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all right, I think I figured what kind of questions I am going to post here - not just for close, but also for votes down and delete. These questions are provably bad fit but somehow, it is expected that only site community is to handle these. SE team doesn't give a damn about these (as usual). Moderators don't want these flagged, because these aren't pure enough for them. I am talking about questions with 'problem' and 'help' in titles
Q: Problem 3, project Euler

Linus JohanssonI've been struggling quite a bit with the Euler Project problem number 3. This is my code: x = 600851475143 y = [] def find_the_prime(): for number in range(1, x): if (number % x == 0): y.append(number) print(max(y)) I do not quite get why my list continues to be e...

^^^ votes down and delete please
Q: Having a Problem Passing First Unit Test in Exercism.io Java Challenge

Conor GrahamI have been programming for a year or so but at a very basic level. I am practicing my skills using exercism.io. I am trying to pass the first unit test and I was wondering if anyone could help me out with what I need without fully giving me the answer. @Test public void testTransformOneValue(...

Q: Problem on PHP and MySQL with jQuery

OLayemi Garuba DonyemiscoI wanted creating a 'Whats on your mind' kind of page..so i made the database and also the page to post. but i am using jQuery to post so i want it to be in a way that the page fetching from the database would be updated automatically on post..i was able to do this too...using setInterval method...

Q: Tricky RegEx Lookforward Problem For URLs

patrickb19I have URLs I am trying to rewrite using apache's mod_rewrite so that authorizations work correctly. Thus I need to be able to use RegEx to match a specific pattern: baseurl/DOiConTainCaps/TheRestOfTheURL I need it to result in 3 matches baseurl/ DOiConTainCaps (Only if there is a capital le...

I am out of delete votes for the day but I will check back in 3 hours to tag those.
Q: Which algorithm best fits the following problem

NirI'm looking for the right algorithm to solve a specific problem. I hope that there are known algorithms that can be used. The problem definition Given a set of 'options' (~10) A session is defined as a series of events that occur one after the other. At each event in the session the algorithm...

@Snowman plain votes down are welcome too
does downvoting matter when it's already at -4 or lower?
@gnat I added downvotes where I hadn't already done so.
@Ixrec it doesn't do anything in terms of the site, it just sends that much stronger of a message that this question sucks.
9:03 PM
Q: javascript coding help for modular background images

kain184hello all i need a little help im close but i cant quite get the syntax i want on this code can anyone help me i am trying to set a javascript timer to change the image of the background over time using an if statement tree that changes a number in the function name that i want to call but i cant...

Q: Help with lengthening code

JessicaI have a line of code in shouldChangeCharactersInRange. I want to how I can break down this code. return ([[string stringByTrimmingCharactersInSet:characterSet] length] > 0); What I want to do is add an if statement instead of having this on 1 line.

Q: Java: Weighted Selection help

WbjpenI have this code that randomly selects a item from a enum. Each of the enum items have a integer weight to it. The higher that weight is, the higher chance that item has of being picked. Here's what the enum looks like public enum Enchantment { A(20), //selected most often B(10), ...

Q: Looking for a node library that can help find string similarities

JazcashFor example, I have the strings "Bat", "Spider", "Alien" as my data, and I feed the string "Batman" into a function. I'm looking for a module that would compare the similarity between the input string to each of the strings in the data and would result in "Bat", because that string most closely r...

Q: Help Understanding This?

UnDefiedI'm using the book Heads First Java and I just don't understand it at some parts and the book doesn't explain it well enough. Could someone please tell me what each line does? public class whileloop { public static void main(String[] args) { String[] wordListOne = {"Yello","blue", "gold"}; ...

A: How many down-votes is enough for a user to understand their problem?

gnatIn case of doubt, consider this as a guidance: The Intervention (aka, you haven't hit bottom, yet) And, yes, I don't tend to down-vote an already beaten-down post... unless I think it is really so bad that the barrage of down-votes has not yet truly reflected its deserved bottom. Poste...

okay, I plan to post here all the 'problem' and 'help' questions that will be dropped at us from now on. If you spot such a question before me, I would appreciate if you drop it here. SE team and moderators want us, the community, to handle these? all right, let's do it
btw, it's easier to scroll through the list of crud to vote on if they aren't all one-boxed
aside from that yes let's do this
I'm already out of CVs for the day, despite only handling 9 from the review queue today. I'll drop back in after things reset
9:18 PM
@Ixrec yeah, my plan for the future is to do without one-boxing. Just wanted the opening samples to be clearly seen for readers, to help them make their mind whether it's really worth to act on these
...although I reserve a right to one-box in particularly blatant cases :)
of course
9:33 PM
@GlenH7 most of these can use delete votes, too. And votes down. Everything. Remember, we're on our own in these question. SE team doesn't care, moderators don't want us to flag these. We're all alone and on our own...
let's make 'em a Merry Christmas
@gnat Check out the CV request generator script
then you won't one-box them.
10:01 PM
@gnat so far I've picked up 60 rep from late answering that HNQ I linked you a few hours ago
@durron597 which one?
A: How to implement a property on class A which refers to a property of a child object of class A

durron597I disagree with all three of the opinions. If Client can never be null, then don't even make it possible for it to be null! Set the value of Client in the constructor Throw a NullReferenceException or an IllegalArgumentException in the setter. So your code would be something like: public cla...

It's still on page 1 despite being more than 7 hours old.
gahhh I'm going to be 2 rep short of 200 on SO today.
@durron597 7 hours only matter much at SO questions, at other sites aging kicks in gently... I'd say way too gently
A: Make hot questions with multiple answers age away faster on smaller / subjective-ish sites

gnatIt's worth noting that matters of aging factor have very little impact on Stack Overflow questions. If you take time to monitor questions in the hot network list, you may notice that SO ones seem to leave it much faster compared to questions from smaller sites. To understand why this is so, take...

@gnat oh. do you happen to know the number?
@durron597 you hover over the link to question in network list and see the score. As for aging factor, it's easy. SO questions age away about 5 times faster than these at Programmers
...that is, after first 7 hours
10:09 PM
@gnat right.
@durron597 I remember that one. I like how it uses the word "opinion" about 5,000 times yet isn't really POB.

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