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1:51 AM
@ArtOfCode Did you just start a gender edit comment with "Guys"? ;)
5 hours later…
6:44 AM
Q: How to help a postgraduate student to write a book

user353What is the best way to help a weak student who has already completed her post-graduation but has also secured a result much worser than her expected result during the completion of graduation,to write a good quality book which shall be recommended to higher secondary level students after it gets...

and as a comment by the author:
Why does this person not have a profile btw?
It looks like a user with a deleted profile, but his name was already unclickable before he posted that comment.
@overactor it's spam, he's been posting that on many SE sites for a while
@Gilles I assumed as much, I flagged the comment as such
It wasn't immediately clear from the question, but something about it felt very off
How did he get on this private beta though?
@overactor like everyone else, either he committed or he clicked through from Area 51
@Gilles Wait, you can just join a private beta once it's started?
I was not aware of this...
@overactor yes, it's been that way for years
6:58 AM
not very private then, is it?
originally you had to be invited, but then many people missed out because they only heard about the site because somebody told them when the private beta started
It makes sense
@overactor the site isn't public: you can't just go and browse it, it isn't indexed by search engines
you still have to go through area51
but we all know that this isn't a private site, in a few days it is going to be open to everybody
so it doesn't matter who can join now, if they weren't able to join now they'd be able to join in a few days
limiting to people who go through the hoops of visiting the Area 51 page and creating an account has the advantage of the private beta (only somewhat motivated contributors) without the downsides of the committed-only rule (missed on Area 51? Too bad, you'll have to wait)
7:02 AM
Now that I think about it, it makes perfect sense.
7:16 AM
@Gilles, should/can we delete that spam question?
@overactor I flagged it. Later today (probably when the US wakes up) someone from SE will come along and delete the question
or if 6 people flag it as spam, it'll be deleted
I flagged it too
I wonder if others did too
flagging the comment won't get rid of the question — technically it's only the comment that's spam, the question is merely spam bait, but the question should be deleted with the spam penalty anyway to train the spam filter
@overactor perhaps not, if you haven't seen that over and over again it isn't clear that this is a very persistent spammer and not merely someone who's very confused
I still don't get why his name is unclickable though...
@overactor because he's already deleted his account
7:21 AM
@Gilles That was indeed my first impression too, but the comment gives it away I think
He posted that comment after he deleted his account though.
I think he did that because it helped against the spam filter, his account is marked as self-deleted rather than destroyed as spammer
except that I think the spam filter understands this case now
@overactor he must have posted the comment before, there's probably some caching involved
@Gilles I guess he posted the comment and immediately deleted his account
could work out time-wise
7:34 AM
@Gilles, how do you feel about the future of this beta at the moment?
A: What are our main risks of not getting to public beta?

GillesIn terms of quantity, we're doing fine. A private beta should produce about 100–200 questions, and we already have 84 as I write, 63 of which are not closed. But quantity is not everything. Scope Almost half the questions are tagged license. Not all license-related questions have this tag, so ...

does that still sum it up?
@overactor we have a few more non-license-related questions, but I still don't see a lot of future for the site
Another thing that doesn't bode well is that the site is taking a strong political bent. It's expected that open source aficionados would want to proselytize but this is the wrong place for it, you're preaching to the choir
and getting into wars about whether open source is the same as free is not good
@Gilles There are wars about this? There are questions, and rightfully so, obviously the terminology is unclear and open to misunderstandings.
And this shows that many people want this site to be for politics
@Gilles I disagree. This is no war, not asking which is better. The first question asks to include Free Software in the description. It can be discussed that this is useful, as obviously people are mixing up the different terms, so showing we are for questions about OSS, free and libre is not wrong IMHO. At least it can be discussed.
Second question asks if two tags that have terms that basically are identical should be synonyms
I don't see how this is political
The gender-specifics are more of a political question, but not related to open source, this question could be an all meta, or the general meta.
And I agree, SE shouldn't be the place to educate about gender mainstreaming, veganism, pacifism or creationism
But I don't see wars or proselytizing.
8:16 AM
@Gilles, I've got to agree with @Mnementh, those two questions you linked are a very far cry from wars or even being political, as for the gender question, this is obviously not the main point of the site but I think it warranted a discussion. You seem convinced that a site like this can simply avoid making political statements.
Maybe it's not worth the effort, but I'm not arguing that we make a statement where we used to be neutral, I'm arguing that we try to figure out what statement we're making and see if we're okay with that.
All in all, it's a question on meta with 4 votes in favor, nothing is decided yet.
1 hour later…
9:35 AM
hey guy someone
understand php and mysql?
@TiagoCoelho you'll have better luck over at the php chat
dont have 20 reputacion ;_;
wait, how come you can chat here then?
@Gilles, any thoughts on the novelty stack exchange logo?
Q: Can Stack Overflow and Meta's logos be changed temporarily to the "#LoveOverflows" logo?

