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1:48 AM
@Icosahedron U.S. $wag.
2:22 AM
@Danu Very interesting, but I didn't understand much of it :D
2 hours later…
4:14 AM
@ChrisWhite Howdy. Still in China?
@ACuriousMind I once spent two weeks trying to derive a result that's been bouncing around astronomy for 80 years or so. The literature search kept dead-ending at citations to papers that never mentioned the result (just people citing their friends it seems).
Unfortunately, I found that the result as quoted was exact (the prof and I suspected it might just be an approximation). We concluded that our findings were not publishable, since the response would be "well we've known that for 80 years."
@0celo7 Just got back
Freaking Ebony Warrior on legendary.
His unrelenting force is OP.
10 health potions wasted trying to stand back up. That, or it kills on impact.
he's not the most difficult enemy I think
4:21 AM
I'm trying to do him without ranged weapons.
He's easy in a bow battle.
at least there was one on Solstheim that was pretty tough
Karstaag is impossible on legendary. I have no idea how to kill him.
yeah that one
I'm well past the armor cap and he kills me with one hit.
Did you ever do him on legendary?
Lol I just got one-shotted by his frost cloak.
not honestly -- I accidentally found a location where he had trouble hitting me
4:25 AM
combine that with the unreasonably awesome bow I spent a long time crafting
Bows are cheating for that reason.
I'm just randomly dying. His freaking frost cloak is a one hit kill.
You're probably not playing a Nord then
Haha, got the kill cam.
30+ health potions, a few resist frost and stamina.
5:22 AM
@Qmechanic and other mods: There have been some suggested edits by a user named skyler , based on adding the freshly created tag "half-life" to older questions. What is the way forward?
As a reviewer, should I approve or reject that suggestion.
Currently, there is only one existing question which has that tag.
And this guy seems to be on a add-tag spree.
News flash - One of them just got approved by Brandon Enright and Frank H
@TheDarkSide : Yeah, it seems the tag already covers most of those posts.
So, is a merger on the way?
5:57 AM
It'd be worth thinking about whether we want a tag. Generally I prefer not to interfere with tags, unless there is a compelling reason to do so, but I don't particularly care either way.
It wouldn't hurt to make a meta post.
Concerning synonym tags, this meta post might be relevant.
6:42 AM
@Qmechanic yes, but my point is, if we are not too keen on this tag, what's the point in approving edits of the above type. That's why I asked.
@DavidZ ^
And FWIW, I've posted the synonym suggestion. I can't upvote it myself now, obviously.
A: Tag synonyms for voting

The Dark Sidehalf-life → radioactivity The new tag half-life introduced is really a subset, and radioactivity is sufficient for identification purposes and subsuming.

1 hour later…
8:17 AM
@TheDarkSide Yeah, I was just thinking it makes sense to decide if we are keen on the tag before we can figure out how to handle the edits.
9:01 AM
Q: Countering Gibb's phenomenon, and approximating jumps with jumps in Fourier Analysis : An attempt and a question in this regard

Rajesh DMotivation Consider a BV function $f$ with jumps, the Fourier partial integral function (analogous to Fourier partial sum in periodic case) as $\omega\to\infty$ does converge to $f$ pointwise except possibly at jumps. But the total variation of the partial integral function does not converge to ...

5 hours later…
1:33 PM
@ChrisWhite Ahhh, the Ebony Warrior has the "Reflect Blows" perk. I was suddenly dying because I hit myself with a power attack, which was much stronger than any of his attacks.
1:50 PM
@RajeshD There's a lot there to digest. My one reaction is wholehearted support for wavelets. There are all sorts of bases for L^2 function spaces, and the Fourier basis is often the worst choice for the problem at hand.
2:08 PM
@ChrisWhite : I am here to re-establish Fourier Kingdom! :-)
hope this gets starred.
2 hours later…
4:22 PM
@RajeshD In my opinion, appropriate window functions can bring you quite far. Making them flat at the origin gives you high asymptotic convergence rates, and making them go smoothly to zero reduces the ringing by smoothing it out appropriately.
