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5:00 PM
@Donald.McLean no more stars.... :'(
@Malachi RSA
@Duga The whitespace is strong with this one.
@Jamal How can I make this code more compact Well, all that whitespace certainly doesn't help.
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because this is asking for a code review of working code, it belongs on codereview.stackexchange.com. — Jarrod Roberson 59 secs ago
Leave the title behind, though.
5:11 PM
Q: Circular Queue program

tcheggeHow can I make this code more compact by replacing the lines marked inelegant with a more lengthier understandable code? /************************************************************* *CircularQueue.java *Dean & Dean * *This class implements a queue with a circular array. ******************...

Question has been cross posted --> codereview.stackexchange.com/q/95474/18427Malachi 58 secs ago
Hi @bluefeet!
@CaptainObvious Ick, where's your indentation?
Hi, mods.
@Jamal hi
Ooh lots of big people here
Hi mods/CMs
5:16 PM
it's my winter weight.
@Shog9 it's summer shouldn't you be shedding that by now
@bluefeet Have you even seen this winter? It's taken ages to go away
@QPaysTaxes I can't relate - weather.com/weather/tenday/l/85016:4:US
@bluefeet No fair! I want sunshine and happiness!
5:19 PM
I have a question related to code review
@CodeX Shoot; I think @Jamal was just here
@CodeX what's up?
When i post my code for review can i post it with external links?
I read somewhere it was ok
Yes, as additional context. But the code under review must be embedded in the post
5:21 PM
Wtf is that..
That's a no-ifs-no-buts rule
In celcius.
For example, rolfl "recently" posted a question where he had the specific code to look at in the post, and extra, ancillary code on GitHub
Lemme find a link; you can see what I mean
Q: Mapping arbitrary Int values to a linear index space

rolflThis is part of a growing "primitive" tools collection here on github, and is the initial use-case for the IntArray for review here. Often, when processing data, you encounter unique values that you need to use as keys in a lookup system. These keys could be anything from IP addresses, times, id...

So as long as the code to be reviewed is in the post you can link to maybe the full project at git hub?
5:22 PM
@CodeX Yup!
Thanks, i didnt know that was allowed
There, he did... exactly that, actually
@CodeX No problem
@QPaysTaxes I always emitted my links lol
@Duga Reminds me that when writing Latin/Greek translations on tests/exams we almost had to leave one blank line in between, for all the comments
@Mast 41 degrees here, yippie! (Not)
5:26 PM
Hey, since June is over, could we get the June Community Challenge unpinned and the July one up?
Q: Global Modal User Alerts in ASP.NET from masterpage

DDullaI'm working to implement global alerts by which they reside on the master page, and can be called from both content pages as well as user controls. I'm having an issue with the latter. The goal is to be able to call an alert from any page and have the masterpage UI display the alert regardless of...

About to start work on finishing up the router replacement from yesterday. No impact expected. Of course that’s what I said yesterday ...
@QPaysTaxes STV is up this month, looking forward to the first entries.
@Mast I'm still working on mine; Meek's is hard to understand
A: How much idle chatter do we tolerate in The 2nd Monitor?

RubberDuckHow much idle chatter do we tolerate in the 2nd Monitor? Nearly all of it. Unless there is site business or a programming discussion occurring. Then there is absolutely no idle chatter is tolerated. None. Anything not relevant to the conversation needs to go unsaid, or be said elsewhere. Is t...

I'm going to get a haircut & hot shave....
5:32 PM
@RubberDuck You got hair?
Quick question @mods: We should flag all the comments we see that are flaggable, right? Not just one per thread?
@QPaysTaxes yes
They only see what's flagged when they review/handle them
@Mat'sMug Right-oh! Thanks :D
Q: Bash script to replace substrings in a file with other substrings needs simplification

Duncan G. BrittonI am an editor of the Funtoo Linux wiki and was looking to create a shell script that would help to ease the updating of pages on the wiki that use old tags by replacing certain deprecated tags with their newer counterparts. For example, I am interested in replacing every occurrence of <tt> with ...

Q: Project Euler #2 in Go

hacatuI just learned Go (yesterday in fact) and today I made this solution to Project Euler #2. The problem is to sum the even Fibonacci numbers. My program uses the matrix representation of the linear relation between consecutive Fibonacci numbers to calculate the coefficients for an equation. This...

