone is considered deletion.
Where's that feed?
Q: Nothing to review

MastThis question claims to implement the Nothing language. I'm citing the language specification (emphasis mine): Note: if the output does not meet the expectation of a "hello world"-program, this does not necessarily mean the Nothing program has a bug. The programmer primarily is supposed to c...

@Mast The feed has been extremelly late
Hi @janos
heya fellas
Hi, @janos.
5:09 PM
this "thank you" message just made me a bit sad:
Thank you so much for your time. Thank you. Because your comment it gave me a different idea with classes and functions. Thank you for be a "helper" and not a "hater" who don't help who is learning. — Low Rider 4 mins ago
OP's question got 4 downvotes
not a warm welcome for a new user
@janos He's not exactly stating what the code is supposed to do, except printing something.
@Mast and nobody told him..
and he's a new user
not only to CR, but SE in general
@Vogel612 Yea, there is such a thing as reading the help pages.
@Mast yea right... the help pages
this is not SO, aight?
We can be nice and point users to help pages when DVing them
5:12 PM
we're supposed to be the friendly guys
@LowRider I wasn't the downvoter, but my guess goes to the fact that your question needs some meat. You currently provide no context and no description of what the code does. As such, we don't know what the code is supposed to do and if it is doing it well. — Ismael Miguel 7 secs ago
@Mast the application of that law seems comparable to charging a murderer for destruction of proof because they washed the blood off their hands after the kill
We can not expect them to magically know where to look
Yes, we can. And both Malachi and Jamal made a comment.
@janos That's a great answer, BTW.
5:12 PM
@Mat'sMug YEa, that.
@Mast which was both times only about the title
I'm not going to repeat this into oblivion (oh well, I probably will anyway), but I've said this before.
The internet is mainly filled with porn and crap.
We can't help everyone.
There is simply too much crap.
but we can at least help the majority of those who come here
So if people who don't want to read get downvoted, that's not our problem.
It's nature doing it's thing.
But SE is filled with knowledge and CR with happiness and unicorns zombies
5:15 PM
a nice auto-comment for a new user is 2 clicks
@Mat'sMug 94% happiness, 6% zombies.
(okay make that 4, since commenting is a pain)
Q: Nothing to review

MastThis question claims to implement the Nothing language. I'm citing the language specification (emphasis mine): Note: if the output does not meet the expectation of a "hello world"-program, this does not necessarily mean the Nothing program has a bug. The programmer primarily is supposed to c...

