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12:00 AM
Well holy crap. Delta's unaccompanied minor fee jumped from $50 to $150 in the last year.
Is Delta a travel service?
An airline.
Ah OK.
I've used them before because they had decent fares and the UA fee was low.
Kid's coming back on the 10th :D
I didn't realise such fees existed - I thought it was just either allowed or not.
12:02 AM
There's a fee for everything ;)
To be fair, this fee actually makes sense in a way, since it directly increases the workload of the flight attendants.
Happy reunion! That'll be $150
I just didn't expect it to triple in a year's time.
Yeah that makes sense. Adults are always so much better behaved.
@MartinBüttner 2 bytes shorter but a lot slower: ^(1+)!.*\1{90000}! instead of ^(1+)\W+\1{90000}1+!
Well, it's more that they have to actually accompany him to/from the gate, sit with them if they get scared (not a worry with mine, he loves it), and if anything happens to the flight (delay, etc), they handle the rebooking, hotel, etc as part of the service.
12:05 AM
That actually sounds reasonable then.
Yea, I don't really object to the existence of a fee. But damn :P
@Geobits That sounds exciting! How old is your kid?
He's eight, and done it a few times now. He loves flying :)
@Maltysen I got it mostly working, but it encodes spaces as pluses, which screws up and programs that have spaces in them.
@phase why is it being encoded?
you used $.post()
12:15 AM
for the permalink
when I encoded it to the URI, and back again the the code
Man, I would be terrified of flying alone at 8! It's good that he likes it. How often does he fly?
@phase yeah your server needs to decode it
are you using a framework?
Twice a year, at the beginning and end of summer.
if not urllib should have function for this kind of stuff
@Maltysen I'm encoding it with jQuery and decoding it with jQuery
12:18 AM
Some kind of summer camp?
Nah, goes out to stay with his mom over the summer.
@phase wait what?
are you using js for the server
The first time I flew I was 22
@Maltysen No, but I'm transferring the data through the URL
I encode it with var code = $.param({code: $('#code').val(), input: $('#input').val()});
then window.location.pathname = "/link/" + code;
12:20 AM
Ah, I understand. Whatever works works!
now, your server has to have a handler /link/
get("/link/:code", (req, res) -> {return readFile("res/link.html");});
no thats not the point of a permalink
your permalink is just to fill in the textboxes
it does that
after it goes to the link page
your js should not be invloved in retrieving
you server should fill it in
like on the /link/ handler
return fill_in(index.html, query params)
one sec....
you don't need /link/
just do doc.loc='?'+parms
in js
and your java code u have now should work
no wait
no move that code into get
it sohuldn't be post
12:41 AM
> Sites are defined much more by their membership than by their stated topic; I dare anyone reading this to compose a one-sentence summary of Server Fault's scope that doesn't boil down to, "stuff sysadmins aren't bored with yet".
Interesting wording, but I can't deny it's pretty much true.
@MartinBüttner actually you would need ^(1+)!.*\1{90000}1! because of the D=300 case, so you would only save 1 byte
Q: Holy Hole scoring program

AyelisThis is a CG based on the previous code-challenge Holy Hole In A Donut, Batman!, which attributes scores to each character in a string, including whitespace and newlines. The Goal Given any such program string as input, output the score that would be received as judged by the code challenge's...

Q: Code close to the challenge: Sum of integers

NicoAThis is a simple challenge: Given a set of integers, find the sum of all integers in it. But with a twist. Your score is the Levenshtein distance between your code and the following phrase (The challenge): Given a set of integers, find the sum of all integers in it. Your code has to actual...

