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12:06 AM
@GeorgeEdison whoa, when did that new fancy preferences page land?!
@jrg That's been around for nearly 6-8 months :)
Oh, i don't normally use stackapplet since my browser tab is always open to AU anyway. :P
@jrg That's okay.
It's only too bad I don't build some of the other stuff for Pangy (can I use that for a nickname?).
12.04=Pathetic Pigeon for me. Always. :P
OH BROTHER! Everyone says "put the data dumps in /opt" and now Lintian:
> E: askubuntu-data-dump: dir-or-file-in-opt opt/se-data-dumps/askubuntu.ddi
How on earth can a guy win?
12:18 AM
don't try. :P
@ajmitch: In case you're around... what should I do? ------^
@MarcoCeppi is there a way for me to get access to 2buntu's www directory?
@jrg maybe?
As in, ssh/scp?
I need to upload a file so freenode will be happy with us.
and so they know we own the domain
Ah, I don't have you guys migrated yet to the new server
If it's something you need done now I can do it real quick
if it can wait until next week I'll move you guys over
12:22 AM
@MarcoCeppi Speaking of which... are we close to PPR yet?
yeah, if you could do that now i'd prefer it... :)
(Patiently waiting to try everything out - especially Python!)
I've set myself a deadline of November 20th
I'm starting a new job that will give me more bandwidth
but I've also got a million actionable items this UDS so it should balance out nicely
@MarcoCeppi Bandwidth in this context meaning... time?
12:23 AM
Oh, that's good.
Yeah, I actually quit my last job to give me more time for Ondina
Hi guys, quick question: I am running from a Linux Mint live USB, and I have two Ubuntus in my hard drive: 10.10 and 11.04. I want to install Mint over 11.04, but I do not remember in which partition it is. Is there a quick way to see the version just by looking at the file system?
The OS version, I mean
Look in /etc/lsb-release.
Thanks! Let me check...
That worked! Very cool
Everyone: #audataserver on FreeNode.
^--- Needs people to occupy it.
12:42 AM
Heh - realized that the data dump + Debian files weren't in a Bazaar branch all this time.
@GeorgeEdison Why? We have chat.au :)
@MarcoCeppi I know.
It never hurt to have any additional support channels.
1:21 AM
(Yeah, I created him - but it's still funny.)
1:47 AM
Phew - having him create SSH and PGP keys and then sign the code of conduct is no small feat.
Q: How to automatically unlock private SSH key?

George EdisonI have generated an RSA public / private key pair using ssh-keygen. However, I am prompted to enter the password to unlock it the first time it is used each session. How can I automatically have it unlocked after login? Even better: since this is running on an Ubuntu server, it would be great if...

^---- Needs your help.
2:22 AM
How to keep a bright screen with battery power? http://askubuntu.com/questions/74959/how-to-keep-a-bright-screen-with-battery-power #powermanagement
1 hour later…
3:37 AM
@GeorgeEdison Can I claim him as an invalid user and use that to obliterate the universe? :P
1 hour later…
4:56 AM
@TheEvilOne No you may not.
5:27 AM
A bunch of incoming Mythbuntu Questions http://meta.askubuntu.com/questions/1974/a-bunch-of-incoming-mythbuntu-questions
6:00 AM
Chrome is really acting up...
6:24 AM
Night all.
G'night, @GeorgeEdison
1 hour later…
7:40 AM
Day it is.
8:31 AM
Sound and Video Skips on Ubuntu 11.10 64 bit http://askubuntu.com/questions/75018/sound-and-video-skips-on-ubuntu-11-10-64-bit #sound
8:59 AM
@RolandTaylor <4.21
anyone can help me out?
and their solution doesn't work
error :"bash: cd: sony-acpid: No such file or directory"
9:15 AM
@Explorer So what exactly did you do?
Did you do the git clone step?
@AmithKK W00T, we're now officially able to use the #2buntu channel.
@jrg Nothing came of it. Compiz, that is.
If we want full-blown Compiz integration, I believe we'd need to study the OpenBox configuration and apply it in Compiz.
Maybe I will do that and create some sort of lxde-compiz package in the future.
But we need to investigate LXDE and learn how stuff work there as well.
9:30 AM
my uds-p day #4: 15:00 "Wayland Tech Preview", 15:00 "Finger print authentication", 15:00 "Unity Benchmark Testing Results", 17:05 "Boot Speed" - yay for collisions :D
@oxwivi :(
@jrg Don't be sad, we just need to hack n slash to get what we want! :P
10:29 AM
Hurrah for hackin' 'n slashin'!
10:45 AM
Hello all
@jrg W00T!!
Next step is to get some sort of IRC cloak for the group.
@jrg You already have a cloak, dontcha?
