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12:15 AM
Anyone have any experience with wrapfig?
12:51 AM
Aaaarrrrrgh. LaTeX is behaving like Word.
1:07 AM
Or maybe I was behaving like a Word user...
1:24 AM
Hello there
Is there a way to split large equations automatically, just as mathjax does?
2:24 AM
@leo No. Not really. See the comment here: tex.stackexchange.com/q/227350/2693
3:04 AM
@AlanMunn Thank you
Complicated matter it seems
3:47 AM
I seem to be in the minority that doesn't have much problem with breqn. It doesn't and can't solve every problem, but neither does TeX in general. It captures the simple cases, and for complex cases you'd have to manually break them anyway, so nothing lost. Having said all that, there are some obvious bugs open at the moment that would be good to address, and I'd understand reluctance in taking on a package with known bugs and an uncertain development cycle.
3:58 AM
I had no problem with my equations. I was trying to improve a document for better readability in mobile devices. Then there were long equations messed up. Then I looked for a quick fix. It seems there isn't so I'll submit it as it was first: letterpaper
3 hours later…
6:44 AM
@WillRobertson Always works for me
@WillRobertson BTW, can we sort out a release for the update I made (LuaTeX alterations?)
@WillRobertson not used it much since I was one of Michael's original testers, but the main problem I think was always not so much with breqn itself so much that as it changes everything it's incompatible with lots of other math packages. that is perhaps less of an issue in a unicode-math context, or rather, you have that issue anyway.
@JosephWright see comment above to @egreg: what's the pukka l3 way to generate a catcode 11 roman number?
@DavidCarlisle \int_to_roman:n
@DavidCarlisle Or \int_to_Roman:n for capitals :)
@JosephWright knew it was there somewhere:-)
@DavidCarlisle Been in for years
@JosephWright yes. Probably works for more than just 1 and 2 as well.
6:58 AM
@DavidCarlisle We do the conversion using \romannumeral [oddly enough :-)] then convert that into catcode-11 tokens using a simple loop
@JosephWright sounds about right. Like people though harder to remember names than what the code looks like.
1 hour later…
8:03 AM
Hello. I wanna know if egreg answer on this post is still the good practice: meta.tex.stackexchange.com/questions/3271/… ?
I've look to some unanswered questions yesterday and some of them have a link in comment saying you should look to this question on other SE site that have the same problems
8:16 AM
@JosephWright I'm happy to make a release straight away... and only then try and have a chat with Morten about his ongoing maintenance plans. It would be good to bring breqn properly into the fold of half-proper expl3 packages.
@DavidCarlisle Just because the test for equality in latex.ltx is faulty. ;-)
9:23 AM
Is RTFM a sensible answer?
Q: How to change to math mode?

AnanthI am learning LaTeX for the first time and I am learning how to write an article. I have been told that its better to type mathematical stuff in math mode. Presently I am typing the text and I assume to be in text mode. How do I know in which mode I am in? If I am in the text mode then how to con...

@egreg dupe of "resources for beginners", IMHO :-/
Someone ate my \subsection!



% locally redefine \thesubsection to whatever you wish
% that's not the important thing (just to clarify what the group is for)
% the group is what matters here


Ble ble ble


Blo blo blo


%Blu blu blu % uncommenting this makes the subsection appear

\endgroup % removing the extra group makes the subsection appear

@barbarabeeton I was surprised how \begingroup...\endgroup interacts with \subsection in amsart. I suppose this is because \subsection waits for the next paragraph to begin. I wouldn't call it a bug (who would have an empty subsection, after all), just an interesting behaviour.
9:50 AM
@yo' It would be the same in article, if subsection was in-line: try with \paragraph and you'll see the same behavior.
@egreg ah ok, I didn't notice that :) Anyways, as I say, just a surprise, but a harmless one I think
@yo' It would happen also with \begingroup\item\endgroup, I believe: in these cases, LaTeX uses \everypar and the group ending cancels the setting.
@egreg and even with \begingroup\item\par\endgroup? :D
@yo' This should produce a very peculiar output.
@egreg indeed it does :D
10:13 AM
Is the output of \NewDocumentCommand\test{}{}\tl_if_empty:NTF\test{yes}{no} the expected?
Fedora people:
@UlrikeFischer \test is not a token list, because it's \protected.
= Proposed System Wide Change: TeXLive 2015 =

Change owner(s): Tom Callaway <spot@fedoraproject.org>

Update Fedora TeXLive packaging to 2015.

