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12:24 AM
@SteveDL Try running it in valgrind. It may give you more information.
Otherwise, set breakpoints at different places (or printf() calls) to try to pinpoint the moment at which the crash occurs.
12:42 AM
@TildalWave Whyyyyy?
@TildalWave Good answers are celebrated by reading them.
6 hours later…
6:27 AM
@ThomasPornin I suspect the crash occurs before ptrace is set because I've modified my libc. I need to find out how to check which symbols in my custom libc are mismatching my kernel API, I suspect
7:12 AM
Morning All
@RоryMcCune well I would say it is inscope, though right now its just conjecture (the heinous laws havent been passed yet), but more interestingly would be how to deal with those laws. e.g. a safe way (beyond the q of what is legal) to transport your metsploit, and sensitive data in general, over borders.
in fact I think there was a question like that not long ago... some great answers too.
@Adi ditto. and on top of that @RоryMcCune bailed on the preconf drinks... I had to go stag!
I had to introduce myself to strangers! the horror!
Doooooo you know Avi?
@TildalWave asking a good question is often 90% of the work.
and having the courage to ask the question, is often all the effort .
so yes, I do celebrate them asking the questions, and I at least try to celebrate them persisting when I give them a half-assed answer.
7:47 AM
7:58 AM
8:14 AM
forum.bugcrowd.com/t/how-do-you-approach-a-target/293 - Interesting thread on how bug bounty hunters approach their targets
some good collatoral for InfoSec people telling management not to ignore the obscure ancilliary sites...
2 hours later…
10:19 AM
A: Is Google Chrome Extension access to SSL certificate validation output possible?

Steve CampbellNo, and it doesn't seem likely to be added as a feature. See https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=107793#c20 I'm just deeply concerned about the code complexity cost here, which increases the opportunity for both performance and security bugs. - rsleevi@chromium.org

Is that a good awnser? or not? It does give the a short motivation on why but it is very short... any ideas?
10:44 AM
Q: Is the stereotype correct that hackers are more prone to viruses?

Jatin NagpalIt is said that you have to take an equal recoil force to yourself(or there are many other examples) before firing. It is almost a stereotype that hackers can be infected more easily, because they keep viruses themselves and use unsafe connections that can transmit them. Someone(my computer teach...

and if a boy kisses a girl she gets preggers and he gets AIDS.
I dont even know where to start
screw that, listen to this instead (NSFW, audio only)
@Rhino thanks, will try that. Pretty sure my libc is kaput though.
Interesting attack on physical location via unprotected accelerometer data
11:24 AM
and ...wut?:
Q: How can I remove ants from my laptop keyboard?

UnihedronThere are ants in my laptop keyboard again. It's happened before and ended up killing my productivity occasionally as the little critters suddenly show up from within the gaps of the keyboard. I had to bring it over to my uncle and he got rid of the ants, somehow, but I forgot to ask how he did i...

@RoryAlsop he means the java building system? oh... wait
I had to answer it
@RoryAlsop here, have an upvote on me
@M'vy :-) thanks
Q: How to dry out a wet phone?

Harish SI unfortunately dropped my aunt's phone in water. I didn't tried anything yet (I'm afraid of a short circuit). Is there a quick and cheap way to completely dry out the internals of this mobile phone so it will not fail when I turn it on? Phone: Samsung metro duos Condition: Dropped in 2 ft of...

^ that one is a classic too :P
11:31 AM
@M'vy I have a feeling Lifehacker may be a wee timesink this lunchtime
@AviD very nice
Developer Accused Of Unreadable Code Refuses To Comment
Q: How can I not hurt my fingers when using a hammer

michaelpriWhenever I have to hammer a nail into something (the wall for a picture mount, a piece of wood for a project, etc.), I hurt my fingers when I slam the hammer against the nail. Even when I don't hit my fingers, I'm scared that I will. I've tried being more careful by not slamming as hard and not ...