TimStack Exchange just tweeted this image following the Supreme Court of the United States ruling in favor of gay marriage: #LoveWins #LoveOverflows Please can this be made the logo for a couple of days? I'm thinking Stack Overflow. LoveOverflow chat room for the more... off topic discussions...

9:57 AM
Q: How do we avoid "free as beer" vs "free as speech" confusions?

rumtschoI saw a question about the categorization of "free software", assumed that the author means "free as beer" and answered it. The author commented that he meant to ask about the "free as speech" meaning and edited his question. He actually had linked "free software" to a definition, but I admit tha...

10:20 AM
@MetaData This can be a big problem, please provide your ideas.
10:59 AM
@StackExchange Not particularly funny, is it?
11:20 AM
@ratchetfreak do you happen to be around?
@Martijn yeah
From your comments I get the impression you're a bit peeved that I rejected your edit and then went ahead and proposed exactly what you did in your edit on meta
I'm sorry about that
sometimes I need a bit more discussion to help with my judgement
and the meta post provided that discussion
no problem really
ok, good then. Text only media lend themselves for a lot of misunderstanding, and especially the format of stackexchange that discourages extended discussion. Good for readers, not so good for staying on the same page with co-contributors
though I do wonder why you thought that the distinction between free beer and free speech wasn't significant enough as an edit.
11:36 AM
for this particular question, due to the context.
Free Software was capitalized and linked, and I thought that that, together with the statement that the asker was aware of the difference should give sufficient context for somebody who answered the question as to what they meant.
Turns out that assumption was wrong
I also didn't take the readers of the question into enough consideration
12:19 PM
Hi there
@Zizouz212 yo
@ratchetfreak I rejected it since it looked like the meaning was there. If the meaning was unclear, I would've approved it
But I know, it's tricky
I made the edit mostly because I knew I muddied the water with my comment
Ahhh. Sorry about that then, had I saw the comments, I likely would've approved it
If only you could see comments when reviewing suggested edits...
12:26 PM
you can go to the question and find some context
Yeah. Sorry about that. I'll make sure to keep an eye for things like this :)
no problem
So, how's everyone!
I'm good
and you?
I'm good :)
12:36 PM
I made a meta post, the bot should bring it in soon.
as should meta? (I don't see it there)
Speaking of meta, what's going to happen to the name of this chat now?
@Martijn caching?
Also, who was the author of the Bikeshed?
@Zizouz212 I don't remember
ah, there it is overreactor
12:37 PM
I'm a Bazaar supporter myself
overreactor? I think it just overacts!
@Martijn overactor, minus the re
weird how often people read it liek that
not that I mind much
It's the children...
Maybe they're trying to tell me something?
heh. I suppose it's an unconcious thing :)
12:39 PM
Meta Data
whatever :P
Q: How can we get more experts into the private beta?

overactorA few days ago we all agreed that the quality of our questions and answers could use some work. Many of us have been hard at work to fix this, and I feel like we've definitely broadened and thus improved the scope. And their certainly have been some pretty good questions. but I feel like the prob...

I should totally start shouting at whoever misreads my name as overreactor.
@Zizouz212 Thanks Meta Data
Your always welcome - [human] Meta Data
Q: How can we get more experts into the private beta?

overactorA few days ago we all agreed that the quality of our questions and answers could use some work. Many of us have been hard at work to fix this, and I feel like we've definitely broadened and thus improved the scope. And their certainly have been some pretty good questions. but I feel like the prob...