== Detailed Description ==
Fedora's core latex support comes from TeXLive. We've been on 2014 for a while now, and 2015 is out. Time to upgrade! Since lots of things use latex to generate documentation, the scope of this update is wide.

== Scope ==
* Proposal owners: Actually update texlive package to 2015 sources. Ideally, have a mass rebuild in the 24 release cycle to catch any odd breakage case
10:48 AM
@egreg Ah, I forgot the protection. And what about \newcommand\test{}\tl_if_empty:NTF\test{yes}{no} compared to \newcommand*\test{}\tl_if_empty:NTF\test{yes}{no}? Should one expect that a long command can't be tested this way?
But no @egreg so far. :(
But @yo' is there! :)
But no @egreg.
But @yo' is there.
Well, you got the recursion thingy going on. :)
@JosephWright @StefanKottwitz @clemens Does any of you want to get hold of the *new and exciting new book*</irony>? I wasn't even able to get the first one. latex-community.org/forum/…
ooh I saw @PaulMcCartney @PaulGessler! :)
@JosephWright: why can Frank use a funny title and you don't? :)
@Joseph: why there's one bloke talking about cookies and you cannot have Unicodeland in the title? :)
@Johannes_B on other news: the guy on fb responded and is willing to send me a copy for review (I promised an article in DTK and TUGboat…)
@PauloCereda ooh, quite a lot more! Nice :)
11:04 AM
@clemens Nice. I hope that one is better than the free learning tutorial by dr. partha.
@clemens No @egreg, I wonder if this is a British conspiracy (@David). :)
@Johannes_B hm, there doesn't seem to be a free download link. He seems to want information about his readers…
@PauloCereda :)
@clemens You fill out the form, you get a mail to which you have to respond something. Here i asked why it is so complicated to get a free and open source ebook. That seemed to have annoyed him. He declared that he is the author and it is his decision how the distribution works. Wel, he is right with that. Didn't get a download link though. :-)
@Johannes_B seems to be the same with all his tutorials… but I'm a lazy type of guy. This is too much trouble to get a PDF which I'm not really interested in
@clemens I think it was @Nicola who reviewed the starter guide.
Let me look for it.
11:16 AM
@PauloCereda oh no!
@yo' wooo <3
@Johannes_B oh dear
I know i have been chatting about that issue with @Barbara in another sub-chat. How can i find that?
@clemens Si.
@PauloCereda I hate my accent :-(
11:31 AM
@yo' no, your accent is cool. <3
@PauloCereda if you think so...
@Johannes_B well, you could post constructive comments :-o
@yo' <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
@clemens @StefanKottwitz By the way, where to put that topic? There seems no real category for it.
11:35 AM
@yo' Now i have to watch your talk. ;) Don't we all have accents?
@clemens I don't have ze akcent. :)
@PauloCereda :)
@PauloCereda I know! I watched your nightingale demonstration video :)
or was it about arara? I can't quite remember :(
@clemens nightingale featuring an annoying dog barking in ze background. :)
@Johannes_B Announcements maybe?
@clemens Rules announcements for this LaTeX community Well...
11:45 AM
@Johannes_B it's certainly a better place than Comments & Wishes, don't you think?
@clemens Look what @StefanKottwitz just posted in the general subforum.
11:58 AM
ooh @JosephWright poked @DavidCarlisle about xor! That's so mean and not English at all. :)
@PauloCereda :)
@clemens tzat iz suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure. The worst ones are native speakers' ones :)
@yo' :)
@Johannes_B That was an excellent review. Well done Nicola.
@WillRobertson documentstyle ;-)
12:28 PM
@PauloCereda remember he's got the closing slot :-) (and it was a good choice!)
@yo' ooh ze last part! :)
@PauloCereda <3
@PauloCereda That was really sweet. :-)
@Johannes_B <3
@UlrikeFischer With \tl_if_empty:NTF you should test a token list variable allocated with \tl_new:N
12:47 PM
@egreg I know. But sometimes I don't do what I should do ;-). In this case the \newcommand was already there and I thought it wouldn't matter until I realized that my test wasn't working.
@egreg -- is any of this documented anywhere? i think for amsart et al. this probably deserves a warning to authors; i'll consider adding that to our list.
@barbarabeeton because it would happen in other cases, too, basically whenever an empty \paragraph (or amsart's \subsection) is at the end of a group. Of course it could be fixed by a careful handling of \aftergroup, but that's always risky.
Wow! I'm really sorry for this person :-(
Q: Grant fraud, should I bust my PhD advisor?

ranting PhD studentFor obvious reasons I will try to maintain some anonymity here. So I defended my thesis. Which was founded through a government grant. In order to obtain this type of grant a professor needs to cooperate with several other research organizations and private owned industries. Then there it is re...