^ ahah
@M'vy see, he's confused - he is hammering fingernails instead of construction nails.
@TerryChia twitter author should be banned for using such font case.
@M'vy or HN author if applicable
11:42 AM
@M'vy How on earth do these people survive? I think they don't need lifehacker.SE;
they need to learn where their body parts are
@AviD heh - I thought it was funny that line was starred...then I realised I starred it ;-/
who's been going around starring my lines?
@RoryAlsop future candidates to Darwin awards?
@M'vy oooo that should be a badge here.
@AviD or on Electronics.SE - there were a few questions there that received answer posts that could easily prove fatal
we should propose that to SEI as a custom badge for sites where relevant. perhaps awarded manually by moderators...
dang it all. was just about to publish the agenda for the next owaspil chapter meeting, and one of the speakers cancelled on me.
11:47 AM
@AviD the mod-part seems really non SE-wise. But the idea is still a good one ;P
not finding a last minute replacement.... anybody interested in giving a talk?
@M'vy well how else would it get awarded
@AviD still thinking
@M'vy or perhaps X downvotes + Y favorites. that is a decent metric....
If wanting to go deeper, there could be a manual award per user. If you reach enough, you get the badge
but that would probably be abused
nah, that doesnt sound healthy.
12:17 PM
oh crap, is @RоryMcCune making a pinstory again?
1:11 PM
afternoon gents
1:26 PM
@AviD who.. me, would I do that... actually doesn't read too badly without pinning :op
@LucasKauffman watcha' see you missed your opportunity to school @AviD and @Adi on the finer points of Belgian beer
@RоryMcCune :(
@LucasKauffman I'm sure there will be other opportunities...
@RоryMcCune you didn't end up drinking heineken I hope :/
@RоryMcCune true, true
the preconf drinks were in a lovely bar, but seems they didnt have a great selection.
@LucasKauffman I had a duval when out with @Adi was the closest they had to decent beer..
1:27 PM
@RоryMcCune Duvel is pretty good
I asked for something dark on tap, they had nothing. only local one they had on tap was a very blonde, which was okaay (but not great)
although a bit dangerous
same with bottles
@AviD normally they should have Chimay or Westmalle in most dutch bars
after the 2nd, I fell back to murphys... (only stout/dark ale they had to offer :-( )
@LucasKauffman why dangerous?
1:29 PM
@AviD tastes like regular beer, drinks like regular and then it bites you in the ass
@LucasKauffman dont know about the westmalle, but no chimay. like I said, "blonde this" and "blonde that"
It's my beer of choice when drinking with Americans hehehehe
you would have like that
@LucasKauffman i.e. very strong?
@AviD yea it is very strong
they may have had that then, they offered me something "extra strong"
1:30 PM
@AviD in principle, yes, however... location...
@RoryAlsop oh come now, it's no big deal, really
@AviD expenses
it's not like the moroccan authorities will keep you hostage for 9 hours so you miss half the competition
@AviD I still have some barley wines at home as well, if you like really sweet dark beers they're a must (18.5% abv tho)
@LucasKauffman when I had duvel we had one of @Adi 's friends with us and precisely one of them seemed to render him drunk
1:31 PM
@RoryAlsop think it's 8.5% ABV, but it drinks like regular beer, so you tend to drink a lot
@LucasKauffman mmmmmmm
I do quite like it
but I do drink it like I drink Stella Artois
Like it's a soft drink
@RoryAlsop that's exactly the problem, oyu drink 6 of those
@LucasKauffman Ahh - the solution is to only drink a couple and then switch to proper cocktails
@RoryAlsop that seems like going from bad to worse :P
1:39 PM
@RoryAlsop of whisky!
nahh - cocktails are always a good idea
@RоryMcCune I told you about the "Full Scottish Breakfast" cocktail I had on Sunday, yes?
@RoryAlsop I don't think so... did it involve whisky perchance?
Whisky mixed with the dripping fat of haggis?
Glenmorangie, Ardbeg, grapefruit juice, orange bitters, fresh lemon, sugar, egg white, BACON DUST, served with toast and marmalade
It was delicious
@RoryAlsop you had me at bacon dust
