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5:00 PM
ok... looks good.. i'll check it against his infrequent weather reports.
K. or N.? there two doubled up there
@NoviceInDisguise what now?
@GiantCowFilms nice house bro
@RadishoftheOpera huh?
5:07 PM
@GiantCowFilms and so is NID's
26 mins ago, by Radish of the Opera
looking for a giant pasture...
@GiantCowFilms i figured ou know where i live, so i might as well know where you are.
@RadishoftheOpera You know where I am....? (creep)
@GiantCowFilms i know, i know, i'm creepy... but now we all know where eachother are at, so we have a little more background.
@RadishoftheOpera email me the guessed location.....
@GiantCowFilms You know where I am.....? (hypocrite)
I want to know if you are right
5:10 PM
@GiantCowFilms not set in stone yet...
@RadishoftheOpera you're as leak-like as a radish can get
@RadishoftheOpera still go for it
@GiantCowFilms sent
@GiantCowFilms hmmm????
i think thats it
you still there?
@RadishoftheOpera doing school work
5:15 PM
@GiantCowFilms oh...
How did you get to that particular house
were we right? i kinda want to know
@RadishoftheOpera lol no...
@GiantCowFilms ?
@RadishoftheOpera you were off by more then 2 miles
5:16 PM
@GiantCowFilms look up alll the info about the owners it matches
@GiantCowFilms magna?
@RadishoftheOpera What matches
@RadishoftheOpera huh?
@GiantCowFilms names, birth dates, eccentricities...
Mr. & Mrs. GCF
@GiantCowFilms precisely
@RadishoftheOpera Seriously
5:17 PM
@GiantCowFilms i found NID in a similar manner. his cow is very pretty
you know my parents birth dates, names and eccentricities
@RadishoftheOpera oooOOo!
@GiantCowFilms no, just kidding...
@RadishoftheOpera then how did you get that house
@RadishoftheOpera email me where you placed him
@GiantCowFilms why does it matter if it's not yours?
I got a spot out of hard facts... no sharing though
5:18 PM
@GiantCowFilms i'll ask him first
@RadishoftheOpera I seriously want to know why I'm supposed to live in salt lake city
@RadishoftheOpera Okay, ship it to me if its wrong...
@GiantCowFilms it's right... i just want to know if he's okay with me giving it to you
@RadishoftheOpera sure
5:20 PM
@GiantCowFilms ? is that a "suuuuure... i believe you". or an "okay!"
@RadishoftheOpera okay
@Smoses Hello!
@RadishoftheOpera is mearly trying to stalk everyone here, nothing to be worried about
@Smoses who are you and what are you doing with my necklace?
@GiantCowFilms sheesh... way t hold a grudge... you know where i live...
Yes, LeekOftheOpera
its your own fault
5:23 PM
@GiantCowFilms ?
@GiantCowFilms leak?
@RadishoftheOpera exactly, its a lame pun
acctually, i guess you just know almost where i live
@GiantCowFilms on what?
leak information and leek the vegetable
@GiantCowFilms oh... i don't leek any info that i wouldn't give on purpose
5:25 PM
@RadishoftheOpera Still, don't expect us to become leeky radishes
as in, i posted everything out in the open whereas for you, we had to search and dig and do photo condensation tests
@RadishoftheOpera XD
@RadishoftheOpera Finding NID was way easier
@iKlsR not crater, salt lake
5:26 PM
@iKlsR leek & leak & radish
@RadishoftheOpera ;D
no, not really
@iKlsR i knew that was coming
@iKlsR I don't do that to you.... :P <jk>
5:27 PM
@iKlsR glasses
@GiantCowFilms how come the dislike is thumbs down and not a middle finger?
@iKlsR oh no
@iKlsR creep of the century, right there.
5:28 PM
@RadishoftheOpera same reason you didn't make facebook
or should I say creepbook
Why is there a talking turnip?
@GiantCowFilms it makes so much more sense though...
@iKlsR i'm a radish, thankyouverymuch ma'am
5:28 PM
We have the weirdest people
@iKlsR agreed.
A talking radish, a mech, a novice, an ancient wizard, an anime girl, a big fat cow and a glass of milk
and David.....
@iKlsR lol
@iKlsR who's as normal as they come
@iKlsR I'm not fat or big, just giant >:|
5:30 PM
@GiantCowFilms nuance
@RadishoftheOpera oi
@GiantCowFilms sorry, obesity is one of the things i find easy to joke about
@RadishoftheOpera I'm not sensitive about fat jokes... I'm as thin as a rake
i just don't like being inaccurately called fat.....
1 min ago, by GiantCowFilms
@RadishoftheOpera oi
@GiantCowFilms the picture your mum posted on FB yesterday says otherwise... <jk>
@RadishoftheOpera so your british... "mum"
5:33 PM
@GiantCowFilms madre
mama mia!
madam le pompadour
google translate...
eoma in korean
That woman who tries to feed me broccoli and brussel sprouts, and kisses Dad
hello eoma! i'm a homa from shoolah!
@GiantCowFilms that takes to long to say.
@RadishoftheOpera Ctrl-V
5:37 PM
and broccoli is good
@RadishoftheOpera liar
@GiantCowFilms liear>
ah liar
not steamed broccoli!
@GiantCowFilms wait, how is that a lie?
thats what we get fed!
5:37 PM
@GiantCowFilms is the best
@RadishoftheOpera Ewwwww
brussel sprouts though... shudders
@GiantCowFilms whats ew about it? it's good with turkey.
\and it's kosher.
and broccoli has good karma
@RadishoftheOpera So I'm a giant jewish cow, living in a nice house in salt lake city suburb...
Nice try!
@GiantCowFilms you don't have to be Jewish to be kosher... i find that offensive
@RadishoftheOpera That was not the meaning
it was just for a joke....
@RadishoftheOpera Duh, of course not
5:42 PM
Hi guys
Can we get this user to 20 rep please
Just to chat
@GiantCowFilms @RadishoftheOpera
@iKlsR who he?
cant you invite him into a room?
He's not showing up for some reason
It's an ok question, harmless 5rep if you can spare
Gotta run, ttyl
6:01 PM
@iKlsR done
whats the point threshold for accepting a question?
@zeffii As in, how much rep you get?
no, how much you need
I think it's just 1
Not sure
6:15 PM
Q: Why won't the fluid bake correctly

