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5:36 AM
Hey no one out there?
7 hours later…
12:23 PM
@ont Hey I'm here
@LordStryker o/
@hip \o_
How is everyone this fine morning/afternoon/evening?
it means?
Just look at the sky p-:)
12:36 PM
Well I suppose it really depends on what timezone you live in.
For me its morning time.
You are from usa?
/Here in ceylon 18:06
I am leaving
Bye all
I certainly am from the US. :)
See ya @ont
So$\ldots$ it has come to this.
@M.A.Ramezani ಠ_ಠ
12:49 PM
Hullo @Hipp!
> 2015 Community Moderator Election
ends in 7 hours
i cant watch! i cant watch!
You'll have to tell me who wins. I can't bear to look.
Don't watch. Look.
I win
@LordStryker I win.
Oh okay *whew
12:51 PM
OK, as you may have noticed, today is Tue and I've got Kung Fu class, so I have to leave. Cya guys in 2:24 mins.
@M.A.Ramezani knows kung fu.
So.. it has come to this...
Yeah. I might stryke at any moment.
Only if I command it :D
just kidding. I really need to do some chemistry...
OK I'm off to the class/gym/temple/Kung Fu. Cya!
2 hours later…
3:24 PM
I am back.
(oh no)
3:40 PM
So, it has come to this.
You. Me. This moment.
How romantic
Hopefully you remember the alt text for that xkcd strip
Oh snap. Good call.
3:43 PM
Anyone here use QChem?
Oh hey guys!
So, it has come to this.
The last hour, the worst hour.
@LordStryker Is that edible?
oh i.imgur.com/QBmHBAA.jpg @M.A.Ramezani \o
@LordStryker What. Is. That?
hay ~ hey
How is that related to QChem?
Good thing it's not related to
4 mins ago, by M.A.Ramezani
@LordStryker Is that edible?
3:57 PM
i suppose you could eat hay
No thanks. I'm fasting.
I'm still not used to that verb in English, Aaargh!
@M.A.Ramezani You could say "I'm abstaining from food."
@LordStryker My. Those toy tanks really look nice.
@LordStryker That's too fancy. I can't possibly say it.
I can say I'm almost dying from thirst though.
Then you know I'm fasting.
hello all of you
4:03 PM
O.0 My man that's the weirdest hullo I've ever seen.
what are you upto?
I'm waiting for iftar.
@Lord is trying to find someone that eats hay.
what is iftar
hey , do you workout?
I do.
That's making me thirstier.
4:07 PM
when did u start?
I was never really good at history.
exercise ?
what is ur favourite?///
@M.A.Ramezani: Hey..............................
Copy-pasting lots of question marks Kung Fu, volleyball, swimming.
hey how do you cut that part?
Wut? You mean the strike out?
4:15 PM
Copy-pasting lots of question marks
---like this?--- like this?
Yeah ,Igot it
I am leaving bye
@M.A.Ramezani: By man
11 messages moved to Trash
mmmm trash
20 mins to iftar.
> 2015 Community Moderator Election
ends in 3 hours
4:49 PM
Iftar (Arabic: إفطار‎ ifṭār 'breakfast') is the evening meal when Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast at sunset. For Sunnis, it is at the time of the call to prayer for the evening prayer; for Shias, it is after the evening prayer. ARY held a discussion on the context and reason for this difference in Iftar timings between Sunni and Shia Islamic school of thoughts. == Description == Iftar is one of the religious observances of Ramadan and is often done as a community, with people gathering to break their fast together. Iftar is taken right after Maghrib time, which is around sunset. Traditionally...
Oh cool!
Sorry, I am very ignorant of Muslim culture.
No probs.
@LordStryker Hehe$\ldots$ Because it looks like a Game of Thrones name?
I haven't watched GoT in probably 3 or so years
I haven't watched GoT for probably 300 years.
5:37 PM
just found out my uncle passed away...
i'm going back to bed...
Sorry for your loss, santiago
6:01 PM
Why was yttribium named so
Hullo @Ravindra! Welcome to the chatroom!
Wasn't it named because of that city in Sweden?
You could check a Wikipedia article though.
Ytterby (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈʏtːərˌbyː]) is a village on the Swedish island of Resarö, in Vaxholm Municipality in the Stockholm archipelago. The name of the village means "outer village". == Chemical discoveries == At a quarry and mine near the village, the rare earth mineral yttria was discovered and named after the village. This crude mineral eventually proved to be the source of four new elements that were named after the mineral ore and the village. These elements are yttrium (Y), erbium (Er), terbium (Tb), and ytterbium (Yb) and were first described in 1794, 1842, 1842, and 1878...
I checked
6:07 PM
That's it.
I am in class 9th so i dont know much
but i had a question
No probs.
I just finished 10th.
Are there anymore amphoteric substance other then water and ammonia
@RavindraSahay Of course.
Let me think.
Hydrogen phosphate ion.
It works as a buffer.
really? but hydrogen phosphate does not satisfy arrhenious base and acid criteria
6:14 PM
@RavindraSahay Arrhenius?! ARRHENIUS?!
That theory isn't worth s*it, with all due respect. :)
So u respect bronstead and Lowry
@Rav have you studied Bronsted-Lowry acids and bases?
i mean follow
@RavindraSahay They work good enough.
A little
6:16 PM
@Rav have you studied Lewis acids?
its nowhere near the course but am still trying
well idk about acids
i gtg sleep
ltoo late in india
btw where r u from
Hmm$\ldots$ I may find some good tutorials for you @Rav.
@RavindraSahay Milky way galaxy.
I have progressed with physics a lot
6:18 PM
well I love astrophysics
nice answer
I might as well say THe local group
Hullo @Jonsca!
> 2015 Community Moderator Election
ends in 1 hours
1 hour
I'm readying up myself to congratulate you.
@Hippalectryon shoudiblamecaching.com
Gawd, I just finished another horrible track q_q
Probably less horrible than the first one though
6:22 PM
I only listen to soundtracks.
Movies, games, trailers, and such.
By finished I mean finished to make, not to listen to
Thumbs up Kewl. Can you upload them?
I just uploaded the new one to soundcloud. That makes 2 of them. I have no musical background or talent whatsoever though, so it's pretty awful ;_;
OK, so I'll listen to 'em when no one's around.
Or use headphones
6:31 PM
Meh. I don't wanna make my little brother curious.
@Hipp Do you play the keyboard in these tracks?
@LordStryker I can only play the oboe, I don't play the piano (or any such instrument) at all, so no I can't use my keyboard. I just use my mouse.
Thats great! Did you know, Eddie Van Halen plays the oboe :)
Who's that ?
Oh, just some guitar player.
6:45 PM
Q: How are Organic Compounds named?

