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3:25 AM
that treadmill desk question would be a good topic for the blog as @IvoFlipse said
there is that one answer from the guy who wrote a blog post a little over a month ago
A: Treadmill desks - do they work when trying to lose weight, and what are potential problems to look out for?

Aaron VeghI have been using a treadmill desk for over two months now. It's been a terrific experience, and I can already say that I recommend it highly. I walk at 1.5mph and looking at the display right now I've crossed 700 calories burned today. I've lost about 10lbs, and I don't see that changing. I wro...

8:02 AM
@MattChan Hehe, no I meant I wanted to a blog post myself ;P
Because I would use SCIENCE!
5 hours later…
1:06 PM
whoa, my gravatar changed
oh right, i changed the picture last night, was looking for a better headshot of myself
Hehe, I'll get my sniper riffle then :)
now i'm looking for a nice footrest to go with my chair at home
@MattChan what chair? behind a desk or to watch tv from?
my mirra office chair
1:11 PM
unless i take apart my ikea desk to lower the board down a notch
that i would rather not do
Sounds awfully familiar, I sit on a 800$ chair behind a 30$ Ikea desk
I want a height adjustable one, but I also want a new monitor and new HDDs
and as long as my project hasn't started, I can't really afford anything :P
haha, i also just very recently upgraded my dual monitors
two 1280x1024 4:3 ones to dual 1920x1080 ones
BIG difference
1:18 PM
scored a sweet deal on amazon too and got them even cheaper due to reward points and amazon credit
my ikea desk it probably the best computer desk i've owned or seen (aside from the really high-end furniture dealers)
it's more stable than any desk i've encountered or used from a big mega-store or office chain store
i want to get monitor arms, but those things are expensive
I used my Python books to raise the screen :P
thank god for multiple 1000 page books
I currently have 2 * 22 inch (1680*1050) screens
haha, some people here use ipad boxes
1:22 PM
I don't necessarily want a full HD screen, I'd rather have a third one
Though slightly wider will make using 2 windows on one screen even easier
@MattChan I'd wish we could do some sort of comparison of the calories burned
are you talking about the treadmill desk?
it would be a neat experiment
I might actually be able to get my hands on a (cheaper) treadmill, but I think this one is very silent
oh hey, that page has the ikea desk i have at home
1:29 PM
Hehe, well I think a real height adjustable desk would be the most expensive part
so to test it, I could cheap out on that part
petition @Lauren to get one? hehe
the idea will probably be shot down
what would you compare the treadmill desk calorie expenditure against?
@MattChan Various activities
Perhaps I should make some sort of benchmark
I could go running at a certain pace or HR
Swimming, but then I couldn't use the same one (which is bad for repeatability)
I could sit on my ass behind the desk
I've got dance central and several DVDs worth of home based exercise
I can go cycling
that's a nice setup
1:37 PM
hey, he's a got a humanscale liberty chair in the background
1:56 PM
@MattChan I wish I could buy a treadmill desk
@LaurenΨ Why can't you? ;)
I thought my adjustable height desk was cool and then I saw that
I think it would be a great appeal to the SO crowds to check out our site ;)
@IvoFlipse I guess I could... but aren't they like $2000
too cheap for that lol
@LaurenΨ Naah, if you already own the desk it becomes much cheaper
besides you can find 2nd hand treadmills
and obviously SE would have to pay for it, given that you're going to use it at work
1:58 PM
@IvoFlipse ah you're saying I should just park a treadmill behind my desk at work
@LaurenΨ Under
i once joked about how you could tighten the recline on an aeron chair and use it to exercise your back muscles
Btw @Lauren did you happen to see our FAQ Draft in the sidebar?
@IvoFlipse I looked at it a few days ago but not since
reading the updates now...
Just wanted to know if you had anything to add
2:01 PM
I think "nutrition as it relates to exercise" might be a little restrictive, don't we want it to be "nutrition as it relates to fitness"
and being health?
I'll leave the phrasing to people who actually speak proper English
Well I rather wouldn't, because its far to ambiguous and we get all these questions that I think nobody here wants to see
In spirit it sounds nice and all, but in practice you get these people who don't want to change their bad habits and just want us to tell them its OK if they drink Diet Coke instead of Coke
fair enough