1:03 AM
now I can add new features and they automatically get deployed to the server!
1:16 AM
ugh now it won't do /
1:48 AM
I wrote some pretty good music today: soundcloud.com/phinotpi/fantasy01 (the music will abruptly cut off, since it's a work-in-progress)
1 hour later…
3:08 AM
For some reason I feel like I should be listening to this while on my way to the Lonely Mountain (just after leaving Rivendell most likely). Two thumbs up.
Hmm... How hard is it to describe a problem in English with fewer characters than it takes to solve in CJam?
@BrainSteel "Print the Gettysburg Address."
Ah, good point. I did not consider proper nouns :P I suppose "Solve the halting problem" is sufficient, too.
Even something simple like print pi probably works
Levenshtein Distance challenges (like the one above) are probably going to be very boring if the English explanation is consistently 10 times longer than the code it takes to solve the problem. That's why I was thinking about it, anyway.
3:31 AM
Q: The Single Pass Problem

Todd FreedProblem Modify the following code such that the return statement at the end of main returns 1. Rules only modify lines around the FINALIZE label, as indicated the function main must be thread-safe do not read or write the storage associated with the variable passes do not read uninitialized s...

Does anyone have any custom images/artwork they'd like to lend a little publicity by letting me use them in my next image processing challenge? (I'd credit you of course.)
It's just to give some variety to our usual Starry Night-Mona Lisa norms
@Geobits @AlexA. I remember you two provided images for codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/50299/…
(though I don't think this will be as popular)
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Calvin's HobbiesForce an Average on an Image Tags: popularity-contest graphical-output image-processing I'm only sandboxing this so I can get some new test images from the PPCG community. Done otherwise. Write a program that takes in a standard truecolor image along with a single 24-bit RGB color. Output an...

@Calvin'sHobbies I wonder what would happen if you used one of the answers from the "Picture with Every Color" contest as an example image.
Good idea
Better get permission, though.
3:46 AM
Martin used some of my images without permission once ;)
Whoa, you took that picture?!
Though lots of the image links in the best answer seem to be broken, so finding the user may be tricky
@BrainSteel Yep
I never knew. Oddly fitting reason why it's important to credit images, eh?
I don't mind. I first used it in my second challenge and didn't credit or even link any of the images
Wait, I credited some to Wiki
@Calvin'sHobbies Anything in particular in mind? I haven't gotten my camera out in a while, but have thousands of pictures floating around. Cities, mountains, waterfalls, people, etc.
I could try taking a closeup macro of an eyeball if you want :P
Also... Calvin posted in the sandbox??
3:57 AM
@Geobits A colorful city or grayscale mountain sounds good. Or anything you might want to show off
Hmm... What is the most impressive example of golfing on this site? Business Insider apparently likes the 9 holes challenge.
4:13 AM
@Calvin I'll paste five in here, you can use any you want.
#5 looks like the tilt shift pic
Oh, it might have been one of them.
And it's confirmed. I definitely used that last one for tilt shift.
Have a different one instead:
It's a giant starfish!
4:16 AM
I like #5
The old or new #5? ;)
Me too, that's why I used it here :P
4:47 AM
o-lang.herokuapp.com boom bam pow Utilities!
@Geobits I just wanted to drop into chat to tell you that you're a great photographer!
@Geobits You look great in this picture!
5:05 AM
Q: Make each digit of an integer its own string

DDPWNAGEThis may seem like it's a question for StackOverflow, but I want to make this question into a challenge. Challenges are more fun. Some introduction: In iOS programming and game development, I wanted to make some SKLabelNodes (labels in SpriteKit) appear on the screen to represent the year, have...

^ Why are new post mentions so sporadic
One time it took like half an hour
Q: Force an Average on an Image

Calvin's HobbiesWrite a program that takes in a standard truecolor image along with a single 24-bit RGB color. Output an image with the same dimensions as the input image, whose average color is exactly the single color that was input. The goal is to make the output image look the same as the input, despite nece...

@AlexA. Thanks! It's just a hobby. Got into it because I traveled a lot.
5:27 AM
@Optimizer What's wrong with only working on Firefox?
Oh... What was the reason for deleting your answer then?
someone had similar answer. Although it was invalid, but after fixing that small invalidity, it would be exactly same
Ah I see
Question about editing posts: Does golfing or fixing the code count as "violation of author intent"?
I know best practice is to leave a comment instead, but should we reject edits with code fixes and optimizations?
5:34 AM
mostly yes.
If they are not the obvious changes. Like someone intended and missed out a character.
or opposite
but then you cannot always know if that is the case. So better ask to put as comment
Fixing is allowable, golfing is not.
unless its an post, where you reject anything
5:59 AM
Q: Valid Reasons to Close Questions

isaacgCurrently, we have the following official reasons to close a question: Duplicate Off topic due to: General Programming Question No objective winning criterion Belongs on another site Unclear what you're asking. Too broad Primarily opinion based However, there are other valid reasons to clo...