@RoryAlsop ever heard about the sourtoe cocktail?
After drinking that I was on a mission - and found Bacon Popcorn
@LucasKauffman yes....
I don't see the point - I drink cocktails that taste nice
doesn't tat look delicious?
.... nope
@RoryAlsop ah ah, you caught me
1:47 PM
Oh, and had my first ever Vesper Dry Martini
Was nicer than expected
@RoryAlsop I keep it single, jackdaniels with freshly pressed limejuice poured in a frozen glass
for the summer that is
oh good point. I need to order beans for coldbrewing again.
aint nuthin like a frosty mug of coldbrewed coffee on a hot summer day for working despite the heat
@AviD how does coldbrewing work?
it seems to imply the coffee is never heated
@LucasKauffman indeed
@AviD do you need special beans?
2:01 PM
soaks for much longer. in my case, I use a french press (full jug) for this, not the aeropress.
@LucasKauffman not really. because I'm using the french press, I do need a coarser grind. good idea to do a little bit extra coarse, if you have fine control.
my coffee guy does put out a nice mix of several kinds of beans, very summery, but not neccessary.
here's my recipe, if you want to try it:
> Use a large French Press carafe (1 liter) put 10 Tablespoons coarse-ground coffee, fill with cold water, let brew overnight in refrigerator. After about 12 hours, depress plunger and store coffee in clean pitcher. When ready to enjoy, pour 1/2 glass coffee concentrate over ice, then fill the rest with milk.
I need to get a french press
I usually still go black, though sometimes I will mix it with some whipped milk - or even a large dollop of vanilla icecream, for funsies.
comes out super smooth, full of flavor. lots of caffeine, but not bitter.
@AviD but it probably tastes of coffee, right?
@LucasKauffman you could just aeropress over ice cubes, use less hot water. I only have the frenchpress because I got it before the aeropress.
@RoryAlsop yeah, delicious coffee!
@AviD do I need to leave the aeropress overnight? Could do it if I do a reverse press
2:06 PM
@LucasKauffman hmm. never tried it.
you should ask on Coffee!
my barista here has been trying to convert me - bringing me samples of lots of different beans as espresso when I come in early.
or experiment, and let us all know.
@LucasKauffman perhaps @Xander or @ScottPack know this.
@RoryAlsop oooo she must like you
@AviD where's my "ban the mod" button :op
cmon, you know he was asking for it
@AviD Once you go black you never go back!
2:09 PM
@TerryChia very true.
unless the black tastes awful and you still need the caff anyway.
Goddammit no stars? @Flyk isn't around I see.
@TerryChia btw I saw something very disturbing the other day, I was looking to find the blogging tool you were using so I googled your name to find your blog and github
So I google your name and this is the second link:
@LucasKauffman Lmao.
@AviD I'm not sure that's how he feels about me
@LucasKauffman oh. oh wow. oh my goodness. @TerryChia did you lose a bet with @Simon?
or did you just take relationship advice from @Simon?
2:11 PM
(that's not Terry btw)
@AviD I don't think so, no.
@LucasKauffman of course it is.
Oh wow. That's something to behold.
although apparently it worked. @TerryChia did get a date out of that.
@TerryChia let us know how it goes?
@AviD >< I hate you.
2:13 PM
@TerryChia lol. of course you do.
hey, dont hate me, it was @LucasKauffman that dug it up.
@LucasKauffman I'm using Jekyll btw.
@TerryChia Yea, I did find that out :P
besides, its not like your secret is that you were singing Canadian pop.
@LucasKauffman he mentions it near the end of the video.
@AviD There's only one canadian pop song I know.
@TerryChia two.
2:15 PM
which is?
what the
@AviD Ah yes, two.
Let's go to the mall, and Sandcastles in the sand
dont forget the robot
I hate UDP scans
2:16 PM
heehee, still makes me larf
I have no idea what these songs are that you are talking about
Also, anyone all caught up on GoT?
@RoryAlsop you were already old by then proboably
Canadian pop is surely only Bryan Adams
a couple weeks behind
2:16 PM
@TerryChia NO
@TerryChia not this weeks, so no spoilers!
I'm up to episode 4 only. Much less boobies than the previous seasons.
@TerryChia no- only seen episode 1 of this series