1:12 PM
@barbarabeeton I don't think it's documented. It's just why should one do it?
@yo' Oh my.
@clemens -- don't know about this book, but i've seen the other, and it was so bad that we decided not to review it in tugboat. (i don't mind publishing a review that is "mixed", but i feel really bad publishing something that has nothing good to say; better, i think, to avoid publicity altogether. maybe i need to rethink that ... if you have an opinion, would like to hear it.)
@PauloCereda Wait until you hear mine. ;-)
@egreg and @yo' -- the question most often seen here is why lists of sections/subsections/etc. don't break at the end of a page. looks to me like an author is setting up an outline to be filled in later. that's a legitimate goal, i think. just have to remember to add some text, like "fill this in", to keep the proper flow.
@egreg ooh <3
@egreg: and expect my flawless Italian accent. :)
1:23 PM
@barbarabeeton I'm sorry, but I don't know which other book you're referring to? I contacted the author of this one lulu.com/shop/n-edward-matavka/… (hoping is not so bad – maybe it is actually good?)
@clemens s/woo hoo/lulu/g youtube.com/watch?v=aR6qvkDDBCg :)
@Johannes_B -- oops ... it was reviewed. (i know that we withheld one potential review because of execrable quality. but nicola can be trusted to be fair and accurate. i'd be inclined to accept anything she writes for tugboat, as long as it's at least generally about tex or fonts or printing or publishing.)
But of course, this is the best version of Kill Bill's song:
@JosephWright: GET. THIS. GAME. ^^
@barbarabeeton I wouldn't like to write a review if the book should be really bad. OTOH people should probably know if it is especially when it's non-free like in this case…
@clemens -- haven't seen that one. in fact, just yesterday i asked boris (the tugboat book reviews editor) to look into it. so quality is still unknown to me. (ah. i do remember what book was not reviewed. but i won't mention it here -- remember, any publicity is too much. however, i've seen it recommended by someone else recently, and cringed.)
1:28 PM
@PauloCereda He probably just ignored the title change request :-)
@clemens You did better than me then
@clemens -- okay; i'll mention to boris that you're working on this one. thanks for the heads up.
@barbarabeeton on other news I finally started on that article about chemistry. Should be finished by the end of the month
@JosephWright seems so
Maybe because the author hopes for an advertsing effect if his book is reviewed in user group magazines
@clemens Great
@PauloCereda :)
1:49 PM
@JosephWright — assume you're okay with an immediate breqn release?
@Johannes_B @clemens By the way, which FB group were you talking about, where the author of that book on Lulu had advertised?
@clemens Thanks.
2:04 PM
@WillRobertson Yup
@JosephWright good timing — it's on its way as we speak :) the version numbering for this bundle is pretty bad; I'll fix that up next time I look at the package so there's a single version string and date to update only.
@WillRobertson Did you get hold of Morten?
@WillRobertson Same name?
@Johannes_B I've read the material and @Nicola's review in TUGBoat
@JosephWright Not yet… was about to draft an email
@egreg same name for…? :)
2:11 PM
@WillRobertson breqn
@egreg Yes same name — just a minor bug fix for some changes Joseph has made with LuaTeX primitives
@JosephWright Grrr... ctan upload is timing out for me at the moment. I hate Australian internet.
2:32 PM
@WillRobertson We hate internet as a whole. :)
@PauloCereda sudo rm -rf /world/internet
@yo' oooh
2:52 PM
@yo': 00:12:09 ^^ :P
@PauloCereda Shall I add some CPUs to the Internet?
@StefanKottwitz ooh that would be lovely. :)
@PauloCereda No problem. I'm just a bit low on harddrive space since hosting google, but RAM is fine since facebook asked for an upgrade.
@StefanKottwitz Holy cow! :)
@StefanKottwitz Everything hosted in your kitchen server, right? :)
Man, @Stefan's refrigerator is way more powerful than my iMac. :P
@PauloCereda Sure! No cooker needed. Yes, all the CPUs are in the fridge.
3:00 PM
@StefanKottwitz :) Farouk-proof? :)
Farouk helps in programming. Sometimes he has design ideas. He created that meme, you know.
user image
@barbarabeeton The book she reviewed is in the list of TUG-endorsed books. I think we chatted about this a whil back.
3:31 PM
@Alan: Das Internetdog! ^^ :)
3:44 PM
@PauloCereda I assume that at least half of the cute girls out in the internet look like this.
@yo' Yep. :) The other half is a bunch of FBI agents. :)
@PauloCereda no, that's the same half /sarcasm
@yo' ooh
@StefanKottwitz But now Google is becoming Alphabet and splitting into smaller pieces, so I'm sure things will get better soon. theguardian.com/technology/2015/aug/10/…
4:23 PM
I am keeping wondering why people load pslatex. It is was in the freaking wikibook
@JosephWright Can you fix that please? ^^^^^ :-)
@PauloCereda did he? I must have missed that.
@Johannes_B Done
@Johannes_B because they have faith in me?
@JosephWright Nice thanks. May i ask what the markdown/html for strike out is?
@DavidCarlisle Shall i delete my suggested edit? ;-)
@Johannes_B oh odd didn't see a ping about suggested edits?
4:31 PM
@Johannes_B ---is---
@DavidCarlisle I am the newb at wikibooks, so all my edits are pending for review yet.
@JosephWright I tried with single hyphens. Tricky. Thanks :-)
@Johannes_B oh sorry you meant edit wikibook, I thought you meant a suggested edit here (just got in, seeing end of chat:-)
@DavidCarlisle The wikibook is nice :-) vvvv
Go to File -> Export and export the file as PDF/LaTeX (both parts) or PS/LaTeX (both parts), depending on whether you are using pdflatex or pslatex to compile your file.
@PauloCereda sorry you are officially a test failure: tex.stackexchange.com/a/260922/1090
4:54 PM
@Johannes_B Reading the chat some days ago, I seemed to see that you were orchestrating some sort of meeting to discuss templates. If this is so, I'd be really interested in participating, since I was recently asked to design a template for a university. Could you please let me know if/when/where this discussion is going to take place?
@GonzaloMedina A bit undecided yet. I wanted to sum up what have been said a few weeks back and what i got via personal discussion in the last weeks. The summary is sent to @Barbara and then ... mailing list perhaps.
@GonzaloMedina By the way, i am very hapy that you want to join the discussion.
@GonzaloMedina I've got some recent experience with a class for the university thesis, if you wanted to discuss something or see the project. But I gotta go now.
@yo' It was a very very interesting talk, even touching at times :-)
@yo' Thanks. I'd like to see it, of course, and perhaps discuss things too. Ping me whenever you have the time.
@Johannes_B thanks, I take it as a compliment :-)
@GonzaloMedina you can watch the talk, but I'm not 100% sure it's worth it :D
5:00 PM
@yo' I'll watch it.
@GonzaloMedina ok
@PauloCereda You are a Mac user right? Seems other mac users have trouble compiling using a terminal. http://www.texwelt.de/wissen/fragen/3461/wie-kompiliere-ich-in-der-eingabeaufforderung-im-terminal