lnm5051I have a student who is trying to bake her fluid, but it won't do it correctly. Below are the steps she told me she takes when she does it. I have no idea on how to fix it and I have been trying for days. Any help would be appreciated. I also included screen shots of what she does. "Before I ba...

This guy took a screenshot, pasted it to ms word and took a screenshot of that
I find that slightly hilarious
@RadishoftheOpera did you get your entree submitted? (to the game contest on BA)
6:28 PM
@X-27 yes, but it was stupid... i never finished'
@someonewithpc i find it slightly annoying and inefficient.
@RadishoftheOpera Well, that too
@someonewithpc it's also weird that he specified that it was his students project and not his
radish. how do you know the 'teacher' is a he?
@zeffii It's a "they"
that screenshot is classic
noone that teaches blender should not be able to crop an image
6:42 PM
@zeffii No one that teaches Blender should even think that that's a reasonable way to make a "screenshot"
@zeffii genderless untill proven otherwise, but i'll refer to it as a he until then
: )
@RadishoftheOpera Use "they"
maybe he got sent an email by the student with the shots and then coppied it into word for easier reading
@RadishoftheOpera ....
Yah, that makes sense
6:44 PM
@someonewithpc BTW i found out where GCF and NID live... :O
6:57 PM
@NoviceInDisguise @gandalf3 what node is that?
It's from the bwide nodepack
oh... thanks..
@gandalf3 do you know of a node that targets vertexes and sharp edges? for procedural textures that would be helpfull.
The pointiness output of the geometry node sounds like what you want
A: Node for local mesh curvature

gandalf3This feature was added recently and should be in 2.74. This attribute means how "pointy" the geometry surface is, which allows to do effects like dirt maps and wear-off effects on render geometry. This means the attribute is calculated for the final mesh which means no baking (which imp...

works... thanks again
7:27 PM
@RadishoftheOpera Yay...?
7:55 PM
What do you guys use for a gif screen recording?
It would be really useful for me, on this question: blender.stackexchange.com/questions/32171/…
btw, I'm on linux
@TARDISMaker I use gifcam or licecap in wine
licecap doesn't do any dithering, but I've had some other issues with gifcam, so I tend to alternate between them
Jan 30 at 16:37, by iKlsR
The licecap dithering problem is really annoying. So for anyone wanting to record high quality gifs with small filesize, try GifCam.
@GiantCowFilms Were the radish and I right?
8:14 PM
if anybody thinks BSE has spam, we have nothing. In a receant trip to MSE while asking a question(s) I flagged 9 spam posts!
for oh for
(forgot that nobody here can see my flagging history)
@iKlsR LOL :)! those two messages!
I noticed that homegrown tomato has been editing things around here lately :D
8:18 PM
@zeffii anybody can always accept an answer on their question. (and it is very encouraged.)
@gandalf3 yep, then I find him over on MSE and he let me know that I triggered their spam bot!
here everyone is...
@RadishoftheOpera what? really?
@David ikr
SE is a small world :)
Q: placing .gifs in text

BlendingJakeI have read how to post gifs on this site, but I can't get that to work for me. I tried using Gfycat and everytime I try and upload the images I get an error saying This isn't an animated gif, so I am wondering. How do you all out there record and save them? As I recorded it, used Premiere Pro to...

I saw
8:25 PM
well I just used all my flags on MSE for the day. (and that includes the extra for the 10+ helpful flags)
There is a limit? How many?
@NoviceInDisguise yep there sure is.
you start with 10 per day. Then you gain an extra flag for every 2000 reputation you have, also another flag for every 10 heplful flags.
So I have 13, and then 8 for helpful flags
last there is a hard max of 100 per day
That is a lot
8:28 PM
I have about 41 here on BSE
9:18 PM
@NoviceInDisguise I refuse to confirm or deny any guess at my location to avoid a guessing game, however, I will deny it is that particular house... though I'd happily trade mine for it :D
@someonewithpc Hes (at least somewhat) wrong about me, I don't know where he placed NID
@GiantCowFilms Again, yay..?
Does it matter?
And I take that trade offer back...
@GiantCowFilms Why?
Zillow thinks that house is worth a little then half of mine, even though it is significantly bigger... XD who'd want property in salt lake city though...? I guess that explains the value....
@someonewithpc worth a pitance
Ouch housing market is down...
not that I'm selling or buying XD
9:35 PM
in Blender 2015 Moderator Election Chat, 55 secs ago, by gandalf3
@iKlsR what happened to your Q&A answer?
@iKlsR ^^
(it didn't autocomplete your name in the election room, so I didn't think you would be pinged unless I pinged you here..)
2 hours later…
11:59 PM
@GiantCowFilms OK . .. took about 15 minutes to find
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