12:41 PM
Damn it meta data
Do you think mentioning os.SE in os project we constribute to would be acceptable?
Yes! But, I thought of something magical!
Magicians are the opposite of open source developers.
I doubt we can do this, but change the user contributions license :)
12:46 PM
except for that guy ^
@Zizouz212 That would be something
a featur request maybe?
But I see why they do that, to keep it uniform across sites, and cause CC is for creative works
I won't do that, because I feel like I wouldn't really support it, but if anyone else wants to, i guess it's up for grabs
@Zizouz212 How about the ability to optionally opt out of CC?
I think I've outlined that here:
Q: Can I "Override" a licensing policy?

Zizouz212On many sites, especially Stack Overflow, I can't help but notice such amazing code snippets. However, they come with a "catch" designed by the author. With user contributions being licensed with the Creative Commons ShareAlike 3.0 License, many users try and "override" this by stating how they ...

12:50 PM
@Zizouz212 What I got from that was: you can add a license, but you can't get rid of the CC
But I feel like the answer missed the user contribution policy
@Zizouz212 how do you mean?
Oh hello there!
Perfect timing!
Actually never mind, I've read it again and it makes sense :)
I expanded it to explain that dual licensing is not overriding an existing license
Thanks, it makes it much more clear
Have fun with 15 points
12:58 PM
@Unihedron I noticed everyone left you hanging when you said hi 20 hours ago, so:
\o/ points
I'll use them immediately to buy some H$ to buy some HOpen Cola with \o/
Have fun!
The cola sounds really good
I don't know about the glasses though...
They're not open source!
Q: Should I open source trivial projects?

overactorSometimes, I'll start writing some code with no actual expectations about where it will end up or how useful it will be. Is there any point in releasing the code for a small project, mainly done for myself, which will likely never be finished? Or is it better to keep that code private? I'm look...

It's weird to have a question on 4 reopen votes
What does everyone here think?
I'm not sure if it should be on-topic myself
Is it really? It makes sense to me
I'm not sure either. Maybe a title edit can improve it. "should I do X" gives a rather subjective vibe
1:04 PM
@Martijn I do tend to oversensationalise my titles a bit
what are the advantages and disadvantages to the public and the project if I do X is less subjective, but hearing that may be rather broad
Is that better?
Are there good reasons to open source "trivial" projects?
Stil short and snappy, but less loaded
I'm not asking whether anyone agrees with those reasons
good is of course a subjective term, but I feel that for a title it's not too bad
@Martijn for the suggested title?
1:07 PM
That's enough for me
I like the idea of \o/ points. Maybe I'll make something to keep track of how many we all have.
@ArtOfCode What are \o/ points?
@Mnementh I too ask this question.
@ArtOfCode Oh you
1:12 PM
@overactor oh me?
yeah, as in:
so fabulous
OK that's my job when I get home, I'll make that
@ArtOfCode How does it work?
Or what exactly doe sit do?
It'll track how many points we all have. They can be arbitrarily awarded here.
can we award more than one at a time like
@ArtOfCode +17
1:16 PM
Can we subtract?
@ArtOfCode -1
Some I think
No more than -5
can we multiply?
and probably no more than +20
Nah multiplying will screw the whole lot up
only whole numbers?
1:18 PM
Nah decimals if you like
I don't know actually... does MySQL have a decimal type?
NaN, decimals if you like
It has doubles
floats too
we should get a daily supply of 10 points
Hmmm... CREATE TABLE points` (number DOUBLE(6))` seems to fail
And giving points subtracts them from yourself
1:19 PM
Knowing MySQL, it probably has them, and automatically converts and truncates them from varchars
@Martijn so i can use a VARCHAR(10) and add and subtract to it?
taking points takes half from your own points
and you can't do anything that would put yourself under 0
@overactor sounds good, probably more than 10/day though
or move further negative
@ArtOfCode gotta make those points scarce
and they build up
hmm... can anyone write decent python?
1:21 PM
(I'd say you only get the points every day as soon as you post though.)
I can write bad python :]
will it be a chat bot?
Because this is going to need a chatbot
yes, yes it will
@ArtOfCode ignore what I said, I was underhandedly dishing dirt on MySQL, not actually saying something insightful
aaahhh fair enough
posted on June 29, 2015 by masson

Affiliation highlights commitment to open source technologies and the communities that keep them thriving. June 28, 2015 - PALO ALTO, Calif. -- The Open Source Initiative® (OSI) today announced that The Open Information Security Foundation (OISF) has been accepted as an Affiliate Member. “The OSI is excited to welcome OISF,” said Patrick Masson, General Manager and Director at the OSI. "Just

