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12:41 AM
@PhiNotPi still around there?
actually- anybody who can wip out a sorta easy perl-compatible regex would be really welcome to chirp in
I've got a string that's sort of:
I know that using s/\s+//g will remove all whitespace
but how can I make it such that it only removes whitespace before and after my "normal" characters ie:
12:43 AM
Lenguaje y Comunicación
rather than
s/^\s*//; s/\s*$//;
12:45 AM
hmm it isn't quite working how I wanted
it's still letting some tabs and newlines through
i'll try using trim and let you know if that works
Try this instead:
$string =~ s/^\s+|\s+$//g ;
@PhiNotPi don't worry- trim worked like a charm
The main difference is the g which I think was the problem.
12:48 AM
haha I did try with the g flag later- same result
I don't mind adding a couple more modules if I get safe, constant, output
"If it fits, it ships."
this is what I'm doing atm
1:23 AM
@PhiNotPi I've advanced enough to have a script that lists all grades in a given year by subject, in plaintext, delimited by spaces... output is not yet completely normalised
Formación Misionera Verbita: 6,3 4,6 6,3 - - - - - - - - - - - - 5,8 5,4 7,0 - - - - - - - - - - - -
Lenguaje y Comunicación: 7,0 1,0 7,0 6,0 5,0 - - - - - - - - - - 6,8 - - 7,0 - 4,7 6,4 5,8 7,0 5,2 5,2 - - - -
Inglés: 7,0 6,6 6,6 6,1 6,4 7,0 6,8 7,0 - - - - - - - 6,0 6,4 5,7 7,0 6,5 6,5 7,0 - - - - - - - -
Matemática: 5,7 5,1 4,4 4,5 3,8 7,0 6,0 2,0 4,5 4,3 - - - - - 3,7 5,0 3,2 3,0 2,6 6,8 7,0 3,0 - - - - - - -
Historia, Geografía y Ciencias Sociales: 6,4 6,3 5,8 6,2 5,7 6,0 5,0 - - - - - - - - 6,5 5,8 6,5 6,6 6,4 6,3 - - - - - - - - -
at least I've made some progress lol
now I'll just load this data and sqlite
and I'll finally be done with this god awful table
1:50 AM
Glad I could help.
@PhiNotPi you were the ignition to my coding spree, thanks!
although: I'm feeling tired, I guess I should sleep.
Q: Clarence the Slow Typist

da capo ariaIntroduction Clarence is a data entry clerk who works at an internet service provider. His job is to manually enter the IP addresses of all of the ISP's customers into the database. He does this using a keypad which has the following layout: 123 456 789 .0 The distance between the centre of ho...

2:20 AM
writing a python script which collects and saves all entries of a koth for you:
Answers collected

Meta.jav (java) saved
BroBot.jav (java) saved
rel="nofollow">Rust.<a (<a) RENAMED to unknown1.unk and saved
Patroclus.jav (java) saved
DefensiveBot.pyt (python) saved
Hero.jav (java) saved

30 files saved (1 renamed) to directory "koth_bots".
2:38 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

da capo ariaPandora's Pancakes popularity-contest underhanded Introduction A long time ago, when this old world was still in its infancy, there existed a child named Pandora. She visited another child named Epimetheus. The first thing she saw when she entered the cottage in which Epimetheus dwelt was a la...

@dacapoaria No more than or exactly one position from sorted?
Also can we assume the input isn't sorted already?
yes, the input won't be sorted already
and it's "no more than", so the idea is that <0 elements are one position from sorted
Oh right, k
1 hour later…
3:55 AM
<0 means less than zero, which isn't possible. Unless you're using Pyth, then it means more than 0.
4:15 AM
@isaacg Thanks, I fixed it by writing "at least 1" instead
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

da capo ariaQuestion about mapping a river code-golf graphs Introduction A certain area has a system of rivers running through it. A map must be made of the river. However, the area is covered with many dangerous man-eating plants, so thus far, any cartographer who has tried to get close was simply eaten ...

