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7:34 PM
7:46 PM
random has unfrozen this room.
8:06 PM
Just in case that s.tk link doesn't work for some reason
Today's topic: the awesome new login changes
First day back from vacation looks to be podcastic.
Remember: first person to actually mention the topic on the podcast loses.
@JonEricson makes for a productive day, right?
@bluefeet Most productive in weeks.
stream link broken for anyone else?
8:08 PM
Seems to be back up now
no it's up for me
I have video and sound
up for me
8:09 PM
Get sponsored by Davidoff Cigars
does @DavidFullerton get affiliate money every time he mentions Thinking, Fast and Slow?
@danlew42 I think fast and slow.
8:11 PM
gets worried seeing too much blue in the usernames
@Laura I hope so.
Don't try to break anything @nicael
@Jaydles it's Matt Ellen
You want more blue? You need more Davidoff
no thanks
8:12 PM
not it
is this room public?
oh noes
@Jin lol
8:12 PM
yeah i'm in this room now hi
Would it be rude to complain about slight distortion?
@WilliamTurrell no.
I believe the distortion sound is just on our side, not on the actual recording
8:13 PM
@KasraRahjerdi Hi welcome
Kasra: yep, I'm sure the recording will be perfect.
@Jin in case nicael's "lol" didn't clue you in, yes, this is public
@WilliamTurrell I wouldn't go that far...
@KasraRahjerdi that's a big ask
8:14 PM
I have actually started reading Human
post the word banana
@KasraRahjerdi The edit will be better than the recording.
They just did the bit from Car Tahlk
8:15 PM
8:15 PM
wow only kevin and I know how this works
@KasraRahjerdi ahem
almost got it
8:15 PM
@stevvve sorry i forgot about you
and/or dre
so...when does the podcast start? :)
Isn't this the after dark portion?
Alright, who's got Jay's pants?
@StackExchange oh yeah-here’s the chatroom where users can talk to us right now. (But only if you have my pants.) http://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/512/se-podcast
we need a sponsor before the podcast can begin
until then, it's the Stack Exchange Podcast Telethon!
they're delicious
8:17 PM
Is it the 30 days token now?
@cashenhu goldfish crackers are better
you need to have entertainment if it's a telethon. a capella, please
chicken crackers.
do those actually taste like chicken?
Not chicken crackling?
8:18 PM
Unrated Edition™
@bluefeet Does chicken ramen taste like chicken?
@bluefeet I can't decide. I have cheesy snack addiction
@cashenhu doritos?
what are your fave cheesy snacks
8:19 PM
This podcast is a reenactment of the REAL podcast, with all participants played by actors who hate us. Anything offensive they say should not be interpreted as representing the views or opinions of Stack Exchange, Inc., its employees, or any reasonable person.
y'all going to address your opinions on the meta.SE topic about the SCOTUS equality decision and rainbow icons etc?
@p.campbell oh hey that's a good idea
we can talk about how that literally was an all day back and forth for us
i was in italy yesterday
@JoelSpolsky that sounds great. I'm going to Italy just for that.
this recommendation came 24 hours too late
8:20 PM
uh sorry, I bet you're sick of it.
NC-17 is <17 not allowed even with adult supervision
it's not necessarily dirty
@DavidFullerton what was the book you mentioned earlier were telling we should read?
Thinking Fast and Slow
8:21 PM
What if I don't have an adult handy?
@KasraRahjerdi It is when Joel is present, apparently
@KasraRahjerdi ah, nevermind then
@ArieLitovsky nah i'm fucking with you, it's Human
Jay thought it was long and boring though
hey fun fact for the non stack employees: I got rejected as a Fog Creek intern
didn't even get past the resume screen
the desk?
8:22 PM
Still taking questions? What about the change in graduation policy? Sites can now stay in eternal beta and won't be closed. Does this mean SE will be more selective in the private beta? And are the ideas to add more milestones independent of graduation like elections, privilege levels currently considered?
the desk!
@MadScientist HEY that's a good question too
@MadScientist that's a good one - will steer there if possible.
@KasraRahjerdi you'll never make VP if you keep telling people that.
8:23 PM
@Shog9 no I love bringing that up to Liz every time I see her
she... does not love it
how detailed are these notes supposed to be?
REALLY detailed.
@sassie this is what they'll look like: blog.stackexchange.com/2015/06/…