@ArtOfCode press your up arrow
1:24 PM
@overactor now that is a useful shortcut
CREATE TABLE points (number DOUBLE);
That works, am I being dumb
Please tell me if I'm being dumb while I can still edit or remove my message.
That's a weird table though
@Unihedron how are you?
60 messages when I go and take a shower, what did I miss now?
Sounds like there's been fun without me!
1:39 PM
@Zizouz212 @ArtOfCode is going to make a bot that lets us judge eachother
Matthew 7:1 You shall not judge, lest you be judged.
Could I have some opinions on this one?
Q: What subject areas are in need of free and open source projects?

trichoplaxMany areas are already very well supported by free and open source projects. You can use a computer and access the internet using entirely non-proprietary software. Many scientific and mathematical purposes have free and open source solutions. However, I suspect there are areas that are not cove...

@trichoplax I accept paypal and visa.
Jokes aside, be more specific on your problem. Don't just ask for help, ask for help on a specific thing you need.
only dogecoins and nyancoins are accepted in my crypto wallet
1:45 PM
I would like to know if people agree with the close reason of "primarily opinion based"
Especially following the comment that points out the opposite
It seems to divide opinion
If I were to speak, the question is both too broad and primarily opinion based.
@overactor @ArtOfCode A bot that judges us?
@trichoplax I have to agree with @Unihedron
With some broad questions you can split them into several, or narrow down on a particular sub-topic. The purpose of this one is to help in narrowing down and identifying which sub-topic to focus on, which makes it difficult to see how to change it.
Yeah, exactly.
I voted opinion-based, because I see it is mostly opinion which areas need more OSS-projects.
1:55 PM
@Mnementh But whether people hold that opinion isn't opinion based
I could see a possibly good question in the form area x has a demonstrable demand for open source solutions, but doesn't seem to have any. What impediments are there that cause this, but it still feels rather broad
If you are trying to sell cola, asking: "Do people think our cola is tasty?" is not only not opinion based, but a very essential question.
@overactor Yes it is.
@overactor The question is opinion based because questions on the Stack Exchange network should pertain to specific expertise.
@Unihedron Or research
@overactor There's nothing about research in fields of specific expertise.
1:58 PM
Maybe: 'Is there research or data in which areas OSS is badly represented?'
That's an entirely different question altogether, but this one can stand with sufficient background.
But as it is asked I read it as 'What do you think which areas need more OSS?' -> hence opinion-based
So are we trying to go into a lot of statistics?
Why not? If that's what it takes to answer.
It's not like we don't have too many easily answerable questions.
@Mnementh That is indee dopinion based
@Unihedron Couldn't agree more
2:01 PM
@Zizouz212 can you explain little bit more what should I do?
we need some that people can't actually set their teeth into
I sometimes stare at anime&manga.se and quietly laugh at how in-depth their answers are compared to the ones on opensource.se.
@Zizouz212 Statistics are an important part of marketing
A: What is this 'Japanese Secret Police' Furuya Rei is in? Are they a real police division?

seijitsuFuruya Rei is a member of 「黒の組織」(kuro no soshiki = the black organization). I don't know what chapter or episode you are referring to, so I cannot verify the original Japanese for "Japanese secret police" used there, but: Yes, in real life there was a Japanese secret police along the same lines ...

All those links!
Thats true
@Pandya Your answer seems link only. Can you include words of your own, or quotes?
2:12 PM
@Zizouz212 ok. let me try
@Unihedron wow
@overactor What do you mean "wow"? This post isn't an outlier.
@Unihedron anime?
@Zizouz212 You should read what I say:
11 mins ago, by Unihedron
I sometimes stare at anime&manga.se and quietly laugh at how in-depth their answers are compared to the ones on opensource.se.
@Unihedron I meant it as in: wow, you weren't kidding
2:14 PM
the fact that you had a moment of doubt saddens me
Q: How to avoid religious wars?

MnementhIn chat it was brought up, that the site tends to become political. While I don't think that's the case I may overlook the things, so I ask how the community stands towards it. Also, how should we react against politics and advertisement towards OSS or holy wars between OSS and Free Software (or ...

A: Questions about demographic imbalance

7ochemI feel this type of questions could potentially be a "boat programming" question. Read all about it here: What is the boat programming meme about? In short: this was a question on SO about advice on programming on a boat. Back then this question was a breakpoint in the discussion about this bein...

