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12:10 AM
Can someone help me with linking a website to an answer? I cannot seem to do this on my I-pad.
Q: name of 80s or 90s tv series

angeloName of 80s or 90s tv series of a little boy working with a gypsy women blond hair and the setting is high class. I tried looking online but couldn't find it. Thank you. Angelo.

Q: -Sinister 2 (2015) FULL M.O.V.I.E.S

Mendoza UgleListening Official Trailer -Sinister 2 (2015) FULL M.O.V.I.E.S http://cinema-up.com/17/play.php?movie=2752772

@MovieReel Spam in M&TV???
12:26 AM
@steelerfan What do you mean exactly?
The markdown for a link is just [whatever text](whatever.url). Or do your need something else?
@TomCody I am not aware of a mark down..... I Am simply trying to copy a link and when I paste it into my answer, I get a notification that "this site does not accept this text". It only happens on my I-pad.
@TomCody I just read how I should not be invited into this room anymore. I am not sure why as I did not criticize anyone or drop f-bombs or slander anyone after a post was made that was disagreed upon. I'm Sorry, but I did nothing wrong here. That is fine, I will leave...pity, I really enjoyed this site. Thanks for all of your help with everything.
3 hours later…
3:57 AM
Q: Why Dorne is culturally so different from rest of Westeros?

PantherWe know that Dorne is part of Westeros like other regions. Howcome, it is so different from them culturally. There is difference in other kingdoms also like North people respect Night Watch and give value to pride and honour. South people are relatively different. But that his minor difference. B...

4:33 AM
Q: How did Korath know that Ronan had taken the Infinity stone?

NathanIn this scene: How does Korath show up exactly when Ronan is about to take the Infinity stone? How does he know Ronan is there? Space is an extremely large place and the planet appears to be completely abandoned along with the Infinity Stone. More importantly, how does Korath even know about...

5:17 AM
@steelerfan What? Where? I don't see what you're talking about.
@steelerfan If you weren't allowed to be here, you wouldn't be able to chat here... You were not suspended... you'd know if you were. Please don't go away.
6:11 AM
Q: Why Ramsay Bolton transformed Theon Greyjoy to Reek?

Dark ArmyAs we saw that Ramsey Bolton tortured, mentally and physically, almost constantly, Theon Greyjoy then why inspite of killing him he transformed him to Reek who is completely psychologically broken.

@steelerfan just because of one person you doesn't have to leave from here. He seems to have been banned automatically. If not than i might have banned him. And where did you read that?
@MovieReel Doesn't he still a Snow when this occurred.
6:47 AM
Q: Looking for a movie with a little girl on a tree swing. Possibly at a party being picked on. She kills everyone

KyleIf I remember correctly, little boys were throwing firecrackers at her. She floated up off the swing and everyone was dead. When she came back down there was a ring of fire around the swing. She was completely unharmed.

2 hours later…
8:29 AM
@steelerfan sigh Please, please do not also start to misread and misinterpret things now. Do we really need to intentionally get offended and driven away? It was not you forever I did not intend to invite back into the chatroom, it was you two at this point in time I chose to not invite back again for fear the discussion I deleted would just start again (neither was it about "invitation" but just about notification. Of course you have all the right to come back to chat whenever you want)...
@steelerfan ...While you did not throw around offensive language (and were in constrast to that other user also not suspended from chat), I still chose to delete the entire discussion since it didn't bring anything constructive at all. No matter if you meant your mental health diagnoses serious or not, they apparently did not contribute to resolving the situation. So I cleaned up the whole discussion. Now can we please move on and not get inadvertently pissed at this little incident anymore?
@TomCody - Wondering why this migration got rejected
Q: Movie with a black and yellow ship/tanker

DeeThe plot involves a large, possibly black and yellow, ship/tanker has terrorist or hostages. A man is asked if his team can train to take the ship, they set up a large scaffold training ship with the black and yellow lines on it to look like the ship. When they take over they use diving gear to a...

@Richard I don't know. I would have guessed crappy ID, but it doesn't even seem to have been closed here at all.
@TomCody - No, it got marked as "migration rejected". It also got a note on it from Shoq9 asking not to migrate "questions like this" which I'm genuinely stumped by
@Richard "No, it got marked as "migration rejected"." - I know, all I said was that I think to get this note it has to get closed on the receiving site, which didn't happen here.
But it seems Shog9 realized that crappy ID questions are not a particularly great idea to migrate. I for myself would have waited till we actually close it for being crappy ID (or maybe not) and it get auto-rejected, but I can't say I disagree with him.
@TomCody - It met the criteria; good description of the film, that it's in colour, easily recognisable scene. Should have been a good match and an easy find.
8:41 AM
@Richard Well, discuss it with Shog9, I don't really know the exact reasons why he rejected it manually and probably wouldn't have done so myself (even if I don't miss the question).
8:54 AM
Q: Destructive consequences of acting out a phantasy

Marc JorisHusband and wife are watching tv together. Two intruders burst in, tie up the husband and rape his wife. It turns out the couple had organised this as an acting out of sexual fantasies. But afterwards, the husband can't cope with it. What was the title of this movie. I think it was a TV-movie.

