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5:25 AM
In non-pony related news, I ran into a tag synonym that I was actually able to suggest. serverfault.com/tags/windows-server-2008-r2/synonyms
Now it just needs votes, or something? I don't know.
Q: rename all files

SangfroidHow do I rename all files in the current directory with an extention of .tgz to .tar.gz? I tried find . -iname *.tgz --exec mv {} {}.tar.gz \; but it doesn't work as expected.

...too easy.
5:58 AM
1 hour later…
7:01 AM
@Iain Morning
How's it going ?
Friday and not a lot of work :)
can't complain
How is it going in the UK?
Friday too! short day and then off away overnight to catch up with Friends :)
good morning everypony
sounds like a decent plan @Iain
Q: Accessing active directory account on iPad?

MaheshHow can I access my active directory account on iPad? What configurations are required on iPad as well on server side? I want to access my Active directory account which is configured on Local Network, I want to access that account. For that I need to configure my iPad. So what are the steps need...

7:16 AM
@RobertMoir yeah - off to Worcester to catch up beer & curry on the cards
I think this guy wants to make his ipad join a windows domain *boggle*
"Gesture Ctrl-Alt-Del to logon"
Same here. Packing up at 15:00 to pass the weekend with friends
beer and curry... good therapy
7:28 AM
Q: How to take full ownership of an IP address?

darkAsPitchMy business is... troublesome. What I do is legal in every country on earth, but some people don't like it, and make it so tough on my poor ISPs that I am forced to go looking for new providers more often than I would like. The only option I know of for somebody in my position is called "bullet...

Pretty strange guy :)
3 hours later…
10:29 AM
@ChrisS: One of the sticks were dead :-( RMA
3 hours later…
1:01 PM
Today's word of the day: Whinging.
Another day being ignored by Dell support...
See? Whinging.
I'm at a loss on how to pronounce that
wing -ing
whine -ing
1:21 PM
I think it's win -ing, with a silent h and g
This is odd. Do Americans not whinge?
Or am I missing a level of irony here?
I would pronounce "whinge" as rhyming with hinge (like a door hinge)... But no, Americans whine, they don't whinge.
I think it's more British, which since Americans don't know British English, you can tell them they're whining without telling them they're whining.
'morning scumbags
@SmallClanger Mine was sarcastic... I looked up "whinging", but am still not sure how to pronounce it. I think Shads "wing-ing" is pretty close, but since "g" can be silent I figured "winning" was funnier. I suppose you don't know about Tiger Blood...
1:30 PM
To me, whining is plaintively resisting something "Do I really have to do my chores now, mum?", whereas whinging is generally grumbling about something you don't care enough about to actively engage with. "The number of potholes in this car park is shocking..."
@ChrisS win-ging (first g is soft)
@ChrisS You were spot on with the 'hinge' rhyme.
And this ::pointing at the debate on how to pronounce that thing:: is why it isn't a word in American English. =]
And yes, Charlie's spectacular collapse made it over here too.:)
Can you be Bi-Whinging?
1:52 PM
...And the reason I wanted to schedule that PDU move off-hours? ....<zzzTTT!><POP> Yep, the circuit breaker.... Better luck next time.
@ChrisS That and there are no explosions related to the word, so therefore it is un-American
Thank you MS for bundling the x86 and x64 versions of Office into the same download so I have to download 3GB instead of 800MB. There goes my Internet connection for the next 30 minutes.
Would a question about a very simple bash script be better suited to SO, or SF?
I'm hesitant to think it warrants an actual question
@robjb: SF or SU most likely
It more depends what the script does rather than how simple it is. If you want it to re-order your mp3 collection: Try SU, or Unix+Linux. If you need to to do something to the servers you manage, SF.
2:03 PM
Hello Server Fault
I think SO would quickly migrate anything bash related.
@JourneymanGeek, @SmallClanger -- thanks, going onto SF then.
Afternoon, Mr. Hog.
@SmallClanger I think SO is willing to accept a bash script if it's an actual programming issue -- but mine is so simple it would probably be closed / migrated.
Well, I'm of the opinion that (generalisation alert) Sysadmins are better at bash than programmers, in much the same way nurses are better at giving injections than doctors.
That's a fairly weak analogy, but you get the idea. :)
2:07 PM
Turned out nothing was wrong with it, it was just trying to invoke rpm on a non-rpm file that wasn't supposed to be in the directory.
Script needs more validation, then. :P
It was a quick one-off to iterate files in a directory and install the RPMs, won't be using it again :P
Btw, does bash redirect output for scripts by default?
stdout is what it says on the tin. It's standard. And out.
You'd need to redirect within the script to log to a file (or redirect the script output afterwards)
Makes sense :]
2:54 PM
hmm... I apparently earned the badge.
ssh It's a secret, don't tell anyone.
good way to start the morning. Now I just need the and badges. And maybe one for 5250.
I'm sticking with my ^[[vt110 badge.
(That was a terminal joke)
posted on October 21, 2011 by Wesley David