@dacapoaria As far as I can tell you're basically asking for a Nurikabe solver, if that makes explaining any easier
4:44 AM
Does anyone know the size limit for uploading images in a post?
@Calvin'sHobbies per image?
I would think it's the imgur's limit
"Non-animated images over 1MB for anonymous uploads and 5MB for account holders will be lossily compressed. " SE saves to i.stack.imgur I think
@Sp3000 I'm planning on adding debug features to the ><> interpreter, it would include:
useful error message
instruction (`u`) to print the stack, register and position
command line flag to print out the first `N` steps (stack, register, instruction)
Any ideas on these? Other ideas?
What do you mean by "adding"?
modify the python interpreter
4:51 AM
Oh, right. Hmmm not particularly, I've personally just set D to print stack over here
I haven't really needed anything else yet
yeah, that might be enough but if I do a lot of mistakes a full step-by-step info might help me more
and improving the something smells fishy... couldn't hurt
I guess something to print out the chars rather than the char codes might help
for me that is the smallest problem :)
2 hours later…
6:45 AM
@randomra thanks.
2 hours later…
8:45 AM
Q: What is the Probability that a Knight Stays on Chessboard?

EdiGiven the size of the chess board and initial position of the knight, what is the probability that after k moves the knight will be inside the chess board. Note:- 1) The knight makes its all 8 possible moves with equal probability. 2) Once the knight is outside the chess board it cannot come b...

1 hour later…
10:04 AM
Updated the sandbox post:
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

OptimizerTemperature Converter code-golf This is a byte sized challenge where you have to convert an input temperature in one of the three units (Celsius, Kelvin and Fahrenheit) to the other two. Input You would be provided with a temperature as a number followed by a unit (separated by space). The te...

10:15 AM
do we have stats on daily visits pattern etc ?
like what is the best day for a question wrt answers/views/votes/activity etc
10:27 AM
I think there's a SEDE query for stuff like that.
if only SEDE was more searchable
@Optimizer any time, there is no real tendency data.stackexchange.com/codegolf/query/312311
at least I haven't found one
@Optimizer @MartinBüttner what is exactly the workflow of the sandbox? when a question is published, I've seen in the past that the sandboxed question is replaced with a link to the published question... Is that still done, or should it be deleted right away?
@rcrmn its deleted as well.
10:32 AM
Okay thank you!
Q: Number of ways to sum [1..n] with [n+1..2n] such that each sum is prime

alexander-brettLet n > 0. Let X = [1..n] and Y = [n+1 .. 2n]. Define a(n) as the number of permutations p of Y such that every element of X + p(Y) is prime. For example: n = 2 X = [1,2] Y = [3,4] p0(Y) = [3,4] => X + p0(Y) = [4,6] => No p1(Y) = [4,3] => X + p1(Y) = [5,5] => Yes a(2) = 1 In as few bytes as ...

now where is the shortest prime tester by user23013 ...
oh, by Dennis
10:51 AM
oh okay... can't be bothered to fix it now
we really need to consider nuking one of combinatorics and permutations tags
I'd suggest nuking permutations, seems like a subset of combinatorics
whyyyyyyy D:
let's nuke all the tags except then -.-
@MartinBüttner do you have at least 5 questions where there is a valid reason to have only one of those two tags ?
11:03 AM
make it at least 10
there's 60
But isn't it just because no one added the permutations tag ?
let me go through some of them and see if permutations tag cannot be added at all
feel free to check if 50 of those questions could use the tag
do I need to send you the wikipedia article again to show you that combinatorics about a lot more things than permutations?
a few
ok, another question. What happens when you remove permutations tag from most of the questions which have both ?
Do we loose anything ?
yeah, the information that the challenge is about permutations
11:17 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

alexander-brettIs this a red-black tree? A red-black tree is a binary search tree where each node has an additional 'colour' property, which can be black or red. The root and leaf nodes must be black, each red node must have black children, and the path from any node to any child leaves must have the same numb...

11:54 AM
@Optimizer ri{)_e!{ee::+{1$+))_,1>:*)\%},!},,p}/ saves a byte, but maybe this approach is more golfable
@MartinBüttner sweet, let me see
it seems to leave something on stack
each index..
:+ moved inside the filter..
35 bytes
12:14 PM
@Optimizer doesn't matter in the infinite version
12:38 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

da capo ariaQuestion about a race car track! (title tbd) Background My niece wants to make a race car track. She has wooden parts that fit together to form the track. Each part is square shaped and contains a different shape. I'll use the pipe drawing characters to illustrate: │: the road that goes verti...

