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6:09 PM
user image
anyone want to see if I formatted this wrong? --> codereview.stackexchange.com/a/93448/18427
@rolfl did you know 18 hours ago you had that badge?
@janos SCORE! Way to go @rolfl!!!!
@janos It got awarded the moment today's rep went past 200
6:10 PM
Wow, congratulations @rolfl!
like the Epic, yeah
@rolfl Negative, I'm not very good at clues ;)
Ohhhhhhh OK ;)
Thanks, @Janos... I appreciate that... and... yeah, 20 days for you.... you can do it
6:14 PM
Extra congrats for being the first ;-)
I wanted it in the system befor ethis weekends SEDE snapshot.....
then I can claim that Code Review is the only site to ever have that badge awarded before elections.
(with some exceptions that make sense).
@rolfl That's awesome.
(like meta.se)
Does meta.SE even have elections?
I really don't understand why we haven't graduated yet
patience patience
6:17 PM
@janos You want me to give you a list of all relevant meta posts? Would take a while to read them all.
@rolfl I was about to accept your SEDE answer, but I see you're almost capped for today, would you rather I wait until after Reload! ?
@Mast I think I've read them all. And I still don't understand.
CR should be considered graduated, we just don't have our new design yet.
@janos It's @Jamal 's fault. He edited it the graduation announcement so that it became a graduated cylinder announcement.
Until we get it, we're stuck in beta.
6:18 PM
@Phrancis It makes no difference ;-) But thanks.
@Phrancis What makes you think he won't get capped tomorrow either? ^^
Besides the point, he would just cap faster tomorrow ;)
@Mast because there's no more capping related badge beyond Legendary ;-)
And no guarantee he will, Saturdays are usually kind of slow here
@janos, when you get legendary, and @Mat'sMug get's epic. then I think we can get closer to bumping Geographic Information Systems from here: data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/199310/…
6:21 PM
@rolfl I'm 15 points shy of being 1 day closer to [badge:epic] :)
@rolfl but does that help us graduate?
@Mat'sMug Friday is a good day to cap ;-)
I bet we have peaks of capping on Fridays
yay! thanks @santa!
@janos there has to be a SEDE query for that
@janos Funny, I don't agree.. I find Tuesday.... tuesday is the day.....
@Mat'sMug I'll work one.....
6:27 PM
@rolfl I bet we'll be seeing a surge of monkey questions ;-)
60 days, 60 questions maybe
Awful quiet for a Friday afternoon actually.
@janos Okay, who's been feeding the monkey again?
Q: How do I make this conform better to a MVC implementation?

ChickenWingI'm working on a moderately complicated (not super basic, but not a feat of programming strength) project to create a virtual tabletop for a tabletop game I play. I'm trying to conform to good design practices and patterns, specifically I'd like to keep everything as nicely MVC-oriented as possib...

