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4:38 AM
Anyone here?
Me too.
(sorry, lol, I just found what I was going to ask about)
Now that no one's needed, I'm here too
Actually, if anyone finds a page that shows a graphic of the 40 hamiltonian grid paths in a 3x3 grid, that would be great.
4:45 AM
Do you want them as numberings of a grid or as a line showing the shape?
I'd prefer lines, but either is fine
I'm guessing brute force wouldn't take too long for 3x3?
Only 9! combinations to check
Q: Format a floating point number exactly as decimal

edA-qa mort-ora-yAny binary floating point can be formatted exactly in decimal. The resulting string might be somewhat long, but it is possible. In my article on floating point I cover the importance of precision, and now I want this function. This challenge is to write a program, or function, that takes a floati...

5:04 AM
Q: Incremental Game Time Format

Hand-E-FoodIncremental Game Time Format Goal Incremental games often have a countdown timer expressing the days, hours, minutes and seconds until a task is complete. Depending on the space available, they can be formatted as: 2d 13h 23h 59m 48s 14m 3h 0m 0s The goal of this code golf is to write a fun...

@Calvin'sHobbies Do you want them all or do you want the ones up to symmetry?
5:45 AM
@Calvin'sHobbies ^^ There's only really three types
(I drew them undirected)
@trichoplax Re meta: My problem is more what the extra step adds, more than anything
4 hours later…
9:39 AM
Q: Successfully navigating an asteroid field

FatalizeIntroduction Everyone knows that the possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately 3,720 to 1. But despite your warning, Han Solo is still willing to try his luck. Fearing for your artificial life, you decide to code, in the ship's peculiar dialect (read: your prefer...

@Dennis "...."{imd\} should give 39, but that's one short...
(Replacing the dots with appropriate chars)
you mean "…" ?
9:58 AM
or was that supposed to be ?
10:50 AM
@Sparr no, that's obviously a cat
3 hours later…
1:50 PM
@Sp3000 Thanks! Now I have to look into the recent commits to see if the {}# bug has been fixed.
2:02 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

GeobitsOverhanded (Underhanded) Poker king-of-the-hilloverhandedcard-games Also if you make overhanded a thing I'll whack everyone involved with a large trout ~ Doorknob You and your poker buddy are bored, and seeking to liven up the usual poker game. Playing one hand just isn't challenging any ...