One canonical family of window functions are the convolutions of the unit characterisitc functions with itself. The other window I use is the Hann window. I know for my applications when the Hann window is appropriate, and when the other family is better. I normally test also with truncated Gaussians and Kaiser-Bessel windows, but for the applications I had so far, the Hann window was always superior.
1 hour later…
5:42 PM
@ThomasKlimpel are all those considered wavelets? curious, are you using them to analyze eg light patterns etc? are you doing 2d or 3d convolutions?
6:15 PM
@vzn Yep! just for a quick project. I'm using Krauth Statistical Mechanics Algorithms and Computations, as well as a few misc papers which don't cover some things
@NeuroFuzzy cool, ising models have a lot of neat/ deep connections to computational complexity/ TCS.
unfortunately my algorithm is slow-ish and produces the right critical temperature only for small $N$, then diverges. So something is horribly wrong :(
@NeuroFuzzy iirc the critical temperature is where the monopoles lose alignment or something?
@vzn Really? I didn't know that. the ising model seems to have deep connections all over the place!
Yeah, that's right.
@NeuroFuzzy yes have a lot of papers on that & might write it up for blog sometime.
it was a big deal on discovery in the mid-1990s & is still being researched...
6:19 PM
Oh wow
why did you pick ising models recently? are you in HS currently?
one of the professors here has a set of notes teaching quantum field theory by starting with the discrete ising model
wow, am not aware of connections of ising model to QM.
Nooo I'm in college. So i'm using some more results from different papers.
thought it was more a classical physics area.
6:21 PM
what year are you in college? in US?
A (d) dimensional spin chain can be represented by a (d+1) dimensional classical ising model as the size of the domain approachex infinity
ok yeah. ising models are basically about spins. but thought they were binary in some models or something.
there seem to be many models.
From the notes I was referring to: "For one thing, we’ve seen that many classical systems are related to the same quantum system, which does not care about the lattice spacing in time. There is a set of physical quantities which agree between these different classical systems, called universal, which is the information in the quantum system."
Idk. It does seem like a fun topic of study but my thermodynamics isn't good enough for most of the serious reading material on it!
if you ask me the ising (temperature/ energy) phase transition may be some physical manifestation of the P/ NP boundary. (but probably few would understand/ agree with that statement either from physics or TCS.)
youre working on a physics degree?
6:29 PM
Yess. Haven't we talked about this twice?? 2nd to last year so that means I get to apply for grad schools next winter.
maybe the ising models in CS are more simplified to 2d. how are you modelling spins in your experiment (simulation)?
do you want to get masters or Phd?
PhD, but I feel like I have to step up my game a lot to be competitive. It's possible industry could be a better choice.
@NeuroFuzzy you seem quite adept/ advanced (at young age) but agreed physics phds sound extremely rigorous/ competitive. there is prob some variation among schools though. ivy league being most extreme. others maybe being more manageable.
Yes. I'm in the running for the top physics dept. undergrad award, but there's still a lot to do before then.
@NeuroFuzzy hope you pull it off :)
6:36 PM
@vzn thanks! Brb, moving places
@NeuroFuzzy ok hope you write up the ising model(s), was looking at krauth TOC looks great
are most of your simulations in mathematica? any in python? it would be nice if you mention the language in your writeups
you mention "intro to computational physics" by devries. cant find that. is this it? a 1st course in computational physics (maybe title changed?)
6:57 PM
God, the questions today are horrible
Something's foul when even JohnRennie starts leaving grumpy comments.
7:19 PM
Grumpy comments? I'm trying to hold back from making some myself in response to this.
@vzn Krauth also has a course on Coursera based on the book. I remember seeing him live in some conference years ago. I think his own research (at the time) was on developing new Monte Carlo algorithms (applied to looking for the glass transition or something along those lines).
7:35 PM
@ChrisWhite Just flag it as not constructive or rude/offensive. I've never seen CuriousOne back down in comments, the only thing responding will produce there is something more rude. :P
7:52 PM
@vzn The convolutions of the unit characteristic function with itself are just used as lowpass-filters, but I think you should be able to construct equivalent wavelets for them. I use them for sampling polygonal domain on a grid without less of accuracy.