Abby will edit them down to size.
they're not talking about anything important right now though
8:23 PM
every single word needs to be captured
for free?
@Jaydles look at the sidebar!
@Shog9 We still have someone who emails them into us.
Our graduation policy change is big
8:25 PM
@bluefeet no, they had to pay for Internet access.
@KasraRahjerdi no. You said we weren't saying important things. Mad at you.
@Jaydles if you were actually mad at me you'd talk about Chat
Where is that chat Windows Phone client?
mod overflow..
Jekyll is a ruby script that compiles static HTML
and doesn't require you connecting to a Windows XP computer
8:29 PM
18 mins ago, by nicael
gets worried seeing too much blue in the usernames
OOHHHH how fancy my network rep is!
@nicael depending on how it works out, I might be blue somewhen next ... week, maybe?
He might be blue next week too.
I'm still trying to figure out how all the auth changes they described are different from how it's been for years
There is, however, plenty of pickled ginger.
@MichaelMrozek you won't see the "Welcome back, click here to login" banner, you'll just be logged in
except it's not pushed right now since it had a bug yesterday
@MichaelMrozek Short version... "no page reload and we can tell who you are regardless of whether you have a profile on a given site or not"
8:31 PM
@ChrisJester-Young can anyone approve my addition of normal 404 to the blog?
New version might even work more often than current, but you know... no promises.
@nicael Take it up with Jon Chan.
We've federated with the NSA to know who you are without having to log in or even create an account.
is C Sharp C# or C++ or neither?
@Shog9 That's Stage 4 and it was supposed to be secret. Dammit, Shog.
8:32 PM
@sassie it is C#
@AnnaLear Ah. Fancy
@sassie C++ is C plus plus. :-)
@nicael squash-request
Sea Plus Plus
8:33 PM
@sassie C# is also Db if you're into music
cassie link to blog.fogcreek.com/killing-off-wasabi-part-1 in the show notes
@arie nice!
@ArieLitovsky boooooooo
@AnnaLear And so later this week equals... tomorrow?
@ArieLitovsky awful
8:33 PM
@hichris123 when we're ready
@AnnaLear NOW
@ArieLitovsky - you are discriminating against the musically challenged
@ArieLitovsky Only in equal temperament.
8:34 PM
Couch gag.
@couchand ?
"Painstakingly drawn in front of a live audience."
A lot of baroque music did not use equal temperament, and "period instruments" are tuned using other temperaments like meantone temperament.
^ things I didn't expect to read in the podcast chat room
so the question he's talking about is:
13 mins ago, by Mad Scientist
Still taking questions? What about the change in graduation policy? Sites can now stay in eternal beta and won't be closed. Does this mean SE will be more selective in the private beta? And are the ideas to add more milestones independent of graduation like elections, privilege levels currently considered?
8:35 PM
Excuse me, is this where I lodge my complaints?
@ChrisJester-Young Sounds like they were... baroquen.
If you could also touch on the "Does this mean SE will be more selective in the private beta?" portion would be great
@AnnaLear Alas, I can't agree with you. I <3 baroque and it ain't broken. ;-)
in what way? are you asking if we'll close more private betas?
@Oded hey, at least I provided context
8:36 PM
@AnnaLear You are promoted
Bear shatters glass barrier at Minnesota Zoo with rock "the size of a basketball" http://yhoo.it/1JMHmEY http://t.co/kU869q5Orx
@DavidFullerton I think the question @MadScientist was asking is will we be more selective about opening private betas
if u are giving bears rocks the size of basketballs this is going to happen i am just saying https://twitter.com/YahooNews/status/618496610604089345
@ChrisJester-Young some day it will be Bach
8:36 PM
@JoelSpolsky No actual video of it = LAME
I went to the bathroom and came back to a bunch of boos. I guess that's what happens when you make a joke with a full bladder.
@DavidFullerton SE pretty much said that public betas won't be shut down unless they're really falling apart. So I was wondering if that means that SE will be a bit more careful on which sites they let out of private beta
Site about bears? I'm up for that.
8:37 PM
@HarryCBurn goto area51:
Do you think I could take a bear?
@MadScientist 's question not mine :)
it's beer.stackexchange.com
Q: Deleted answer marked as spam/offensive on chrome on phone, but not on chrome on computer