(This is the sequel to “How Does a Windows Administrator Solve Every Problem?“ Apologies to Hyperbole and a Half)

3:09 PM
@SmallClanger (I think I'm the only one who got it)
@voretaq7 is the tag badge that matters.
Your badge collection isn't complete without every janky remote command line protocol known to man. And that includes .
Does this seriously happen everyday?
Q: How do I restore MySQL .frm .MYD .MYI files in OS X Lion

oliverkiss.comI received a bunch of these types of files and haven't a clue as how to restore the database on my Mac. I've found instructions on how to do this on Windows, that you simply need to put these into a specific directory and the database should be restored, but I don't know which directory, or even ...

seems to
@jscott yes. And I absofuckinglutely refuse to help someone who hasn't read the manual.
@ShaneMadden what happens when you get the badge? Do you technically have all the command line badges?
3:17 PM
@Shads0 just the ones in your ~/.profile
3:28 PM
@jscott We should send that shit over to Ask Different :)
Q: ip route add - RTNETLINK answers: File exists

rnooooI’ve been looking around before asking, On the linux box there are 2 interfaces: Bond0: inet addr: Bcast: Mask: Eth4 : inet addr: Bcast: Mask: Because eth4 is on a different network, I want to setup a new...

... Quit your job, move to Mumbai and never get near the intertubes again.
People like this eventually become Cisco guys and advertise "BEST PATH TO ANYWHERE ON THE INTERNET: MY DSL LINE!"
3:49 PM
@voretaq7 I tried not to be mean about it... But there's no nice way to say "It's apparent you shouldn't be playing with that because you have no idea what you're doing"
4:04 PM
@jscott Close that. It's incredible. People have to learn to make backups and how to use search engines.
Someone should make a community wiki out of this
5 year desktop LTS from Ubuntu. I don't know what that's going to do for adoption, but at least they're starting to get it.
I've been failing pretty miserably at whacking the open-vm-tools package maintainer with the cluebat
The money quote: I am going to assume that most people who use Ubuntu on a VMware product will be using the Desktop version, not the server.
RedHat needs their own cluebat: bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=747704
@ShaneMadden I like this one: You were thinking of VMware Server, while I was thinking VMware Workstation/Player/Fusion. Sorry about that.
Right, you were thinking about VMWare Server...the EOL product.
@MikeyB Good use of markdown ;)
4:19 PM
The old "it's not broken, it's a feature!"
@ShaneMadden Dude sounds like he's just a college student with half a clue. Sucks for the open-vm-tools package. Maybe it's time to fork it? :)
@MarkM Yeah. I almost responded to that when I saw it yesterday, but thought better of it.. I already gave him enough grief yesterday, and the poster above him mentioned ESX.
@MarkM Yup - what pisses me off is that clueful people sponsored his bad changes. Debian shot the Recommends: change down instantly, while Ubuntu allowed that change, then kept on rolling in that direction despite the confirmed bug saying that it had been jacked up, approving a commit combining the X components into the base package.
That must be one jacked up approval process.
4:42 PM
Afternoon, hoseheads
5:05 PM
user image
@pauska When you fight off an occupying superpower with a bunch of retarded farmers and no real army, you can come up with your own units of measure too. Until then, suck it.
O.o I disagree with TomTom and let him know that in a comment.
A: A good way to reboot all computers on a Windows domain each night

TomTomThe best way to do that is to fire the person having the idea that this is needed and the doing what all other people do - not do that.