9:26 AM
Until its ID, lesser is better.
@AnkitSharma Still it makes me wonder why Shog9 felt the need to intervene manually there.
I'm alos glad that question is gone, but from an official standpoint, we could as well have closed it ourselves if it was really bad.
@TomCody don't know either. But we have quite good chance of closing it even here too as low quality.
Its not much bad, we have seen worse but still not great either.
And given the currently very bad relationship between those two sites, due to certain users contantly fueling the fire, I wouldn't want the SciFi people to react to that rejection with a huffy "fine, then we just won't migrate anything anymore", which would be far from optimal.
Yeah, that's a good point.
It's better to wait for Shog9's reply from both end before anymore action.
9:45 AM
@MovieReel weird title. Looks like a Blog title.
@AnkitSharma Well, whatever Shog9 says, I'm still not too inclined to take that question back. ;-)
10:03 AM
It's certainly no worse than many of the movie - ident questions on the site.
@Richard are you counting closed ones too
On the other not......
Q: (inter)National A&M Cookie day!

Dimitri mxHereby I declare the 26th of August A&M Cookie day! As some of you may have noticed in the chat lately, I have been looking into to how to provide the cookies I promised during the election. And after a few failed attempts to bribe some ♦ with cookies, I decided to change my approach. Leading to...

10:18 AM
@JimmyHoffa ^^^^^
10:53 AM
@TomCody I am posting a meta discussion for meme. Lets see what people think of it here. Even have few ideas.
@AnkitSharma Meh ;-(
But if you really need to do this, please also try to link to the Meta Stack Exchange version, so people know what you're talking about and it doesn't look too confusing.
I linked the main meta memo post too
on the top
@AnkitSharma Oh, I thought you wanted to post the actual meme question already.
11:04 AM
Q: Do we want Meme?

Ankit SharmaMain Meta site use to have memes The Many Memes of Meta Many other Stack Exchange sites also followed the trend Travel Gaming Anime & Manga Information Security Code Review Sci-Fi English Language & Usage Is it not good if follow the trend too? We can also gather few funny ideas and follow...

So you just want to know if people even want that question. Ok, now that might not be that bad an idea. And you certainly have my vote.
@TomCody yup that's the case.
@AnkitSharma - I was looking through some of the answered questions that have received upvotes
@Richard Answered question are surely bit partial while handling.
Anyway, I don't think it has much use to discuss this here now. I will utter a more direct question to Shog9, seeing how that topic gets more and more contentious.
11:36 AM
Q: A movie about a husband or boyfriend leaving this wife and he says dont forget to feed the dogs.

oriaLooking for the name of this movie that a man says feed the dogs to his lover/wife leaving her - Feed the dogs meaning "He loves her sooo much" Does anyone know what this movie is called?

Q: TV news-station, San Francisco, late 1970s, reporting news vs. selling sensation

Baard KopperudI'm looking for a movie from the 1970s - probably mid to late. It's set at a TV news-station (or possibly, the news-section of a TV-station) in San Francisco. It's about the conflict between a disillusioned male news-anchor and his relatively new boss... the anchor wants to report news, the bos...

12:09 PM
Q: Method acting - characters from different time periods

howlerAfter reading about Daniel day-Lewis method acting in Lincoln and Gangs of New York, it got me wondering when filming stops and he stays in full character between takes does he look and all surprised at and all this future technology , or does he acknowledge he is Lincoln but Lincoln acting in a ...

