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8:00 PM
@200_success I can make you an MCVE JSFiddle. That doesn't make it code in use.
Q: Python Script to Create Android/iOS Strings from a .csv

stepwise_refinementHey guys I'm relatively new to python so was looking for some feedback. My script takes a csv file of strings and then creates an xml file for Android and a .strings file to be used for iOS. It separates each locale meaning that a file will be created for each language. This has come in handy s...

@Hosch250 You're messing with us.
@200_success @Mast wrote that one, not me. It might be more of an example project than example code. I started writing "This might be considered example code" but changed to something else when I noticed @Mast also had posted. Then I got a bit furious about the user using it as a close reason...
8:00 PM
And I voted for everyone.
I voted for my three.
@200_success I found it grey enough to post the kind of comment I did.
election began

just now
I considered it a very dark grey.
Already voted @Mat'sMug. Where were you?
8:02 PM
@EBrown That ^^
All of us have been long done with voting.
Now we just need to wait a week to see the results.
4 days.
Get some stats. Make some graphs.
@Hosch250 Good!
election ends

in 4 days
Reading is difficult.
8:03 PM
Pretty much done for the day now.
I should get "Constituent" from this.
Mine isn't coming in.
@EBrown voting.. from my phone
I hope we didn't vote so soon it doesn't count.
@SimonAndréForsberg Nice. I sort of copied it and I'm using it for a gomoku like-game. This copying is ugly. My stupid AI works for it without any changes, just much worse as the number of possibilities is much higher.
Where's that "submit" button for voting?
8:04 PM
@Hosch250 Blame caching
@SimonAndréForsberg There is none.
@Mat'sMug don't misclick!
@SimonAndréForsberg auto-submit at the end
You have till the end of election to change it.
@SimonAndréForsberg no worries ;)
8:05 PM
Soo... my vote is submitted now? I expected some notification that said "Thanks for voting!"
Well I did my duty.
Voted for my three people.
Haven't you ever voted in an election before, @SimonAndréForsberg?
I have two SO elections under my belt.
I have, but it was a long time ago.
@SimonAndréForsberg There was, on the right side of your screen in a blue box.
8:06 PM
@Mast Holy smokes.
Only 45 times.
There's only ever been one election, no?
Q: Python Script to Create Android/iOS Strings from a .csv

stepwise_refinementHey guys I'm relatively new to python so was looking for some feedback. My script takes a csv file of strings and then creates an xml file for Android and a .strings file to be used for iOS. It separates each locale meaning that a file will be created for each language. This has come in handy s...

I know 11 of them.
Is this off-topic?
The OP used the ++var idiom
But maybe it is just a bug
8:08 PM
> ++ does nothing twice
I've never seen such code in Python before indeed.
Maybe I should retract the close vote and signal that as a bug?
@Caridorc I don't know enough Python to say anything about that.
@SimonAndréForsberg ++var is equal to no-op; no-op; var in Python
8:09 PM
@Caridorc I'd consider that a valid answer.
@Phrancis Old news.
Perfect, retracting close vote
@Caridorc Already answered with a comment about that.
@EBrown for some values of "old" ;-)
@Mat'sMug Old = 1 minute +/- 50%
How's that?
8:11 PM
@EthanBierlein See, you can write full answers :-)
Nice one.
64 voters so far
@EBrown Just wanted to update the pinned link :)
@Mast Thanks!
There should be more votes than that by now.
Someone with teh powah could edit the description of the room to include it.
@EBrown nah.. pinned msg is good enough
8:12 PM
@EBrown It's pinned. It will stick to the star wall for what, 2 weeks?
Ah, nifty.
@Mast Yup
@Mast 4 Days
I would assume, at least.
@EthanBierlein all meningful ponits in your answer by the way, +1
Removing it can be the new mods first job.
8:12 PM
@Caridorc Thanks!
Can someone relink that python topic?
Need to +1 it.
Q: Python Script to Create Android/iOS Strings from a .csv

stepwise_refinementHey guys I'm relatively new to python so was looking for some feedback. My script takes a csv file of strings and then creates an xml file for Android and a .strings file to be used for iOS. It separates each locale meaning that a file will be created for each language. This has come in handy s...