@trichoplax what about that answer?
@Unihedron Well, I didnit really doubt, but believing and seeing are a different thing
2:26 PM
I just wanted to bring it to people's attention so it can have votes up or down
If we're bring attention to meta posts:
Q: Will "software" be an implicit tag for every question not categorized in another way?

AirPrior to the beta launch, there was discussion of whether this site would be limited in scope to open source software. The strong consensus was behind an answer that argues: If the scope does not include significant areas of interest to just the open-source world (licensing, hardware, DIY p...

what's the status on that one?
That's a no way! Open source isn't just going to software, we've had examples of other things
@Zizouz212 I've revised
@Zizouz212 open source coke
coke as in coca cola of course, have to keep it family friendly
help to improve first para
2:41 PM
pfft, today has not been a good day for opensource.SE so far
I think I'm going to worsen that with another meta post...
3:00 PM
Q: How do we neutralize the site to be more accepting?

Zizouz212We've seen many issues so far on the issue of neutrality between things such as: the Open Source Initiative; the Free Software Foundation; Creative Commons and more; Don't get me wrong, the issue has sparked many meta posts (each word's a separate link). Since Area 51, there has been issue wi...

@Pandya The results are somewhat different if the search terms are "in quotes"
The difference between a search for free software and "free software" is that free software will return any results with software and free in the article, in either order and not necessarily adjacent, such as we have software to free the whales
Q: How do we neutralize the site to be more accepting?

Zizouz212We've seen many issues so far on the issue of neutrality between things such as: the Open Source Initiative; the Free Software Foundation; Creative Commons and more; Don't get me wrong, the issue has sparked many meta posts (each word's a separate link). Since Area 51, there has been issue wi...

@Pandya It's a surprising difference - the original graph show much higher incidence of free software than open source due to the inclusion of extra unrelated results. Restricting to the exact phrase in quotes shows a much higher incidence of "open source" than "free software".
3:16 PM
OK I'm back, and I'm about to start work on this bot
My bad Python will be interesting...
Hey! I'm good at Python!
What's happening?
@Zizouz212 Then you can help
The bot that @overactor mentioned earlier
Yaay! How shall we destroy the world?
@Zizouz212 \o/ points
3:19 PM
Arbitrarily awardable points. Sort of like karma for chat.
Hey this thing is actually really relevant. It's going to be open source, of course.
Sure, let's start
@Zizouz212 let's take development discussions over to this room so we don't clog this up.
Sure :)
3:45 PM
@derobert I don't actually want to personally debate the question. I do think it should be discussed, and was trying to forestall the kneejerk reaction to close it by getting people to think a little
I'm not against having some of my questions closed. This is private beta after all, and we need to suggest some unacceptable questions to get a feel for our scope. But I don't think we can be a site about 'open source' and simultaneoulsy avoid some uncomfortable questions about it
@kdopen what are we talking about here?
Q: Are there consequences of the "free as in speech" approach?

kdopenThe Free Software Foundation denotes free software as being "Free as in Speech", and this is a reasonable way to differentiate itself from Open Source. It also attempts to create a relationship between the FSF's campaigns and the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution, which obviously is intended t...