I don't have any auto-comment script running, I usually grab what's on the frequently used comments meta.
@StackExchange Snail mail...
his post wasn't bad at all
5:17 PM
@janos No, he's simply misinformed.
But that's perfectly his fault, not ours.
yes, he could have written it better, for his own good, but doesn't mean he should be punished
4 downvotes were way too harsh response, for a new user
@janos downvotes are not a punishment
So everyone claiming we failed as a community on that question, well, that's backwards.
If he wants to change, sure, we'll teach him.
We're the good guys.
But the intent should come from his side.
@Mast right now, it doesn't look that way at all
I was reading Eric Lippert's blog last night. I could not pass his interview - at least not yet.
5:20 PM
@janos Keeping up appearances is not something I'm specialized in or (to be honest) very interested in.
Yes, sometimes we sound harsh.
But we do it with the best intentions.
I'm missing intent from the OP here.
Reading is the start of all wisdom.
He skipped it.
When OP receives 2 comments asking to reformulate the title so we know what the code does at a glance, and responds with this:
I think it is really clear what I want to ask. — Low Rider 20 mins ago
....they deserve the downvotes. Sorry.
you should change the title to express, briefly, what the code is being used for. — Malachi yesterday
The desire to improve code is implied for all questions on this site. Question titles should reflect the purpose of the code, not how you wish to have it reworked. See How to Ask. — Jamal ♦ yesterday
There's nothing asking more context
Which is what is needed in that question
It only refers to the title
@IsmaelMiguel The title isn't much good at the moment either. Fixing the title would've been a good start.
But we can't help to fix the title without a context
We have no idea what the code is for
If the O.P. provided some context, we could help him to make a decent title
The title is extremelly important
@IsmaelMiguel It's fetching something, printing something which looks like HTML and probably has something to do with dates.
5:29 PM
But alone, it is worthless
That's about as far as I got.
That's as far as I got too
And anyone else, most likely
Janos wrote him a decent review.
He can polish anything.
He did
It was a hard work
But, we don't know if the code in the question is actually working
Since we don't know what it was supposed to do
@Mat'sMug I've seen a lot of bad questions that failed more than one item on the list that makes a good question, from less noob users, and it's not at all common to get 4 downvotes. It seems this user had an unlucky day. Such un-warm welcome is not common on our site, and I hope it will stay that way.
5:31 PM
In my opinion
Before asking a title change
It should have been asked context on the question
@IsmaelMiguel But we do know janos's alternative won't change the functioning of the code. Which is quite neat if the context is missing.
@IsmaelMiguel that, I agree with
@janos that too
@GioraGuttsait I'm not much into code review. But if your code now works and you have some specific questions about it (like efficiency, scalability etc) you can ask a question on Code Review. Make sure to read their on-topic guides, but that's a more appropriate place to ask. You'll get more eyes from people actually dedicated to code review. — ryanyuyu 22 secs ago
@Mast Yes, but the code could be doing a flip when it should be doing a slide. But we don't know because we don't have context. And we can't fix the title becase there is no context.
Context helps. But it's not always really needed. I had no difficulty reviewing that piece. Despite its shortcomings, it was easily reviewable
5:34 PM
There is consensus. Good.
@janos Let's agree that context helps. There are reviewable parts, but some missing things could be polished if there was context
@janos true. I could upvote a code-dump with clear code and a great title
@Mat'sMug Must be some pretty good title.
@Mast Jamalized, I would say.
@Mast indeed
5:37 PM
sometimes we rewrite really bad titles and turn them into really good ones
(maybe we actually shouldn't: that's really OP's job)
@janos Yea, I'm dubious about it with every edit I make.
@Jamal Isn't worrying too much about it I think.
5:53 PM
Question: what does std::ifstream program(argv[1]); mean?
There's no program function on the code
But there's the use of a program variable
that's how you create objects in c++
Alright, thanks
I loosely looked it up on Google, but I have no idea how to search it
it's kinda like std::ifstream program = new std::ifstream(argv[1]) but not quite, see this: stackoverflow.com/questions/2722879/…
But thanks, that is really helpful
@janos Without dynamic allocation.
5:56 PM
Thanks for the link!
I'll read it when I finish answering
Is there a string type in C++?
I read that there is :/
@IsmaelMiguel Yea.
#include <string>
Just want to be sure that I don't screw something
Yup, that include exists in the code
Reviewing a question you don't speak the language of again?
5:58 PM
And I use it like string bla(string a)?
@IsmaelMiguel I think you need std::string.
@IsmaelMiguel If you're having a function which should return a string, yea.
Unless you are using namespace std;.
There's no using
@Hosch250 Which he shouldn't.
5:59 PM
The idea is a function to receive a string
In that case you'll need std::string instead of string to indicate what string you're using.
And it needs *?
Like std::string*
@IsmaelMiguel No.
6:00 PM
Thanks a lot!
Oh God, you're so not getting how the language works.
That is for a pointer, and IIRC, only int and char types can have that.
* and & are for handling pointers/pass-by-reference type of stuff.
Please start a hobby project in the language before writing more reviews in the language. It won't take you that long but it will learn you so much.
Like on C?
@Hosch250 any type can be a pointer.
6:01 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg Yep. A string pointer can happen, but you usually don't need one in C++.
@SimonAndréForsberg Yeah, but I don't think you can do string* v = ...
Or can you?
sure you can do string* v = ...
@Hosch250 Why not?
I know you can do int* i = v;
I can't comment on you code in this small comment, I suggest that after having a working code (using eval or whatnot) you post it on codereview.stackexchange.com and get a way to make it work without using eval. — f.rodrigues 32 secs ago
6:02 PM
@Mast I don't know, I need to learn more about pointers.
Q: Solving a Binary Puzzle

Simon André ForsbergA while ago I started solving Binary Puzzles (also known as "binero"). Not having done much C++ in my life, although it feels like I have a pretty good understanding of C++ in general, I figured it was time to do some C++! The rules for a Binary Puzzle are: The entire grid should be filled up ...