@Optimizer How about adding Rankine?
:D No
I think, i am okay with the top three of the most popular scales
12:53 PM
I don't understand why you changed p to N
the infinite version isn't ever gonna output anything now
@MartinBüttner with p, it would fail after 1 because stack won't have anything on it
and I think printing at the end is okay, he is not asking for a direct result anyways
there is no "at the end"
"when it crashes"
other solution is to add a _ which increases the size by 1 byte
it is code-golf after all.
if OP specially requests for on the go results, I will change.
12:56 PM
the finite version works though, why doesn't this one?
finite version has ri{...}/
oh, right...
I just asked OP about it..
and wow, 5 upvotes for temperature converter!
I'll post it in an hour or so.
instead of _ you could also add a 1 and change h to g
still, 1 byte extra
lol, I got Necromancer for the temperature converter on sandbox :D
1:04 PM
it's gonna be the most common badge on meta some day ^^
but 5 up votes is not that common
wow, sparr actually wrote a sandbox post for deterministic jenga koth
I think this should work : 0{)_e!{ee{1b1$+))_,1>:*)\%},!},,p}h
I'm made some progress on the Strategic Voting controller.
"Temperature Converter" - good enough name ?
(to target HNQ and stuff)
@MartinBüttner any opinions ?
1:26 PM
sure, that works
cool. posted!
Q: Temperature Converter

OptimizerThis is a byte sized challenge where you have to convert an input temperature in one of the three units (Celsius, Kelvin and Fahrenheit) to the other two. Input You would be provided with a temperature as a number followed by a unit (separated by space). The temperature can be an integer or a f...

@Optimizer Do you save any bytes if you sum [0 ... n-1] with [n+2 ... 2n+1] instead?
(or alternatively the inc/dec the other way around)
@Sp3000 Not sure if I can even do that with my current approach.
(that, or I don't understand your question)
I haven't checked your code, but I just saw the ,1> and assumed you were summing [1 ... n] with [n+1 ... 2n]
1:36 PM
@Sp3000 no, that is part of prime testing
nvm then
wow, how did I miss it :D
there is an inbuilt for factorial now.
the ,1>:* part
... oh :P
1:42 PM
For temperature converter is the only option STDIN space-sep input? Or is function taking a space-sep string okay? (or even function taking num and string as temp/unit arguments?)
ah, forgot to add that usual default line in..
@Sp3000 anything, as a space separated string
output to STDOUT only
(or closest equivalent)
but not function return value
At least it's not so bad for this one since the unit is one char
I don't want to give functions a clear cut advantage by taking in two arguments (which will already be parsed then)
where as full programs will have to parse the input
hmm, so no-rounding based precision is a good thing or a bad thing, as compared to rounding based..
2:07 PM
I'm considering a new challenge type
where the problem is quite difficult
and OP simply chooses the answer that solves the problem most elegantly
@Optimizer Any rules on trailing spaces?
@Sp3000 after the number or the unit ?
@NathanMerrill how is that an objective winning criterion?
After the unit
2:09 PM
he's creating a new "subjective winning criterion"
@Sp3000 go nuts
@MartinBüttner its a single-person popularity contest
... oh right. I get a leading space the line after if I do this. This doesn't work :(
I like writing questions that are tough
but I don't like making them code-golf
popularity-contest doesn't seem right
@NathanMerrill If you could see elegance as a combination of efficiency, code length and easy of human understanding, and apply weighting to each, you could get a step closer to an objective combined criterion
2:10 PM
@NathanMerrill y not?
"ease of human understanding" isn't measurable
@Optimizer because that tag is typically reserved for creative outputs
@NathanMerrill No, but you could use a weighting of the vote count to estimate that - or some other heuristic
not elegance of code
not really
not saying it can't be used for that purpose
it just rarely is
2:12 PM
if you want to make way for more difficult problems on PPCG I think the way to do so is trying to find a way to modularise them
popularity contest can be used for anything in theory, but it should be a last resort if there isn't a sensible objective criterion
Maybe the readability weighting could come from upvotes on Code Review
I really want to emphasize clean, well written code.
I was thinking about practical golfing since seeing Calvin's Hobbies' BBBF
for example, my graph theory problem in the sandbox
If I wanted to post a similar question I might chop up the code and ask for the bits to be golfed down to avoid going over the 30k limit
2:15 PM
I don't want to make it a code golf
No I get that - but maybe there are other practical uses of PPCG
@Calvin'sHobbies you're only meant to spontaneously appear when someone mentions you with @
what if we make a that is effectively a popularity contest?
hm, I'll post this on meta
even in pop con, OP has to define the popularity criteria in most cases
readability-con will be like a pop-con with a default one
is that a bad thing?
No it means you have precedent
To me, part of readability is length, so it would still favour code that isn't excessively long
I'm now imagining a contest where the code has a maximum length (maybe 1024 bytes) and is judged on readability
(obviously it has to correctly perform the required task to be in the running)
Even if pure golf questions, I upvote answers that have a good explanation
2:29 PM
So ... temperature converter is not so trivial after all .. Still no answers.
I have one, but it's ugly :/
you mean short ?
I wouldn't count 152 short... and a third of that is input/output
well, JS beat you already
As I said, input/output :P
Oh... JS can assign in a ternary. Damn.
2:41 PM
Q: Find Largest Area Triangle from 2D Matrix