and @derobert's comment that ', it sounds like you want to have a discussion—a back and forth—on the topic'
I think that should be open :)
If the actual question is written so that it seems I have a bias, I'm open to suggestions as to imporving it (or even edits)
Discussions are typically not what is done on the site—at least not on any of the SE sites I'm familiar with.
Other than discussions about the site itself, which happen on meta.
Mainly this is because the software barely works at all for discussions. E.g., it reorders answers—making following a discussion very difficult.
3:52 PM
Agreed. But I was hoping to see multiple answers. Perhaps from just one side, perhaps from both. either way, the votes o the answers would tell us something
@derobert Perhaps so - but if that's the case, then the question's been closed for the wrong reason.
@ArtOfCode Exactly, I'd rather put some effort into refining the question so it can be kept open
Hey guys
Well, if you edit it to be something answerable, I'd be happy to vote to reopen as well
3:53 PM
1000 rep hype
Personally, I think the question does have a place here - yes, it's broad and opinion based, but we have a high tolerance for things like that.
need 5 more points
But reopening it only to close it again as primarily opinion or too broad... that's rather silly.
@derobert Define more answerable
Yep, I'm asking for specific suggestions here ... or even direct edits. We all have the rep for that
Is it just remove the 'free speech' stuff and make it a pure "what are the consequences?" question. But I feel that pulls some of the fangs of the question, and will attract glib answers
3:55 PM
@ArtOfCode Well, someone should be able to answer a question in a few paragraphs. And there should generally be some technical/expert basis to vote answers up or down.
So right now there is an answer, essentially "your premise is wrong", but you appear not to consider that a full answer.
Dunno about 'a few paragraphs'. I've seen some canoncal answers on other sites that print out at over a page
The question looks pretty good to me, I've already voted to reopen it
Not that this is a canonical question
@kdopen I think the point is that it should be answerable in a few paragraphs - many of those questions are, the answerer just chose to add more.
@derobert I take your point, but I also think there is at least some basis here - it's obvious if someone states a consequence that is clearly never going to happen.
@kdopen I can take a shot at rewriting the question if you like?
@kdopen Sure, there are some that go longer. Often because someone decided to write a really thorough answer—and thanks to them for doing so!—but if it really requires pages of text to answer something, it's too much. (And those canonical ones are of course often a community effort!)
3:59 PM
I think part of my problem is a lot of experience in the industry, primarily seeing things go sour over the years. I seriously think a time will come (and not that far off) when someone goes after a big OS project for serious money
@ArtOfCode feel free
I'm not sure what you're trying to ask, that isn't just opensource.stackexchange.com/questions/620/…
Or which isn't "Does this analogy have any consequences from people presuming a full comparison to the 1st Amendment is implied?"
When Facebook was getting started I told my kids to either (a) stay off it, or (b) be very careful what you say. they laughed. Five years later, people were being turned down for jobs because employers didn't like what they saw on their facebook pages
... which again strikes me as primarily opinion and/or too broad (go do a study...)
@derobert I'm specifically asking "If we take the stance that it's good to publish our code, what are the possible consequences"
As a 'movement' or 'philosophy' or 'ideology' we should be prepared to face those questions.
Try that edit on for size.
4:04 PM
@kdopen We should be, and I believe there are several book-length essays on the subject...
@ArtOfCode love the edit, thanks
gotta work now
4:21 PM
@kdopen are you still here? I want to make sweeping edits to that question, but not if you're not here to revert me if you disagree
I can do it later if you don't have the time for now
4:37 PM
@Martijn I have just completely rewritten it. I'd say go for it and I'll take a look, if kdopen disagrees he can revert later :)
@ArtOfCode thanks, feel free to completely or partially revert
@Martijn sounds perfect to me
I don't want to "run away" with the question though; kdopen still has to agree with it.
@Martijn Looks good ... now I just need one more upvote to get awesome moderator powers so I can trash you completely ;)
upvoted, knock yourself out ;)
5:11 PM
Wow I have to say those are sweeping edits... It seems to me that it should be a new question, not an edit to the old one!
@StephenKitt under normal circumstances, yes, but we were trying to fix that question to get it reopened, and just editing as proxies for kdopen
Yes I understood that, but "getting a question re-opened" shouldn't be an end in itself IMO...
Especially since it had an answer which had struck a few chords (never mind that I wrote it).
oh, I'm on my way out, but I think how to deal with this makes a good meta question
if the question hasn't received any answers yet it's one thing, but I really don't know what the "best" way to go ahead is for questsion that do have (upvoted) answers
Yes definitely, I'll create the appropriate question.
Q: How much should we allow editing of closed but answered questions?

Stephen KittThis question is prompted by Are there consequences of publishing software under a free or open source license? The original version of the question related to the "free as in speech" analogy and asked about consequences (do the consequences of free speech apply to free software, in summary). Th...

5:40 PM
Q: How much should we allow editing of closed but answered questions?

Stephen KittThis question is prompted by Are there consequences of publishing software under a free or open source license? The original version of the question related to the "free as in speech" analogy and asked about consequences (do the consequences of free speech apply to free software, in summary). Th...

Well so far I have managed to keep up with u guys despite being away from home with noting but an iPhone
5:59 PM
Nice :)
6:53 PM
I just had a though
Maybe we should rename the site to something like "Free and Open Culture"
or "Ask Freely"
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