Yeah, but you, roland and the bots don't.
IDK, seems somewhat silly, Roland has left this entirely in my hands, which means I've got no clue as what not to do. :P
I cant help :P ?
C**p irccloud is stuck at the loading screen
Heh, give it a little bit of time.
10:50 AM
On a completely unrelated note, a monkey flipped the bird at us in our class, and almost ripped a girl's frock :O
@AmithKK WHoa! That ain't no everyday occurence!
@AmithKK you have monkeys in your school? how awesome! :D
@htorque Except if they go and attack the students. And I'd think those monkeys are from a nearby forest, not kept in the school.
@htorque Heh, our school is near a post office which has this huge banayan tree
@Oxwivi yeah, i figured that :P
@AmithKK what kind of monkey was it?
dog eating bonobos?
11:01 AM
nah, just the usual, maybe rhesus
Good morning Ubuntees!
@Greg Hmm, Ubuntees? Thought it use Ubuntuers.
i like squirrel monkeys:
it's "ubunuts"
11:04 AM
@htorque Ubunutcases?
@Greg Sounds good. But disjointed.
iKnow! Ubuntusers!
user image
@Oxwivi iLol'd
That is one of the better iJokes, I believe.
11:09 AM
Updating the power users docs. Ugh, this is painful.
@Oxwivi Why is the family all Chinese apart from the father?
@Greg Sorry, I'm not the artist.
The woman isn't wearing a Chinese or a Western attire either.
meh, thunderbird in precise seems buggy
downloads mail mutliple times, dying every time it fetches mail
@htorque How can you use precise
time to back up the mail folder :D
11:16 AM
haven't touched Tbird in four days (last time I had to PGP sign something)
you upgrade
so i've got no clue on if it's buggy in precise or not. :D
the unstable mail client is the only thing that bugs me in (pre-)alpha releases.
i love my mail :D
google apps has been updated so much recently, I prefer their offline web applications than thunderbird
yay, i'm definitely down to two open contracts! took only three support levels and 40 minutes on the phone! :D
11:19 AM
right, i already feel like i have achieved something today. ;-)
that was the "hardest" one (mobile). rest should be easier...
Speaking of emails, can we do this GPG signature thing on Gmail web client?
Don't like desktop email clients.
You can, sorta
have to write your email, paste it in a txt file, then sign the file, then paste the signed txt into your email
@jrg You mean attach?
pretty much the instructions here, but signing instead of decrypting. - help.launchpad.net/ReadingOpenPgpMail#Google_mail_.28Gmail.29
11:35 AM
@jrg But then how to send encrypted messages? Will those be viewable by regular users?
Way it'd work:
we have to send (via web interface) is encrypted message
Can you answer this? What to do when Skype freezes silently? http://askubuntu.com/questions/33773/what-to-do-when-skype-freezes-silently #64bit
and lets just say attaching it isn't really an option
so, we write the email in a .txt file on our local machine.
then we run gpg --encrypt ./encrypted-email.txt
Meh, what a pain.
and then we get asked "Ok, who do you want to send this to?" - then we have to enter in the email address for their public/private key
then, we open the encrypted-email.txt.gpg file, copy it, paste it into our email
and then we're done.
to decrypt it, we do this:
probably is an easier way, but it works. shrug
11:42 AM
oh, seems thunderbird died because of pulseaudio
heh, gotta love pa.
it just played tons of "plop" notifications at once
then it started to work again
PulseAudio, the bane of Ubuntu.
yeah, why would anyone want an init system by PA's author? :P
You said it. Or why use Ubuntu, move to Fedora and RH!
11:45 AM
@Oxwivi If you are of firefox, use firegpg
Doesn't work anymore, it broke and was abandoned ages ago
@AmithKK Launchpad page says it's no longer maintained or something.
Kitties puke?
11:48 AM
Trust me @Oxwivi, they do.
@Oxwivi They do,and when the puke they do it good
but it's not comparable with real nasty puke
(i'll spare you the details :D)
heh true htorque. :D
@jrg Maybe it's a kitty-specific mechanism (feature?) to get attention away from things you love. :D
chaos in greece, what a fun!
11:52 AM
@Oxwivi Possible, I don't doubt it
papandreou might has to resign
mmmh, i'll have greek salad today :P
Oneric ==Upgrading==> Precise
you do know, that precise is in a pre-alpha state?
if you don't want to deal with problems, don't use it. one bug and all your user data could be deleted, all connected hard disks could get wiped, it even can kill all your kittens.
12:01 PM
How can i cancel thiiisss!!!!?
@AmithKK how far has the upgrade gone?
run-parts: executing /etc/kernel/postinst.d/dkms 3.0.0-13-generic /boot/vmlinuz-3.0.0-13-generic
you can't cancel now.
you can go back, but it's painful
well, yeah. not sure I can walk someone through that...
