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9:00 PM
@Phrancis "However, Rule 110, a Turing-complete cellular automaton, has been successfully implemented in CSS, thus proving (to an extent) its Turing completeness."
@JeroenVannevel Then you need to ask more CR questions!
@QPaysTaxes I remember looking at that "proof" and iirc it was of a fixed size and thus didn't actually prove anything
@Ixrec I just saw it on Wikipedia
Haven't dived into the article yet, and I probably don't know enough TCS to get it anyway
hm, I saw it on an SO question
Just thought it was interesting
9:04 PM
hmm, the github it links to requires you to press buttons to trigger all the updates, so it may or may not count
it's definitely interesting how close CSS can get
@Ixrec A Turing machine is still a Turing machine if you have to press a button to make it keep going every step
personally I find CSS transitions to be the really cool thing
Q: "3 questions" in SO comments pointing to CR

PhrancisAn SO user commented this on a question that would possibly be a candidate for Code Review: I think we need a three question quiz before you can post. Of which it was said in chat: That's a distressingly reasonable idea How could we word it so it's short enough for a comment, and frie...

@Mat'sMug @QPaysTaxes^^^
@QPaysTaxes in retrospect I think you're actually right about that
@Ixrec Really?
I just made it up
I have no idea what the heck I'm talking about
9:06 PM
well I took a serious theory of computing course back in college and I can't remember anything about the mathematical definition of turing machines that would exclude "needs a button to be pressed every step"
But it was a distressingly sensible comment ... ;)
I remember that two machines A and B are Turing equivalent if A can simulate B and B can simulate A, and that a machine is called Turing complete if it's Turing equivalent to a Turing machine
That's about it
Ohh I see what it is
...Wow, Turing was a bloody genius
@Phrancis TS
9:08 PM
Q: "3 questions" in SO comments pointing to CR

PhrancisAn SO user commented this on a question that would possibly be a candidate for Code Review: I think we need a three question quiz before you can post. Of which it was said in chat: That's a distressingly reasonable idea How could we word it so it's short enough for a comment, and frie...

@StackExchange Welp
@ceejayoz That's a great idea, I brought it up on Meta in case you are interested :) — Phrancis 56 secs ago
Woohoo, I just broke 6K today :D
@Phrancis :D
I'm about to break 1.1k
Because that's such a huge milestone
... by reviewing some PHP... ^^"
9:15 PM
...I take back my :D
@Phrancis WRT your Meta question
When you say a quiz, do you mean something that'd be posted on the SO question as a sort of "Your code would be a good fit if ___"?
@Phrancis congrats
@Phrancis but nobody said the end justifies the means ;)
Haha true
I'd notify all room owners, but I think somebody here knows the answer:
Is it possible to permanently ban a user from a chat room?
@Mast I'd be shocked if it wasn't
If so, can I request one for a certain user?
9:27 PM
Mind if I test on you in another room, Mast?
@QPaysTaxes Not you, you're not that bad (yet)
@QPaysTaxes Throw me an invite
@Mast "yet" Just gimme some time

 The Cactus Game Engine

General discussion about Cactus: (github.com/ShearOfDoom/Cactu...
Public room, you shouldn't need an invite
Fair warning: What I'm testing is the capability to ban
All rooms are public. I'll be there.
@zxnet I'd recommend you to create a new question, because comments here are not great for code review. The one problem I see with your code at the moment is that you use angular.module('myappname', ['analytics']) and later you use angular.module('app.home', ['ngRoute']) which would create two separate modules which do not depend on each other. — Haralan Dobrev 55 secs ago
@QPaysTaxes - You are currently banned from participating in this room.
9:29 PM
@Mast there are private rooms, but I think only moderators have the power to create or manage them
@Ixrec No, it's a rep level
@Mast yes you can try...
1500 on SO, I dunno on a beta site
@QPaysTaxes no it's right... there actually is real private rooms
You've been kicked from Discussion about Cactus.