DomI noticed something odd today after looking at a deleted answer on my phone and on my laptop both using the chrome browser. On my phone the answer is hidden and marked as spam/offensive and on my laptop it shows just fine. The post is not locked and it was deleted by the user. How the answer ap...

There's really something going strange. Any mods there can look into it?
@ArieLitovsky Better than what happens when you make a joke with a full... intestine
@Vogel612 area51.create_site("Bitchin\' Bears");
8:38 PM
no no, that's not enough bitchin in there
/me wants to watch the livestream (on mobile) :(
@HarryCBurn escaping the single quote inside double quotes? Bold move, cotton.
@nicael why are you posting that here?
area51.create_site("Bitchin' Bears Bitching about Bears Bitching");
Because anything is posted there, I see.
8:39 PM
you get one shit for pg-13, carry on
I thought we decided on NC-17!
I want the rating to be as close to NCC-1701 possible
@KasraRahjerdi overruled
is this answering the question?
@Vogel612 def get_bear_DOM(self, species="Bitchin'", title="Bears, Bitches", desc="Bitchin' bears are bitchin' 'bout big 'ol bears."): return area51.create_site(title);
@Doorknob They're sitting at a desk and one of them is a microphone for a face
8:40 PM
... now I really want to watch it
"For example, if Islam goes out of business"
@AnnaLear I truly believe that lifehacks.SE should be shut down.
Spin the wheel of sites
wheel of blame
8:42 PM
remember that time security went down while we were on the podcast
Like Lost.
inb4 so shutdown
It is the loosest defined site I've ever seen.
@cashenhu not my fault
8:42 PM
Why not just fire someone?
@ChrisJester-Young employee rooms only :)
@AnnaLear ah, lol
@KasraRahjerdi Dammit.
oh crap, SO is getting shut down on those metrics
Oh wow, my proposal got popular while I was gone ;p
Writing Critiques

Proposed Q&A site for anyone looking for feedback and constructive criticism on their writing.

Currently in definition.

Not incredibly so, but it's there.
8:43 PM
@JoelSpolsky go to lifehacks
Q: How to light a candle without a lighter or a match

michaelpriThere are times when I need to light a candle, but I don't have a working lighter and I am out of matches. I need to create a makeshift match (or at least something to produce fire) so I can light the candle. I would use a gas stove to light something from one of the answers on this question, but...

@Doorknob You do get audio though, right? Then you aren't missing much.
Lifehacks? NOOOOOOO!
Q: How to easily start a fire in a charcoal for grilling without using gas?

Jaeger JayAre there any life hacks for starting a fire in a pack of charcoal for grilling without using gas? I do have access to matches, lighters, etc.

@HarryCBurn Wait, what about Lifehacks?!
8:44 PM
@ChrisJester-Young uh no idea (volume's off anyway since I'm in a public place with no headphones)
what a great burn
@Doorknob Oh, then you'll get to listen to the fun about a month from now. ;-)
8:45 PM
@michaelpri Because LH.SE has no definition of what is a good answer. Believe it or not, answers are criticized for answering the question in a way that lacks convoluted tactics involving sporks or whatever.
user image
@random needz moar random
@HarryCBurn Were they talking about it?
we are they talking
@michaelpri Oh, no, someone was saying to go there ;p
8:46 PM
12 mins ago, by Bret Copeland
"Painstakingly drawn in front of a live audience."
Can someone draw a table now?
called it
Dammit, Vogel this is not the 2nd monitor
Don't worry folks: this can all be edited out in post.
@HarryCBurn Oh, I missed that
8:47 PM
Do we have emoji in the chatroom? There's a minimum someone needs to know about Unicode I hear...
our poor editor...
y'all wanna talk about the logo change?
not the bar change, the supreme court case one
Q: What is the current status of LOGO? (The programming language)

Wim ten BrinkIn another Q I saw someone mention LOGO and it reminded me of some programming language from the past, mostly used for educational purposes. Basically, you would have to program a turtle with a pen through it's back. By telling it where to move, the pen would draw lines. It could also lift the pe...

i'd like to hear about that :)
Q: How can I figure out which side of the car the gas hatch is on (without getting out)?