@janos There's a thought ;-)
Voting by year and by day-of-week: data.stackexchange.com/codereview/query/325292/…
@Mat'sMug ^^^
The Xaxis is the year.day float value, so, 2011.1 is Sunday, 2014.7 is Saturday.
As you can see, friday is the worst voting day, followed by monday. Tue, wed, and thur are OK.
Though monday is the worst in 2014 and the best so far in 2015
@janos You're saying he'll start slacking after such an active period? Never!
I don't believe it.
6:41 PM
not capping != slacking
You should post this on Code Review. — EBrown 21 secs ago
@Mast You know you can see people's reputation graphs... right? Like mine here: codereview.stackexchange.com/users/31503/…
You can tell I go through quieter and busier spells.
Okay, this is kinda nuts...
Click and drag in that video. (Yes, really! Click and drag!)
@rolfl Your average is high though, top 0.04% and all.
6:44 PM
In anyone here who knows regex?
@SimonAndréForsberg clicking pauses
Awesome video though, nice effect that 360 camera
@EBrown No no, no no no! Only working code is on-topic on Code Review! This question says: "...unable to get it working . I am trying to perform this using LINQ, but i can't seem to get it working right..." — Simon André Forsberg 54 secs ago
Could get useful for event security, where you want multiple wide-view camera's.
@SimonAndréForsberg ok that's friggin awesome
I hate Access SQL queries >.<
    curr.Contract_Number AS [Contract_Number]
  , 'AIU' AS [Vendor_Flag]
  , sku1.SKU_Number AS [Current SKU_Number]
  , sku2.SKU_Number AS [Correct SKU_Number]
  , sku1.SKU_Description AS [Current SKU_Description]
  , sku2.SKU_Description AS [Correct SKU_Description]
  , sku1.Wholesale_Price AS [Current Contract_Wholesale]
  , sku2.Wholesale_Price AS [Correct Contract_Wholesale]
FROM ((((
  Current_Contracts curr)
  INNER JOIN Correct_Contracts corr ON curr.Contract_Number = corr.Contract_Number)
6:46 PM
FROM ((((
@Phrancis I hate Access.
@Mat'sMug Hey, at least I found a way to write it that reads OK ;)
Too bad it will mangle it after I save it...
@janos And it's not even made by Google!
Unfortunately, the link to Code Review is not likely to happen, because Code Review is not "graduated" yet - beta sites are not linked in the migration or other places. This may be changing now with this post: Clarifying understanding of beta-site state... but I don't think so. A good solution woul dbe for Code Review to actually graduate ;-) — rolfl 30 secs ago
Perhaps if enough people drew attention to the problem I describe in this SO Meta question and manage to get enough support to update the on-topic help section of SO, more awareness of this site could be generated. — EBrown 3 mins ago
6:49 PM
@rolfl I don't know, it doesn't look good...
About that regex.... what's up?
@rolfl I'm making a regex to match some profane words and some variations.
@rolfl I do agree that SO's on-topic page needs an update. As far as I have been able to tell, it doesn't say there that code-review style questions are off-topic.
/\b(\w*(?:f+(?:\W*[uoc]*)*k+|s+(?:\W*[hia]*)*t+|a?[$s]|arse)\w*)\b/g <-- so far, that's that.
There is the regex in action
I managed to use all my stars today, that's a first...
6:52 PM
have one from me ;-)
@FreeMan You have limited stars? o.O
everyone does.
why thank you. I was going to apply it to one of your posts, so you may have it back...
@SimonAndréForsberg I will be honest here
I'm not going to bad-mouth StackOverflow.
But, the "community" there doesn't really care.
probably that, yes ^^
6:54 PM
I think Stack Overflow is probably too big to be a 'community'
@FreeMan wut, you ran out of stars in 2 chatrooms?!
StackExchange itself has so many bugs...
One of the most annoying ones is the bug when you edit a comment, in IE.
IE is a bug
And they let it loose, for over 8 months now.
@Mat'sMug Sadly, some have to use it.
6:56 PM
Is it just me or this doesn't work on Firefox? — Ismael Miguel 40 mins ago
I thought you were on FF?
@IsmaelMiguel I have experienced that bug as well
@Mat'sMug I'm at work, where I can use Firefox.
IE is great for downloading Chrome
@Phrancis And it's not just me. But I gave up from their meta.
The bug is still posted there, and won't be solved.
6:57 PM
BTW my stack snippet works in Chrome on my Android phone, too.
but not in the "native" browser
@Mat'sMug and Edge will be even better at downloading chrome.
Oh, "Internet Edge" ...still IE
@Mat'sMug IE for Windows 10
Couldn't resist.
@EBrown is it even possible to educate people as to what's on topic on Programmers? To the best of my knowledge nobody understands what's on topic there. =;)- — RubberDuck 13 secs ago
I was really tempted to ping @Nobody btw.
While this suggestion is a good idea, it is important to note that currently, about 90% of all suggestions in comments to post at Programmers are bad recommendations. For Code Review, about 50% of all suggestions to post a question there are bad recommendations. — Simon André Forsberg 23 secs ago
@SimonAndréForsberg are those legit statistics, or did you just make that up?
@RubberDuck approximately legit.
I did not just make that up.
7:03 PM
Statistically, 90% of all statistics are made up on the spot.
Thanks to @Duga, we can get some feel for it.
@IsmaelMiguel - that regex ... parses mishits
user image
Anyone want to check out my .Net answers??? --> ►►► codereview.stackexchange.com/search?q=user:18427+[.net]
@RubberDuck It would be easier to explain Programmers as more of a site based around the concepts of programming and not any specific problems or issues. — EBrown 30 secs ago
He obviously didn't get the joke.
7:04 PM
@RubberDuck I'm afraid not everyone does get that joke.
But seriously, if you really want to know what is on-topic on Programmers, you should really read this one:
@RubberDuck 9.9 people out of 8 make up the statistics about how many statistics are made up on the spot.
Q: What goes on Programmers.SE? A guide for Stack Overflow

MichaelTYou're on Stack Overflow and you've found a question that isn't about coding. It's about design or something squishy like that. You are trying to be helpful, and you put a comment in the question: You should try asking on Programmers.SE instead. --YourName 2 minutes ago ... and suddenly, ou...

