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3:01 AM
Q: Why have some MLB managers stopped wearing uniforms?

Nate EldredgeI believe that for many years, MLB managers would always wear the same uniform as their players during games. However, I've been watching more games on TV this year, and it seems that many managers now wear other clothing. For example, in this photo from May 9, 2015 (credit USA Today), we see C...

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5:28 AM
@edmastermind29 I do not suggest to create one room for cricket, one room for tennis, one room for baseball, etc. This would not work, unless some of these sports has many fans here.
I just suggested a separate room for news. (Where only some interesting facts, statistics, results, news would be posted.)
Anyway, in most sports seasons are close to end, so there will be probably less news to mention here or in the "news chat room".
So if we try (should I say if I try?) to create a new room for this purpose, it might be more reasonable in August or in September when new seasons are about to start.
So basically I will stick to posting things which I consider interesting in this room for now. (If somebody find it too obnoxious, let me know.)
As you have noticed, I am posting mainly about tennis, cycling, ice hockey and occasionally soccer.
@edmastermind29 You have mentioned that there were attempts to create separate rooms. So I looked what frozen rooms I see associated to this site.
I see there two cricket rooms, which are no longer in use.
Both of them only have a few messages on the first day.
6:22 AM
Q: what is the best practice for bigwall

Arash Ghorbaniim kinda a rock climber , and im getting ready for a bigwall , its my first time though , i njust wanna make sure that ill be compeletly ready for it.

@edmastermind29 BTW I agree what with you wrote about low traffic in this room. One of the reasons I started posting these things was to make sure that at least something is posted here. But recently my messages create most of the traffic. (Apart from the feed.)
I have probably too much free time on my hands. I should take a hard look on myself and start doing more useful things than just following various sport results. :-)
7 hours later…
1:19 PM
@MartinSleziak I know that wasn't your suggestion. I was trying to portray that previous attempts to create separate chat rooms for Sports SE have fallen short.
@MartinSleziak I agree with the August/September launch date as there is more chat activity, but unless we advertise it, then the usuals will go here to post the usual stuff (as you have been doing).
@MartinSleziak I think you want to separate the clutter (from the SE feed and user chat activities....), which isn't a bad idea (especially when we get more main site activity). Would it be fair to have this site just as a feed then if we move to a more user-centric (less feed-centric) chatroom?
@MartinSleziak Haha! This is the struggle all us sports fans face :)
@MartinSleziak I don't find your posting to be obnoxious at all.
@MartinSleziak It just so happens that the sports you post about, I don't have more than a casual perspective on them. Lol.
1:44 PM
@edmastermind29 Very probably if there is more activity on the main site and in chat, some changes will be necessary.
So simply let us agree that we postpone creating the "news room" until later.
3 hours later…
4:48 PM
@MartinSleziak The struggle in Sports.SE will always be the fact that most sports fans are casual and interested only in talking about what happened last night, not a Serious Questions and Answers Site
So we don't really have a culture conducive to lots of chatting
although Gaming.SE managed to make it work quite well
Anybody want to talk about the FIFA arrests?
@MichaelMyers I haven't had time to read about the story. I only know that some people were arrested.
@MichaelMyers Good questions for the main site can come from users who saw something interesting last night. They might ask: Is this a record? Which rule was applied? Why did they do this and that before the game? And many similar questions...
@MartinSleziak Yes, but sports are heavily time-dependent. I for one would rather be watching a game than sitting in this chat room talking about it
5:05 PM
BTW I think we already head some good questions of the type: I saw this and that... Why? How? What is that?
5:24 PM
@MichaelMyers sad it wasn't more. I was really hoping they'd managed to nab Blatter
also have a feeling that we aren't done seeing the US indict FIFA officials
@waxeagle There's speculation that they chose these people to arrest so they could get better info on Blatter
(and would be unsurprised to see them go after IOC next)
@MichaelMyers would not surprise me. He's a kingpin, take down the underlings to get the big guy. Also, there was some noise about statues of limitations, basically the charges they had would run out soon

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