Generally this means that your behavior was not in keeping with the norms established in that room.
9:30 PM
accessible (and visible) only to invited people
Awesome, I've never been kicked before.
@Mast Yeah, it's just a minute thing
@Mast meh...
I am not being given the option to make a private room
No ban button for room owners, sadly
9:30 PM
I have been. It shouldn't be a nice feeling
I'm pretty sure I've seen people say private rooms exist solely to discuss moderation issues
oh well
I was thinking of this
@Ixrec yes, that's intended
@Vogel612 In this case it is, since I'm a test subject.
there is no private message feature on SO
9:31 PM
@QPaysTaxes ah right, galleries
there's moderator messages, super-pings, and galleries.
They're publicly viewable, just not open for everyone to talk
and private rooms..
but private rooms can only be created by mods (and employees)
also they are only accessible on invitation..
diamond mods can also add users to private chats, which sorta kinda serves the purpose of a PM
@Mast You should be un-kickmuted now, btw
9:33 PM
@Ixrec but it's intended only for resolving speicific issues..
I know
@Phrancis You still here? I have a question about your meta question
When you say a quiz, do you mean something that'd be posted on the SO question as a sort of "Your code would be a good fit if ___"?
(If you already answered, my bad for missing it)
@Vogel612 It's almost never used, at least on CR.
9:36 PM
@Mast how do you know?
but yes... I didn't see anything in my time here that'd have required a private chat.
Q: Java Script add classes onclick and then remove them onfocus event

user2513846I'm trying to improve the code below. Right now I'm mixing JS and jQuery. I would like to find one unique solution with JS only possibly. How can I organize the code according to best code practices? Another thing I need to add is a check at the beginning of the function. If the classes are t...

there was one case of voting fraud that had quite the effect, but.. that was about it
@QPaysTaxes I'm thinking of something like a comment "@ OP - You are welcome to post to Code Review if 1- X, 2- Y, 3- Z, if you do so please delete your question here to avoid duplicate questions."
@Phrancis Yeah, that's pretty much what I'm typing up in my answer
A: "3 questions" in SO comments pointing to CR

QPaysTaxesAlright, I thought up a generic form to put the questions in, and one question candidate. This question looks like it'd be a pretty good fit for [Code Review.SE](http://codereview.stackexchange.com/), but before posting there, please make sure that (a) _____ (b) _____ (c) _____ This questio...

@Vogel612 I've had one conversation with a mode in the past which would otherwise would be done in a private room, I think.
9:39 PM
in general the policy on SE is to handle things in the open, where it can be done
at least from my experience
@Vogel612 as is mine.
I agree
but as soon as things get dirty it's often sorted out behind closed doors
because a large-scale flamewar / one-sided slaughter is not in the interest of anyone..
@Vogel612 Except for the sellers of propane (and propane accessories)
fixed it now??
9:40 PM
Aagh sorry for the pings I can't type
@Vogel612 I've never been that bad before, so I wouldn't know.
the Ninja Edit is not nearly as ninja when you announce it @QPaysTaxes
@QPaysTaxes Propane is overrated. H2 FTW.
@Vogel612 I'm aware, but I wanted to make it distinct from the rest of the post somehow
Normally I'd let revision history take care of that
@Vogel612 Ninja == stealth.
9:45 PM
@Mast Go away, Hindenburg
Jeez I'm terrible with my typing today
@QPaysTaxes I suppose you mean Heisenberg, but whatever.
@Mast Um, no
I meant Hindenburg
Like the blimp
Not Heisenberg, like the physicist
Anyone looking for a laugh: The Purple Beggar
@QPaysTaxes The mathematician?
For newsreel coverage of the event, see Hindenburg disaster newsreel footage. The Hindenburg disaster took place on Thursday, May 6, 1937, as the German passenger airship LZ 129 Hindenburg caught fire and was destroyed during its attempt to dock with its mooring mast at Naval Air Station Lakehurst, which is located adjacent to the borough of Lakehurst, New Jersey, United States. Of the 97 people on board (36 passengers and 61 crewmen), there were 35 fatalities (13 passengers and 22 crewmen). One worker on the ground was also killed, making a total of 36 dead. The disaster was the subject of...
9:49 PM
@Phrancis Monks!
@QPaysTaxes Oh, the Zeppelin bonfire.
Holy crap do you guys not know about it
So if we're still off-topic
I just started watching Arrow
This series is dark
@QPaysTaxes I knew, just didn't remember the name of the darn zep.
SO question ready to reopen, I think... (not sure why it was actually closed in the first place, but I improved it a bit):
Q: Objective C Asynchronous to Synchronous Database Access

user3623030I have found an open source Objective-C library for connecting to Microsoft SQL Server databases. The problem is, that I would like to use it synchronously. This is how my Swift project uses the library. func execute(query: String) { self.client.connect(host + ":" + port, username: user...