Utkarsh Asian VermaGiven a table of size n * m, with each cell having a color value from the set {r, g, b}, find the area of the largest triangle that has one side parallel with the y – axis (vertical) and has no two vertices that have the same color value. Input : First line contains the size of the matrix i.e. ...

2:52 PM
Hah, got it.
3:04 PM
@Optimizer I'm still confused about the rounding part. Why not say something like "correct to 4 significant figures" instead?
@Sp3000 isn't it that only ? except that its correct to 4 decimal places
which automatically mean that 0.66666666 is same as 0.6666 which is not same as 0.6667
Well the difference with 4 sig fig and 4 decimal places is that you're going to have a lot of trouble if the input temperature is huge
Also I'm asking because mine currently outputs 73.39999999999992 F
instead of the accurate 73.4 ?
Floats :/
that has nothing to do with sig digits then, right ? :P
3:22 PM
Hmm I guess if the numbers get that large you'd have other problems first
3:50 PM
not sure if codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/36361/domino-circuits/… might have some relevance, I had to cut out some non-essential test functionality to post that one
(as well as reduce the indenting, making the already ugly code so much worse)
I just made a huge thematic edit to this post: meta.codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/5234/20198
I'll be posting it after I come up with some more test solutions
if you guys would read it over, that would be great
guys, what happens if we delete an accepted answer ?
nothing special
ok, I voted :D
@VisualMelon I mentioned your answer in the meta question
4:01 PM
.. did I really miss that somehow?
... wow, how did I miss that?
I must have skipped to the bit with Italics, I know I read that!
I didn't notice you'd mentioned it
oh, it's new, I can forgive myself
4:18 PM
@NathanMerrill I understood the challenge up until you edited it to introduce the gossip theme, and now I find it confusing and unclear. I think it is the time aspect that causes most of the confusion, as I cannot see that it is relevant to the underlying problem, but is mentioned as motivation.
If you are particularly attached to the gossip theme, perhaps a bullet point list of requirements afterwards would help (unless you want untangling the underlying rules to be part of the challenge)
@trichoplax no, I certainly don't. I'm trying to make it more interesting, not confusing
thanks for the feedback
Q: Multiplication by Self-Modification

Zgarb...at least for some definition of "self-modification". The Task In this challenge, your task is to write three strings A, B and C that satisfy the following properties. The string B has length at least 1. For every n ≥ 0, the string ABnC is a valid program (meaning full runnable program or f...

@NathanMerrill No problem. I didn't want to assume that wasn't part of the puzzle
@Zgarb is reading your own source code allowed?
also, could that use a tag?
4:33 PM
@MartinBüttner Reading your own source is not allowed. I thought of using the tag, but decided against it for some strange reason. Editing.
is that (m*n) + 1 or m*(n+1) ?
why would it be the latter?
@Optimizer The former (standard precedence rules apply)
you might wanna say "directly or indirectly access" or there will still be cheats with people throwing an error and finding their source in the stack trace or something
Done, thanks
4:51 PM
@trichoplax I tried to make it clearer, can you take a look?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Nathan MerrillHow to Gossip Appropriately We all know how important it is to get social arrangements right: You have a group of friends who love to gossip. However, gossip is notorious for changing as it gets spread from friend to friend, and if somebody hears two versions of the same gossip, it just ruins...

