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12:17 AM
@TRiG Depends who you ask. In general I don't think it's appropriate to say that you "keep" any - we are outside their jurisdiction.
There was a longish discussion along these lines in the Apologetics room
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2:09 AM
@TRiG Some of the sexual ones are repeated in the New Testament. Good idea to keep those. This reasoning goes with what @curiousdannii said.
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2:18 PM
@TRiG For some people, their reason is their own agenda, as I'm sure you've encountered. But I think the more traditional way of breaking them up is into buckets of civil, ritual, and moral laws.
Civil and ritual laws would be moreso aimed at the people of Israel: for their country, for their time, for them. Whereas moral laws were shown to reveal something of God's heart.
Which laws are civil, ritual, and moral is up to interpretation, from what I see.
Also, I'm reading Revelation right now and hella confused.
So many angels and bowls and scrolls and plagues.
Also, I'm just gonna leave this here: youtube.com/watch?v=-MbF0bc7iEs
It's funny until you read the comments and realize some people are non-ironically agreeing with it...
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6:38 PM
Q: Christianity: Most aggressive moderation rules I ever seen

SergeI asked a question (A). Some of moderators considered that it was duplicate of question (X) and blocked it (strange behavior for a SO-like forum moderation). OK, I understood the point, deleted my question do not create duplicates. I created other question (B) in order to better explain my ini...

6:49 PM
Q: Mary Jesus' mother or Mary Magdiline

MefareshThe Gemara in Chaggigah (4b) mentions a woman by the name of Miriam Megadla Se'ar: זיל אייתי לי מרים מגדלא שיער נשייא Which means she was a "grower of woman's hair" which is to mean she was a hair dresser. When I came across this i thought for sure this is a reference to Mary Magdiline o...

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9:42 PM
Sad moment: I just read some comments on an old post and was going to reply to one, but noticed it was Affable Geek's. RIP
9:55 PM
@fredsbend that was saddening. RIP.
@fredsbend That's happened to me a couple times. Answers too.

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