Ravindra SahayI have heard of of a special system which specially deals with naming of organic compounds. How do we get names such as 2-methylpropan-1-ol. I have tried googling it and found few links but their explanation was way above my head. I also asked my teacher about the same question and he said this ...

Haha! Someone's busy with IUPAC nomenclature!
And that someone is$\ldots$ me.
@Lord I wanna ask your opinion on this. Should I read IUPAC's blue book?
uhhh, probably not. I'd use it as a reference but to read it, unless you're going to become a full-time organic chemist or something, would probably not be the most efficient use of your time.
Its first 20 pages have been really useful to me though.
Then keep reading until it becomes not so useful.
I now know why I'd see an azo in one compound, while I'd see an aza in another.
@LordStryker That, my Stryker friend, is the most profound answer I've ever seen
@M.A.Ramezani I think the word you're looking for is pragmatic ;)
6:50 PM
This, if exists, would be such a weird membrane. How would the inner side of membrane act as a hydrophile and hydrophobe? — M.A.Ramezani 10 secs ago
2015 Community Moderator Election
ends in 59 minutes
Da countdown BEGINS$\ldots$
dum dum dum
Boom boom boom
\o @ManishEarth
7:03 PM
\o/ <o> /o/ /o\
thats as close as i can get to YMCA
@Manish BTW, I didn't mean to be harsh that day, that comment.
Yeah I know
Just saying that it can come off as abrasive even if you didnt mean to
And I think it did.
7:18 PM
Well gotta run guys. A meeting demands my presence.
Good luck to all the nominees!
7:36 PM
Haha, I love that I was randomly browsing on the internet, found something potentially interesting about my area of research, followed a couple of links, and suddenly I arrived at the @GeoffHutchison group page!
7:47 PM
@M.A.Ramezani hype
I mean boom!
@LordStryker 8 minutes.
To launch
8:08 PM
OK how do I use that app? O.o
@Jonsca do you know?
Hullo @san!
OpenSTV version 1.7 (http://www.OpenSTV.org/)