The Hann window is used to get a frequency response from an impulse response in time. This has something to do with complex analysis, and poles caused by resonances. If you understand the resonances a bit, then you can use the Hann window (or a similar window) for suppressing their effect.
I don't think that this use of the Hann window is related to wavelets. It's rather related to chebychev acceleration, which itself is a form of poor-man's Krylov subspace method. The analog of Krylov subspace method in this context would probably be something like Prony's method.
8:31 PM
@vzn Yes!
I must have mixed up the titles
@ACuriousMind Know anything about boundary conditions on tori and how they relate to modular trafos?
@0celo7 Nope, no idea what these boundary conditions are even supposed to be because tori don't have a boundary in my understanding
@ACuriousMind You go around one of the cycles. The "boundary condition" determines if the fields are periodic, antiperiodic or something else.
Not this spinor/fermion stuff again :D
Sorry, I can't help you there
@ACuriousMind I think I get that stuff. I might type it up so I don't forget it.
@ACuriousMind This may have what I need.
"modular transformation boundary conditions torus" was a helpful Google search.
8:44 PM
I also have little time to look for stuff because I have shit to prove about Cech sheaf cohomology.
At least it's not Sobolev spaces
Idk what that even is
A method to compute sheaf cohomologies, obviously ;)
Huh, what's the cohomology of that??
Pokemon Omega Ruby is 14,000 blocks large. Why can't Nintendo use normal people units?
@ACuriousMind Is it not fun? I thought you liked category stuff.
@0celo7 The terminology is ridiculous, I agree
I'm taking a break from physics. Time to do a nuzlocke.
Gonna name my character Urs.
8:51 PM
@0celo7 If we only did category stuff...we're computing almost all things explicitly because the lecturer is old and not really comfortable with category theory. Also, because he's a number theorist and not really into the abstraction, I think.
@ACuriousMind I could take number theory in grad school.
@0celo7 What's a nuzlocke?
@ACuriousMind Pokemon faints, release. Only able to catch first Pokemon on a route.
The download speed on the 3DS is fucking terrible.
14,000 blocks must be multiple dozen gigabytes.
Google says it is 1.4 GB.
@ACuriousMind What is the patented ACM terminology?
@0celo7 I have no better words.
Do you guys not think it's a bit insane to fourier expand a vector as a linear combination of operators as one does in free field QFT?
9:02 PM
@bolbteppa Could you elaborate more on that?
I mean when you canonically quantize say KG there comes a point at which those functions magically turn into operators
@bolbteppa That's the whole point of quantization...
Do you not think it's a bit insane
What's insane about it?
We start with a scalar equation, everything was scalar, then we stipulate commutation relations, and those scalar functions magically turn into operators
9:11 PM
Mathematically that makes no sense right?
It's not like the operators don't obey the equation, they do.
Just like we replace $p$ with $P$ and so on in quantum mechanics, we replace $\phi(x)$ by the appropriate operator.
@bolbteppa It's motivated physically, so there is no intrinsic mathematical "sense".
You can't derive it.
I perfectly see the reason why one replaces momentum etc... by operators in QM, there is a perfect explanation for that, but not for replacing wave functions as operators, that makes no sense to me, our whole theory started as a theory of scalar wave functions, the only difference is relativity and magically those scalar wave functions turn into operators, do you not see the inconsistency of a scalar function turning into an operator as v ---> c?
Like, it's literally like functions deform into operators as v ---> c the way things are built right?
Show me the inconsistency.
@bolbteppa You are not starting with a theory of wavefunctions. You are starting with an infinite-dimensional classical phase space (the field space) and essentially trying to carry out canonical quantization as you did in the finite-dimensional QM case.
9:19 PM
Remember, a field represents infinite degrees of freedom.
You have operators at each point in spacetime.
9:34 PM
@0celo7 Does your school also receive your ap exam scores?
of course
I left my ap number on the public transit.
why didnt you put it in your wallet
they tell you to do that
Rather I lose my wallet?
Why would you lose your wallet
9:39 PM
I don't have a wallet actually.
There's nothing to put in it.
you could put your ap numbers in it
Money, driver's license, uni card, rewards cards, debit card, AP number, etc.
insurance card
i even have a periodic table
I have a periodic table too.