@EBrown Learn to scroll :P
I'm still recognizing a lot of the voters.
@Mast Some people were camping it, easier to have them link it. :)
8:13 PM
Most are regulars or mods on some other site.
Several came over from the Tavern.
Well this is CodeReview's first real election, no?
@EBrown Yes.
That makes it a significant landmark.
Graduation Party!
8:14 PM
People want to be a part of history.
I think the downvote on the that post should be retracted, it's perfectly on-topic
@Mast I never had one of those.
@Hosch250 or they'll delegate it to one of the many existing room owners
@EBrown Neither had I, it's what you get for taking longer than you should.
@Mast I graduated on time, just wasn't popular so I said to hell with a grad party.
8:15 PM
Somehow I don't feel that publicizing one's vote is quite appropriate.
@200_success Indeed. It's a bit of a snipe and that message should not be here.
Me either. Sorry.
@200_success Indeed.
There, that better? It wasn't my vote anyway.
@Mast Glad I'm not the only one who uses "indeed".
8:16 PM
@EBrown I may have been watching Teal'c too much.
@Mast Myself as well. I love that series.
I've watched it, probably 10 times through, from start to finish.
That and MacGyver.
@rolfl Speaking of bad messages...
And a bunch of similar series, yea.
8:18 PM
I've seen all the Stargate's.
@SimonAndréForsberg Oh, that's evil.
What did the "S" in STV stand for again? :)
Could you make it a meta on main?
I believe @rolfl already has a meta about the wording, this could be added to that.
8:19 PM
Have at it and post your answer in chat, please :)
How about "You have chosen your second preference, you have 1 preference remaining"?
Too difficult for the average internet user I'm afraid.
Speaking of which… I'm going to cheat on the July STV and pimp an old answer:
A: Complex query to count votes with a redistribution system

200_successYour query is simultaneously awful and awesome. It is truly impressive, especially if you are self-taught. Unfortunately, I don't believe it is correct. (Or, I may have misunderstood how you intended for the vote redistribution scheme to work.) For example, it reports that the redistribution ...

@Mast We're supposed to assume SE/SO/CR users are not the average internet user.
8:20 PM
@EBrown CR, yes. SO, well...
@RenéNyffenegger Welcome!
Q: Extension pattern in a flask controller using importlib

jobouI am trying to load a module according to some settings. I have found a working solution but I need a confirmation from an advanced python developer that this solution is the best performance wise as the API endpoint which will use it will be under heavy load. The idea is to change the working o...

Have you seen the amount of rubbish coming by lately?
At SO, that is.
@Mast I have, I still hold out faith that the internet isn't just a bunch of trolls/idgits.
8:21 PM
Like idiots only "Bobby Singer'd".
The series?
What about them?
Many SO questions are 'aye dee ten tee' errors.
Jensen Ackles? Jared Padalecki?
Bobby Singer always calls Sam and Dean a bunch of "idgits."
8:22 PM
I never remember the names of the characters in the series
Any serie
Bobby Singer, the old fat guy?
101 voters so far.
The one that was helping them?
Yeah. The guy they always called being "FBI" or whatever.
He had the junkyard.
@200_success That's a really thorough answer, however I had already upvoted it long ago :)
8:23 PM
I think my poor memory is working
And it hurts
@200_success I'll save that vote for when you "pimp" it.
That will have to do, I guess.
Department meeting in 6 minutes.
Not going to be fun.
grumble grumble too many good choices
I voted for everyone.
8:26 PM
@Undo We kind of aimed for that.
Then I moved my votes around until I liked them.
@EBrown You're taking the T in STV way too literal.
Every single person on that board had my first choice at a certain, given, moment in time.
And yes. I like that T bit.
@Mast 113. I think the badges are awarded in batches
Code review should graduate on it's fifth birthday, methinks.
8:28 PM
Thank you for the confidence, @EBrown, no matter how short that confidence may have lasted.
@SimonAndréForsberg Absolutely! Everyone had all three of my choices, you were at one point First, then Second, then Third. (I think you actually might have been Third then First then Second then surprise.)
I don't remember, cba to go look.
@Mat'sMug Yea, caching.
@EBrown Technically, we graduated on my birthday.
Q: Code Review Graduation

rolflI am pleased to announce that effective from September 22, Code Review has graduated! It has taken a bit of time for this announcement to filter through the red tape, so, today was the day we found out. Let's use this as a place to discuss, celebrate, and otherwise commiserate. Notes: Code Rev...