5:53 PM
Quick question @mods (again): Did my comment on this get deleted, or was it just never there?
CommitStrip - Blog relating the daily life of web agencies developers
An ounce of cure is worth a pound of prevention
@RubberDuck ducky got hairy code? Hehe...
heh, i love the internet. You leave for 5-6months, and when you return its just as you left it, same Ol' faces
@apieceoffruit A few new ones
true, true, but there is still a code monkey and a mug in prominent place at the front door :P
6:05 PM
@apieceoffruit and me without any stars
oh hey Malachi, i didnt see you there
I am lurking
damn vr revolution is taking all of my gosh darn time.
always a ping away though
@Seub The use of a layout and setGeometry is exclusive: you can do either one, but never both at the same time. Your code is broken and you must fix it first. "I should create my own layout class inheriting QLayout, but that sounds like a lot of work." The very reason that you've posted this question is that you're making life very hard for yourself already. What you've done so far is a bad hack and I'd never pass it in a code review. It will not work properly, it's not meant to, and you're breaking all sorts of invariants by doing things that way. — Kuba Ober 8 secs ago
6:07 PM
only got routed back here cus someone had a unity question
...on reviewing their code
@Mat'sMug I was told that Mods will look at the entire comment string and not to flag each one, especially on a chatty thread
@apieceoffruit Is it something you are actively working on?
@QPaysTaxes see my last message to the Mug
in The Nth Monitor, 2 mins ago, by skiwi
A: How much idle chatter do we tolerate in The 2nd Monitor?

skiwiI'd say that the following could be an non-exhaustive list about what's on-topic and off-topic for the CR chat, which also includes the idle chatter we should tolerate and which we should not tolerate. The good things Being in the room as a new user to ask a question about CodeReview, or to di...

@skiwi, yup. have an oculus DK1, DK2, a tonne of peripherals. etc. We recently had a winner in the Gear VR game jam and i am heading to england for a Vive game jam in a week
Q: Is this question off-topic because of being a possible homework assignment?

JS1For this question: Circular Queue program one of the answers noted that the code in the question appears to be copy/pasted from this homework assignment: http://pastebin.com/QnvHtTr0 Should the question therefore be closed as off-topic?

6:11 PM
@apieceoffruit That sounds awesome
I've always been interested in VR, but haven't had the chance to professionally develop with it yet
it is pretty cool. brings about a tonne of interesting new technical challenged. I spend a lot of my time will all that stuff, in fact i even do a VR podcast each week. its exausting
I'm still trying out if and how I can get into game development
@skiwi start writing games!
@StackExchange Closed as not his code, possibly?
@bazola But whateve rI think about, it gets too big :P
6:15 PM
We can't tell, the other is posted as a guest.
@skiwi write the idea on a piece of paper, code a prototype, iterate!
this was our entry:


and yeah, just do it! i hung out on the unity3d subreddit, the oculus subreddit. chatted to some people, made some contacts and thats that
@RubberDuck Got the name validation done.
you meet people, get a team going and before you know it you are having a beer with staff from oculus and valve
Will write tests and PR after lunch.
6:18 PM
My biggest problem I've identified is that it is hard to keep motivation if you are doing a somewhat bigger project all by yourself
Hi, another question related to code review
If someone posts code does it matter where the code came from or what it is being used for?
Q: Reapplying sidebar to S1 Livejournal layout

AngelfirenzeIs there anything that could be added to my sidebar HTML that would allow it to be visible in an already implemented S1 Livejournal layout, i.e. the 'leave this alone if you don't know what you're doing' section? <IMG SRC="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v204/Angelfirenze/Not%20My%20Banners/75...