@Geobits "Who can get the lowest high card" sounds pretty messed up to me :P Interesting though
Well, making sure you bust up pairs for your low while keeping your high hand good could be tricky, depending on the hand. Figuring out what to exchange should (hopefully) be interesting, too.
Just wondering, does pyg ( gist.github.com/Synthetica9/9796173 ) count as a programming language one could use?
Well the optimal low hand seems to be your 5 lowest numbers, as long as they don't form a straight or flush - which doesn't leave much choice if you're trying to lose for under
@Vioz- Sure.
2:16 PM
You could say the same about over, since optimal is simply the highest hand you can make. But if that leaves you with a high low hand, it's not a good move overall. If you can manage to bring your high down some to make a better low, it might be a good idea. That's the idea, anyway.
Also, when exchanging, if you get rid of, say, everything that isn't high or paired, you may end up screwing your under hand.
I'm hoping it works out like that in practice.
I'm running sample games :P
2D 2C 5D
9C TC 4D 9D TH 3S 7S
Oops I got optimal low pre-exchange
But have 2 twos means over will have a 2...
Exchanging anything there means either losing your two pair for high (99TT) or messing with your low. With those cards as is, I'd have an optimal low, but only two pair for high, which isn't all that high.
What would you exchange? :)
(if anything - 2 pair's pretty hard to take apart here)
2:25 PM
If anything, I might ditch the nines. I'd probably play with that, to be honest.
Though I think it might lose the over.
2D 2C 5D
AC 7C TC 4D TH 3S 7S
Why do I come in here always and have no clue what @Sp3000 is discussing about ...
Yeah that didn't go too well
Three pair! :D
Can't even flush from that :/
2:28 PM
Keep the straight (A2345) for over, ditch a 7 and 10 and hope you don't pair up again for the under.
Oh, that was the result of exchanging from last game :P
Oh. Then that's a tough one :D
5D AH 6S
9D JD 5H 7H 9H 3S 8S
I think I'd ditch 8,9 and hope for flush
I'd probably pray to the flush gods for a heart on that one.
Go for the hail mary!
2:32 PM
5D AH 6S
KC JD 2H 5H 7H 9H 3S
Well... K high?
that's uh.. that's a high low hand :P
Or you could 23567
And ditch the flush?
If you keep the flush you're probably going to at least prevent the other guy from gaining a point
I'd rather keep the flush and hope the other guy forces a pair into his under.
Hmm I wonder how easy it is to get 7 high
There'll bound to be a bot which just prioritises under
2:34 PM
Should be the same odds as a royal straight, which should be out there.
..That was my idea :P
You get 10 cards though rather than 5, and you can exchange a lot
Gonna try a few games
But a bot that prioritizes strictly for under is bound to have crappy over hands.
2:36 PM
True, but it means that the contest will depend a lot more on luck as to whether you can tie the under hand and still beat the over
Hmm. I was originally going to have it be two standard hands A and B (and you have to win both to get the full point). Got the idea for over/under and changed it. Maybe it would be better that way... let me think on this.
Maybe it just needs a different scoring method. I could do wagers, but that adds more complexity to it than I thought appropriate.
10 games in and trying to optimise under can get me only 7-9 highs
Except the game that ended like this:
7C 7D 8D 9D TD 8H 7S
Almost a straight flush!
That's... uh... not good for under :P
2:46 PM
It's probably not good for the other guy either
Drop 8D 8H TD/9D, enjoy the full house and pray you get some low cards
Yeah most games end in 7-9 highs if you purely try to prioritise under, so I'm not sure you'd have much to play with for over if you're up against a bot like that
3:02 PM
@Dennis Your code is missing the <<, even if the other two chars are unprintable
3:21 PM
@Sp3000 Thanks. Not sure how that happened...
1 hour later…
4:43 PM
The Merge Disaster of 2015
We have had more than 10 parallel lines
I wasn't here when this happened, so I don't know how they managed this with 2 or 3 people
we were also 3
How did that happen? :P
5:10 PM
that's just the expected outcome of normal people using git :p *hides*
ughhhhh burnnnn
@Sp3000 Thanks!
5:43 PM
Anyone with an idea for a wording fix to address this comment on rotation of a square?
That seems to be a very nitpicky comment. I don't think this is a problem. I suppose you can start the second sentence with "Imagine these points..." but it seems like a non-issue.
6:05 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

DennisShortest Longest Common Subsequence Code code-golf string subsequence Your task to to solve the SLCSC problem, which consists in finding the shortest possible code to solve the Longest Common Subsequence problem. A valid solution to the LCS problem for two or more strings S1, … Sn is any strin...

Feeling pretty good about this. ^^
I don't even know how to approach that :P
It's one of the tougher code golf challenges, yes.
6:21 PM
If it wasn't for the avvy in the onebox I'd have thought it was posted by Lembik :P
Hmm 20x1000, can't do the standard DP :(
@Sp3000 This is a theoretical requirement. I'll reword it.
dynamic programming
The standard dynamic programming approach for LCS, but it goes up in dimension for every additional string
@Sp3000 Changed. Those were merely intended as I/O limits.
Yeah, but you've got "reasonably fast" in there :P
6:32 PM
Clarified. Reasonably fast == competes test cases in under an hour
Will be interested to see what people come up with :) Maybe the fixed alphabet helps
6:49 PM
Q: Shortest Longest Common Subsequence Code

DennisYour task to to solve the SLCSC problem, which consists in finding the shortest possible code to solve the Longest Common Subsequence problem. A valid solution to the LCS problem for two or more strings S1, … Sn is any string T of maximal length such that the characters of T appear in all all Si...

