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9:03 PM
@Doorknob Ooh the elusive summer camp. Something that baffles all Brits watching US kids TV shows
@Vioz- Huh, that was my first choice too.
9:18 PM
@BrainSteel Home Alone ? Super scared ?
Me? You don't want me to start thinking like that ;)
Just give the reins over to @Rainbolt :P
9:34 PM
Haha guys you're all forgetting @PeterTaylor
@Geobits But you're like our dad.
Is Geobits the only one here who has admitted to having spawned a child?
Peter would be responsible, though. I thought you wanted a crazy uncle for the week.
@BrainSteel If I'm going into crazy uncle mode, I can only emulate my own uncle, who is a terrible influence.
@BrainSteel sirpercival too
@BetaDecay Just to be clear: are you nominating me to be the crazy uncle?
9:38 PM
Ah, right, our friendly neighborhood astronomer! He seems quite responsible.
@PeterTaylor You're our honorary dad while our other dads are away, and @Geobits is our nutso uncle.
I would have to work on the role. I'm used to being the cool uncle (because my nephew and niece have to travel on an aeroplane to visit me!)
@PeterTaylor Nah, just the responsible babysitter. The crazy uncle sounds like the nuts uncle who abused Tommy in the film
@PeterTaylor Its cold in the airplanes.. You never understood their real feelings!
How many people do we need just to keep an eye on Optimizer?
9:40 PM
It takes a village to herd a llama
10 should be plenty
The whole of Stack Exchange is needed to control Optimizer
You guys underestimate me
I am hurt <3
(10 villages)
Martin and Doorknob are going to come home with the liquor cabinets empty and broken glass everywhere, aren't they?
9:41 PM
We'll all have to collectively go to our rooms and think about what we've done.
And a full size trebuchet in the back garden
I am in my room
@Optimizer You'll have to go in a different room and think then.
I, too, am in my room. Though now that you mention it, I'm going to leave! SO THERE!
This is our room, isn't it?
9:42 PM
@BrainSteel I hope you're leaving to play Minecraft. ;)
That is what I meant
This is one massive dormitory where we never go to sleep
Like all good school residential trips
So, a regular dormitory?
@AlexA. I have an excuse! I have an excuse! Just gimme a minute...
9:43 PM
no, this dorm doesn't have any teachers
I bet @PeterTaylor could teach us a thing or two.
Mysterious death of the Dorm Teachers
Now that our leaders are away, I suppose we'll have to stage a coup or two to relieve boredom.
I don't want to be Piggy!
9:45 PM
Why don't we bring back ? That'll teach them to leave ;)
^ tempted to flag as spam
(I won't)
(I'll be good, dad, I promise)
@PeterTaylor I have never felt more sorry for a character than Piggy
Who is Piggy?
Lets spam the main with ?
"Add two numbers"
"Draw the Japanese flag"
9:46 PM
@AlexA. A character from The Lord of the Flies.
"Make code that looks like it draws a Doorknob, but secretly draws something devious"
Oh right! I read that years ago.
@BrainSteel This is assuming that doorknobs are not devious in and of themselves.
Especially radioactive doorknobs ;)
"Draw 2010 Libyan flag"
"Draw a guy drawing a flag"
9:49 PM
@AlexA. Does that come under the tag though? ;)
We're going to need a guy-holding-flags tag...
Well, talking of people going to their rooms, it's my bedtime. I'll be back in the morning to cast close votes on all your questions...
A single close-vote won't do anything
9:50 PM
Haha goodnight @PeterTaylor
YEAHHHH Staying up late while dad isn't looking!
"Guy drawing guy holding flag"
Especially when we have enough reopen votes to override you
"Guy typing guy drawing guy holding flag"
It's not often that "lol" is used literally, but made me lol.
9:52 PM
Hahahahaha we need to use that tag
"Guy code golfing a drawing guy flag holding golf popularity contest"
"Draw an ASCII Octopus"
(get it?)
Got it - go straight to the top of the starboard
(and correct your typo before it freezes ;) )
9:54 PM
Ohh I thought that was intentional
me too
Me too. I still don't get it.
Draw an octopus and output it in ASCII
come on guys, its not funny when I have to explain it..
9:55 PM
It's okay buddy, I got it.
Me too haha
I seem to have missed a whole chunk of text from my previous message...
Wait, never mind
Uhh hello
No go on, explain it. It'll be funny for those of us who got it :)
9:58 PM
^ That can actually be a perfectly normal programming thing
I've gotta teach geometry. Bye folks!
Have fun!
Learn them good!
Everyone's leaving! :O
9:59 PM
Me too
Oh I gotta go too.
okay, 10 stars and I will explain the joke :P
Keep hoping lol
in my dreams.
literally.. gn guys.
Night Optimizer
10:02 PM
Night :)
Just me and you @trichoplax
You on GMT?