12:35 PM
@AnkitSharma meaningless ripoff..
Coffee+ cookies.....will make my day ;)
Anyways Happy Coffee day.
@TomCody looks like you are the one down-voter of meme post
I also though to make a coffee meme
@AnkitSharma Indeed. Maybe I should have waited for other votes with mine. But I just felt too strongly about this thing. I still think we simply don't have many recurring memes, let alone a tight enough core userbase to coin and appreciate such memes.
@TomCody on other sites too, few meme was only promoted by single user only. Then it got widespread or ignored ;D
I'm all for more community building efforts. But I don't think that such Many Memes meta posts even cotribute in that regard, rather than establishing some kind clique attitude, as memes usually do. And if ti will just become a deserted place or filled with things nobody knows, it might have a contrary effect.
But I can take my downvote back for now, so that the rest of the community can at least approach this thing unbiased.
@TomCody That's why i posted a discussion post first, rather then direct meme meta post.
12:52 PM
And that's much appreciated.
@AnkitSharma fair enough; these two do go rather well. Happy Coffee Day to you
Coffee Day Poll: Dip your donuts in your coffee, or no? (Me-> Definitely dip. Noms.)
@MovieReel I think this one makes up for like a month's worth of undetailed ID.
...Meta Memes? Huh? What are you guys going on about :S
@Walt Indeed it does, if only those other questions would now disappear from the face of the earth and collect their votes and views into this one.
@Walt Memes of the site and the chat. Read those other example posts to know what it's about. (But it's not as if I hadn't expected this reaction to some degree.)
@JimmyHoffa Prefer to dip sturdier stuff. Soft things get soggy.
@TomCody Looking at them now but still in the dark. Are they like running jokes or something? I don't know if we have those. Unless ID Rage is one. :P
@JimmyHoffa I don't even eat donuts. I rarely eat any cookie-like things when drinking coffee and if I do I might dip depending on the coffee. But if it's a yes/no, then I gotta say no!
1:08 PM
@JimmyHoffa nopes.......keep them separate. I use to eat chocolate filled donuts....they will ruin my coffee and donuts both while dipping.
@Walt Yeah, something like that. "I don't know if we have those." - Me neither. "Unless ID Rage is one." - Could count as one, but would be quite a bit too negative. We already confuse people here in chat with that attitude.
I'm presuming you are all Americans, because it is a well known fact that tea is the superior liquid to dip things into
@AnkitSharma Another good point. Hoffa, rebuttal?
Or "dunk" as we say over here
@DrRDizzle Wrong presumption. But I'd presume you're a Brit, then.
1:10 PM
@TomCody Indeed, despite my America-centric display picture.
@DrRDizzle There are people from many countries here. I think I'm a kind of all encompassing mist, myself? Nice to meet ya :)
@Walt You too.
That being said, while I don't tend to drink tea as often as coffee, it is indeed quite good for dipping/dunking.
@TomCody Yeah, I caught some of that
Most unfortunate. I hope @steelerfan comes back, it seems there was some miscommunication there
At the moment I count various Brits and Germans, some Indians and Americans, and yeah, some weird emanation of unknown affiliation and character.
1:13 PM
@DrRDizzle even our majority of mods not from US
And yeah...tea is better for dipping
@Walt Me too. I even hope Brad comes back. Noone should leave simply due to misunderstandings.
But not donuts for sure ;p
@TomCody I'll reserve my judgement there
@TomCody Brad seems like a over-reacting kid. We have one on Hindusim too.
@AnkitSharma there's overreacting kids everywhere
from my experience they are surprisingly seldom actually kids
1:17 PM
@AnkitSharma Significantly better. I've got one right now :D
I act like kid for this matters and go for milk mostly but in office hours Tea>>>>coffee>>.anything else
@AnkitSharma Well, there isn't even a majority of mods at all, let alone from one timezine, let alone from one continent, it's surprisingly well-balanced.
@TomCody I call antarctica is underrepresented
Though, one could argue about gender diversity.
@TomCody Yeah that's what i like about.
@TomCody we have less women in here even as user. Even from rest - One hate us, one is a runaway and want to chnage the whole site and delete every possible tag. ;-)
Rest i can only nthink of @Catija
:23707898 already corrected
My typo sucks......mostly all knows :D
1:22 PM
$610M projected opening for The Force Awakens worldwide? Sounds... almost feasible, actually
@Walt can't we just take all that money and ... give it to .. greece?
I'd say it's better invested there :D
@Walt want to ignore it from happening.
As i am the only unaware star war non-fan
I know yoda for sure
@Vogel612 Hey, there's a reason this business is relatively recession-proof
Hmm, as much of a Star Wars fan I am, The Martian and Spectre is way more important this year anyway.
[...and it's dubious accounting ;)]
1:26 PM
@Vogel612 Do penguin use internet O-o
@AnkitSharma You forget all the Antarctic researchers, assuming they aren't all Things already.
s/dog/animal of choice/
^ I think they might have even upvoted my meme post :/
I really want to comment on that Dexter finale question in unopinionated way, but really, there's pretty much a consensus that it was one of the worst finales ever made; There's no lesson learned because the writers gave up.
You might as well look for one in the Two and a Half Men finale.
1:35 PM
@Walt really, i was just reading about it minutes ago
SOunded like creepy idea to me
@Walt There even is one? I thought they drag that until Kutcher pisses off the producers as well.
But not a sitcom/comedy show fan either and don't care much