Sadly, I don't have reopen votes
(Hint hint plz votes)
Q: Idiomatic iterator implementation

NasserA while back, I asked a question about how to implement an idiomatic iterator in C++. I've recently revisited the code, and I'm bothered by the duplication in the begin and end iterators. The code goes over a collection/iterator over a domain, and lazily produces the range using the iterator. Aft...

Q: Minimal theme. Feedback

Vasil ShotarovIntro Recently I decided to get into web design and web dev and I started from the basics - HTML, CSS, JS and PHP. Seeing that WP is such a big part of the web I want to be familiar with the processes involved in creating a theme, so naturally I navigated to the WordPress codex. Initial idea A...

10:02 PM
@CaptainObvious No code
oops, he left out the link
@QPaysTaxes Neither do I on SO.
I don't link SO.
@Ixrec It's off-topic with or without a link.
@Phrancis Cya in a bit?
10:05 PM
the comments from earlier said it would be on topic if he edited in the code from the link
somehow he dropped even the link when reposting...
@Ixrec If the code itself is in the question, it could potentially be on-topic.
But simply linking to the code is not sufficient. The code itself must be in the question.
I left the link in a comment in case anyone wants to bother making the edit (obviously I don't have the rep or the experience here to do it properly)
Making that edit wouldn't be acceptable.
Licensing issues.
OP edited it in
10:09 PM
oh cool OP did it
Quick question about the site: Is it against the rules to post a self-answer that aggregates all of the suggestions from other reviews, plus other things that you ended up putting in?
Do it as a community wiki answer.
I'd not accept it, but it'd be a useful post
@nhgrif that's optional btw..
as to my knowledge it's not against the rules per se..
just.. "bad style"..
Right, and best practice recommends community wiki
And if you do a community wiki, feel free to mark as accepted.
Ultimately, mostly do whatever you want...
But if your answer is mostly just an aggregation of the other answers and it's not a community wiki, I'd probably down vote it.
10:17 PM
Q: Using an Adapter with Parse query in Android

RicardoI'm an iOS developer new to Android. I'm creating my first Android app and I have several questions. My app uses Android Studio, gradle, and it's based on Parse (the backend). Basically, takes messages from the backend and shows them. User has the possibility to delete them, or click them and see...

10:30 PM
@CaptainObvious Minimal title. Feedback
10:47 PM
@QPaysTaxes I like to do that myself, at least if the code in the question changed a lot as a result of the reviews, so that I have for myself (and for others possibly) a before/after picture
Evening all!
Hey @DJanssens!
Oh boy, that new series Sense8 is pretty epic! Just finished it :D
Hey @Phrancis :)
Maybe this would be better on CodeReview?heinst 34 secs ago
11:04 PM
Q: Decrypting a substitution cipher using n-gram frequency analysis

Gareth ReesThis is a solution for the June 2015 Community Challenge: a program that decrypts a monoalphabetic substitution cipher. It's written in Python 3, but should be portable to Python 2 if you use from __future__ import division. Please review! Is the technique clear and the code easy to follow? Does...

@heinst No. If the author doesn't understand how to implement DFS recursively, then there is a specific programming question, and it's on-topic for Stack Overflow. We can't review a recursive DFS implementation that doesn't exist yet, so it's off-topic for Code Review. — 200_success 17 secs ago
Q: API to handle the short lived async task

jayeshpackage com.demo; import java.util.concurrent.Callable; import java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException; import java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService; import java.util.concurrent.Executors; import java.util.concurrent.Future; import java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit; ////////////////////////API...