@TerryChia yea I know right, I was disapointed too
Less boobies? Hmmm - may stop watching...
2:17 PM
@LucasKauffman --max-retries 2 --max-rtt-timeout 250ms --max-scan-delay 10ms --host-timeout 30m
How's the deaths score
@RoryAlsop Not too bad, you get to see a flayed body or two.
Meh - my wife's a nurse. She has medical textbooks!
@RоryMcCune mmm I think my host-timeout may be too high
@RoryAlsop "I'm just reading up on"
GoT has nothing in the same league
2:19 PM
@LucasKauffman host timeout is a really agressive thing to set TBH but I have done it with large ranges especially where there's a load of dead hosts
now I don't know what "it" was!
@RоryMcCune +1
@AviD - I don't know either
@RоryMcCune meh, I figgured better to not lower the level of conversation
also I watched Mad Max yesterday, my conclusion is: don't bother
2:20 PM
Where is the @Simon?
Probably eating a donut
dipped in maple syrup
2:22 PM
@RoryAlsop surprisingly, close to 30% of the pls's in this room were NOT by @Simon
@AviD Wait really?
@AviD srsly?
~700 total, only around ~500 by @Simon
crazy, right?
what do you mean?
@M'vy c'est fou, non?
2:27 PM
"were not by"?
ahhhhh ok
of the 'pls'
I instinctively converted that to "people"
damn you brain
@M'vy sacre blue
@LucasKauffman sacrebleu
omelette du fromage
@M'vy @LucasKauffman's are always bleu
@AviD How do you get this stats? I want to play
2:32 PM
mmm I once indexed the whole dmz into elasticsearch
@raz do you now NoSQL?
maybe I should open source the script/database
@M'vy nowSQL
@AviD yeah or this.
2:32 PM
Because you don't need it
BTW, does it qualify as a meme ?
@AviD Haha, I can learn it
@RоryMcCune In all fairness, he was already pretty high when we met him
@Adi ahh, I was thinking that getting drunk on one Duvel was a touch extreme even for young people..
ah, so you tried Dutch herbs next to the Belgian beer I see ;)
2:43 PM
@AviD pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls
Now it's 31%
@Rhino nah, still counts as one
@M'vy In here, definitely. WhoSQLAnyway?
@Rhino nap. Only one per line
Well this is no fun.
@Rhino DoctorSQL
2:45 PM
@Rhino and I was thinking of "pls" more that the SQL one :)
@RоryMcCune I see you have a nice starstory going there.
@M'vy I think it's become a meme, yes.
Possibly by stockholm syndrome as much as anything.
@AviD your right that works out pretty well!
@AviD TardisSQL. Your data literally jumps around in time. It fits on a I2C flash chip on your mobo, but is big data inside.
PinocchioSQL. I'm a real database! Every time you query it and it can't find the answer, it adds a table.
pls all
2:57 PM
lol @Rhino
So does anyone actually know what pls means?
This is what I thought, but I'm not sure.
@Rhino it's an epithet denoting an impreciation indicating that the user is scornful of the statements from the person or persons to whom the epithet is directed
@Rhino Person of Lesser intereSt
@RоryMcCune oh! is that really the way he meant it??
I assumed he was asking for more attention, even the negative kind. Obviously.
3:08 PM
@AviD totally, I'm sure that's the exact sentiment that @Simon was thinking of when he said "pls"
"pls" is a state of mind
@Simon Yes but is it a deep and meaningful proclamation or is it just not remembering please has other letters?
@Rhino That is totally up to you.
@Rhino ah, you missed his phase of misspelling even the 3 he did use.
3:15 PM
You may also pronounce it "please" or the characters one by one.
@AviD That was... something.
@Simon "something", indeed. You weren't even drunk.
@Rhino is sitting there staring at the screen, trying to decide if I'm serious or we're just having him on.
Yeah, I was at drunk.
I might have been PHP drunk though.
@Rhino: I was serious.
@AviD I'm going to go with letter confusion then on possibly caused of by exposure to PHP.
3:18 PM
@Rhino because you are not willing to believe that level of incompetence, even from @Simon? ;-)
god damn it
@AviD I said possibly. I'm not sure how much PHP exposure there has been or what Simon's pre-PHP state was. It's impossible to deduce anything from so little information.
that was on purpose
Now you're famous:
A: The Memes of Information Security