@TomCody Oh, if you didn't see it, you missed out on a doozy
...now I really want a pastry and some coffee. A good morning bun or mexican bread with coffee...
"Of Course He's Dead" is the series finale of the long-running sitcom Two and a Half Men. The series ran for twelve seasons, and the final episode aired on February 19, 2015. The hour-long program marks the 261st and 262nd half-hour episodes of the series. The episode brought in the show's highest audience since April 2013, with 13.52 million viewers tuning in to the finale. Former cast members Angus T. Jones, April Bowlby, and Jennifer Bini Taylor all made cameo appearances in the episode. == Plot == Alan (Jon Cryer) receives a letter that Charlie has $2.5 million in unclaimed royalties. He needs...
^spoiler alert
1:37 PM
But seriously, what's to learn from the finale of a sitcom? (Especially one that's not at all about development of any characters but merely the whole frigginly arrested morons all the time.)
@Walt on the side-note i even hate the dexter show because of that fucking one episode
Or i can say a whole season
@TomCody Watch the last couple of minutes. It's pretty surreal.
@JimmyHoffa i will opt to go home and see what my room-mate going to cook for us.
@AnkitSharma TBH it reminds me of continuity error Qs. "Is there an explanation for it or is that just a goof?" Well, I'm sorry, the last Dexter episode (and season, really) was just a goof. It was poorly conceived and written. There's not much more that could be said about it.
@AnkitSharma Oh, sounds quite interesting.
1:42 PM
@Walt reminded me of Dallas dream season
Better make a episode about a season seven extended final episode where season 8 porved to be dream
@AnkitSharma Not that Dallas's (original) finale wasn't almost as ridiculous
And deb kill dex instead in the ending
@Walt on another side-note i don't know what is Dallas, i just read an article on comic book death and got to know about a dream season
Very weird idea to remove a whole season from existence
@AnkitSharma I think in the last episode of the original series, [SPOILER ALERT!] The devil(?!) convinces JR to shoot himself
Then they retconned it for the revivals
Can be done with Under the dome. In the last dome never came and barbie doesn't exists and its all Julia's dream after a causal sex with his husband
@AnkitSharma Is it even legal anymore to use 'it was all a dream' anywhere?
1:48 PM
@Walt Why not.
Imagine that sentence started with 'How', then
When a resurrected old lady need sex with junior (looks like mother son sex) to heal and take down dome to serve dome to fuck around with audience then dreams seems better
Uh, yeah, whatever.
@AnkitSharma Thank you for making me feel good about quitting this show
1:51 PM
6.9 stars
Fuck you internet
I think under 7 is not that great for something with a loyal fanbase, actually
@Walt i didn't told you full...so that you don't feel to vomit
@AnkitSharma Appreciated :)
Season 1 was good for sure. Maybe that affected the rating
2 was bit boring
But 3 sucks
Well, it's extremely hard to think of a show that ended on a high note
They all kinda lose steam eventually
1:55 PM
Breaking Bad
All hail to breaking bad
@AnkitSharma Mmm... OK, I'll give you that
@AnkitSharma There are differing opinions about that, too, though. But I for myself would agree that the ending was good.
@TomCody bring my guns....who sad bad about it?
@AnkitSharma Not necessarily bad, but that it should have ended with S05E13 (i.e. in the desert with Jack's gang) and was only prolonged for bureaucratic reasons. I'd have to dig it up, but it was an interesting answer here, with not too bad reasoning.
@TomCody I think it's fair enough. The last season was strong and so was the last episode.
[new Q] Not an M&TV Q, sorry. Prob. Sci-Fi if only because they dig JRRT (is there a books.SE?)
2:00 PM
Oh, that was handled fast.
@Walt There once was, but it didn't survive. Though, there might be a new proposal already.
@TomCody :( Internet priorities... grrr. Hopefully the new one survives.
Damn, I just recently went through all those 190 Breaking Bad questions, now I gotta do it again. ;-(
@Walt If it will even go life in the first place.
Meh, reading is for eggheads, give me pretty pictures and cool sounds!
OK, so BB is one, granted. Um.
Firefly? Does one season count?
@TomCody No, I mean long-lived shows
2:05 PM
And, in danger of contradicting the internet, How I Met Your Mother!
Can't think of many other examples. It's like that forced Dark Knight quote about heroes and villains, whatsit.
@TomCody Quite a controversial statement there
The main Scrubs show ended on a high note. I class Scrubs: Med School as a spin off, not a continuation.
When pretty much everyone (including myself, though I never cared that much about HIMYM) said that the last season, which was pretty much forced on the creators, was by far the worst in the series. And, well, the finale.
@DrRDizzle Denial. Doesn't count. ;)
@Walt But it had a subtitle and everything!
@Walt I liked the last season very much and the ending was really inevaitable and very fitting. I don't know what all those people complain about. They should look into themselves and ask if it ever was about the "mother" at all. No, that only was a backdrop, it's clear it always had to be Robin.
2:11 PM
I consider those couple of Office seasons sans Michael fanfic too. But they were still canon. :(
Canon != same show.
Agents of SHIELD and Daredevil are canon to one another, but they aren't the same show.
Friends ended well
So did Red Dwarf (although that is back in production now)
@DrRDizzle The last few seasons were subpar, though I agree the last episode was a slight return to form, albeit a bit too late.
Found it, interesting answer actually
A: Why does Jack let Walt go?