@SimonAndréForsberg that was post Duga wasn't it?
Since you have a working code and asking how to improve it, this question could be better suited for codereview. — Oleg Estekhin 56 secs ago
@rolfl I'm on it.
7:07 PM
@IsmaelMiguel You have a lot of false positives in your regex match
@Duga Is it a bad recommendation?
@RubberDuck yes, about two weeks after they started using @Duga. I guess that thanks to @Duga, they could find somewhat of a pattern in the bad recommendations they were getting and summarized things in a meta question.
@Phrancis That's a bug :/
> You've earned the "Popular Question" badge (Question with 1,000 views) for "When "How To Ask" is too subtle".
@Mat'sMug well, not quite, just here in 2nd Monitor. I'll get back to Rubberducking in a bit and see what I can do there...
@Mat'sMug TS!!!!
7:09 PM
@Phrancis @rolfl Fixed: regex101.com/r/eH7uZ7/2
@IsmaelMiguel @Duga will tell you within a minute...
Goodbye folks. See you on the 21st.
@SimonAndréForsberg Tell me what?
@OlegEstekhin This seems to be pseudo-code which is off-topic for Code Review. — Simon André Forsberg 54 secs ago
@Donald.McLean Goodbye, Programs.
@IsmaelMiguel see @Duga ^^
7:10 PM
I'm confused...
it's not actual code, just pseudo
@IsmaelMiguel In summary: It was a bad recommendation. The question involved pseudo-code.
I don't often reveal the big secret that is @Duga, but it felt relevant here:
@EBrown Yes, I believe both the Code Review community and the Programmers community are working on itSimon André Forsberg 55 secs ago
@SimonAndréForsberg There was no link to the question, that's why I couldn't see it myself. But the comment says it is working code.
Looks more like a question for codereview.stackexchange.com ? — danielfranca 38 secs ago
@IsmaelMiguel you can click on the "xx secs ago" to see the comment on the question, then you just have to scroll up a bit to see the question
7:14 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg That's on stackoverflow's meta. I gave up from participating there.
> but not dock or duck
@RubberDuck Sorry for your hurt feelings.
@Phrancis I'm on it.
@IsmaelMiguel all @Duga's comments are clickable too. The link I mostly had in mind was this one:
10 mins ago, by Duga
Since you have a working code and asking how to improve it, this question could be better suited for codereview. — Oleg Estekhin 56 secs ago
as you said:
5 mins ago, by Ismael Miguel
@SimonAndréForsberg There was no link to the question, that's why I couldn't see it myself. But the comment says it is working code.
@SimonAndréForsberg Well, I don't know how can someone say it is working code when there isn't even a language tag...
7:19 PM
@IsmaelMiguel Exactly. Which makes it pseudo-code and off-topic for CR.
@SimonAndréForsberg Well, some people just send anything to any other website.
Just do as I do: if you think it is a better fit on another website, express your opinion in a non-definitive way
@RoboSanta you don't know yet, but you're already a meme on this site! Welcome to CR/The 2nd Monitor!
Saying, for example: "Your question seems to be about something off-topic. Perhaps it would be a better fit for another site?"
Thank you for sharing. I'll take a look after finishing reading this one. codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/41510/… Seems to be the one I'm needing — RzvGG 6 secs ago
@Duga I like seeing such comments.
7:23 PM
Who is RoboSanta??
@Phrancis regex101.com/r/eH7uZ7/4 Currently it is matching dock and duck, but all the others seem safe
@RubberDuck Nobody really knows it, not even themselves:
in The Whiteboard, 1 min ago, by Ixrec
I don't think I could give a concise statement of what's actually on-topic here even though I can identify/justify it easily for any given example question
@Mat'sMug Isn't that the santa from Futurama?
@SimonAndréForsberg I know it when I see it.
7:29 PM
in The Whiteboard, 4 mins ago, by Simon André Forsberg
Agreed. Thanks, at least now I know a little bit more about what's on-topic on your site about design or something squishy like that
@SimonAndréForsberg i think duga is a bot , it means (as for envisaging the sight in reality) much like talking to a stone
@Agawa001 Simon wrote quite a lot of Duga's code actually ;-)
And @Duga has a soul. Right Duga?
Q: Bad use of .each(), how could I write this better

AlexsmanderI wrote this script to get text, if it equals, append the name of the group to a person's information. I know using .each() is gpu intensive and this feels like a poor way of writing the code. code: var committee = $('.committee'); var committeeName = $('.committee-name'); var deta...