I can't wait to get yelled at by him. It's going to be an honor.
@MarkM Good luck sir. Get your web server set up on your phone now..
user image
I do here :)
Lab/classroom computers, I should specify
5:18 PM
@MarkM Needs it on the servers, too. Go, go.
Good thing I already have a GPO for that! right click > link existing gpo
the EU/NA M/D/Y thing is interesting to me, because the NA way is more how you'd read it - October 21, 2001 -> M/D/Y, but I totally understand D/M/Y in "order". Clearly the answer is to renumber all the months from 51 -> 62 so we never have this problem again
Hmm. Looks like a good canonical question:
Q: What should I do about this user?

timbrighamWhat should I do about this user? He/She is Downloading pornography Attempting unauthorized access Running hacking software Sending unsolicited email Installing software / tampering with the system etc This is intended as a generic answer for employee behavioral problems, a la Can you help me...

I vote-closed it
it belongs on meta
@MarkM How do you figure that? It's a sysadmin question, not a question about the site.
5:22 PM
It'll make a good dupe-close for ones like that LOIC question a few minutes ago
Looks like my brain inserted an "asking about"
Q: Block outgoing LOIC attacks in a network

IsaacI am admin of a small network. Users in our network have access to internet through a squid NAT server. Recently, we have detected that some users are using LOIC to attack servers on the internet. How can I detect and block such attacker automatically? Is there any straightforward way for this...

that is a jpg, why didn't it do the needful?
5:23 PM
If it's a canonical answer, isn't is common to make it CW?
@MarkM I was just thinking that...
@Aaron I've found the hotbox doesn't insert images that have query parameters
Added it to:
Q: What are the canonical answers we've discovered over the years?

sysadmin1138We've created, appointed, or otherwise identified certain question/answer pairs that are the canonical answer for certain problems. What are these question/answers?

@Aaron So, uh, why do we think Santana's dead?
5:28 PM
@MarkM oh god, what have you done to chat?
just sayin
cant keep the chat window open now ><
I think it's funny that a VP can walk into our office here, with that picture up, and not say anything.
Hrm, now that question ( serverfault.com/questions/323706/… ) has a comment from a dude arguing for porn at work as long as you keep the volume down...?
@MikeyB, my favorite comment from that blog post:
There seem to be three types of people tweeting about Santana. Those who believe that he is actually dead, fans who are furious about the rumor, and others who are having a laugh. The majority are in the latter category.
5:30 PM
user image
@MikeyB bahahahahaha
I try and ruin one childhood thing per day for people in their mid-twenties. Today was Hey Arnold day.
@timbrigham Good canonical question, should be Community-Wiki
Quick, someone say "Nerd" so we can have chat inception
1 min ago, by MikeyB
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5:32 PM
21 secs ago, by MarkM
1 min ago, by MikeyB
user image
It's definitely Friday
Oh. Oh God.
14 secs ago, by tombull89
user image
27 secs ago, by Shads0
14 secs ago, by tombull89
user image
SF Chat: Logged so that future generations can see how immature their ancestors were.
Q: What should I do about this user?

timbrighamWhat should I do about this user? He/She is Downloading pornography Attempting unauthorized access Running hacking software Sending unsolicited email Installing software / tampering with the system etc This is intended as a generic answer for employee behavioral problems, a la Can you help me...