Mistah MixJack let Walter go for two reasons: The series consistently demonstrates the neo-Nazis aren't a particularly intelligent assemblage of criminals and thus allowing a man who clearly had shown that he was willing to pay to commit mass murder for far less than stealing from him is yet another inst...

Also, Blackadder, The IT Crowd, Father Ted
Basically, British shows know when to end ;)
Maybe it is just a US thing ;)
Blackadder 4 was cool, sure, though the show peaked in 3 IMO
2:17 PM
@Walt The final episode of Blackadder is a fucking masterpiece
Are we allowed to swear in chat btw?
@DrRDizzle When it comes to praising Blackadder, go for it ;)
@DrRDizzle No fair, though, your idea of a season is 6 measly episodes and an Xmas special :P
@Walt I told you we don't know shit about what canon actually is. ;-)
@Walt Quality over quantity, my (presumably) American friend.
@DrRDizzle Grumble grumble
@DrRDizzle I dunno, all those shows you mentioned are pretty old. Can you say that about any new British ones? >:)
Q: Why do British sitcoms have so many fewer episodes than American ones?

PaulStockThrough Netflix & Amazon streaming, I have recently "discovered" a bunch of really good British sitcoms that I never knew existed. Although I think some of these comedies are as good or better than anything on U.S. television, my only complaint is that there aren't enough of them. I get hooked o...

2:21 PM
@Walt Well none of the newer ones have ended.
@DrRDizzle Cop out ;)
Indeed. (not the "cop out", the "they're not finished yet" argument).
@TomCody Just teasing, I actually admire the British system
Q: What happened to Edmure Tully after Red Wedding?

PantherAll the soldiers and commanders from Tully and Stark family were killed during the bedding ceremony of Edmure Tully. What was his fate after this massacre. Did Walder Frey got his own son in law killed in his bedding ceremony in front of his daughter?? Or he left him as he is now family ? If he ...

@Richard and @TomCody It's acually... my "fault"...
Is there any chance of reconsidering this? We get the occasional ID questions shunted to M&TV from Sci-Fi and they're much more accepting of ID questions that we are... so they usually end up on M&TV with several upvotes and nearly always get closed on our site for not having enough detail to be a good question. EG: This quesiton came to us with two upvotes despite being pretty crummy a question. — Catija 9 hours ago
2:22 PM
Esp. testing out some concepts on radio first (?)
Very writery
@Catija Oh, I see. Hmm, now Shog9's gonna get pissed about our inconsistent and undecided community. ;-(
Well, not really your fault, though, you certainly weren't speaking the untruth either.
@TomCody That's why I put it in quotes.
I saw the question disappear and saw that Ankit was on the site at that point, so I'd assumed that he'd done it... I didn't get pinged by Shog's response to my comment.
That being said, it's actually very rare that we get an ID question migrated over from there at all.
Luther, Peep Show, Black Mirror and Sherlock spring to mind about more modern British TV shows that are great
Black Mirror especially
@DrRDizzle I thought Luther was finished, though. Didn't he ride into the sunset with Alice Morgan? (But I'd agree that's a really good show.)
2:27 PM
True (though I can't stand Luther, it's so ridiculously OTT)
@TomCody Yeah. I did say "occasional"... I feel like I've seen a couple recently. I voted to close it as insufficient detail but I never thought that the migration would get rejected like that... As a note, the question's title when it was migrated was horrid. It was generic and non-specific to the subject.
@TomCody There are rumours of a film or a fourth season still.
@Walt What is "OTT"?
Like all British shows, they never really end so much as they stop being created.
We rule the episodic format, but no one does long form drama quite as well as Americans.
@TomCody Over The Top
@DrRDizzle Indeed, also makes sense.
2:30 PM
Though I get the faint sense (not something specific, just a feeling) that UK show are getting more American
Only Two Toupee's
Offal Time, Texans
@DrRDizzle Yes, that, though I like the alternatives
And we're continuously treating on interesting subjects that have been tackled by good questions here already.
Q: When/Why did American television change from primarily episodic to primarily serialized?

Mike EdenfieldMy recollection of the prime-time television I watched growing up -- the 70s and 80s plus whatever were on at the time -- are almost invariably of episodic television. At the end of each episode, everything that had happened was completely and forgotten, and the show effectively "reset" for the n...

Oragutan Tickling Turds
Q: Are more movie stars acting in TV shows nowadays (and if so, why)?

ewkochinI recently saw the TV show Fargo, and the presence of Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton (both legitimately successful movie actors) made me wonder: Is doing the switch from movies to TV more acceptable these days? It's my impression that it used to be the case that successful TV stars went on...