the problem with those questions is that people want to be validated about their choices, not about nutrition
they tend to come off more as skeptics questions in nature
Well said
2:03 PM
@MattChan yeah I guess it's hard to draw a line between that and actual nutrition questions
@Ivo I expect community team would have better advice than I would, if you need input
Well you're the most activity SE employer on the site in terms of actually using it
So I would prefer your opinion over someone who doesn't even work out
@IvoFlipse yeah, in my opinion saying "nutrition as it relates to exercise" is just a little confusing
I think there are probably some questions that are decent for the site that would be close based on that definition
@LaurenΨ Well it might be that because I'm not a native English speaker that Fitness just has a totally different meaning for me
I know very well that it would exclude a large portion of question that aren't necessarily bad, but it would exclude an ever larger portion of crappy questions. Besides, I'm not sure if they attract the audience that fits the rest of the site
Like people who don't even want to work out, but prefer to starve themselves
@IvoFlipse that's a fair point, I'd just be worried about excluding that large portion of not bad questions
considering that our site is still pretty small
If you want to know what to eat just before going to the gym or running a marathon, that should be perfectly fine
2:10 PM
@IvoFlipse I definitely agree that we don't want "starving myself" questions
i agree with @Lauren's stance on nutrition questions
Well I blame that partially on a lot of poor questions that under the current FAQ would be on-topic and the fact that our site seems to appeal weightlifters and runners only
i don't think nutrition should be so restrictive as it is described now, but it's hard to get the type of good questions we want based on what we've seen historically
I'm sure at least 20% of all SO users perform some type of exercise/sports whatever and they could be asking questions on our site
Bit of a chicken-egg problem though, especially if you can't go seed the site with questions about types of exercise you don't perform yourself
is there anyone on the site who knows nutrition other than Berin?
2:14 PM
@MattChan Perhaps those questions could be improved, but that would require a lot more moderation than we as a small group have to offer
@MattChan Even Berin only knows it out of experience, not because he's a professional
Though he's doing a great job at trying to answer them as good as possible
i think what you said could be the problem: people just have very fundamental differences about what "nutrition" is
That's my last beef with [nutrition], we don't have any experts
given the problems of the site's scope, we may have put ourselves in this position
We always say that SE-sites get made when they have a critical mass of experts, but in our case there's no critical mass of nutrition experts
@MattChan Well if you remember the Area51 proposal you know nutrition wasn't originally in it
fitness and nutrition and diet feed into overall "health" so maybe we should focus on "healthy nutrition" instead of "is diet coke better than regular coke"?
2:17 PM
@IvoFlipse that is definitely a problem, but you're not going to attract nutrition experts by removing nutrition questions from the scope right?
@MattChan I agree with that idea, although I do agree with @IvoFlipse that it's hard to define
@LaurenΨ Nope, but also not by allowing amateurs to ask each other questions
@IvoFlipse i didn't know about the SE until it went into public beta but i have heard of the troubles from what i've read on meta
And I think it actively hurts the other parts of our site, because the good exercise questions are drowned between mediocre nutrition ones
@IvoFlipse I was kind of hoping that we'd get some good nutrition questions to ask Nutrition Diva in the interview and that would help
but as of now noone has answered that meta post
oops... i've been putting that off
2:19 PM
I've been working on those Stanford courses nearly non-stop the past weeks
apart from AI I'm nearly a week ahead of schedule, so I'm hoping that I'll have some time off next week
I'm sure there are nutrition questions we can ask her that would even meet my standards
@IvoFlipse I'm not expecting you to come up with the questions yourself of course
No but I didn't do my share either :)
but if noone else answers it we can spend some time coming up with them once you have some free time
there's no rush, I think they're schedule is pretty open
I'm curious if Nutrition Diva has an interest for exercise
Q: Long distance running -- Can I get sugar/electrolytes from natural sources? (as opposed to goo, etc)?