Suggested donation for using OpenSTV for an election is $50. Please go to
http://www.OpenSTV.org/donate to donate via PayPal, Google Checkout, or
Amazon Payments.

Certified election reports are also available. Please go to
http://www.openstv.org/certified-reports for more information.

Loading ballots from file chemistry-stackexchange-com-2015-election-results.blt.
Ballot file contains 6 candidates and 61 ballots.
No candidates have withdrawn.
Ballot file contains 61 non-empty ballots.
@Jonsca I see the results in the app, but I have no idea.
@MadScientist Hullo! So the winners are @Manish, @Jonsca and @Martin?
Probably, assuming I used the software correctly
Congrats our new elected mods: @Manish, @Jonsca and @Martin!
8:13 PM
Awesome! (ome much needed good news!)
Hullo @Undo! Welcome to our Humble table!
I was coming to report the election results, but I guess I got beat to it
There are a bunch of people more enthusiastic than fireworks here.
@M.A.Ramezani :D
8:15 PM
Wait what? I got elected before jonsca? That's not right ...
ALL HAIL OUR OVERLORDS! @ManishEarth @Martin-マーチン @jonsca
Yeah$\ldots$ How come I'm not elected @Manish? Hmm?
OK so, I think it's after the election now.
So @ManishEarth - same place to send tributes?
8:19 PM
I send @M.A.Ramezani as a tribute to the Mods
Why you!
I got reminded I gotta change my profile pic.
@M.A.Ramezani To a boat ?
Nah. Something a bit fancier. A luxury ship or something like that.
8:21 PM
A luxury cyclohexane boat configuration ?
oh dang what'd I miss??!
Hah! The @Lord came.
I'll be sure to toast a beer each to every one of your names tonight!
8:23 PM
For me? Poppy eyes
Scratch that. I'll toast one to every nominee. Six is a good number.
Hey, how did I end up here?!
Six is in fact a perfect number
haha 13 is my favorite but that might be a tad too many
*sigh i hate these windows updates
I missed the announcement
Well I'm off! I will see all of you fine ladies and gentlemen later.
Heh. So I sent my Carbons to find their friends. Instead, I made some little O dudes and Si dudes sit in there in their place. I officially changed to cyclotrisiloxane hexaphenyl.
@LordStryker Cya!
Holy crud what the heck!
My profile's so black now!
Oh OK.
That looks better now.
I just substituted three of the phenyls. They made me look, black.
And black is way too cool a color for my style.
8:32 PM
Sorry, we don't allow black molecules here
I'm a white guy now.
2,4,6-trimethyl-2,4,6-triphenyl cyclotrisiloxane.
That's a long new name.
anyway, gotta go.. much needed great news!
Wow, my new profile's chic!
It looks cool on chat, and that's all I'm asking for.
@Jan and @Lord might be interested:
8:50 PM
Q: 2015 Community Moderator Election Results

Shog9Chemistry's 1st moderator election has come to a close, the votes have been tallied, and the 3 new moderators are: They've replaced the pro tempore crew — please thank both teams for volunteering, and share your assistance and advice with the new crew as they learn the ropes! For details o...

9:27 PM
@M.A.Ramezani Now, that's an upgrade ;)
9:38 PM
Hey, I got the Outspoken badge!
1 hour later…
10:58 PM
Thanks all for your support!
@ManishEarth Eh, what can you do? :) Congrats!!
Congrats @Martin-マーチン!!!

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