A: "3 questions" in SO comments pointing to CR

PhrancisTaking a stab at it: This question could be suitable for Code Review, as long as (a) your code works as intended, (b) your code is real code, rather than example code, and (c) your code is included in the body of the question. If you wish for a peer review to improve all aspects your code, pl...

@Phrancis I just revamped my answer ;-;
I saw that :o
11:16 PM
Incidentally, to explain a little more why I made mine CW: I know that anyone with enough rep can edit
But it took me like two weeks of concentrated effort to get that much rep, and I've been lurking here for much longer than that
OK gotcha :)
It's funny how it appears you get access to the SE moderation privileges almost exactly when you're ready to be trusted with them, I'm sure the good folks at SE spent a lot of time debating that!
> This might be a bit too wordy for a comment though, I'd appreciate feedback.
I'll sit on this for a while until the community gets to vote on answers, we shall see how it unfolds.
A: "3 questions" in SO comments pointing to CR

QPaysTaxesAlright, I thought up a generic form to put the questions in, and one question candidate. This question looks like it'd be a pretty good fit for Code Review.SE, but before posting there, please make sure that (a) _____ (b) _____ (c) _____ They should probably each be short and encapsulate t...

If anyone wants to see my answer
@QPaysTaxes You may not have been pinged by it (because I deleted it shortly afterwards), but I commented on your answer that we should delete comments related to CW, as they distract away from the post
Sorry, I should have just posted that here instead
@Phrancis I surmised as much and purged mine
Ooor I missed the first
Cool. @QPaysTaxes I think you're doing really good here, I'm glad you found a new addiction home :)
11:25 PM
@Phrancis Why is "new addiction" struck out?
That's exactly what this is
In addition to home
*snorts more unpolished code*
We know, we just largely deny it ;)
We could shorten yours a bit by removing "asking what's on topic" link, and do like I did with mine and just have the Code Review link send them to the help center, that would shave probably 20-ish characters
@heinst I wasn't aware of code review. Thank you very much for pointing it out — samol 50 secs ago
Hmm, let's try something
11:32 PM
This question looks like it might be a pretty good fit for Code Review.SE, provided that (a) you want a full review, (b) your code is already working, and (c) you're asking for a review of concrete, real code, not abstract design (whether or not it's expressed as code). If you agree with all of those, please read about what's on topic, and, if your question fits that, delete it here and repost it on CR. — Phrancis 25 secs ago
Whoops, already have answers, I removed the "delete it" part
11:44 PM
@GarethRees - got a sec?
Actually, the recursive code is not working. That's why I am asking how to get it to work — samol 8 mins ago
@QPaysTaxes ^^
Would love to chat about this question in the 2nd monitor - especially regarding the corpus — rolfl ♦ 12 secs ago
@Phrancis TS
Anyone know if RubberDuck is on?
I have something to tell him, but it's not particularly important
@RubberDuck ^^
The point was that I didn't want to ping him
11:49 PM
He's on, AFAIK, he just posted in VBA room
@QPaysTaxes you may find help in the VBA Room..
@Vogel612 It's not help
I wanted to update him on one of his old answers
I'm finally taking action on it
Namely, this one
I'll post a CW answer with my changes once I'm done
Should I post my second version as another question instead?
Depends if you want it reviewed again or not
I'd say if you're happy with it, just post CW answer. If you think it needs further improvement, post a new question.
It can't hurt, and I'm doing enough of a revamp that it's pretty significantly different
“for the first time feeling like I get close to being competent” — after my seventh time of feeling like that, I learned to distrust the sensation. — Paul D. Waite 11 hours ago
11:56 PM
@RubberDuck TS
Also, hey!
In 4 minutes you can give it a real one. =;)-
@RubberDuck Aw, crap!
I was gonna try to max again today!
Oh well, it'll just have to happen tomorrow
Seriously though. Never trust the feeling of competency!
@RubberDuck Not unless you're Alan Turing
In which case, you know, do whatever
You're basically God
Oh. Hi @Phrancis! Funny thing is, I didn't even get pinged yet.
What's up @QPaysTaxes you had a question for the Rubberduck?
11:59 PM
@RubberDuck Naw
Just wanted to let you know that I'm finally actually looking at your old answer on my question and doing something with it
I saw. =)

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