Doug T.I'm a long distance runner thats not really a fan of all the goo type products. I'm curious if there's any natural sources of concentrated sugars with the right balance of electrolytes for long distance running? I know that fruits are the most obvious natural sources for these nutrients, but whic...

Q: Carbohydrates prior to running

Nathan WheelerI know that a lot of runners stock up on carbs before a run. What is the benefit of this? I've heard some people say that you'll "hit a wall" if you don't take in some carbs before running. I'm assuming this is like hitting a plateau in your running ability where you can't progress any further. I...

Q: Running, eating less but not losing weight?

eagerMooseI've been running for the past month and a half and watching what I eat for the past three weeks. I started out at 77,1kg and have been stuck around 75,5kg for the past week or longer. I've completely cut candies and anything junk food related from my diet (so no chocolates, sugar in coffee or c...

This one sparked quite an interest, I actually what both of them think of that one
Its exemplary in pointing out what's wrong with our site: how do I know who is right and who isn't?
Q: Effect of protein intake on muscle recovery

intuited"Protein shakes" and other high-protein dietary strategies are believed by some to improve muscle recovery times after workouts. However, there is some opinion to the contrary: that protein intake beyond a normal level does not result in quicker recovery times. Does ingesting huge amounts of pr...

Though I'm not sure if that's her area of expertise as well
Q: How to get enough Protein as a vegetarian?

adamnuttallIs is possible to take on enough protein to build muscle whilst eating a vegetarian diet? Many sources of proteins such as meat, poultry and fish are obviously ruled out. Do you have experience of building muscle without meat? I'd be interested to know which foods you do consume.

Q: Is it necessary to eat fewer carbs in order to lose weight?

victoriahI'm using DailyBurn.com as my guide/tracking system for losing weight and I always seem to hit my recommended carb limit for the day really easily. I really like eating rice, pasta and bread. To put this into perspective, I'm hitting my carb limit whilst still at half of the limit for calories, ...

Q: Excessive caffeine consumption effect on heart/body

EimantasEach day I drink lots of coffee and energy drinks (redbull 355ml cans). I go to gym 3 times a week (on evenings). Are there any effects on my workouts? I stopped drinking any caffeine (at least from coffee and energy drinks) for 3 weeks and didn't feel any changes. Not during daytime nor before, ...

Q: Should I drink water before, during or after eating?

NuhaAs the title says, I would like to know what is the best time to drink water, is it before, during, or after having a meal? Also suppose the answer was during, what quantity is recommended?

