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10:00 PM
Mar 16 '14 at 16:59, by badp
@KevinvanderVelden There are 10^80 atoms in the universe; if you can store 10 bits of state in them, that's 10^81 bits, so you can store up to 2^10^81 = 10^10^1.9 in it. Unixtimestamp^Unixtimestamp is (10^10)^(10^10).
but I guess that theoretically it is computable
also it's been a long time since I did that back-of-the-napkin dubious maths
Q: Metal Gear Solid 4 Camo

user3163829I got the middle eastern militia camo in the safehouse, but then when I got to Act 2 I went to the location where you get the South American camo. I checked all my camos and saw that the middle east camo was gone. Does this mean that these militia camos only last for the act where you get them?

New South Park game... interesting
so have we decided if holominecraft crash dumps are off topic?
Hmm... anybody know any good local password managers?
10:10 PM
Sometimes, I don't think it's clear what we do as mods, so I made a guide.
relevant mod abuse manifesto
@fredley Is "liasing with SE" her pantomiming alcohol consumption?
@Yuuki /bending over backwards. I don't know.
@Yuuki yes
So, that's the character everyone was talking about last night...
10:14 PM
I wasn't talking about any character last night
except maybe the character 't'
are you talking about a 't'?
@badp everyone = a bunch of people in my twitter feed and at work.
no, not 't'
Has anyone played "A Story About My Uncle"?
I'm seeing it on sale and I've never heard about it before.
@RedRiderX @Fluttershy
@RedRiderX It's a first person physics platformer from the developers of Sanctum / Goat Sim
Grapple beams and shit
I still haven't played it but I bought it a while ago
@GnomeSlice Published = Developed by?
Oh Gone North made goat sim?
I guess I should have just checked that.
@RedRiderX What? No, Coffee Stain Studios made all three
10:17 PM
> Developer: Gone North Games
Publisher: Coffee Stain Studios
I guess coffee stain is the publisher then, I always thought they were the devs
Oh sorry that's GoatZ
Yeah that's confusing.
Yeah that's what I thought.
@Fluttershy really likes A Story About My Uncle
Well the price is right, certainly, even though it seems a bit short.
10:20 PM
Although you probably can't change it right now because the servers are apparently bogged down with change requests.
@Yuuki psh, gotta check the star list :P
@Yuuki Yeah, I managed to log in and enable MFA, but the servers were sloooow
@Ktash Star lists are for people that aren't hyped for Fallout 4!
I've recently MFA'd all the things. Now if I lose my phone I'm truly screwed.
10:22 PM
@fredley My reaction:
> Well, at least someone knows my master password now.
@Yuuki hahaha
@Rapitor holy fack this track is dope
Hmmm, so LastPass MFA is actually pretty weak
If you've lost your device, you can click to be sent an email that temporarily disables MFA
i.e., if someone's got into your email already, you're screwed
@GnomeSlice oh yes
10:25 PM
omfg they have so much amazing shit coming out
And they stopped uploading to bandcamp...
Hello Hot Network Questions, I have just found a game that might generate several of you.
Q: How do I deliver a baby?

LessPop_MoreFizzI'm playing Fallout Shelter,mane my newest bonus objective is to "Deliver 1 Baby Dweller." I've already figured out that I can put a male vault dweller and a female vault dweller together in some residential quarters, and and eventually, if they hit it off, the lady will replace her vault suit w...

@LessPop_MoreFizz is this a mobile game?
Goddammit lastpass, I set my relatives up with that YESTERDAY
10:38 PM
@GodEmperorDune If you gave them a fairly long password, you're fine.
They only got the hashes (which is the only thing LastPass stores, IIRC) and those are salted.
As long as your password isn't easily guessable, you should be okay.
@GodEmperorDune yes. iOS only right now, Android coming soon.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I'm sad because it appears that the iPad is borked.
So I can't play it until the Android version comes out.
@Yuuki how guessable is "hunter2correcthorsebatterystaple"?
10:55 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz The person who drew this also drew my avatar
But yahoo answers is amazing
> lol. rekt
Arg, coming up with a new master password sucks.
@MBraedley I just use a Correct Horse generator
@MBraedley I think I'm going to let @gnomephone come up with something sufficiently random
11:00 PM
my new phone isn't nearly as wonky
most of the time I just end up with garbled words, not actual words that don't make sense
Tropical depression heading my way. Not sure if want.
On one hand, we really don't need any more rain. On the other hand, I have a test tomorrow.
RIP @gnomephone 2015-2015
11:04 PM
@Frank mobile typing is hard. — LessPop_MoreFizz ♦ 38 secs ago
That, I would agree with 100%.
@yuuki feel free to send any unwanted rain to california
Q: Old Hamachi Server won't connect

MackToTheFutureI have a 1.7.9 server that I decided to run again and it wont connect. To get the obvious things out of the way I have the Minecraft server window open,Hamachi is open and the server is on in Hamachi, I am in 1.7.9, I have the correct IP typed in, it is allowed on the firewall I haven't changed ...

@GodEmperorDune Sweating Is Just Your Body Crying
that was the dumbest thing I could think of on the spot
@Chippies That's a lot of keys for MMOs.
@RedRiderX it has some DLC's and Payday 2 base game in top tier and Medieval 2: Total War and Psychonauts in BTA
a lot of the bundle will probably go to waste for most of us, but it's good value if you want any of the actual games in it
Guess who has no house Internet?
@AshleyNunn Your neighbour?
Oh I guess Cites in Motion is in there too.
11:30 PM
I'm thinking about getting 2 1$ tiers to try WildStar
one for me and one for wife
30 days to try out for a dollar, sounds good
Rareware's new non-kinect title
11:45 PM
Owned this guy
I love Veggienauts on that map
@StrixVaria you should play Outwitters with meeeeee
he could have wrecked me with his heavy but I guess he thought I still had one there
Wish there was a way to transfer purchases to the android version from iOS
It's way more expensive now.

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