@SimonAndréForsberg she's letting me down again? :(
7:48 PM
@Mat'sMug She does. She's just napping right now.
I tested the code I commented on your answer, the one here codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/41510/… and it work pretty well. — RzvGG 15 secs ago
@Mat'sMug Always!
@Duga ah, about time! I thought you had turned into @CaptainObvious/@StackExchange for a minute
@Mat'sMug I think she was just out buying some ice-cream...
@SimonAndréForsberg you know, if she was running on iOS that would be iScream
damn that was a bad one
@Mat'sMug so bad I won't even star it
8:01 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg RSA ;)
(I got a chuckle out of it :)
The next version of the iPhone may even be a 6s.
@Phrancis I could do RSR (Real Star Removed), but for this time... I'll let it slide :)
Q: Text-based dice rolling game in c++

Elliot MorganI have made this small text-based dice rolling game in C++. How could I improve it? Be as picky as you'd like. #include <iostream> #include <cstdlib> #include <ctime> using namespace std; void mainGame(int &numDice); int main() { srand (time(NULL)); int gameRunning = true; int...

duga must be either a binary soul or a devotee soul
a devoted binary soul
8:05 PM
@Mat'sMug TS
@rolfl oh crap that took me waaaay too long to get
@Mat'sMug I still don't get it
@QPaysTaxes say it out loud
@Mat'sMug ...Still don't get it
For the record, I have a surprisingly unidentifiable accent
I've been told it's a mix between Irish and Italian
8:07 PM
Wait no crap don't star that, star the lol that's coming next
[this space intentionally left blank]
aaw that was my last one
@Mat'sMug TS
@rolfl TS btw
The boss lady just said, "It's been a long week, why don't you get out of here.", so I think I will.
Enjoy your evening, y'all!
8:10 PM
@FreeMan Cya in a bit :D
Night ;-)
*menacing glare*
@QPaysTaxes :D
@FreeMan Don't you :D me
Or I'll uh
Give you a hug?
Help guys I'm bad at threats
@FreeMan My boss is more like, "It's been a long week, why don't I get out of here. Enjoy the rest of your shift!"
8:11 PM
@QPaysTaxes threaten to change all the spaces to tabs in his codebase?
My boss is more like "Error: NullPointerException" because I'm a student
@Ixrec Hey, I like tabs!
damn, had a 50/50 chance
@Mat'sMug TS
mwahaha I know you're all out of stars
lol.. wait wut?
8:14 PM
@QPaysTaxes RSA
@Mat'sMug TS
@Phrancis Thanks :D
> Did I miss a lol-fest?
@Phrancis lol maybe
@QPaysTaxes Having heard both Irish and Italian, I'm trying to picture what kind of accent that is...
my boss is like "for (days=*Now;days<days+5years;) {try (wallet) exception "no money arround" break; } print "i was being waiting for u all the tiiiiiime" "
8:17 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg It gets me all the ladies :D
Which kinda sucks, because I'm gay
@Ixrec If you have a 50/50 chance, 70% of the time you will guess wrong.
@Agawa001 Congratulations on formulating nonsensical code
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it belongs on codereview.stackexchange.com instead. — ceejayoz 41 secs ago
@Duga FLAG, DON'T CLOSE cough. sorry
@ceejayoz nope. Please see CR's help center - code must be embedded in the question. — Mat's Mug 18 secs ago
8:20 PM
@Mat'sMug We should really pin that all over SO...
they should put it somewhere in the close dialog
This would be off-topic on Code Review as there is no code to review in the question. Please familiarize yourself with out Help Center before recommending to post there. — Phrancis 30 secs ago
For what it's worth, when I see such a comment, I just VTC as "too broad" to counter their comment.
I do think that the "no code in the question" is easy enough to fix though
yes, that's why we get a decent reopen rate on those. but migrating a question without code would result in a rejected migration and a
@Mat'sMug Why-did-you-add-so-many-hyphens
@QPaysTaxes dont feed me plz , i can grow fast
Jerk! “@LSchuren: Dear helpdesk... #bitch@accorhotel.com http://t.co/3Z8oBNpG96”
8:25 PM
@JeroenVannevel TS
@rolfl ah, just when I was waxing my boots
Oh, you'll kick me, but not the troll?
Sounds reasonable.
@OP - I looked at your code on Github, and your question would be perfectly acceptable for Code Review, as long as you include your actual code in the question, especially your index.php code. You're welcome to delete your question here and post it on there: codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/askPhrancis 6 secs ago
@Phrancis I'd hope OP would read the prominent "How To Ask" box on the "Ask a Question" page before posting it there, but the question itself - "review my code" - would appear to belong on CR, formatting/content revisions notwithstanding. — ceejayoz 5 mins ago
^^ Yeah right. People read the help center in the same way most programmers write documentation ;)
@Mat'sMug from a migration standpoint, that is true
8:30 PM
@Phrancis In that I'm apparently the only one here that does/did either?
@ceejayoz yeah sometimes "How To Ask" is too subtle ;-) — Mat's Mug 32 secs ago
I do too, but I don't write much code (besides SQL, not really programming)
I read a help center once. The corresponding chat room was flabbergasted.
SQL is programming
@QPaysTaxes One does not exclude the other. Be concerned with your own behavior, not so much with others.
8:31 PM
where are my starrrrs
Well, not in the sense of "general programming" at least, SQL is definitely a DSL
@Phrancis I've heard people call HTML/CSS programming
If that's true, then SQL is definitely programming
It has subroutines and everything
@QPaysTaxes yeah yeah..
@Ixrec read documentation != write documentation
@Mat'sMug I think we need a three question quiz before you can post. :-D — ceejayoz 2 mins ago
not crazy at all
8:33 PM
@Mat'sMug That's a distressingly reasonable idea
@SimonAndréForsberg My issue is that no one's kicked the troll ever, and what apparently provoked Mat's comment was mine
Or at least so far as I can tell
I'm not exactly privy to that information
I don't mind getting kick/muted for a rude comment, but when someone else is being an obvious troll, it rankles me that they suffer nothing
@QPaysTaxes I have. I can promise you. I bet others have as well. You might just not know when it happens. It's not really like we're saying "I'M KICKING THIS PERSON NOW!" when we do it.
@SimonAndréForsberg Well, in that case, there goes my complaint
Apologies, @Mat'sMug
I'm used to mods talking about using their *hammers
@QPaysTaxes As I've said before: Ping room owners or moderators. In The 2nd Monitor, @Mat'sMug and I are room owners. I think you know the moderators already.
@QPaysTaxes wasn't your post
@QPaysTaxes That term is commonly used when it comes to closing questions
8:39 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg No, I mean mods in other places
@Mat'sMug Goshdarnit
Sorry twice, then
Maybe I should take Statistics and afterwards know that causation != correlation
Brb guys I have a thing to set up
@QPaysTaxes HTML/CSS is mark-up language, it'd be wrong to call it programming
sufficiently advanced HTML/CSS/SQL can require someone with programming skills, though in those cases there's probably a Turing-complete language connected to them somehow
At least, in view. That'd be like calling XML or JSON "programming"
XML/JSON have a much lower skill ceiling than HTML/CSS/SQL, but yes in general I'd agree
Q: MySQLUsing view for repeated subquery on large table