@isaacg hey isaacg, I have a haskell question
I'm looking to write anon functions like (\a b -> 2*a+b) in a shorter form
is there a point-free way to do this?
I can do (+1)$(*2) for (\a -> 2*a+1)
I don't really know haskell
6:20 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

xnorPossible Tetris sequences Write code to figure out whether a sequence of Tetris pieces can be generated by the official Tetris algorithm. Fewest bytes wins. Since 2001, official Tetris games generate the sequence of pieces in a special way. The seven pieces IJLOSTZ are dropped in a random ord...

@xnor I found a cool tool called pointfree
It's a haskell package
On your input, it gives
(+) . (2 *)
$ ./pointfree '\a b -> a + 2*b'
`(. (2 *)) . (+)`
$ ./pointfree '\a b -> 2*a + b'
(+) . (2 *)
@isaach ooh, fascinating
apparently i need to invoke it within parens ((+).(2*)) 3 4
7:23 AM
hi @xnor
hi @isaacg
@Lembik What about the other 12 users in the chat ?
I find you biasness really offensive and rude
Do you think we are not good enough for your Hi ?
hi @Optimizer
@randomra oh thanks, that's indeed horribly slow though :D
@Optimizer hi!
7:37 AM
@grc Nobody cares about your Hi :P
@Optimizer Hi
you know if all you want is to get Hi then you are in trouble
@Lembik umm.. why ?
@Optimizer :) Hi == High == ....
oh... sorry for my lack of experience
coz llamas don't need to get high!
7:38 AM
well.. you only needed experience of puns :)
and general weak word play
@trichoplax stop it
why you do this to me ?
every single time it changes, my eyes automatically point there.
@Optimizer it was my first word here in weeks too - does that count for anything?
@grc makes it even worse that you broke your silence and first thing you say is Hi to me :P
It should totally have been to Lembik!
and it's too late to edit :(
@Optimizer Changes? Are you talking about my avatar? I gave up on an animated one because other browsers don't display the glitch, so this is just a normal image (I see it glitch slightly, but not in the shouty way my previous one did).
7:41 AM
I can totally see it
every single time. goes from dull to bright
so how has PPCG been going? I haven't golfed in ages...
You should totally try out our new tag
@Optimizer Dull to bright? I just see a very subtle shift in the positions of the points of light in Firefox. Which browser are you using?
Firefox only
I meant the dots in there go dull to bright.
Ah I see. I'll see if I can decide on a better image.
3 hours later…
10:37 AM
@MartinBüttner sum(2*i+1) for i=0..n-1 is a shorter squaring method with
It saves 3 bytes, maybe more with refactoring
11:14 AM
@Optimizer i thought you were a duck before, is your new avatar, a way to deify this ugly creature after it got disappeared from puzzling ?
I has never a duck.
You are talking about Alex
who was a geese
Llamas are born as llamas itself
well, i thought u were a duck , dunno
i dont know llemmas i just know camels
thousands of them are in my country
"your" ?
that gave me tha ability of distinguishing between dromedaries and camels
but whats llemmas? is it fictive ?
wow you read so good
11:18 AM
dromedaries got bigger humps
they can lift a whole tent
1 hour later…
12:41 PM
@isaacg are you about?
@isaacg I was thinking of stealing your hill climbing code to answer codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/53590/…
Please, fel free @Lembik
well.. I already stole it.. but I was thinking of actually posting a solution :)
What's up @juniper ?
12:42 PM
something weird?!
hang on...
that was weird.. it seems that using a lab computer means you suddenly become someone else!
@isaacg in any case.. thank you
it works very well
1:26 PM
1:36 PM
@feersum I have a question about your bounty
1:52 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

MoartemTree Generation This popularity challenge is about generating a tree and displaying it with ASCII. Write a program that does the following: The wooden parts of your Tree must be organized as a tree graph without intersections, thus no pair of branches may intersect each other. After generatin...