Would you be able to provide a few screenshots, and tell me about tripwires (if any)? I would like to add a Mac answer to the linked Q.
@Johannes_B Thanks. So, I see some work has already been done. I'd thanks you if you keep me posted about any developments or if I can help in any form.
@GonzaloMedina It will be a live-long pet project :-)
5:30 PM
If I want to try the development version of biber, where's the best place to put it?
@Johannes_B What exactly do you need?
@Johannes_B It's pretty easy to get a terminal window on the Mac; but you also need to know how to navigate to your file. Do you want that too? And there's many ways to get to a Terminal; some people use the Find window (called Spotlight) to find applications although I never do, I just use a key command.
1 hour later…
6:38 PM
@AlanMunn Basic get to a specific directory (using cd and ls to show the content) and/or how to open a terminal in a specific folder. Apparently, the two existing linux solutions are too confusing right now.
@Johannes_B Send me an email.
@WillRobertson It would be nice to have the standard math environments to break large equations properly. I mean without defining new environments for it.
@AlanMunn Done :-)
@Johannes_B I sent you some stuff.
@AlanMunn Just read the first sentence :-)
@AlanMunn This is just fine for now, i'll write up a community answer with proper attribution :-)
7:04 PM
@Johannes_B Just to get the terminology right, the command-U keystroke is done from the Finder (wer "der Finder" ist, glaube ich.) I assume they are the same keystrokes in the German localization, but I didn't feel like restarting my machine to find out.
@AlanMunn Oh, does @paulo know you speak german?
@AlanMunn I think germans just use the english pronounciation, since Finder (fynder) would sound weird.
Couldn't come up with anything better than y, german Finder rhymes english tinder or timber
@Johannes_B Maybe so. I don't know how it's pronounced, but a quick google shows that's the term used.
@Johannes_B @PauloCereda Shhh! Er vermutet nichts. :)
7:37 PM
@Johannes_B Withgermansyouneverknow :)
@yo' Needed a two minute break and it passed right throgh and was chopped into the right syllables. The first look got my brain thinking it switched to welsh mid-word :-)
@Johannes_B LOL
@Johannes_B Looks good.
@AlanMunn Was a bit shocked bout that one
Q: Open terminal here in Mac OS finder