Where? Tattooed on your ass?
9:42 PM
Though it's...
::points to head::
I have a table of integrals :D
That's a good idea
@skillpatrol How long is the table?
This is irrelevant though I memorized the periodic table to be cool.
I wrote the ap chem exam without one. (to be cool)
If you want to be cool, stop saying "write an exam".
And get a damn wallet!
9:46 PM
Though it took days to memorize all the atomic masses. (which half I forgot by now)
Though it's still enough to be cool.
It's not cool at all...
Holy shit, that game took a whole hour to download.
@Icosahedron Why aren't you reading?
During tests in ap chem, I would decline the periodic table given to me.
It's a good idea to memorize the periodic table for uni
That is ultra cool.
it is ultra cool.
9:47 PM
The table is in the test booklet. You can't deny it.
You'd have to deny the test.
Oh during tests.
Though during class it's offered.
You don't have to look at it :P
GDI Nintendo I just downloaded this shit and you're already making me update it.
The first time I declined it, my teacher looked at me weird.
"This kid's autistic"
9:49 PM
Isn't that what memorization is about?
271 blocks for the update.
The only point of memorizing the pTable is to complete exams faster.
I had the usual stuff memorized.
speed is the #1 motivation for memorization
I've forgotten all of that stuff.
I do know Oxygen is 16 amu.
9:52 PM
15.999 amu.
8 is the atomic number
That was uncalled for
Go read your shitty books
Not 7.999 :P
True, I'm falling behind.
Wow, there was an error during the download.
9:54 PM
@skillpatrol amu = atomic mass unit
Now I have to wait even longer.
What are you trying to do?
Play pokemon
Nintendo doesn't want me to
On your computer?
Nobody plays Pokemon anymore.
9:56 PM
@Icosahedron I'm not a pirate.
@skillpatrol Because everyone is playing digimon.
@skillpatrol I'd like to see statistics on that.
Holy balls, 3 updates.
For what pokemon game?
9:57 PM
All the pokemon updates.
All of them.
Literally, I'm updating all of my pokemon games.
Use utk internet connection instead.
Why? Waste time.
I don't understand the question.
9:59 PM
Now it's even more vague.
Reading is so much more fun.
Are you telling that to 0celo7?
And infinitely more complex.
Think about it.
I'm burnt out on reading for now.
Then sleep.
10:01 PM
@0celo7 Play Cave Story.
No I just spent $40 and I'm going to play this damn game
Rather rebind your HE.
What should I name my character?
That's retarded
Why would anyone want to be called that
10:03 PM
What part of "The study of the large-scale structure, history, and future of the universe." makes people apply cosmology to so many questions?
@ChrisWhite Is HE cosmology or straight GR?
@ChrisWhite Markup is broken in multiline messages
@ACuriousMind I see that now
Cartan is a nice name.
@ChrisWhite I thought I'd reassure you it's not your fault ;)
10:06 PM
@0celo7 357573
what is that
your Canadian SSN?
Idk a random number.
I named my character 3.
@0celo7 I like Cartan
Gonna name all my Pokes after mathematicians and physicists.
@0celo7 ACuriousMime?
10:14 PM
@NeuroFuzzy :D
@NeuroFuzzy Which starter??
I'm thinking Treecko. Haven't used him in 7 years at least.
Careful nature.
10:37 PM
@Icosahedron Malware at that link according to my antivirus
@ACuriousMind Idk?
Known JavaScript injected Trojan named Small.Q (probably not installed by the website's owner, but injected by attackers), I advise against visiting that link.
But they are mudkipz.
@ACuriousMind Maybe you're the attacker.
Maybe that site is the antivirus to something you've infected us with.
10:48 PM
Sure, sounds plausible
Idk why Alicia Keys is a hacker though.
Click the link.
I did. It's retarded.
Now we'll see if I get a virus.
The iPad doesn't run JavaScript.
On an iPad it's probably safe.
Says the hacker...
10:54 PM
...he's not a hacker, he's a slacker :D
"Flaming loser", "slacker"...I'm getting negative vibes here lately ;P
physicist are the applied slackers of mathematicians ;P
nothing negative about that pal

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