I usually manage to complete all the difficult parts and then I lose motivation to do the simple parts
Hi, another question related to code review
If someone posts code does it matter where the code came from or what it is being used for?
@CodeX Yes.
It has to be your code
6:21 PM
Ok, so how do we determine that?
Did you write the code?
Do we question it?
If the answer is yes, it's your code. If the answer is no, it's not.
Is code included directly in my question? (See Make sure you include your code in your question below.)
Am I an owner or maintainer of the code?
Is it actual code from a project rather than pseudo-code or example code?
Do I want the code to be good code? (i.e. not code-golfing, obfuscation, or similar)
To the best of my knowledge, does the code work as intended?
Do I want feedback about any or all facets of the code?
6:22 PM
Those are questions the user should ask before they post
My question was.. If someone posts code does it matter where the code came from or what it is being used for?
This Connection is Untrusted

You have asked Firefox to connect securely to meta.codereview.stackexchange.com, but we can't confirm that your connection is secure.
55 mins ago, by Stack Exchange
About to start work on finishing up the router replacement from yesterday. No impact expected. Of course that’s what I said yesterday ...
Guys... ?
@CodeX It has to be code written or maintained by the OP.
Yes i know but do we question that?
As someone answering a question on code review
We just review the code right?
Answers shouldn't have meta info like that. If someone suspects a question is off-topic, then they shouldn't answer it.
6:26 PM
@CodeX If it's clear the OP took someone else's code, no.
@CodeX Only if the user says something. Often there's no way to tell, or enforce that rule.
For example, an author tag that doesn't seem to match the post's author
Or they say "I saw this code online, how can it be improved"
So what if someone thinks the code is part of someones homework? do we not help them?
@CodeX If the code is someone's homework, they wrote it.
This is very simple.
Well, not really actually
The concept is simple, but the practice is hard
This guy got slaughtered unfairly i might add
Q: Circular Queue program

tcheggeHow can I make this code more compact by replacing the lines marked inelegant with a more lengthier understandable code? /************************************************************* *CircularQueue.java *Dean & Dean * *This class implements a queue with a circular array. ******************...

6:28 PM
@CodeX Where did he get slaughtered?
He posted some code and asked a simple question
it looks like it is copied from someone else's homework and not his.
Downvoted continuously
THat is not your concern
You are not his teacher
@CodeX Yes it is.
See, if the code isn't his
It's off-topic.
This stuff is what makes this site bad for new users
THats specualtion
6:30 PM
"it looks like it is copied from someone else's homework and not his."
@Malachi VTCd
You're saying that whether or not the code is his isn't our concern
All code looks like that lol
the site was posted where he got it from and it was originally posted 4 years ago
6:30 PM
CodeX I downvoted him
I doubt it is his code
Yes, it is
You are not his personal carer
@JS1 As did I
it's our concern if the code is his or not.
Because if it's not his, it's off-topic.
6:31 PM
This is a code review site, review the code or don't do anything
...Oh, you're a troll
please compare @CodeX --> pastebin.com/QnvHtTr0
No far from a troll
Subtle work, dude. Nicely done.
6:31 PM
Well I asked in meta about it so you can weigh in there
@CodeX Ban that troll, I'm out of here.
I want to clear it up in the appropriate room
straying off-topic here guys
@CodeX No, you want to be told that you're right, when you aren't.
6:31 PM
Its fully on topic
@QPaysTaxes stop
@CodeX Unless the code isn't his.
You're saying that we shouldn't care about it; feel free to take that up on meta.
However, we do care about it.
Im saying we should take the code on face value
If you feel the code is not on topic don't post anything on it
@CodeX it is an exact copy of the code from that pastebin
@CodeX I haven't.
6:33 PM
And what does that prove?
I am waiting for an answer before I VTC
is this your code? did you write it? — Malachi 19 mins ago
Me too
Why ask him?
These are all relevant to code review
:22505653 This is us answering a new user's question.
Im not new
6:35 PM
I'm discussing the appropriate way to review someone's code, I don't think questioning them because you think it isn't their code is appropriate
@CodeX Why? We're determining if it's off-topic
It can turn new users away
If it is, it will be closed, as is appropriate.
@Mat'sMug I've always got hairy code somewhere.
6:36 PM
Oh, so we should prioritize attracting new users over upholding the rules of the site?
Q: java - Stack and queue confusion

heathbmWhat is the difference between these two ways of dealing with stacks and queues? What are the both called? First way: import java.util.Arrays; public class StackMethods { private int top; int size; int[] stack ; public StackMethods(int arraySize){ size=arraySize; ...

Q: Is my code semantic and separated well?

ChrisBelow is my jQuery scriptfile, all the functionality works (except for the click events on IE). I bring this before you guys to ensure I am effectively separating concerns and writing efficient scripts. Without further ado.. ( function( $ ) { $( document ).ready(function() { setTimeout(t...