M'vyMeme: pls Originator: @Simon Cultural Height: actual (from: Nov 14 '13 8:25 PM / to: present) Note: The real start date is a bit vague, but the first mention of 'pls' alone by @Simon has been registered on November the 14 in 2013. Background: 'pls' has been used extensively (in the DMZ chat r...

Do improve the redaction, I'm not that good at explaining properly in English :)
Of course it could also simply be that @Simon was excited to find out that "please" is just one word in English as opposed to like two hundred in French (s'il vous plaît - literally if it pleases you)
3:24 PM
@M'vy pls, ty
@Rhino You're blowing my mind, I never actually realized that it meant that...
Well it gets better. French formal letter endings look like "je vous prie d'agréer, monsieur, madame, l'expression de mes sentiments distinguées" which translated is "I pray that you find agreeable, sir/madam, the expression of my distinguished sentiments". In English we just go for "Yours sincerely". So, thank you Microsoft for copy/paste.
youre making me laugh too hard
@Rhino That one reads badly in English
@M'vy I know. Plus I always feel like I'm ending my letters with an essay that takes up half a page.
@Rhino well yeah that too
3:29 PM
like the legal disclaimers all the corps love
and the "green" notices
@AviD Oh man I detest those
both equally stupid
In fact I think if you added up all the characters required to render those messages and assumed every person on earth sent 2 emails a day on average with that ending, you'd work out we are wasting a few gigs a day in storage.
HOW is that green?
and extraneous contact details....
My email signature is now only "A"
3:32 PM
Which obviously means "ARhino".
@Simon excactly
@AviD Brilliant
@AviD they missed out disclaimers though
heh yeah
actually was looking for a different video, of a guy returning an email that he received by mistake and asking their lawyers to let this one slide.
couldnt find that one, though
yeah these clauses are total BS
Any bad consequences from receiving this email including but not limited to the extermination of the human race, thermonuclear war, global warming, that disease thing from 28 days later and conquest by Voldemort are not our fault. This email is only meant for the intended recipient even when we cc'd in the wrong people - use your psychic powers. Oh and the info in it is like super secret so if you share it we will employ liam neeson to find you.
Liam Neeson :P
3:42 PM
Also this email has been scanned by an airport scanner so does not contain liquids over 100ml and there is nothing in its shoes (those under 100ml are stored in a clear plastic mime part). This email was packed itself.
You're a mime.
@AviD thanks for the coldpress recipe. Definitely going to enjoy that one. Maybe I'll try adding some agave nectar for sweetness
@Simon if you had to describe yourself as a donut, what kind would you be?
@Kisunminttu Honey glazed. Simple, yet effective.
4:01 PM
@Kisunminttu "had to"? he chooses to.
@Kisunminttu welcome!
@Simon isnt that the Ol' King Cole? ;-)
oh no wait, that's with maple syrup.
you sickh bastaard.
ovid pls
4:29 PM
If you had to describe your donut as a donut, which donut would you describe your donut as?
@Rhino A rare donut that even though a lot of people wanted to eat, I managed to get my hands on.
a deep-fried toroidal piece of dough
@Simon oh - that reminds me of a photographer's gallery I saw today. His models were dressed in ... honey. It's a bit NSFW. I'll maybe find the link later
@RoryAlsop Nice!
4:48 PM
@Simon here's a SFW pic from that gallery: blakelittle.com/lindsey-2013
@RoryAlsop That's kind of disgusting actually.
@Simon Hmmm - I think the opposite... however I agree I couldn't like all that honey off by myself
@RoryAlsop ...
I'm not going to ask how you found out about this.
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