"What should I do about this user?" Unfortunately, you can't kill users with fire or nuke them from orbit (well...)
5:40 PM
If that is not the funniest thing you've seen today, you lose
@Aaron s/funniest/creepiest/
.-- .... .. ... -.- . -.--

- .- -. --. ---

..-. --- -..- - .-. --- -
morse code?
@voretaq7 showoff
@MarkM morse -s
I could do it by hand too but that would take too long.
5:49 PM
or just use that
there, that's better.
@voretaq7, I just cheat and use the auto-decoder on the G1000 :(
I never actually learned morse
@Aaron I learned it for my HAM license
but when I have to use it in the air I write the code in the margins (I still have to think about morse code. I don't have to think about "those sounds match these marks")
@Aaron That took me a second, but yeah, it's awesome.
Google for 'work safe porn'
5:56 PM
@Aaron oh god, you have no idea how much effort it is just to get a picture of some Great Tits!
great tits at work (smoking break!)
@Aaron Look for 'PG Porn'
There. That's better.
someone photoshop in some smoke and mini cigarettes.
paint > photoshop
@MarkM well paint > gimp. but gimp is gimpy.
@MarkM smokin' tits man!
paint > all
6:10 PM
@MarkM nuh-uh. There was that DOS-based version of paint. That thing rocked everyone's socks.
It was still paint. My inequality still holds true.
@MarkM was that called paint? I just remember I got it free with my first mouse.
I don't know, but you called it paint so that's close enough.
6:37 PM
A: How to take full ownership of an IP address?

Briguy37"If I could answer them personally, I would save another company the trouble and hopefully save myself some money along the way." Have you provided a place on your site for users to submit feedback? This will prevent many users from going directly to your ISPs with complaints and allow you to s...

"The purpose of this solution is to prevent lawyers from getting involved in the first place. "
I want to live in that guys world... Cause the lawyers have taken over our world.
Yeah, I don't think a lawyer-free solution is in the cards for that asker's vague line of business
So, I run this site that I promise is legal but I don't want to deal with lawyers. How can I do this?
Hm. If it's really legal, countersue anyone that wrongfully drags you to court. Then post your first two or three successful judgements on your contact page.
That should do it.
Yeah. Sounds like he's in a legal gray area, really.
@MarkM I don't think that's the issue.
Sounds like he gets tons of take-down notices to his ISP and most will just disconnect you if they get more than half a dozen, regardless of how valid they are.
Yeah, until you can actually pay for a lawyer, nobody really cares that you say "I double-dog dare promise it is legal, but people don't like it!"
6:58 PM
user image
Quick question about WOL (wake-on-LAN): can it be used to wake a PC that's behind a router?
@GeorgeEdison "can" it, yes. Does it always work, no.
Magic Packets have a broadcast address as the destination, so almost all routers by default will drop them.
You can configure the router to pass them usually, SOHO routers need not apply.
I'll take a peek at the config. page for my router...
anyone play balliland for ipad/iphone?
There's also plenty of implementations of the protocol.. Some seem to be more flexible than others. The NIC should accept any packet either addressed to it's MAC or the broadcast address, scan the packet for 6x "0xFF"s followed by 16x of it's MAC anywhere in the packet. As long as that is met, it should wake the computer.... I've seen some, cough Realtek cough, that don't...
7:07 PM
I have a Hawking HWR54G, which has been pretty good to me.
Need an opinion relating to my NIC issue the other day.
Background: Intermittent NIC problems, remoting, SQL connection, shared folders dissappearing, etc.
How likely would it be Hardware vs a Win 2008 R2 issue (brand new server, original drivers, etc)
Dell rep says its more likely Windows error vs hardware, I think it's hardware
@Shads0 Shared folders disappearing?
the folders disappearing, or the maps disappearing?
as in, server has shared folders, they would disappear, reappear with some files missing, reappear with whole thing in tact, then drop off the network
as in indicating they were off the network, not the best choice of words, it seems
files wouldn't disappear from a NIC problem
unless your clients were toggling between offline and online mode without syncing or something
7:12 PM
Either I'm dumber than I thought, or I'm phrasing this wrong.
No dynamic disappearance, hit F5, files suddenly gone/no connection to folder
@ChrisS: Next question: when sending a magic packet to the PC through the router... how does the router know which PC to wake?
Are the packets sent to a specifc port?
@Shads0 Ah that's just the server going off the network then.
@GeorgeEdison It doesn't. It just gets a WoL packet and either broadcasts it back out, or forwards it along the wire to the destination MAC addy.
@GeorgeEdison No port, no TCP or UDP, no IP even... It's an extremely simple protocol
Oh right right - I forgot I specify a MAC address.
Yeah, thankfully my router has a MAC address table so the computer needn't be on to wake it up.
Right, that's really the only identifying information sent in the packet.
7:17 PM
Okay, so as long as I have the MAC address of the ethernet interface on the machine, the router should know exactly where to send the packet.
...assuming the router recognizes the packet for what it is.
Thank you then - that answers all of my questions.
Yep, you've got it.
7:38 PM
Opinion: Was this too harsh? bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=746748
@MikeyB I haven't read it yet, but my answer to questions like that is always "no"
@MikeyB "You are not authorized to access bug #746748."
@MikeyB "You are not authorized to access bug #746748."
@MikeyB "You are not authorized to SYNTAX ERROR"
Here's my bug report:
Description of problem:
The RHEV-M client copies the (horrible) Windows interface for entering an IP
address into the configuration dialog.