2:18 PM
He new it while he was typing too.
2:58 PM
Q: Every Possible Cycle Length

isaacgA function (or program) which takes inputs and provides outputs can be said to have a cycle if calling the function on its own output repeatedly eventually reaches the original number. For instance, take the following function: Input: n 1 2 3 4 5 6 Output: f(n) 5 7 1 3 4 9 If we start with...

Q: Code close to the challenge: Inception

NicoAThis is a sequel to this challenge: Code close to the challenge: Sum of integers The challenge in this one is a bit harder, and also makes for a cool title (Which is why I picked it): Calculate the Levenshtein distance between two strings Just like last challenge, your score in this challe...

@isaacg nice question, I like these
there can be multiple cycles of the same length, right?
Yeah, it's a good style of question, with the unique sum one
that happened to be less interesting than I expected, but that happens sometimes
on the other hand the similar generate-a-pair-of-integers-from-a-non-negative-one turned out great
3:18 PM
finding proof or statement that there is no proof for my solution idea is harder than I thought... (for Every Possible Cycle Length)
3:35 PM
@randomra thanks for sorting out the squares. I had thought about summing 1 to n, but that needs too much tweaking afterwards. thanks :)
4:18 PM
@Maltysen just added a byte counter o-lang.herokuapp.com
@phase it counts UTF encoded bytes.
Those are not really the real bytes
@Optimizer then what are the real bytes?
I think the smallest encoding in which the code could fit
1 byte = 8 bits (technicallly). So if all characters of your code belong to extended ASCII set, then each one of them is 1 byte
@phase that very clearly says UTF-8 encoding, no ?
I am not saying that UTF-8 bytes are incorrect. They are mostly inefficient when scoring challenges by bytes.
4:26 PM
why do Unary and BF have so many upvotes here?
Q: Holy Hole In A Donut, Batman!

Denham CooteHoly Hole In A Donut, Batman! Some characters are more holy than others. Using as few unholy letters as possible, display the statement above. Challenge Write a full program to print Holy Hole In A Donut, Batman! to STDOUT or closest alternative. If you can compress the input to reduce your sc...

@randomra sarcasm
@randomra because they're stupid
@randomra It got me +118 overnight so I'm happy
@Optimizer what byte counter do you use?
Q: Minimizing Covering Arrays

RyanThis is the followup question to this previous CodeGolf question about Covering Arrays (the details of what Covering Arrays are and how they are formatted at the NIST website are there). In this challenge, we won't just be validating covering arrays - we will try to minimize them. Finding minima...

4:28 PM
I generally make sure that all my characters are in extended ASCII range, which makes 1 char = 1 byte then.
this is very easy to code in JS though in order to integrate with your site
what about o-lang.herokuapp.com/link/code='%C4%ABuo&input= ? how many bytes would that be?
iterate over all characters, check their ASCII code, divide by 255, floor, sum
@phase 5
how do you check the ASCII code of ī?
does every even positive integer occur as a gap between two consecutive primes? I can't find any data on this
(a related OEIS entry: oeis.org/A001223)
4:41 PM
Ooh, that's interesting
UTF-8: 3
floor something or whatever: 37
for ╚ @Optimizer
I have no idea what you are doing. Do you have prior JS experience ?
yeah, but I don't do it regularly
var count = 0;
for(var i = 0; i < s.length; i++) {
count += Math.floor(s.charCodeAt(i)/255);
Q: Possible values of prime gaps

Calvin LinThe nth prime gap is defined as $p_{n+1} - p_n $, [sequence A001223 in OEIX] (http://oeis.org/A001223). What values can occur as a prime gap? Clearly with the exception of $1 = 3 - 2$, all the prime gaps must be even. We also know that this sequence must contain infinitely large numbers, since t...

it's mentioned here as well: primes.utm.edu/notes/conjectures
A: Every Possible Cycle Length

orlpPyth, 25 bytes +hK/*J/h@h*8tQ2 2tJ2%-QKJ This is the same sequence as @Sp3000, but with a closed form. The closed form is:

4:51 PM
@phase ah, so charCodeAt is giving wrong values then ..
I made an inefficient golf, and I'm proud of it!
orlp, can you try to do less of your "shameless plugs" ? :)
just somewhat lesser than every single answer :P
@MartinBüttner thanks, I couldn't find the right search term it seems
@Optimizer I think I only post like 1/5 answers here, but ok
oh, 1/5 should be fine .. :P
4:54 PM
only if I think the ideas behind the answer is interesting
I have to wait with my "solution" then
@orlp Have you got \lfloor only in your LaTeX or do you have \left\lfloor?
@Sp3000 I used some online latex->png thing that didn't have proper scaling \floors
although I'm no latex expert
Hmm k...
Have you tried not-closed-form? I assumed that would be shorter (in Python at least)
@Sp3000 doing that right now
I just found the closed form interesting
it's almost assuredly not optimal
4:57 PM
@phase oh wait, its correct. But somehow I was able to print ╚ by just pressing "Alt + 196"
Moreover, its not /255, its actually convert to binary, take length, divide by 8
sorry for that.
or log2(number)/8
@isaacg is string input ok?
Q: Merging a dict compression referencing the original list into 1 line

Kit SundeBackground A question wanted to solve a problem in a way that made it unreasonably complex: http://stackoverflow.com/a/31551257/29347 The problem in the original question is: Take a list of (key, value) and produce a dict such that {key: sum(value)} My Problem I want to use dict compres...

On STDIN, sure. To a function, no. @randomra
Retina time
@phase ---v
var s = "╚";
var count = 0;
for(var i = 0; i < s.length; i++) {
  count += Math.ceil(Math.log2(s.charCodeAt(0))/8);
so real answer would be 2
5:12 PM
@isaacg may we assume there are no leading zeroes in the input?
@phase you can explicitly mention it as "ISO 8859" encoding byte count.
@orlp Yeah
@isaacg then there's a fairly trivial solution
map any number containing 0 to itself
@orlp damn, you were quicker
otherwise rotate digits
5:21 PM
Great, post it!
@isaacg I did, twice :P
similar in Retina:
only caring about 1 and 2's
n=input();x=not'0'in n;print(n[x:]+n[:x]) <-- there's got to be a better alternative than not in...
What challenge is that for?
Q: Every Possible Cycle Length

isaacgA function (or program) which takes inputs and provides outputs can be said to have a cycle if calling the function on its own output repeatedly eventually reaches the original number. For instance, take the following function: Input: n 1 2 3 4 5 6 Output: f(n) 5 7 1 3 4 9 If we start with...

5:28 PM
@Sp3000 there is, but it doesn't make for a shorter solution
n=input();b='0'in n;print(n[~b:]+n[:~b])
still 40 bytes
Away from life ?
At last.
At BrainF***ing Last ?
That badge seems a little difficult to be silver..
There's harder silvers on PPCG - the badge system doesn't really work here :P
6:04 PM
Has there ever been a 0-score accepted answer here?
and not more than once or twice
I have that one on SO, but I'm not sure it'll ever happen here.
Serves me right for answering new users that can accept, but not upvote yet.
6:20 PM
@AlexA. I'm not sure about "cool" tbh, the output doesn't look that great (hence baseline)
6:34 PM
@Dennis Nice, congrats! :)
6:53 PM
today's musical composition: soundcloud.com/phinotpi/fantasyb01
probably not as good as the first one
@Optimizer Actually there are currently 35
@PeterTaylor I was referring more in sync with the badge rules. So that line was "per person" post-fixed
otherwise, the use of "once or twice" as opposed to "one or two" won't make sense
same goes for rarely :)
@Vioz- What is it?
7:19 PM
@feersum Nevermind, I figured out what I needed to :)
7:55 PM
Well this certainly won't work:
Could work if you want to subliminally sell candyfloss
Where are you from, trichoplax?
Oh... wrong number in a loop. This is a bit better:
Quite a difference...
7:58 PM
Nice :)
The trees and sky look much more natural in that one. How are you deciding which colours to vary (or is it secret?)
I'm guessing greater emphasis on blacks, since that's something I've been thinking about
Not secret, it'll be posted once I get more samples in a few hours anyway. It's really simple, though. I just bump the lowest values for each channel up or down as needed.
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