@SimonAndréForsberg Damn, I had hoped it could be on it's fifth.
When everything will be applied though, we will see.
8:30 PM
Anyway, TTGTDM.
(Time to go to Department Meeting)
This election is the first time we've heard about "graduating" since September...
And then TTGH.
@EBrown you're making me start to wonder why I invented those abbreviations...
Well, hopefully this election is a sign that the design is near finalizing, and that SE is getting ready to drop the beta.
@SimonAndréForsberg I can go even more overboard with them, if you prefer.
Anyway, catch you all later. :) Have fun everyone! Enjoy the weekend!
@EBrown I still think the biggest roadblock in finalizing our design, is that the design team has no frakkin' idea of what design elements would best fit "Code Review"
8:33 PM
@Mat'sMug a magnifying glass would be a nice logo in my opinion.
@Mat'sMug @SimonAndréForsberg you guys opposed to moving messages to the election chatroom? I was about to move them but figured I would ask
@EBrown Umm… sure, if you want to be optimistic.
I hate regex :\
Why does the long line include the whole line, but the last line doesn't?
2 days ago, by Mast
8:36 PM
@Malachi not really opposed to it, but not pushing much for it either. It's quite natural that there's election talk here too.
@Mast why was I able to decipher that?
@FreeMan May have seen it before?
Great minds think alike.
@Phrancis honestly, good question... I think that .*\W is an odd one though...
I personally wouldn't start trying to micromanage where messages are. If a big drawn-out conversation about the election starts, move it, but don't move every little thing about it
@Mast Not sure
8:37 PM
@Undo Stargreed.
@Undo @Malachi should (and probably will) also star that.
@SimonAndréForsberg true. I just saw that there was talk about a python question and it needed to be relinked in chat. figured we could move election stuff there.
@SimonAndréForsberg if I wasn't out of stars already....
@Malachi Too busy shooting stars?
Not sure if I got any left.
I have never run out of stars. No idea how you folks do it :P
8:39 PM
no clue
<insert clue here>
Or, C++ style: *clue
Warning: NullPointerReference
ProTip: You can fake the POST request to vote for someone who isn't actually running.
Warning: StarLimitReached
So in theory we could re-elect @rolfl
@Undo "In theory"
@Undo I've watched a lot of Top Gear. I read that as readysteadygo, even though that's clearly not what you said.
8:42 PM
@Undo lol
@Undo So it's also possible to give somebody your first, second and third choice?
@Mast Not sure about that
STV wouldn't like it, at least
That would totally break the system, indeed.
okay, who's starring everything?
8:43 PM
@Phrancis some of you run on Caffeine, but I run on stars!
@Mast That wouldn't be any different than just having a first choice.
@Hosch250 Indeed. But the system isn't build on everybody only having a first choice.
@Mast you cannot hide
Giving someone your first, second, and third choice wouldn't be any different, though, so don't try.
8:45 PM
@Caridorc is that python question off-topic? should I close it or not?
@Phrancis make it \w++ instead of .*
also it includes the whole line because of the punctuation end
@EthanBierlein Don't worry about Q: codereview.stackexchange.com/help/badges/85/…
@Malachi is there an pet site we can move it to?
I'm too busy scaring my wife with my remote hoisting crane.
@Hosch250 I was wondering if he was still around.
And, he's still hitting the queues.
8:46 PM
@Donald.McLean I haven't seen one yet. but I haven't been looking either...
@Mast That would be self-defeating. You only get one vote anyway. The second and third choices are supposed to do you a favour by automatically transferring your vote as appropriate.
@200_success I know. But it would also break the system by modifying the amount of votes necessary to reach the treshold.
@Mast I don't think that's really "breaking".
@SimonAndréForsberg Well, if it would happen frequent enough, it would result in unlikely voting graphs.
close enough.
8:57 PM
Q: MVC4 Approach to Checking Authorization after POST

Jonathan HI have a very simple form that is designed to update account expiration dates. I'm currently creating a View Model and sending that to the form, however, I still have to pass along a GUID so I know what object is being referenced on POST back. What I'm worried about it is someone altering the g...