Nobody that is going to be configuring this system will be expecting this
unintuitive behaviour.

This dialog requires you to:
* type in the first octet
* check to see whether the cursor has moved of its own volition to the next
* type in the second octet
* check to see whether the cursor has moved of its own volition to the next
7:41 PM
not harsh enough, imo
FWIW I completely agree.. Just let me type the IP.
Also, if it's an IPv6 address, let me substitute periods instead of +:
I don't know what those morons were thinking when they picked colon for the delineator.
tell me about it
Oh come on, what's wrong with Unicode tags?
You mean you don't like when something behaves inconsistently?!
7:48 PM
@ChrisS huh... hadn't thought about that.
@MikeyB Wait. You mean RedHat is behaving like Windows? That never happens. o_0
8:15 PM
maybe they'll be back up later tonight....
8:26 PM
@MikeyB Nobody likes Unicode.
see. Hate.
@voretaq7 You 💩!
no, I'm 🐻
no, nobody does like unicode
8:41 PM
◉ ♥ Unicode™
9:02 PM
user image
@pauska I should get that printed on a poster and send it to the DBA at $old_job.
Dude insisted that his (Windows!) Oracle servers needed to be rebooted weekly.
@ShaneMadden it IS windows...
@voretaq7 Yeah, but monthly, not weekly ;)
@ShaneMadden Maybe he has Flash installed? :-)
9:05 PM
@voretaq7 And Reader, for that matter. Wish I was kidding.
I mean, jeez, what good is running your Oracle database on Windows if you don't make use of the glorious graphical user interface for surfing some interwebs?
@ChrisS: I solved the RAM mystery btw, one of the sticks are completely dead
now im trying to overclock.. failing miserably aswell
Q: Does the number of files slow down the server?

AliHaving numerous files will obviously slow down the OS; but how much this problem is serious? Consider that the files have been well distributed over multi-level folders. Does still the number of files (probably because of using inodes) can slow down the system? I am talking about few millions! T...

Verily I hast bitchslapped the user....
9:22 PM
@voretaq7 I like the "obviously" thrown in there.
And "due to different programs"
I tried to be gentle, but I couldn't.
@voretaq7 Oh he just edited
"Consider ext4 as filesystem, and 100 files per folder in two-level folders."
@ShaneMadden Oh gee, that changes:
grumble Manually clearing out , take 4.. grumble
@ShaneMadden OK. Now I'm just being mean.
I'm done with that question now :P
@ShaneMadden maybe I go occupy SO Headquarters. I'll even bring a sign!
9:36 PM
Hah. I read that comment as: "I think servers are less capable than desktops at storing files because they have fewer things in them."
@ShaneMadden Herp, meet Derp. Derp, this is Herp. You two will be good friends!

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