Abdullah JibalyIs there something similar to the "Open Command Window Here" Windows Powertoy for Mac OS? I've found a couple plugins through a google search but wanted to see what works best for developers out there.

@AlanMunn by the way, which exact OS is that? Are there any big differences a user could see? (I sat once in front of a mac and got furious because no keyboard shortcut worked as expected)
@Johannes_B This was Yosemite out of the box, pretty much. And those keystrokes have been around forever. But it's possible that they are different in the German localization. I guess I should check.
7:51 PM
@DavidCarlisle Joseph is mean. :)
@AlanMunn Don't bother, i left keyboard shortcuts out :-)
@Johannes_B I am sometimes. :) Sorry for the delay, I was taking my dad to a doctor appointment. :) I will take a look at the question. :)
@PauloCereda Thanks. In the meantime, @Alan provided me with screenshots :-) (see just above)
@Johannes_B Alan can virtually speak any language. :)
@Johannes_B ooh das screenshot!
7:54 PM
@AlanMunn: You've been spotted by your quati. :)
@AlanMunn btw, your images are now CC3.0 Hope you are ok with that?
@AlanMunn Das Sehrdifferentkeystrokeswhenhavingadeutschelokalization. :)
@Johannes_B Actually now I did check, and the keystrokes are the same, but the Terminal is called Konsole and the folder is Dienstprogramme. I'll send you a new image. Nope, wrong, Console is called Konsole, and Terminal is still Terminal.
@AlanMunn No, don't bother. I'll just add the german terms :-)
7:59 PM
@PauloCereda Hey I'm running out of one word cute animals.
@AlanMunn <3
ok, it's time to play some more piano I think, and then to go to bed. I have to get up earlier tomorrow...
@yo' Good piano playing and a great night, Tom!
@PauloCereda tchau
@yo' Boa noite, Tom! :)
8:18 PM
Any biblatex experts here?
@AlanMunn Not an expert, but lets see if i can help. First taking a 20 minute break though.
@Johannes_B Ok.
8:41 PM
@AlanMunn Back
How to confuse a girl in the library? Walk up to her and ask her to dance. Explaining her it would be a rain dance confused her even more.
9:10 PM
@Johannes_B That's how I usually get a quiet place in an otherwise crowded library.
@StefanKottwitz :-D
@Johannes_B 2nd place behind fertility dance.
@StefanKottwitz Oh no, started laughing uncontrollably once more :-)
@Johannes_B Thats 0th place :-D
@StefanKottwitz I am sitting all alone in a little room. As far as i know, there is only the girl who could have heard me. Oh, thinking about it, i think i may have made it worse.
9:16 PM
@Johannes_B Tell her the winning TeX pick-up line: "Fragile girl, let me protect you, so you won't expand."
The LaTeX 3 version is a bit longer (5 minutes)
@StefanKottwitz Actually, when i first met her, she looked at my screen and said: Is that LaTeX?
@Johannes_B I think I'll ask my biblatex question on the site. It's a weird interaction between polyglossia and language switching that arose from the answer I just gave.
@AlanMunn Ok. :-)
@StefanKottwitz Also contains a lot of awkward pauses.
9:34 PM
@Johannes_B In case you're interested: tex.stackexchange.com/q/260973/2693
9:53 PM
@AlanMunn have you done a grep in the biblatex lbx-folder? date<month> is only available for (very) few languages.
Don't time for debugging now, but this seems to be some kind of buggy stuff in some languages.
@Johannes_B But that's the part that doesn't make sense. The Greek date comes out ok, it's only the English date that doesn't. But the English date should be using the English lbx I assume.
@cfr 24 seconds :)
10:14 PM
@AlanMunn ?
@cfr We posted almost identical comments about the graphics question and I was 24 seconds ahead of you.
10:33 PM
@AlanMunn Oh, right. Yes, I remember. I think I up-voted your comment but left mine for reasons I now forget.