Its code to be reviewed.. On a code review website
@CodeX Yes, a website with rules.
If you feel like the rules should change, we have a thing for that
@Jamal @rolfl @200_success Could you weigh in on the debate here?
6:37 PM
It's called meta
Questioning whether it is his own personal code on a hunch is not a rule
@CodeX No, it's determining if it violates any rules.
@Hosch250 Calling in mods to help you, you should leave this room..
@Hosch250 It's already on Meta so it can stay there.
@CodeX if you take a look at our meta site, we have questions pertaining to questions like these. please peruse Meta a little bit. you as well @QPaysTaxes. take a break from chat
6:38 PM
@Jamal That's what @QPaysTaxes is saying.
And @Malachi.
6 mins ago, by QPaysTaxes
You're saying that we shouldn't care about it; feel free to take that up on meta.
Is that what i said? can you quote me..
> by QPaysTaxes
That's what I said.
Anyway, yeah, I'm gonna take a break
I have music to listen to :D
6:41 PM
@CodeX It's probably better if you take some things for granted, there is no point in discussing every single thing
@skiwi I asked a simple question, it couldn't be answered so the insults came thick and fast.. same ol really
@CodeX There haven't been any insults
It was a general observation about Code Review i wanted to clean up
The "kick-the-trolls" wasnt aimed at me then?
I feel like I should have someone kick me because I really wanna respond with something mean
"You're saying that we shouldn't care about it" - QPaysTaxes I didn't say that
6:43 PM
@QPaysTaxes as a normal user you have the luxury to ignore users that misbehave
I'm giving the excessive flagger a break for a bit.
Add to this happily mixing signed and unsigned and different types (ssize_t, size_t, etc). This is getting more like a code review. — Olaf 1 min ago
No, I will not take this to a personal discussion, because it should not be a discussion in chat at all.
make use ofthat..
...Wait what
There's an ignore function?!
6:44 PM
Come to the room @QPaysTaxes have your say
@CodeX Post on meta! That's literally what meta is for
it even comes in two variants
A: Is this question off-topic because of being a copy/paste of another homework assignment?

Hosch250Homework questions are not off topic in and of themselves. However, when reviewing homework assignments, there are certain guidelines to be followed - mainly, not giving the solution directly. Given the clarification, questions with code not written or maintained by the asker are off topic, and...