@NathanMerrill Should point 3 be "at a time"?
no, its more of "A person doesn't gossip with somebody that isn't his friend"
Ah OK - the word "one" threw me
I think the rule is fairly obvious, so I just removed it
@Calvin'sHobbies @Doorknob external scripts might actually be a good idea for our more common snippets. It means that fixes or updates will be fixed across all posts
Can an external script refer to the question or answer that it is being linked in?
Are you saying that a leaderboard script could be included by two different questions, and present the leaderboard for the respective question in each case?
5:01 PM
Or would the external script just provide some functions, so that the Stack Snippet in my question has some question specific code, and some shared functions?
Would it mean we effectively build a library on meta?
no idea
I'm only just learning javascript so I have no idea what is possible/convenient yet
I'm referring to a comment on this post: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/257145/…
Yup - I saw that :)
5:05 PM
also, did you think the new post is clearer?
If it can be mix and match (use a meta hosted snippet as just part of your own snippet) then we could have various KotH game engines on meta...
@NathanMerrill It is a good idea but would it actually work? Won't <script src="answerlink"> read the entire answerlink page as the script (i.e. a bunch of html and junk, not just the actual answer text).
I have no idea if it'll work
Can the src text include a regex?
@trichoplax This wouldn't work without some sort of arguments being passed, which would be tricky/impossible
5:06 PM
could we have the stack snippet simply ajax the page in, and filter out everything but the snippet?
@Calvin'sHobbies Oh. What about the method you use to run answer code in your SSKotHs?
Then you could read in one meta post's code as one function, and another meta post's code as another, and use the functions in your own code
I use the SE API, and we might be able to pull it off with that
(I don't like the idea of this to avoid the character limit - I'd rather up the limit - but I do like the idea of sharing useful code between questions)
the thing is that upping the character limit is a workaround
I see "workaround" as something that avoids a real solution
5:12 PM
the real answer seems to be that stack snippets should have their own maximum length (which is significantly larger), but count as 0 in the actual post
Ah yes. I agree with that
Otherwise we're heading towards Stack Snippets that spend time decompressing themselves before running
1 more answer and probably "Temperature Converter" will reach HNQ top...
@NathanMerrill yes I did find it clearer. I still found your earlier gossip-free explanation easier to absorb, but I don't know if that will be the same for other people
5:29 PM
Q: Testing area for 30k workaround

Calvin's HobbiesContext: Are Stack Snippets a good enough reason to increase the 30k post limit? http://chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/21826346#21826346 Are Stack Snippets a good enough reason to increase the 30k post limit?

By golly it seems to work
@trichoplax have you taken any graph theory classes?
@NathanMerrill None that I can remember
@Calvin'sHobbies I'm also seeing the alert and the body text including the global variable in the snippet. Interesting!
@Calvin'sHobbies aren't you already doing something similar in your Red vs Blue snippet ?
@Optimizer In RvB and BBBF I use the api to get the answer. This would add another layer, query the api to get the js that in turn query's the answers.
5:42 PM
I meant the "getting the code and evaling it" part
doesn't matter what you do inside the eval'd code
Though just evaling won't do anything to the html/css that you might want external as well
you can easily parse all three components, append the html and css and then eval the js
all using 1 API call
That's what I'm trying now
Is that now able to load an arbitrary other snippet?
Fantastic :)
Do we have a meta for common stack snippets ?
7:08 PM
@Optimizer I'm pretty sure we did, can't recall what it was called. I'd like to post this there.
7:29 PM
Final Arbitrary Stack Snippet Loader:
Q: Arbitrary Stack Snippet Loader

Calvin's HobbiesThe Stack Snippet below loads the first Stack Snippet in the Stack Exchange post defined by site, postID, and isAnswer. (Inspired by this and this.) It assumes there is only one Stack Snippet in the post and may load the wrong code if there is more than one. One possible application is to have...