2:32 PM
@TomCody I tend to agree most with wbogacz's 1st comment on the approved answer
Ovarian Turtle Television
@Catija Yeah, it had interesting, well, implications. ;-)
@Walt What makes you say that?
@DrRDizzle If I could put a finger on something, I would've ;) I dunno. Their... Britishness is wearing off.
@Walt I think you guys might just be getting used to British humour.
Community is the most British non-British show I've ever seen.
2:36 PM
@MovieReel Sure that's not a duplicate? Sounds suspiciously familiar.
So should we start ble @Catija in here like sci-fi people do with Richard :D
I mean blame. Can't see edit option on mobile
@AnkitSharma Rather not, I'd rather opt for blaming Richard here for everything, too, just not with some stupid Thor picture, please. ;-)
@DrRDizzle No, I mean they're starting to look derivative rather than just doing their own thing. But maybe it's just me
And yet again a 180 questions list to traverse. ;-(
@TomCody ID? You're not the only one ;(
I let a lot of them pass by me
2:39 PM
I deleted few today
Meta SE is a powerful tool... but I had no clue that Shog would respond... I don't think it's fair to blame me. I also want to know how he responded without pinging me... I would like to know if it's related to the fact of who he is or if it's because it was on a seriously downvoted answer.
@Walt Doctor Who got really American after Moffat took over, so I know what you mean.
@DrRDizzle Not a Dr. Who fan, but I could see that, sure. He always said BTVS was a major inspiration
@Walt Uh, wut? I don't think that 180 would be remotely enoguh for that. Oh, or do you mean my favorites? Well, that could fit. But no, I'm looking got the duplicate to that GoT question I suspect exists.
@TomCody Oh, I see. Good luck :P
2:42 PM
I always take too much time in finding duplicate
@Catija I don't really know. I wouldn't actually believe it to be beyond him to just overreact a little with that deletion. "Want that thing gone, it's gone!". But the optimist in me believes he genuinely wanted to help you there.
And always forget of its even from movies.se or not
@Walt BTVS?
@AnkitSharma Since I don't really read that much SciFi beyond meta, if I have a feeling I know a question already, it usually exists here.
@DrRDizzle Some show with ghoulies. I barely remember it.
[Quiet, Tom ;)]
JK, it's Buffy, which I quite liked.
2:48 PM
@TomCody Hmmmm. It's complicated. I just wanted the votes gone... really. Meh. I guess it's nice to know that they listen.
@Walt I watched the first episode once after learning that it was by Joss Whedon and flying through Firefly in the wake of The Avengers/Avengers Assemble. Vowed to never watch another.
He even replied too
In comment
@DrRDizzle I hear ya. It would be hard to stomach the first season nowadays. But those who manage to watch the whole thing are greatly rewarded IMHO
Hmm, must have just read that Edmure Tully thing in some answer.
@DrRDizzle Well, to me it's also something I'd never really watch again now. I liked it quite a bit when it ran originally, but it doesn't really have much rewatchability for me at all now.
Better be off, you wouldn't like me in rant mode ;)
2:57 PM
And I'm still baffled by how much people are all up in arms (or the positive equivalent for utter hysteria) about that Whedon guy. I mean, it's a nice show, as is Angel and Firefly, and the Avengers movies are great, too. But how's this guy such an utter writing god that the internet claims him to be?
Woah... I just got the notification for that comment on Shog's answer... odd.
@TomCody Well, look at the other things those people worship. Do they strike you as serious connoisseurs?
I think he's just connected to so many things they like.
@Catija Hmm, he could have edited the @ into it afterwards.
@Walt Might also be.
@TomCody It's always had the @... I just never got pinged. I know because I looked for it specifically.
On a related note, Cabin in the Woods was nice, but I sure expected more from it. Entertaining, but largely forgettable. And I don't know if it was such a good idea to reveal that whole meta level in the very first minutes of the movie.
3:04 PM
@TomCody The only reveal I regret is the eagle. It kinda ruins the tension in that motorcycle scene. Otherwise, I thought it was a great commentary on the horror genre and great fun regardless.
@Walt Yeah, nice commentary, but I feel it could have been done more subtle or elaborate.
@TomCody Sure, maybe. But we work with what we got. :)
For a horror movie at its core, it was generally somehow lacking in tension. But sure, it had some nice meta ideas, like the pothead getting actually saved and reasonable by his stuff. Or the football star being actually a rather smart guy and acting out of character.
Yes, yes you should, @SQB. As a general rule, if the form of the question wouldn't be acceptable on your site (regardless of topic), then dropping it onto someone else's (where the author may not even have an account) is rude: it's probably not gonna get better. When in doubt, drop in a link to movies.stackexchange.com/tour and suggest that the asker read it and re-post. — Shog9 ♦ 1 min ago
@TomCody @Richard ^
Always acceptable to NOT migrate. If you're gonna migrate or ask someone else to do so, try to make sure the asker looks good when his question appears on the new site. Failing to do this creates a bad experience for everyone involved.
The additional problem is though, that the form of the question would be acceptable on SciFi, since they don't seem to have the same quality considerations for those questions like we do. And even we are not perfectly decided in every case on the matter and it mostly reveals itself by the close-votes coming in or not. So from the SciFi perspective they did migrate a perfectly fine question to us. But I appreciate your input.
3:10 PM
@TomCody They do though. If that question was on-topic, it would've been edited had it stayed around - heck, it was edited after I kicked it back.
Look through the story-ID questions on SFF: even if they're posted in that form, they generally do get cleaned up.
@TomCody Yeah, it's funny how they were aggressively not the stereotypes they were suposed to represent. The 'fool' isn't one, the 'jock' is a bookworm, the 'bookworm' has the body of a jock, the 'virgin' is not really that etc.
Oh, I might have misunderstood your last comment, ignore mine.