This discussion room for code review is pointless then..
6:45 PM
one for temporary post hiding and one for general muting across rooms
OK, that's my answer to the meta question.
@CodeX No, it's not.
Meta is for big questions that might enact big changes, like questioning the current rules.
I come here to discuss your telling me to go to meta
LOL make up your mind
This is for asking for clarification, alerting the mods to serious behavior, etc.
I was asking for clarification
6:45 PM
@CodeX I haven't had contact with you until today, and I haven't told you to go to meta until right now.
As for everyone else: please keep it down. Discuss the question on Meta where it belongs. While extended discussion is okay here, all the bickering isn't needed.
@Jamal Thank you
"bickering".. pfft heated discussion you mean
That's what bickering means
We aren't here to define the English language.
6:47 PM
@QPaysTaxes stop feeding the troll
This room has no hope if it starts to get regular new users
If you wish to discuss the English language, I believe ELU.se and ELL.se have chat rooms for that.
interesting that I can actually see which of my messages are being flagged
Right, someone needs to tell me how to ignore people
click -> ignore
6:48 PM
@Vogel612 I think all 10k+ users can.
Wait, there it is! Thanks
click on the name and select "ignore" from the popup
@Vogel612 Already got it; thanks, though
I don't ignore people because I'm more mature :)
6:49 PM
I guess this wasn't clear enough: Only flag a chat message as spam/offensive if it's spam or offensive and should be removed. This isn't the designated "get the troll" flag. If you believe someone should be dealt with, use a custom message and explain your reasoning. Or if there's already a mod around, ping one.
Actually speaking of mods, I had a question I wanted to ask: In site comments, should we flag every comment that's flaggable (i.e. too chatty, not constructive, obsolete, whatever) or just one?
All of them.
I had @rolfl talk to me just yesterday.
@Hosch250 Oh, I must have missed that
I'll go back and look at the transcript
Yes. If there are multiple comments and they should all be removed, you may flag the question itself.
@Hosch250 I was told that for the chatty flags, to only flag one and not all of them.
6:51 PM
@Malachi what?
I'd say depends. if the whole thread can be nuked a single "other" on the parent post also helps
Hi, everyone.
@rolfl I think it's more what @Jamal just said
@EthanBierlein Monking!
hmm... we've got one excess mod here...
6:52 PM
@Malachi if there are multiple comments that should be removed (too chatty, obsolete, whatever), then flag each comment. If that ends up being all the comments, then just flag the post.
@rolfl gotcha.
If you flag one comment, though, then please go through all the comments and make sure that all the necessary comments are flagged.
@rolfl I won't have to worry about it much longer though :)
Thanks for all your help guys, if i deem the post off topic i won't post on it and i should not question the user who posts, is it yours? is it homework? etc
otherwise a mod has to go through and make sure that the right things are sorted, deleted, etc.
You can save the mod a chunk of time by doing the hard work for them
6:54 PM
@CodeX No, we have these rules for legal and moral purposes, and we need everyone to uphold them.
@rolfl And you guys want to do as little work as possible, right? ;)
@Hosch250 Did i say anything about rules?
Yes, I get that you actually have to deal with a huge amount every day, so every little bit helps
@CodeX Right here, you said you just wouldn't interact with the off topic posts.
I am going to take a break and actually do some work now....
6:55 PM
Cya, Malachi
I was encouraging you to help keep the site clean and healthy.
@Hosch250 Is that a rule?
@QPaysTaxes This past week, 362 flags have been raised, that's about 50 per day, mostly comment flags, at about 2 minutes per flag, that's 2 hours of mod time per day.
@rolfl Whoah
It is not a rule, but it helps keep the site healthy for everyone.
6:56 PM
@Hosch250 Now your not making any sense
@rolfl I've been raising 30+ per day.
I don't want to discourage people from raising flags.
@CodeX Here, I'll try to explain a little better.
I want people to clean things up, but, it helps the mods if you clean things sensibly.
It is off topic for people to post code that isn't their own.
It is our job as site members to enforce these rules.
6:57 PM
@Hosch250 spare me the bullshit
@Hosch250 I know all that
You don't have to, but it helps the site if you do.
@Hosch250 It is not our "job"
@Hosch250 I didnt say anything about rules
@Hosch250 Your being pedantic
@CodeX Here you did.
Show me..
3 mins ago, by CodeX
@Hosch250 Is that a rule?
6:59 PM
@Hosch250 I said if it seemed off topic i wouldn't post on it
Thats my prerogative
That is fine. However, you could flag it for moderator attention - you get badges for accurate flags and it does help keep the site clean.
Thats not why im here
Why are you here?
OK, that is fine.
Q: Suspended from chat without warning

skiwiAs I've been trying out something I have suggested in my own post at http://meta.codereview.stackexchange.com/a/5611/32231 I found myself suspended from the chat already. Yes, I did flag messages of a specific user a few times, I believe they were legit though, however is it normal to suspend wi...

7:02 PM
@rolfl To try and answer questions, to help people, to learn
@StackExchange Whoah, it wasn't me?
I'm too proud of that
@CodeX Then do that.... and figure out what works in the community, and what doesn't.
sigh. I guess we're still not done eh? I'll be in the VBA room if anybody's looking for me.
For the record, what happens in chat has nothing to do with changing the community, though. That happens on meta.
@RubberDuck I think I'm gonna drop in there too, VBA looks fun
7:05 PM
@rolfl Oh, don't worry, I'm working out exactly what is working and what isn't ;)
@QPaysTaxes I noticed that you click no action needed on a first post review, would you please take a look at rolf's answer HERE about the first post queue. thank you!
@Malachi Could you link the review, too?
I assume you should have skipped it....
I could be wrong though.
@Malachi Nope
It's a decent answer.
Not really worth an upvote, but it's an answer and not worth a downvote.
Didn't have anything to comment.
Now, the question... that was phrased badly.
7:09 PM
The answer was just answering the question.
I need a break from chat. Maybe even Stackexchange. I'm gonna leave for a couple of hours/days. If you need me in chat for any reason, ping me. I'll try to respond. Bye.
7:36 PM
Q: Parallel chunk uploading through Http requests

dmachopI am writing this class for parallel chunk level uploads to my local server. This reads the files under a given directory, uploads with n threads in parallel. Initially, sends a request and obtains a request id for unique identification. Then, proceeds to upload the chunks in parallel. One thread...