12:03 PM
Meh, if it breaks, ill reinstall :P
better backup my bot!
waiting for a call is no fun... :-/
should have given them my mobile number :D
12:34 PM
one contract to go. this time it took only two support levels and 20 minutes... :D
feels like an odyssey
I see I can search for multiple tags with a URL such as askubuntu.com/questions/tagged/mythbuntu+mythtv Can I somehow search for questions that contain either one?
Hm, not sure
@tgm4883 Simply enter: [tag-name]
(in the search bar)
@Oxwivi hmm, not quite what I'm looking for, let me explain
@Oxwivi he wants to get questions that contain both tags.
12:39 PM
I'm planning on pointing the mythbuntu site to askubuntu for questions. I'd like to link directly to a section that is relevant (ie. mythbuntu and/or mythtv)
Ah, gotcha
AFAIK, I can only do mythbuntu AND mythtv
we can't symnoun mythtv with mythbuntu, or something?
which isn't going to limit results
if you could that would be great! Would that work for tags as well or just general search terms?
would work for tags, general search terms wouldn't.
what I mean by that is if we have a question tagged , and it includes the phrase "Using mythtv", it would still show up in a search for 'mythtv"
no perfect way to do that unfortunately.
12:42 PM
i think you can add the tags you want to your favorite tags
@htorque it's not for me though. This would be something that we link to from the mythbuntu website for our users
ah, i see
Just brought it up on meta - meta.askubuntu.com/questions/1974/…
@jrg ha! it's done. contract free. seems i just got the wrong people the other day when i got no progress at all... :D
12:46 PM
@htorque heh. :D
i still got to pay for 2 of them :D
paying for nothing is awesome.
going to celebrate my win, bbl ;-)
@JorgeCastro Hey, if you can, tell tualatrix to check his email - the power users group has some stuff for him, and I know he's at UDS. :P
Hi @MarcoCeppi
1:03 PM
@tgm4883 @jrg I'm not 100% sure that it's a true synonym. I would need to check/get more feedback
> I'm not quite sure about this - but it may be the case. While Mythbuntu is using Mythtv as an upstream it's, from my understanding, heavily modified. So Mythbuntu == MythTV, MythTV != Mythbuntu
@MarcoCeppi true, but in Ubuntu, MythTV is very close to Mythbuntu (we make the packages for Ubuntu, and make sure we're close enough to Ubuntu that you can easily switch between them). While MythTV != Mythbuntu, i'd argue that if you are searching on AskUbuntu.com about MythTV, that Mythbuntu questions would be relevant as well
@tgm4883 Cool, you're an authority then! In that case, I'll synonym them
I'd say I know enough about it :)
1:09 PM
So, the preference will be mythtv over mythbuntu?
Or vice versa
Hi @OctavianDamiean
preference? Not sure I understand
Which tag should survive? When we do a merge, only one will make it out...alive :)
1:11 PM
So, if Mythbuntu is a synonym of mythtv. Only Mythtv will exist on the site, and when people try to tag something as mythbuntu it'll be automagically renamed to mythtv
Vice versa, of course
Also, as an fyi: KDE and Kubuntu aren't synonym'd mapped - same with XFCE and Xubuntu
Lets have MythTV survive. While I'd personally prefer it to be Mythbuntu that survives I'm not sure if that would confuse users that are using MythTV+Ubuntu rather than Mythbuntu. I think Mythbuntu users would realize that a mythtv tag makes sense. On the other hand, ideally I wouldn't want to merge the tags, just make searching for one show results from the other
Right, so here's another example. A kubuntu-desktop tag was made a while ago, it's now merged and synonymed to kubuntu
so if you search the site for kubuntu-desktop, it'll automatically just forward you to kubuntu tag
@MarcoCeppi let me think about it for a bit, it might make sense to keep it seperate in which case I'll link to the Mythbuntu tag. Users are likely going to search rather that browse in AU right?
@tgm4883 80%+ of our traffic is from search engines. So they'll probably come in by typing either MythTV/Mythbuntu and some string of text about their problem
No problem, this can be done at anytime :)
ok lets keep it separate then
1:19 PM
@MarcoCeppi :)
anyone seen @George?
now that's a package name: [ubuntu/precise] haskell-brainfuck 0.1-1build1
ok, will you be available in 3 hours @jrg ?
@jrg You've never heard of brainfuck?
Brain Fuck Scheduler!
But why did they choose a name like that?
1:24 PM
You never heard of Brainfuck?
Stuff like that?
@AmithKK in 3 hours I'll be in the middle of a meeting, but I can probably arrange to respond.