So many users that I've barely seen before... I really wonder how they're voting.
The primary results looked reasonable enough.
true that.
@Vogel612 /(MONK|Monk|monk)\w+/g did the trick, thank you :)
9:03 PM
Lots of people I know/have seen in there.
159 badges.
@rolfl hasn't voted, that I've seen.
@Phrancis you understand why?
btw. that also matches "Monk"
sorts of
Q: Matrix struct with random values allocation and deallocation

StreppelI've written this code in 2013 or 2014, I think. I've rediscovered it today in one of my folders, made some changes and now I'm left (and my 2013/2014 me as well) wondering how good it looks for other C programmers. It's a simple dummy program that reads N and M from stdin, then creates a matri...

I hate JS.
8 mins ago, by Mat's Mug
9:06 PM
▲▲▲ ditto
quite a bunch are also earning a Caucus badge - I think the actual elections end up even bigger than the primaries :)
(see "recent badges")
it's 163 awarded constituent badges
these are the actual votes...
@Malachi it is on topic, it just has a big bug, keep open.
@Caridorc I voted to keep open. I remembered part of the conversation. thank you.
@Malachi you're welcome.
9:11 PM
@Hosch250 Right, been out of town driving there and back for the past 10 hours.
Just walked back in to the house ;0
171 votes
I'm on the verge of posting a SO question.
Right.... it sucks I have only one vote...... and can split it only 3 ways....
@rolfl No splitting, just transferring at overflow.
Bit sad that I will be so far down the constituent awards list .... but, I am at least due for it now.
@Mast It gets split, then the split part is transferred
I am very aware of how it works.
9:15 PM
hey it looks like all candidates earned an extra point in their candidate score - that makes @Jamal a 39/40!
@rolfl You got a flow chart with that?
Since I don't understand it.
@Mast TS
@Mat'sMug hint Badge hint
If the candidate you vote for first, is elected right away, and the trheshold was 80, and he got 100 votes......
@rolfl Then the remaining 20 will be transferred.
9:17 PM
then 20% of everyone's vote who voted for him is split off, so that he has exactly what is needed.
That ^
So, your vote of 1.0 is now 0.8 for him.
the remaining 0.2 of your vote is traansferred to your second choice.
that actually makes sense
what's the threshold?
What I don't know, is what happens if you only pick a second or third choice?
9:18 PM
if your second choice is also elected, then, the amount of excess vote is then split off again, and transferred to your third choice.
@rolfl Ah, that actually influences the score.
@Mat'sMug (votes - excess) / (seats + 1)
Now I just need Marshal...
@Jamal You should resign in the middle of the year, get Marshall, and run again.
So, what happens if I only pick a second choice? Does it count as just a first choice, or doesn't it count at all?
No, thanks. I can at least embrace my Marshals on SO, MSE, and Arqade.
9:20 PM
You have marshall on arquade?
Gotta run, cheers till morning.
out agaain
@rolfl NAA's pretty much fall like rain on that site.
Haven't seen this much buzz in chat since the holiday hats!
9:35 PM
@Hosch250 it counts as the first choice
TTGH, laters CRitters!
@Mat'sMug Later gator!
There's no on-topic business going on, right?
So it's totally legit to sneak in a link to an SO question without being branded a help vampire, right?
9:50 PM
@Mast 408 Question Timeout (in other words, no)
@Mast 200 OK
On a more on-topic note: 208 voters
@SimonAndréForsberg HTTP badass
Q: Server lost it's property

MastMy Node.JS HTTP server handles a GET request with JSON query by invoking runNextMethod. This function gets url_parsed.query as argument. function runNextMethod(query) { if(nextMethodIndex<methodOrder.length) { var func = myDict[myList[nextMethodIndex]]; console.log("Nex...