@AlanMunn I see you got an answer to your Biblatex question ;).
@cfr I just thought it was funny. Actually that question could be a good question about how to place graphics and things, but the OP is certainly really confused about the basics.
@cfr Oh really, I just figured out the problem: it's a bug in greek.lbx.
@cfr LOL I see now.
10:49 PM
@cfr: Hi! Are you using KDE 5?
@cfr Do you know who I should send the bug report to?
11:04 PM
@JosephWright — breqn made it to ctan overnight :)
@leo We'd be a looooong way before we can replace the standard environments... but I agree one day that would be nice :)
@PauloCereda Sort of. Some applications are still using the 4 frameworks, but most stuff is now using KDE 5. Though I've been wondering whether to switch to something else. It doesn't seem to be getting much better. In particular, plasma crashes continually and it is really, really slow. Why? Don't upgrade if you have a choice. My work box is not using 5 (Fedora 21).
@cfr I got a new laptop and was wondering if I should give KDE a chance. :) It's been a while. My mum's machine has Cinnamon and one netbook of mine has XFCE. My workstation has Gnome 3. :)
@AlanMunn Biblatex maintainer? There's a note from the translator in the file so I guess maybe figure out who that is, if possible, if it is a translation error.
@PauloCereda It is not as bad as it was. Unless you have certain intel graphics chips, I believe. Sadly, I do. I should really switch. I like Kile, though.
And I quite like Konsole.
@cfr Intel HD Graphics 4400 Uh-oh. :)
@cfr I also think Konsole is more polished than Gnome's Terminal.
11:20 PM
@PauloCereda I think there's a bug in the driver - that's what I read. But, for me, it seems mostly to crash Plasma.
@cfr: would you like to know my machine's possible name? :)
@PauloCereda You name them? Sure... what is it?
@cfr Oh yes, my machines have names of cities! :)
I always give mine the same name so that everything continues to work without interruption.
@cfr: This new laptop will be named cardiff. :)
11:23 PM
@AlanMunn Have you checked the other languages that define date<month>
@PauloCereda ;) That is the English attempt to make sense of the Welsh, you know. Caerdydd - 'caer' is a fort. ('Dydd' is day so I'm not really sure what they were thinking there. But 'Caer' is a common prefix. 'Aber' is another.)
@cfr ooh cool! :) I think I should keep the trend, as I have three machines named oxford, manchester and cambridge (this one). :)
@cfr: but I believe @Alan has one of the best naming schemes of us all. :)
@Alan: ^^ two quatis. :)
11:38 PM
@PauloCereda Cuteness is important. :)
@AlanMunn Of course. :)
@Johannes_B Yes, that's how I discovered the bug. The greek.lbx does something that other languages don't do, and then messes up english as a result.
@AlanMunn I really didn't have time for checking, or what the macro actually does. Glad you found out what is going on. :-)
@PauloCereda You should use the proper name, though ;).
@PauloCereda You mean @AlanMunn calls machines 'quatis one' and 'quatis two'?
@cfr I will consider it. :)
11:45 PM
@cfr No, I have a whole menagerie of Brazilian animal Macs.
@PauloCereda It doesn't have any nasty bits like accents or double-ls... ;).
@cfr ^^ this. :) Also, they need to be cute. :)
@cfr ooh :)
@PauloCereda Although I suppose it would be inconvenient if it suddenly mutated without warning. Then you'd suddenly find yourself with a machine named Gaerdydd or Chaerdydd or Nghaerdydd....
@cfr ooh
@PauloCereda On the other hand, I've used a name starting with 'C' for years and it has never once mutated without good reason. Neither Mac nor Linux. So it should be safe.
11:57 PM
@cfr :)

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