I was planning on doing that this summer, but I did RD instead.
@SimonAndréForsberg Is that in any way a port of your Sudoku?
no. Binero != Sudoku
I made my own class and I used pointers of that class.
@SimonAndréForsberg True, but your Sudoku was so generic it wouldn't have surprised me.
6:05 PM
My goal is to some day in the future implement my generic Sudoku Solver in Brainfuck. but well... that's something for the far future :)
A: "Nothing" interpreter/compiler

Ismael Miguel Disclaimer: I know Nothing about C++ Insinde the !program if, you seem to have forgotten this line: std::cerr << "nothing: fatal error: no input files\n"; Which is also present on the if (argc < 2) block. Probably a copy-paste mistake? Since your error messages are almost always the sa...

Any C++ guru want to take a look?
@SimonAndréForsberg 9 numbers or 15 numbers?
@IsmaelMiguel generic. both.
@SimonAndréForsberg Brainfuck...
You know it will be turtle-dead slow, right?
6:07 PM
@IsmaelMiguel @SirPython broke your pun.
depends on the brainfuck interpreter
@Mast There was a pun?
@Mast I know :/
Q: Short Hash Generator

WindRavenI am working on some code that will generate a link with a relativly unique 10 character hash. I am not worried to much about colisions as long as they are rare enough that I could have a couple thousand links out standing since I soft delete after they are used and a colision between an open it...

@SirPython Yes, it is the Nothing language
6:08 PM
Oh, I see! I'm terribly sorry. I have fixed it.
Thanks dude!
@Mast The language is designed to be "bug-free"...nobdy said the compiler had to be — user82302 1 hour ago
Wow, I didn't noticed this comment!
6:21 PM
7:16 PM
Right, time to actualy get some programming done :)
That should take a while
@Hosch250 What interview?
7:44 PM
Q: Nothing to review

MastThis question claims to implement the Nothing language. I'm citing the language specification (emphasis mine): Note: if the output does not meet the expectation of a "hello world"-program, this does not necessarily mean the Nothing program has a bug. The programmer primarily is supposed to c...

Anyone else want to share his opinion?
I'd say the consensus is pretty obvious already ;-)
The voting is 6 on the question and 4 on the existing answers
That's 33.3...% loss of votes on answers
@IsmaelMiguel that... is not how meta votes work.
or rather, that's not how votes work in general
You know What I mean, right?
you can't force anyone to vote on answers.
7:48 PM
I'm not, and won't
the "% loss of votes on answers" is totally irrelevant.
What if one of those who voted on it doesn't agree with the existing answers?
But forgot to answer for whatever reason it is?
Rebecca Black needs to drop that "Days of the Week" album.
Feels like I see Saturday and Friday vids posted every one of those days I visit the 2nd monitor.
Anywho, greetings everyone.
Greetings dude
I usually don't post those
But meh, I did it this time
I don't actually mind, lol.
7:54 PM
I don't either
Just some remarks on an apparent trend.
Well, usually the trend is on friday to post that one from Rebecca Black
@Hosch250 What is that? Seems like I should read it.
And the other one
7:54 PM
@Legato It is how Eric Lippert interviews people.
Look at his reputation
I don't know why, but I like that number
Thanks for the link @Hosch250, it's a good read so far.
@IsmaelMiguel you can spend your whole life thinking "What if ...", I suggest you avoid it.
8:04 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg Good suggestion
That is a by-product of being paranoid
@Hosch250 Interesting. That was sort of how my phone-interview went.
@IsmaelMiguel Eric Lippert is a very smart person, you would do well to read some of his blog posts. They have very good content.
Especially the Wizards and Warriors group.
What's that?
I just read that.
8:17 PM
I could spend years reading his blog.
Trouble is, I haven't done a single lick of school today :(
He (and Jon Skeet both) have really good stuff.
I really like that Jon Skeet book, so far.
I'm not a huge fan of reading
Then you'll not get quite as far as you could.
I really can't extract much joy from reading
@IsmaelMiguel Then you haven't found the right things to be reading. I really enjoy reading this Jon Skeet book, even if it is a programming book.
8:22 PM
Well, I don't even have books
Back at school, I had to do a work that required me to read a whole book
Lets just say that I made the stupidest choice
I ended up doing the work about some 3-page long story I wrote 1 year before
8:34 PM
o.O What's that?
It should be a row of submitted business.
with nicely formatted financial data
But you got something wrong there
indeed. For some reason, that line (and about 4 others out of 1,200) have replaced al the useful information with surnames
8:44 PM
okay. I've tracked down where it's occuring
now I just have to figure out why :)
and it turns out, it's not just 4 lines
it's replacing all the end columns with the same column from the original sheet
which only rarely has any data in it :)
That is even more weird
I have found the problem :)
one of my functions is supposed to return an error if it can't find the thing it's after
it was instead returning the error number
which just so happened to be the column number in question
That is indeed quite weird
probably just another instance of me not understanding the subtleties of VBA syntax :)
Or just a small distraction?
8:56 PM
nah, just me not understanding the function I was using
I assumed "Variant = vberror" would make the variant an error variable
turns out, I need "variant = cverr(vberror)"
A: How to filter a SELECT group using jquery