@TomCody right. If the question had been asked directly on MTV, it may have been closed - at which point the asker would be able to improve it and perhaps get it reopened. That isn't an option for migrations.
@Shog9 Also true. The problem is though, that it's not clear if it would have been closed here or not and I would have left that up to the community and its mdoerators to decide.
But I don't want to make a big deal out of it either. It just happened and it caused a bit of dicsussion. So it's nice to hear your statement on it.
@TomCody I'm confused; are you speaking 3rd-person here? You and @Catija are moderators/users on MTV.
3:14 PM
@Shog9 I need to find a way to convince ELU about this in regard to migrations to ELL.
@Shog9 I'm not a mod... I'm just a concerned citizen.
moderator, user respectively
@Shog9 Indeed. I also wasn't aware of Catija's comment to your answer. It just seemed to come out of nowhere that an SE employee rejected some arbitrary migration on supposedly our behalf.
Anime Meme: Eric hates hats. Heh, wish I started that. Silly things.
@TomCody yeah, I got pinged about it late last night while I was at a concert - wasn't able to engage in a whole lot of conversation then, but I did want to demonstrate how to handle these situations without requiring migration to get even more complicated.
@Catija talk to them. That's why I left an example for you; if someone suggests a migration that's unwise, leave a polite comment advising against it.
An awful lot of angst has been generated by migrations in the past simply because folks didn't talk to each other... Education is key.
A few sites actively monitor comments on other sites that talk about their own, so that they can step in and provide such education.
It helps.
@Shog9 I appreciate that. It's certainly something that I see as a bit of a strain between the two sites. I'll endeavor to do that in the future.
3:19 PM
Well, thanks for your input, I seem to understand the situation and its reasons better now.
Wasn't trying to step on anyone's toes, BTW - but if y'all are reaching the point where you feel like the system is breaking down, it's better to step in and help than to ignore.
BTW, speaking of (OK, vaguely mentioning) *Angel*, what the hell, Henson?
@Shog9 - For the record, the question was in a fit state for SFF. Had it been on-topic, we'd have just tidied up the grammar and I'm sure it would have been answered by now since the description was pretty solid.
I actually thought this one was a no-brainer for migration and was surprised when it got (forcibly) kicked back with a somewhat curt admonishment.
@Richard That generic title was "fit state" for you guys? "Trying to find out this movies title"
@Catija - Admittedly it could have done with some improvement. My yardstick is that it was very answerable, indeed we've now found an answer for it.
And had you migrated such a question, we'd have been happy to have it,.
3:32 PM
Well, it's simply a borderline case and might as well have ended up open here. That's the problem with ID shit, it's not always entirely objective whether it's shit or good enough.
@Richard But you guys have a much more open policy on ID questions.
@Richard It would've been edited if it had hung around; as Catija notes, at very least the title would've been fixed. May not have been a show-stopper, but as I said above: try to make sure authors look their best when you're introducing them to a new site; they can't immediately respond (or even be notified of) feedback, so you are their proxy.
@Richard No worries; as I told Catija, this is an educational opportunity.
@TomCody - Well clearly it isn't shit. It was perfectly answerable.
And has been answered.
Your sites have a significant amount of overlap; it is beneficial to both if y'all are familiar with each other's needs and able to work together.
@Richard That close-reason is not about answerability but about details and effort, though. Every 2-line crap can be answerable (and usually will generate tons of answers anyway).
3:34 PM
So take every opportunity to learn more and to teach.
@Richard "being answerable" isn't one of our guidelines. We have closed low-quality ID that are answered/accepted.
At this stage, I think the best thing to do is to answer it, then lock it down as "historically significant".
@Richard Wut? I don't think so. Seems like a strange approach to quality assurance.
@Richard naw. It has been edited; is it acceptable now? If so, migrate. If not, leave it closed: the asker may re-post if he wishes.
@Shog9 I figure this is a whole lot about "is it acceptable on [target site]"
question: why not let the community of [target site] decide that?
3:40 PM
@Vogel612 they do
after the migration happened
@Vogel612 There have been various proposal for integrating that better into the migration process.
and when they say "no" it goes into limbo
@Vogel612 which is where it is now
3:40 PM
right... So to recap: The first condition for migration is: it's off-topic for [source]
this means ideally the question is closed on [source] before migration happens (which almost never happens from what I saw)
Afterall, the migration process is quite botched at the moment. For one, you can't migrate closed questions, even as a moderator, without first reopening. Though migration always should come after closure and not with it (or god beware, as a reason for it).
@TomCody that's kinda exactly what CR is seeing right now
Requirements for migration:
1. OT for source
2. OnT for dest
3. Well-written
tons of SO users voting to close questions as "off-topic because it belongs on codereview"
In my experience, questions that meet all three requirements are exceedingly rare.
@Vogel612 which of course mostly don't get migrated
3:42 PM
then let's get the 3 out of the mix and instead say "not total garbage"
the interesting part then is the second one
The interesting part is always #3. There are an infinite number of possible questions that meet #1 and #2.
Would it be feasible to let that second part decided by [dest] through a queue?
@Shog9 Which generally makes sense as people who know how to write good questions usually write them in the correct place?
because that is where the limbo happens
The problem with an existing migration path for users is, that you end up with users voting to migrate because it "fits better" somewhere else. And that's because the migration is the close reason, which it shouldn't be.
3:43 PM
well written is a point of editing
and clarifications
Q: Suggested migrations review at target site