Gn13lI have a large table with which I need to do some analysis. The table is a log of ips... +-------------+---------------------+------+-----+---------+-------+ | Field | Type | Null | Key | Default | Extra | +-------------+---------------------+------+-----+---------+-------+ ...

8:44 PM
I can definitely see that for SQL, it can get quite complicated depending what you are trying to do
And I guess if you introduce JS or PHP or whatever, then yes HTML/CSS I'd consider part of that programming framework
Our Cardshifter website has a Java backend that "assembles" the pages when the browser calls them, it's pretty nifty
interesting, why Java?
I've heard of server-side Javascript manipulating bits of DOM
We're doing everything else in Java so it was a natural fit
makes sense
Java and Tomcat are on good speaking terms so it works out well
Is this some new badge?
I don't have it on any other site
8:49 PM
nope, it's definitely not new
I remember people getting it during the Mythology private beta
@Ixrec See this ^^ all red areas are separate HTML files
@JeroenVannevel I've gotten that on SO
I'm one question away from getting it on CR
I think I need 10 more (maybe 11) for [badge:socratic]
This is also ^^ pulled together by Java, but has its own CSS (obviously) and HTML files
Woo I got rid of half the wires on my desk
Or moved them around so they're more manageable at least
@Mat'sMug Ping me when you post 'em, I'll upvote
You write good questions most of the time

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