@MarcoCeppi @OctavianDamiean I've heard of it, was just funny when that showed up in my inbox. :D
@jrg Better hide your inbox from your parents! :P
@Oxwivi lol, if they get into that I've got other problems than funky package names.... :P
I'll have security problems with everything I do.
1:35 PM
@MarcoCeppi What is your next session?
Writing code in a corner I think
Any recommendations?
Where is that?
Bonaire 8
ok, thanks
1:43 PM
Actually it is a very interesting topic. I just read the blueprint.
This could really help LoCos grow as well.
joins the channel
now to pray that VLC isn't broken in precise. :P
@jrg ?
The stream doesn't work anymore. :(
@Oxwivi I did yes and got that error
Yeah, it just died here
1:50 PM
It does that a lot today.
i cant connect to Bonarie 8?
Despite what we like to say, askubuntu is a sign of a failed loco. :P
The next session after the Community one will be Juju Charm submission Workflow.
Dangit, going to have to miss that one. :(
1:59 PM
Making the Daily ISO work every day during development is also very interesting.
I'll probably go to the Charm submission workflow
The ISO one is afterwards.
@OctavianDamiean bonaire-8's stream is back
And it died.
2:10 PM
It is back up.
Q: Get Ubuntu Anywhere?

P05TMANI want to be able to remote to my Ubuntu desktop from anywhere, but securely. Windows, of course, has all kinds of free programs that I can use, such as logmein.com & pocket cloud. What is the best, most secure way to do this for my Ubuntu desktop & how can I do it without needing a stati...

Dupe close pl0x.
It is closed.
2:25 PM
They are talking about Ask Ubuntu! @MarcoCeppi quick!
BTW: Ask Ubuntu comes up A LOT here
Bonaire 8
Jump in and say I sensed you guys need Ask Ubuntu help! Here you go.
Oh, im not surprised
It's about bringing the community to the desktop
I'll dip in
made it
@MarcoCeppi is anyone following the IRC channels...?
@MarcoCeppi Indeed. I have heard Ask Ubuntu being mentioned in every session I was listening in.
2:29 PM
my comments seem to be ignored... :P
@jrg there's IRC channels?
@TheEvilOne yeah.
@jrg I don't see any of your comments
and where are all of you in now?
bonaire 8?
2:29 PM
@jrg what question?
I only see jamespage
I don't see a James Gifford
ugh, etherpad signed me out.
@Explorer You still there?
@tgm4883 ?
i'm on the etherpad.
and i'm in #ubuntu-uds-bonaire-8
2:31 PM
@jrg Your comments were ignored?
@jrg You ain't in the IRC channel.
@tgm4883 Oh, this is a Ubuntu Developer summit session
i'm in Bonaire 8, and I'm in the IRC channel as well
@jrg who are you in the irc channel?
oh, i was told it was all hypenated. :P
dangit, i've been hanging out in all the wrong channels. :L
2:34 PM
@TheEvilOne uds, not hypenated.
heh, i'm stupid. :P
@jrg We all are.
link to the bonaire 8 audio stream?
/me cant find it
Well, I'm quite the stupid one for doing mistakes like that frequently. :)
More AU talk
could they talk any quieter? >.>
@TheEvilOne tell me about it, i've got my volume turned up to 150%.
@TheEvilOne Yes, we can try
I'll let them all know
@jrg i've got mine at +250 and i cant hear them >.>
@MarcoCeppi i might slap you
2:39 PM
@TheEvilOne plugin some headphones, that helps
@MarcoCeppi could you potentially voice our opinions in the talk?
@jrg i have headphones
still cant hear much
Agreed, Marco should speak for us. :P
@Marco if you can, make a note that we believe that on AskUbuntu, there's no real "Bad Question"
Yay, more Apple references. :P
or "Stupid Question" which they brought up
the only thing wrong on AskUbuntu is bad advice and spam
what all is going on in the various rooms right now?
oh, and @GeorgeEdison, mass of bug posts for StackAPplet, most of which is not valid
2:43 PM
@jrg How about this
> * Any question not mentioned below or here are great! There are no "dumb" questions!
I like that.
Man Ask Ubuntu is mentioned A LOT!
2:52 PM
yeah but in what context :/
did i hear them say its too restrictive due to "English Only" ?
Well no context is bad. It is just the way you look at it.
someone link me to the schedules?
Juju Charm submission Workflow is the next interesting session in Bonaire 1.
i'll go there just to listen ;P
After that I'll be in Community Participation in User Experience which is in Bonaire 3.
2:56 PM
are all the sessions open to the public everywhere?
Told ya, banging doors is an essential part of UDS. :D
I think the only exception are the private meetings.
what're the color codings :/
i'm kinda interested in the eCryptFS session :P

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