Zach LYour jQuery could be somewhat more efficient, if you save reused $(...) chunks in their own variables. Also, I think you will see some benefit to replacing some jQuery constructs with their pure JS alternatives ($.each -> for, etc..) <script> var fullcelllist = $(), lastVal ="", $cellli...

It's a good thing that you could solve it quickly
9:14 PM
@Donald.McLean Making enough per year for these yet...? thisiswhyimbroke.com/tron-motorcycle
I thought it would be a perfect fit for you ;-)
I'm going to have to block that site before I end up broke :)
@Zak Oh sorry :P
The Tron bike is a lot better, in my opinion
oh wow, Monopoly Game of Thrones
Hello, all. I've got a project I need to do in Java, but my Java knowledge is about a decade out of date. Can anybody recommend useful resources for me to catch up quickly?
9:27 PM
google? That's always where I start :)
@Zak 98% odds it takes you to Stack Overflow ;-)
@Mat'sMug It actually is somewhat accurate
The problem with Google is that it gives me 15 billion links to beginner's tutorials of widely varying quality and freshness.
9:33 PM
@Edward write it and then post it for review
@SimonAndréForsberg I'll probably write something and post it but this particular project is not open source. Yet...
I was looking for a concise, up-to-date and accurate tutorial aimed at experienced programmers who aren't new to computers -- just to Java.
And actually, not even that new to Java. Just out of the loop for the past 10 years or so.
My searching turned up no such document, unfortunately.
@Edward Perhaps Java has changed enough in that time for you to be considered new. Or, perhaps, it would be nice to get a refresher.
@SirPython Yes, my fallback is to just trudge through the Oracle tutorials.
That's how I started learned Java.
I was just hoping for something a little quicker. That's how I started with it, too, many many years ago when it was Sun.
9:40 PM
@Edward What languages do you know?
Perhaps you could start just by writing some Java. This will help you discover what you don't know.
@Edward Your best bet is to recreate something you already have in Java.
@Edward Learn the tools as your needs require.
@Legato Ordinarily this is very sound advice. Unfortunately, I may end up overlooking newer features such as lambdas and templates.
That's why your best proceeding step would be to post it here for review.
9:45 PM
Fair enough. As I said, I was planning on posting something here just so more experienced Java heads could shred it. :)
You're familiar with C++, I'm certain you'll pick it up with ease.
@Legato That's certainly my hope.
@Edward What languages do you actually know? Just C++?
From his profile questions it seems he's familiar with C, C++, and Assembly -- though I'll let him give you the more complete answer.
This is not a question but a request for a code review. — edharned just now
9:59 PM
hello everyone

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