gnatFor more control over incompetent migrations (see example complaints in posts tagged migration-rejection), would it make sense to try a new kind review? I would call it suggested migrations queue Located at target site, it would contain a list of questions flagged / voted for migration. Target ...

it's not really relevant where that happens
Q: Require migrated questions to be accepted by the destination site's moderators

robert_x44Based on feedback from sites which have unsuitable questions handed to them from other sites (for example: Please stop using Programmers.SE as your toilet bowl): Would it be possible to require that a migrated question be accepted by the destination site's moderators? The question Adjust the sy...

@Catija usually, though of course the exceptions are the ones you want to have the ability to treat specially. Which is why migration exists: if it wasn't for those rare exceptions, just telling folks "re-ask over yonder after reading their asking help" would more than suffice.
@TomCody I'm personally of the opinion that we should drop that as an option, at least for non-mods (exception handlers need a path to handle exceptions)
@Shog9 Sure.
3:46 PM
Use OT reasons that recommend another site for common misconceptions
This is why we rarely add new migration paths these days.
A: When should we consider adding a default migration path?

Shog9Almost never. These paths have a place when two conditions exist: There is a clearly-defined topic that is wholly inappropriate on one site and wholly appropriate on another. That topic is asked about daily on the former site. This is pretty rare. Especially if the first site isn't Stack Ove...

@Shog9 so the plan in the long run is to replace migrations with (more or less) controlled reposting?
Indeed. This is also why I shun away from adding migration paths. Afterall the 1 question we migrate every two months can be handled by moderators.
@Vogel612 all else being equal, a question is gonna fair better if it is posted directly on Site B by its author than it will if posted on Site A and migrated.
I readily blame migration as a lacking tool for that
The author has a chance to read the site's specific guidance, tag warnings, etc. They have a chance to be notified of and respond immediately to feedback after it is posted.
3:50 PM
Still, it's not good to lose perfectly valid and good questions just because they were asked in the wrong place. Even if the OP doesn't migrate as well, it's better than not having the question at all. And if he would reask, he'd also migrate along with his question.
The migration system we have now is (read the post I linked to above) a relic of a time when we were literally carving off part of one large site into another site. And its usage reflects that.
But ok, it would also dampen some of the migration rage assholes, which we recently had one, ending up deleting his account on our site, because he wasn't content with the on-topic policy and migration from another site.
@TomCody Again, if a question is solid gold awesome then the tool exists.
My personal rule for migration is that I use it to guarantee that useful content won't be lost; if no useful content exists, I have no use for it.
@Shog9 Sure. Of course.
@Shog9 Yeah, we occasionally get really good questions about the books that films/TV are based on and they're often better suited to Sci-Fi.
3:54 PM
When Super User was still in private beta, and no migration tools existed, I would go around to the personal computing questions folks were asking on Stack Overflow at the time and politely recommend they sign up for the new beta. It was effective: instead of slamming the door closed in their face, I was opening a path by which they could get what they needed. Migration does not serve this purpose.
But it's hard to find the balance. You could advice to reask it rather than migrate. But how long should you wait for the reasking (which might never happen) before your close the off-topic question and migrate it.
@TomCody you can close it as off-topic immediately. Again, the only reason to migrate is if, failing that, something of value would be lost.
As a thought experiment, ask yourself: "would I still want this migrated if the asker had already deleted his account and left Stack Exchange forever?"
@Shog9 Of course, it's implied that the post has value.
@Shog9 Which, in case of a good question I'd answer with "yes".
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