Q: Lookup map for converting Strings into Android `R.raw` integers

GiantTreeI'm currently working on an Android app and I need to translate keys of type String to Integers which are determined at compile time of R.raw. Right now I have found two ways of creating such a Map that holds all (needed) values of R.raw: private static final Map<String, Integer> map = Immutab...

7:48 PM
Hi and bye.
If the moderators here are causing drama and then refuse to improve this place and clean up their mess, for example by , then I see no reason to be here right now
Maybe we'll talk in better times
soo.. you'll be in TCG?
8:07 PM
It's the nature of the bicubic formula that it can overflow or underflow. You need to use clamping to keep the values within valid limits. See e.g. codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/6502/…Mark Ransom 16 secs ago
Finished upgrading our edge routers. That went SO much better today.
I almost made a bad joke then..
Does anyone here use Android Studio?
I don't.
Ok thanks
I've read you can use JDK8 but wondered if anyone else had any experience
8:29 PM
Q: Properly Structured Angular Application

Dave KayeI've been writing a somewhat complicated service that involves a lot of API function calls in Angular. After a somewhat tortured first attempt I have tried to take more of an MVC approach rewritten the Angular in the following ways. 1) All data, once it's retrieved from the API, is stored in a...

Questions regarding complexity should go in Computer Science, and requests for feedback should go in Code Review. As a quick answer for both, this is linear in complexity, and I would recommend rewriting it to be a function that returns a String rather than printing. — MattPutnam 58 secs ago
If this code is functional, it belongs to Code Review, not to SO. — Turing85 1 min ago
@user2286810 What do you mean "A better method than iterating to get the futures"? Do you have a specific section you are wanting to optimize? Also working code-review without a specific question is generally off-topic on stackoverflow. Checkout: codereview.stackexchange.comRootix 12 secs ago
8:49 PM
Q: Maintainability, readability, testability, security and architecture of MVC 4 web application

Erwin RooijakkersI am programming for about two years and I build a website using existing libraries and components and by asking questions on stackoverflow.com when I got stuck. I hope the project can be reviewed by others than myself. I am not sure if adding a whole project is something that can be done here, ...

@EthanBierlein Greetings.
@Donald.McLean Greetings
@rolfl Congrats on finally getting StackSTV accepted as the community challenge!
It was tied, @Mast broke the tie.
9:32 PM
Q: Translate this code in functional javascript (aggregate 2 array in a map)

nkintI've just read about reactive programming and I am enthusiast about it. So I decided to revise my skill on functional programming. I don't know if this is the right place (maybe stackoverflow is better). I have two array, one of tags and one of tasks that contains tags. I'd like to aggregate the...

Q: Reapplying sidebar to S1 Livejournal layout

AngelfirenzeIs there anything that could be added to my sidebar HTML that would allow it to be visible in an already implemented S1 Livejournal layout, i.e. the 'leave this alone if you don't know what you're doing' section? <IMG SRC="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v204/Angelfirenze/Not%20My%20Banners/75...

A: How much idle chatter do we tolerate in The 2nd Monitor?

rolflThis seems to be about the right place to post a response to what happened in the chat room today, and in the past 6 weeks or so. Since various names have come up, and people have posted here too, I won't make it all anonymous, but will use concrete examples instead. I also want to stress that ...

9:56 PM
I missed that message where you called me a seagull.
Is it too late to flag that?
@Jamal I think that one should be completely deleted.
@EthanBierlein I'm waiting for the ability to vote to delete
@QPaysTaxes It racked up quite some stars...
@Vogel612 Yeah, so did one of my messages that got me flagged and suspended.
Or would that not matter in this case because you guys dislike me?
@QPaysTaxes Don't make it personal
9:58 PM
@Quill Why not? You do.
^^what quill says
It's pretty obvious.
9 hours ago, by Quill
@Vogel612 I like them as people and they're becoming good answerers, so it's not like I want to sling mud and I don't think @rolfl does either.
Yeah, I'm calling bullshit.
I was trying to defuse, that's all
9:59 PM
Hrmph keep going and we'll have some more drama
that we all want to avoid, or at least almost all of us I'm sure
I don't mind.

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