JaydlesAs a longtime New York City resident, I've never owned a car. I drive fairly regularly, though, thanks to rentals, Zipcars, and the kindness of relatives and other not-quite-strangers. Since much of my driving is done in cars I've never been in before, I frequently found myself pulling into a ...

what the hell @Jaydles asked this!?
8:48 PM
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, Jul 1 at 17:20, by 1999
It's been like two days with the same SO logo, time for another change. I like this one:
Jay asked the highest voted question on Lifehacks.
@KasraRahjerdi And posted the highest voted answer
if only there were actually ads in podcasts!
@DannyMiller hahahah
8:49 PM
Plexiglass house.
@michaelpri c:
Product placement by Pepsi
This parrot drone has disobeyed all three laws of robotics in its short five minute lifespan
user image
BOOM. You guys are welcome.
Asimov's Laws
come on
8:50 PM
@KasraRahjerdi Does PicBot obey Asimov's laws? :-P
@Jaydles A.I. was the first American movie I saw. VHS in Iran. I had never swam before, I had swimming classes the next week. It did not go well.
@HarryCBurn u tryin to take meh jerrrbb?
@Jin Is u crayon dev?
So is this why all the AI.SE sites have been failures?
I dnt wnt u to go Jn
8:50 PM
I feel like that's what all drones do...
There was an entire Bob's Burgers about this, @Jaydles
um... I'm not sure that counts as a site design.
YES! I win!
Where are the links?
8:51 PM
@BretCopeland party pooper
What do they mean "would it fly". It's flying right there
@BretCopeland do you not see the blue lines? tons of links there
tl;dr: over the weekend, a drone crashed into Reddit
@MichaelMrozek Quite clearly. My concept art is realistic. Especially with it's single turbine.
But it flies.
I promise.
@JoelSpolsky @Jaydles they have since apologized.
8:52 PM
I think we'll stick to our unicode airplane for now.
@Shog9 Was Victoria Taylor flying it?
Jay giving a "short version"
Relevant post from our network:
Q: What should we do to reduce the risk of a Reddit-like crisis?

Monica CellioSometimes the owners or overseers of a community need to remove someone popular -- suspend a top user, boot a popular moderator, or fire a key employee. As we've seen, sometimes this causes an immediate, vehement, and very public reaction, and you have a public-relations fiasco on your hands. N...

coming back in an hour..
8:53 PM
@Hynes i just leaned back and clapped at my monitor
Michael Jackson? Topical...
(drink) @Shog9
You heard it here first: Victoria was a robot, and was fired for violating Asimov's Three Laws.
Just tuned in, it sounds like I'm listening to an episode of Robot or Not.
jesus joel knows a lot about this
8:56 PM
@Shog9 This podcast is a gold mine for the Stack Overheard Words Twitter account
@Shog9: What a scoop!
Joel ranting about moderation tools
The bad state of the mod tools seems to be a major point in the whole thing. Not a Reddit mod, but from the small bits I understand the Reddit mod tools are far behind the SE mod tools. Not to speak of the whole mess of defining "brigading" and using shadow bans. Though that doesn't mean SE should ignore all the ideas to improve the mod tools further ;-)
8:57 PM
Swallow and chew Eat you alive All of us food that hasn't died
@MadScientist we're working on it :)
@MadScientist Well, for the first twenty minutes that was the case, until 400 subreddits piled on because it was the cool thing to do that day
the mod tools, not ignoring them.
was that not clear?
counting podcast style: 1, 2, 3, infinite
8:59 PM
@MadScientist That got the mods to fire up their communities, but now that the mob is angry, I don't know if the satisfying the moderators will calm them down too.
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