@IvoFlipse I think she's mostly nutrition focused, not so much exercise
that's why they have a separate "Get Fit Guy"
2:28 PM
Lol, then why don't we have that too? ;)
ooh, she's an opera singer too
There's a site for that
@IvoFlipse haha I really want us to have a "there's a site for that" video
I don't think there's a site for that... :(
Perhaps AV
I do wonder what it would take to make other sites a blockbuster (like SO)
on another note, what do you guys think of promoting fitness at the Quidditch World Cup
2:36 PM
Funny to say the least
@BrettWhite and I want to team up and promote fitness and scifi there
I was just about to ask
I just found this article about training for different quidditch positions fitnessmagazine.com/blogs/fitstop/tag/quidditch
Well if they exercise at least they are part of our target audience
quidditch? that sounds interesting
2:38 PM
seems like people who would play quidditch might be dorky enough to use our q&A sites :)
and there are already a bunch of harry potter questions on scifi, just wondering if our community would be receptive to questions about training for quidditch
haha, seems fairly niche
Hopefully Pottermore will draw even more users to scifi as it will allow for more speculation than the books do
@IvoFlipse I think it definitely could. Just figured that since it's a sport I could tag along and hand out some fitness stuff
but not if you guys think it's too niche
will there be a large crowd there?
i actually know nothing about harry potter or quidditch aside from flying on brooms....
2:41 PM
Well like my proposal faq says, as long as its not discussion about the rules and such it should be on-topic
@MattChan Yeah, it's ridiculously huge
Go read the books @MattChan ;)
something like 2000 athletes
it's a whole weekend-long affair
running with brooms is pretty hardcore
that's pretty sizable i think
2:42 PM
A question on how to run as fast as possible with a broom between your legs would be on-topic
@IvoFlipse HAHA love it
@LaurenΨ I'm serious :P
and everyone would go, "....huh?"
@IvoFlipse I'm glad, because it could definitely draw some eyes to the site later too
@MattChan yep
Perhaps you should bring something along so you can ask the question 'live' and ask people to answer it while they're there
2:43 PM
@IvoFlipse yeah we talked about getting a chaos ipad for that
or I coudl at least do it on my phone
worst case
Worst case: bring a pen and paper + camera :P
but if you ask Joel, I'm sure they can fix that short term right?
But I do think that if they saw something like that was allowed on our site, they would be instantly hooked
@IvoFlipse if we had a booth we could bring a laptop and a wireless card, but we'll probably just be walking around so an iphone or ipad would work better
@IvoFlipse agreed
free goodies are awesome, i like that in your blog post
that banner was really bad-ass too
Perhaps you can ask it yourself before you go, like: "I'm going to QWC and want to play along on a training, how do I run that fast with a broom between my legs?" and ask for answers while your there
2:47 PM
@IvoFlipse @BrettWhite is looking around to see if any of the SciFi users play quidditch and would want to ask those kinds of questions on fitness
but if not I'll come up with some good ones and ask them
Well you definitely have my support, I think its a great idea
i like it too
Oh and make sure J&J tweet your question
sweeeett I'm excited about this lol
But that's probably cheating
2:49 PM
maybe you could try to feel out the crowd and see who would be the right kind of user for the site and ask great questions
haha I'll see what I can do
at least StackHQ will tweet it
i feel that's more worthwhile than trying to amass everyone and have them ask mediocre questions
@MattChan yep definitely, that's why we want to go
Perhaps it would be even cooler to simply make the question in advance and print it out as a flyer to hand out
so they know what it looks like
@MattChan yeah we can't talk to everyone anyway
@IvoFlipse we'll probably do stickers
similar to the star wars stickers we had for comic con
those things were a HUGE HIT
2:52 PM
Those questions stickers are awesome yeah
But obviously we don't have one tailored to quidditch
but still
San Diego Comic-Con is a HUGE one.... it's nuts
@IvoFlipse yeah, we're trying to figure out if any of the sci fi users have quidditch training questions they can ask on fitness beforehand
@MattChan NYCC was the first one I've ever gone to and it was crazy
is San Diego bigger?
i've never been to NYCC, and only once to SDCC and it's really big
the entire convention floor and all the halls upstairs
I'm probably around in the weekend if you need any backup support (like keeping an eye out for the questions etc)
2:54 PM
2.6 million gross sq.ft., 615,701 sq.ft. total exhibit space and 204,114 sq.ft. overall meeting space.
I've heard PAX in Seattle is huge... PAX East this year had to move to a different convention center in Boston, much bigger but further from the heart of the city where the first one was
@IvoFlipse awesome I'll keep that in mind
might have you stationed to answer the training questions if we do manage to get an ipad by then :)
@MattChan was PAX East a while ago?
@LaurenΨ well I'd need the content to answer it off course ;P I can't answer it myself
@LaurenΨ Didn't Grace go?
PAX East occurs in late March I think.... I know it's sometime when it's still cold out
@IvoFlipse Fitness Magazine says 'the snitch is “ideally an attention seeking cross country runner with some background in wrestling and gymnastics.” Not sure how to train for that? Try some cardio-kickboxing, Tai Chi'
@MattChan gotcha well that's not that far off
2:59 PM
@LaurenΨ Well that just proves my point that the site truly is allround, we just need them on our site :P
And I should stop getting injured...
@IvoFlipse you're injured?
Anyway, dinner time
I started running after my vacation, but was a bit too enthusiastic
so my shins are hurt a bit
@IvoFlipse mm dinner. I anxiously await lunch
@IvoFlipse that's no good
So I guess I have to start ALL OVER again
hate it when that happens
that happened to me on my first little run after a marathon last year
i ran like two miles and tore a tendon in my knee - the WORST
hope you feel better soon
2 hours later…

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