7:39 PM
A: Leaderboard Snippet

OptimizerSoft-linkable Leaderboard Adding this as an answer with a single snippet in order to simply reuse the leaderboard snippet using Calvin'sHobbies' Arbitrary stack snippet evaluater To use this, simply make sure that you have the snippet from the above link in your post with the configurations as ...

just used ^ that in
Q: Temperature Converter

OptimizerThis is a byte sized challenge where you have to convert an input temperature in one of the three units (Celsius, Kelvin and Fahrenheit) to the other two. Input You would be provided with a temperature as a number followed by a unit (separated by space). The temperature can be an integer or a f...

too much meta
One drawback is that it doubles the number of SE API calls that are made, which is limited (to 300 I think?) per IP per day.
can you post the two version of the final snippet as separate answers ?
so that linking is not confusing.
Yes, hang on
Wait, how will that help linking? You just need to copy the entire snippet. I can put the markdown in.
right now, in the instructions of soft-linkable leaderboard, I have a link to the question
which contains a lot of other stuff and 2 versions of the snippet
it would be better if people can link to just the snippets
(in their instructions)
But they need the raw markdown for my snippet, not a link to it.
7:50 PM
I think Optimizer means that if you can link to a specific answer with just one snippet in it, then people don't need to read to find out which one to copy and paste
Have I read that right?
@trichoplax yes
@Calvin'sHobbies just look at my answer which explains how to use the soft-linkable leaderboad.
in there, the link to your question post would raise confusions as to which snippet to copy.
Is this good?
looks good
How does this sound ?
You could put the copyable markdown in your answer with the specified params. Though then again I might change the loader someday.
8:06 PM
@trichoplax So I stand corrected. We could indeed make a Stack Snippet library on meta :D
@Calvin'sHobbies lol yes this is a lot more than I was expecting already. Combined with creating new functions using the maskedEval approach, I'm guessing we can now build arbitrarily large snippets by posting hundreds of answers on meta?? Or can only 300 be combined into one due to the API limit? :)
I think the best part of this is that the overall storage of PPCG will be reduces over teh long term
right now, every question which wants a leaderboard snippets copies that huge snippet
but going forward, it can be simply the loader snippet
@Optimizer That's a good point. Maybe we should encourage previous leaderboard users to edit their questions
@trichoplax I can edit that myself..
but how to find ..
8:20 PM
Snippet code shows up in the search, right?
Ah - I see that it does :)
@trichoplax I can never figure out if it's 300 or 10,000. e.g. I have quota_max 10000 here but 300 here
Doing a bunch of queries at once can get you banned for a bit I believe. But still, 300 is decent.
@Calvin'sHobbies you can club the configurations from js to HTML itself
move the js into the script tag of html
makes it take only 1 line then
"I'm creating a SSKotH. Can I create a permanent meta post with 10,000 answers?"
8:25 PM
But it needs to check that js is not null
In case there was no js code block in the snippet
@Calvin'sHobbies I meant something like this
Oh, right but then it's less obvious where the parameters to change are
true, but once you have configured, it can be combined..
@Optimizer Now you just need to use the API to apply the same edit to all of them, using your login...
@trichoplax so we need a snippet to edit other snippets!
8:30 PM
ha ha yes. Perhaps we could automate the review queues too
wow, I can see the epic progress now (didn't notice till now) in my profile page !
(which is a bit saddening too) (the progress..)
@Optimizer Happy?
8:39 PM
I'm playing BBBF on meta!
What else besides leaderboard/massivesnippets would this have actual practical use for?
I mean what else could be generalized and used a lot besides a leaderboard?
I suppose KotHs that use an arena could import a function to deal with drawing the board
Q: Stone Maze Chess solver

PlarsenBackground: Every war eventually comes to an end, but the end is never absolute. The Stone Maze Chess scenario takes place after a game of chess is finished. The enemy King is dead and the pieces is lost in vacuity almost out of faith, multiplying. The winning side has moved on except for the He...

9:03 PM
@Optimizer Hah, I beat CJam!
A: Multiplication by Self-Modification

orlpPyth, 10 A: w*\0h*lwl[<newline> B: 0 C: <empty> We split the source in two lines. The first line is A, the second line are the Bs. Since A is on the first line, the first w just prints A - easy, done. In Pyth leading zeroes are seperate tokens, so [00) actually is [0, 0]. Note that the first ...

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