Fast :o
(Still trying to come up with a test case to add)
7:05 PM
@Dennis Can I propose the test case
Will add. Output is ababa, right?
Actually, gimme a bit I might have a bug
I'm trying to find an example you can't do pairwise
Oh, that's a good idea.
What do you get for
7:12 PM
Yeah it should be - but if you take the first LCS that works for each of the pairwise you find a different 4 char subsequence first
Trying to think if it's possible to make the case even better though
I'd prefer a test case that's impossible to solve by pairing.
... oh actually which one you find first kind of depends on which order you take the strings hmm
Yeah, but I'm having trouble coming up with one :P
What do you mean pairwise? For each pair of strings, or each pair of characters in a string?
Trying to do LCS(s1, LCS(s2, LCS(s3, s4))) thinking it'll give the right answer, is what I mean by pairwise
Oohhhh, I see.
7:17 PM
Q: 40 Numbers in 9 Bytes

Calvin's HobbiesThere are 40 ways a directed Hamiltonian path can be arranged on a 3×3 grid: This graphic (thanks Sp3000!) shows only the 20 undirected paths. Traverse each colored line in both directions for the 40 directed paths. Challenge Using only printable ASCII, write a 3×3 grid of characters, such as:...

How about that?
That is clever.
So simple. Thanks!
I knew there had to be a better way :P
7:42 PM
I think the 40 numbers challenge will be close
Just choosing a random method of trying to get unique outputs I ended up with 25 unique integers
Q: The Miscalculator

George DaccacheInspired by a post I saw on social media, your job is to create a miscalculator (aka "wrongulator"): a calculator which always outputs the wrong answer! Challenge Write a program that inputs a string or text file of expressions such as: 5*7 (381/3)+2*sqrt(5) 11^3-7*(1+3) And returns a wron...

8:10 PM
Fun fact: Deadfish optimal is 18
@Vioz- How on Earth did you get 25?
(This is so not the challenge for me...)
@Dennis I re-read the problem, I totally did not understand what was required :P
My brute forcer's up to 21 - this is going to take all day to run :(
At this time, I have 7 :P
8:25 PM
21? Wow. Can you reveal which language?
You can answer now and edit later
@Calvin'sHobbies @Sp3000 has no idea what you are talking about ...
More activity => More upvotes for all
Well now I can't post my Python answer :(
I tried the same idea but somehow forgot about %.
8:30 PM
I've got every possible binary op in here, including bitwise, so this is taking forever :/
I wonder how high it can realistically get
I have a C++ program for evaluating python expressions.. if I started that I could probably finish first hehe
Almost certainly :P
Guys should I do it? ;)
Heh, race? If I don't get anything soon I'll admit defeat and go sleep :P
8:57 PM
does someone have code to generate the 40 programs? :)
this might work for a score of 9 for this question too:
A: Reading Code in 8 Ways to Output 8 Numbers

randomraJ, 3 * 3 = 9 1[2 +2+ 2+2 Executing all directions: ". '1[2+2+2+2','2+2+2+1[2','1+2[2+2+2','2+2[2+1+2','2+2+2+2[1','2[1+2+2+2','2+2+2[2+1',:'2+1+2[2+2' 1 7 3 4 8 2 6 5 Explanation: In J execution goes from right to left and there is no operator precedence. The [ (left) takes the lef...

it might could be changed to score 31
:/ having trouble rolling back, net's slow
@randomra Here's some I just threw together:
mycode = '9*4+3%7%5'


for i in s:
	i = i.replace('A', mycode[0])
	i = i.replace('B', mycode[1])
(Python 2)
Hopefully there aren't typos in the list of letters
@Calvin'sHobbies Thanks, I haven't realized there is a text-list of layouts in the question. :/
Net's so slow I'm getting the "PPCG requires external Javascript which failed to load" message :(
Page isn't loading fully no matter what I try, so here's 23: 6+7*5%6%4 (it's also revision 2, whiich I reverted by accident)
9:17 PM
@Sp3000 should I roll it back to revision 2?
If you could that'll be great, thanks :)
Thanks :) I think that's a sign I should sleep
good night then
9:35 PM
Q: Accidentally mailed Netflix DVD before watching

user3576467Ok, so I've recently ordered a NETFLIX DVD, and it has come, but I thought it was the last one (I didn't check), and mailed it back by accident. Now I realize my mistake, but according to the NETFLIX DVD Queue, it's 'At Home', meaning it hasn't arrived at the facility yet. What can I do besides w...

best meta post ever
10:14 PM
@NathanMerrill Most of us can't see it
user image
@Calvin'sHobbies ^^
1 hour later…
11:39 PM
@feersum We did have it. It was kind of a fiasco.
I know

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