Maybe some day I should only write in HTTP status codes.
@SimonAndréForsberg I'd prefer Brainfuck over HTTP status codes any day.
@Mast 210
@Mast Maybe some day I should only write in Brainfuck code ain't gonna happen
@Hosch250 suddenly I thought that was a HTTP status code
9:53 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg There's an international 'Talk like a pirate day'
My glass is still half full.
Q: Draw editable angles

Josue EspinosaOne of the first things I did when I learned Objective-C was to create a little canvas with editable angles. Basically, you tap to create points. Every tap connects to the previous tap. So if you tap in 2 spots, a line will be drawn from point 1 to point 2. Tap again, and a line will be drawn fro...

@SimonAndréForsberg HTTP 210 doesn't exist.
@Mast Unfortunately, I don't speak Node.JS
@SimonAndréForsberg It's probably not Node.JS specific.
I hate JS.
But I think I've stated that quite often already.
I'm rebuilding my current server from scratch because it won't handle the timeout correctly for some reason. Now I'm dealing with scope issues like these.
I should write a browser addon that supports running C# in the browser like JS.
9:55 PM
@Hosch250 You should totally do that.
You could probably crowdfund it.
I don't think JS is compiled, though, I think it just runs like Python.
C# is compiled, and that would be more expensive.
@Hosch250 It runs like Java.
It's JIT afaik.
Node.JS is worse, it's event driven.
@Mast With Java, you take your source code and compile it. The JVM runs the compiled file.
9:57 PM
That's like async, but without the good parts of async.
@Hosch250 Allright, then Java is like Python and JS is utter bull.
I thought JS and Python were interpreted, or something.
I mean, I can do parallel processing. VHDL is parallel. 200 things at a time, no problem. Just make sure you know IN WHAT ORDER THEY HAPPEN!
JS is not compiled, I think you're right in saying it's interpreted. IDK about Python though.
In Node.JS, no such thing.
@Phrancis Python is interpreted, but all libraries are compiled.
That's why you usually debug your Python on the second run, not on the first.
10:00 PM
I knew Python wasn't compiled, because using an undefined variable is a runtime error, not a compile time error.
@Phrancis It's 00:00 here ^^
@Hosch250 Very good!
So, continuing with C# in the browser, if I was to let it be like JS - just stick your code in, I'd need to compile it, then run it like Java.
@Hosch250 Nothing wrong with compiling, right?
Monking, @Quill.
10:03 PM
If I wanted to do it a bit easier, I could just stick the EXE in and run that, displaying the output in a window like Java.
Compile it first, sort it out later.
@Mast I prefer compiling.
As do I.
So, do I stick the raw code in, or make the user compile it and load the exe in?
@Phrancis You have weekend every 15 days?
Poor @Phrancis
10:04 PM
for (i = 1; i <= 100; i++) {
  if (i % (3*5) = 0) { print 'WEEKEND' }
  else if (i % 3) = 0) { print 'WEEK' }
  else if (i % 5) = 0) { print 'END' }
  else { print i }
Nah, just a quick warm-up fizzbuzz for the weekend :)
@Phrancis Where's your semi-colons?
Not needed in Groovy ;)
Later @ all
@Phrancis shouldn't that be println instead of print ?
Alarm goes in 7 hours or so.
10:21 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg Ah you're right, the way I wrote would print 12WEEK4ENDWEEK78WEEKEND11WEEK1314WEEKEND...
Q: The Geppy String: Regex vs Iteration

Caridorc We'll say that a lowercase 'g' in a string is "happy" if there is another 'g' immediately to its left or right. Return true if all the g's in the given string are happy. gHappy("xxggxx") → true gHappy("xxgxx") → false gHappy("xxggyygxx") → false I have written two functions to solve this p...

Q: Current synonymization of [crypto++]

jwwCrypto++ is a C++ cryptographic library. CR used to have a dedicated tag for it: crypto++. Related, see Pre-create tags 'crypto++' and 'cryptopp' for email notifications?. I have an alert that triggers whenever someone uses the tag. The issue is, the tag is now a synonym for cryptography, so I g...


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