I will be in a few months - they keep us on BST in the summer for no apparent reason
I keep on living on UTC regardless
Oh haha I forgot the clocks were forward
@BetaDecay orly?
Wow that was quick
10:05 PM
Hahaha I thought you were supposed to be asleep raises eyebrow
I am faster than you can spam it :P
Open Source just made it to Public Beta :)
Lets troll it with
@aditsu Oh hey haha you were so quiet I thought you'd gone
ah.. those StagEgg days .. just got reminded of them all over again..
10:06 PM
nah, I was just reading, starring and shaking my fist at @Optimizer
@trichoplax Why'd you lose githubphagocyte? That was the coolest name on PPCG!
Day accomplished, Now I can finally sleep
I just downloaded Blender to write a text only golf question. I wonder if that's excessive
or you can use text
@BetaDecay Why thank you - but I didn't like having a trademark in my name. And I kind of like trichoplax too - it's like a multicelled phagocyte (all it's individual cells eat).
I may go back to the turtle avatar at some point though - this one is purely for research purposes
10:09 PM
does @trichoplax's identicon on the top right side act weird at times for anyone else ?
Yes - that's why I made it - to find out if the flickering to low res that all the icons do could be enhanced to a full image change
so those icons flickr b/w low and high res ?
It turned out to take so long to change avatar that I gave up on the experiment. It was going to be a challenge...
Oooh cool. Biological names are cool @trichoplax
@Optimizer Every 10 to 20 seconds each avatar refreshes, and displays at lower resolution for a fraction of a second. Some are more noticeable than others. Dennis's shows up quite well
@BetaDecay Thanks :)
10:12 PM
I see. So there is nothing wrong with my eyes afterall.
I'd have xanthophyll but no one would know who I was if I changed it
No one knew who I was for a while - I changed my avatar at the same time...
Haha I had no idea who you were until I checked to see where in the world you were in your orofile
I have no idea why they refresh every 20 seconds. It's not as if they update to display a changed avatar - I had to exit chat completely for that.
If I go back to my old avatar, no one will remember me..
@BetaDecay I want to check out your orofile too
10:13 PM
@Optimizer What type of llama did you used to be?
I seem incapable of typing the letter p without hitting the o key on my phone keyboard :/
@trichoplax worse than feersum
A really stark gravatar?
@BetaDecay you mean, ohone keyboard ?
@Optimizer Shh you're just being cruel now Ootimizer
10:15 PM
You're being a right orat now
@Optimizer I want pictures to explain the concept even though the golf is only binary input and text output. I tried drawing rounded cubes by hand and decided I needed help.
ummm wat?
@Optimizer That's a reply to "or you can use text"
@trichoplax text is a programming language
10:17 PM
For producing images?
where you dont need quotes.
no, for printing stuff
text stuff
Um, is that a loophole?
Anyway, I don't think I can get helpful rounded cube images in ASCII
I am not sure what I am sleep talking anymore..
@trichoplax What's a rounded cube?
a cubhere
10:19 PM
That's what I want Blender to explain :)
sphube ?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

trichoplaxCurved Cube Interstice: Plane/Sphere/Cylinder/Torus code-golf Background Imagine a cube that has had its sharp parts smoothed so that its edges become cylinder sections and its vertices become sphere sections. Its faces remain plane sections. Where two cubes meet at a face their cylinder sect...

I've tried to explain it as well as I can but I think it needs a few example images to show how they differ when they are adjacent
Bonne nuit tout le monde
10:20 PM
Sleep well
@Optimizer Yes! Exactly like that.
But I also need images of how they fit together, with the rounding depending on their neighbours
Just starting up Blender for the first time now...
that rounded cube is all alone. It has got no neighbors!
If three get together the inner edge becomes a concave cylinder section instead of a convex cylinder section
@trichoplax but the question is .. Will it blend!
blender is not very intuitive.. it has a learning curve
10:24 PM
we can see that curve in the above picture
nah, it's steeper
Change in pH with volume?
a very steep curve
learn it!
10:28 PM
I'm pretty sure my brain doesn't peak with alcohol. I'll have to do this the old fashioned way
it peaks at 0.1337 btw
that's too early.. you guys need to build up your tolerance .. mine peaks at 0.666
Hmm. I see what you mean about the learning curve.
Apparently "it's just a few cubes" doesn't make it easy.
10:44 PM
Could you try plotting x^4 + y^4 + z^4 = 1?
I tried. I failed.
In Blender??
If you want...
I've got as far as one solitary cube so far
This is unrelated then? :)
I thought it might look like a round cube
10:50 PM
Oh I see
I just want rounded edges - I'm settled on that much I just need to find how to draw it
I am curious to see what that graph looks like now though...
11:01 PM
that's the formula for z :)
well, positive side
Rounded cube after all... :)
I'm not going to think up formulae for all the variants I want though...
@BrainSteel What's the difference again?
Also if you make a thing I'll whack everyone involved with a large trout
11:24 PM
That's a little overhanded...
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